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Visit Us

A Note About Visiting Us: Our exhibits are spread out in several buildings across the NIH campus. At this point in time, the NIH campus is closed to visitors except for those who are participating in clinical protocols or who have other business on campus. We look forward to welcoming visitors again in the near future.

Our office is located on the NIH Bethesda campus in Building 60, formally known as the Mary Woodard Lasker Center for Health Research and Education — informally known as "The Cloisters" and "The Convent" because the building once was home to the Sisters of the Visitation of Washington.  Indeed, the building is one of the oldest on the NIH campus, constructed in 1923.  We like to think that the Cloisters is the most beautiful building on campus, as well.

Our address is:

1 Cloister Court, Suite 230
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD 20814-1460

While we welcome you to our office, please note that the Stetten Museum — formally known as the DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research — is a "museum in the halls."  Our exhibits and displays are placed around the NIH campus, primarily in Buildings 10, 31, 35, and 50.  We also have various online-only exhibits.  Please see the campus map below and also refer to the Exhibits section for more information about the location of physical exhibits and displays. 

You can reach us at our general number, 301-496-6610, or e-mail us.

NIH Campus Map

NIH Campus Map