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To cite our office for use of an image or object, please use, "Courtesy of the Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum."  In our photograph collection, it is our policy to credit contributors directly after the image where it's been posted, along with an alternative text or description to give context.

NIH Photo Galleries

This page has links to photo galleries from the NIH Almanac.  It includes the NIH image gallery with photos of the NIH campus, activities conducted by NIH’s institutes and centers, past presidents, and historic events.

Our Collection

Search our database for photographs in our collection.  Please note that most images we have are not yet included in this database.  Contact us if you cannot find what you need. 

Our Flickr

We’ve arranged a selection of our images into albums on Flickr to make it easier to find and download them.

National Library of Medicine

We have shared many images, pamphlets, and posters in the collection with the National Library of Medicine, but they have their own large collection of images too.