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Roscoe O. Brady (1923–2016)

Roscoe Brady, M.D., was the world's leading researcher on hereditary metabolic storage diseases, also called lipid or lysosomal storage disorders, such as Gaucher, Niemann-Pick, Fabry and Tay-Sachs. His NIH laboratory defined much of what is known of their biochemistry, enzymatic bases and metabolic defects. Dr. Brady was the recipient of the Canada Gairdner Award (1973), Lasker Award (1982), and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2008), and he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1983 and the National Academy of Medicine in 1985.

The Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum has gathered the following growing list of resources concerning Dr. Brady:

Dr. Brady's Own Reflections
Reflection essay for Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2010 (PDF, 623 kB)
Essay on hereditary diseases for Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 1973 (PDF, 1.2 mB)

NIH Publications
Biography on Brady in online exhibit
Announcement of National Medal of Technology and Innovation award in NIH Record, 2008 (PDF, 96 kB)
Honoring 50 years in NIH Record, 2002 (PDF, 227 kB)

Journal Publications
Tribute by Nicole Kresge, Robert D. Simoni, in Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2005 (PDF, 86 kB)

Non-journal Publications
Obituary in Washington Post, 2016 (PDF, 54 kB)
Biography in National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, 2014 (PDF, 319 kB)
Announcement of drug use in Washington Post, 1991 (PDF, 498 kB)
Explanation for Lasker Award, 1982 (PDF, 268 kB)

photo of Brady

Roscoe Brady National Institutes of Health