Edward V. Evarts (1926–1985)


Edward V. Evarts, M.D., investigated the nature of brain activity associated with sleep and the relationship of dreams to hallucinations, including how drugs like LSD alter brain visual systems. In his sleep studies, he developed the use of microelectrodes to detect the activity of single neurons in a research animal's brain, a technique now used in research centers throughout the world. He also was an authority on how the brain controls such interrelated behaviors as movement, mood, and memory. Dr. Evarts was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1976.

Photo of Edward V. Evarts
Edward V. Evarts


NIH Publications

Mentioned in book Mind, Body, Behavior, Office of NIH History, 2004 (PDF, 4.9 mB)
Obituary in NIH Record, 1985 (PDF, 25 mB)
Announcement of election to National Academy of Science in NIH Record, 1976 (PDF, 9.7 mB)
Announcement of appointment to NIMH Laboratory chief in NIH Record, 1970 (PDF, 15.6 mB)
Explanation of research on sleep in NIH Record, 1963 (PDF, 13.9 mB)

Journal Publications

Obituary by J. Paillard in Science Direct, 1988 (PDF, 149 kB)
Obituary by William Thomas Thach Jr. in Cell, 1986 (PDF, 525 kB)
Explanation of Evart’s model in Advances in Physiology Education, 1985 (PDF, 472 kB)

Non-journal Publications

Mentioned in book Dream Life: An Experimental Memoir, 2011
Biographical memoir by William Thomas Thach Jr, 2000 (PDF, 45 kB)
Obituary in New York Times, 1985 (PDF, 301 kB)
Mentioned in book Motor Control, 1985