Harold S. Ginsberg (1917–2003)


Harold Ginsberg, M.D., was a forefather of research on adenoviruses. He was the first to demonstrate that adenoviruses cause certain infections, including acute respiratory disease (ARD) and a form of pneumonia that commonly strikes children. He characterized the genome of various adenoviruses and described the molecular mechanisms used by these agents to injure host cells and cause disease. Dr. Ginsberg had a productive career at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University before coming to the NIH in 1993. He was a member of both the National Academy of Medicine (1981) and the National Academy of Sciences (1982).

photo of Ginsberg
Harold S. Ginsberg


Dr. Ginsberg’s Own Reflections

Essay on genetics in animal virology for Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 1980 (PDF, 238 kB)

NIH Publications

Announcement of Bristol-Myers Squibb Award in NIH Record, 1995 (PDF, 23 mB)

Journal Publications

Obituary by Lee Babiss in Archives of Virology, 2003 (PDF, 355 kB)
Reflection by Ivan Oransky in The Lancet, 2003 (PDF, 87 kB)

Non-journal Publications

Biographical memoir by Arnold J. Levine for National Academy of Sciences, 2014 (PDF, 198 kB)
Obituary in Washington Post, 2003 (PDF, 405 kB)
Obituary in New York Times, 2003 (PDF, 392 kB)
Obituary from the Columbia University School of Medicine, 2003 (PDF, 98 kB)