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The Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum at the National Institutes of Health advances the historical understanding of the biomedical research conducted at the National Institutes of Health by documenting, preserving, and interpreting records and artifacts. The office creates exhibits and other products, and helps scholars and researchers to navigate the rich history of the National Institutes of Health.



We have officially opened the exhibit “Christian Boehmer Anfinsen: Protein Folding and the Nobel Prize” with a symposium on current research based on his work.   Anfinsen, who worked at NHLBI and NIDDK, answered the questions: How do amino acids come together to create proteins? How do proteins then fold into their specific shapes? And what do those shapes have to do with the actual function of a protein? His elegant experiments demonstrated that the information required to fold a protein into its particular three-dimensional active state came from its sequence of amino acids, which is now known as the Thermodynamic Hypothesis. Anfinsen’s work was recognized with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1972, which he shared with Stanford Moore and William H. Stein of Rockefeller University. If you can, come see the exhibit in person at the NIH Clinical Center in the central corridor.

Mrs. Libby Anfinsen and daughter Tobie Beckerman, M.D.



A New Set of Drawings by Santiago Ramón y Cajal Are Now on Exhibition in the NIH’s Porter Neuroscience Center

Newly arrived is the latest set of seven neuroanatomy drawings by Santiago Ramon y Cajal on rotation in Building 35.  The drawings date back to the turn of the last century when Santiago Ramón y Cajal shared the Nobel Prize (1906) with Camillo Golgi for their work on the structure of the nervous system.  We thank our partners at the Cajal Institute in Madrid, Spain for making this exhibit possible.  You can see the original drawings, or touch 3-D prints of enlarged drawing details, for the next year.

Cajal ExhibitCajal Prints





Oral histories are added on a regular basis.

FACS II( Published in The Catalyst November/December 2018)
E. Gordon Margolin

John R. Heller

Interview date: October 26, 1964

Roy Hertz
Interview date: February 2, 1998

The Office of NIH History holds photograph collections cataloged and uncataloged. Many can be found in on our Flickr site and in Search Our Collections. To request images for use in publications or presentations contact the Office of NIH History. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.


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