Erminio Costa (1924–2009)


Erminio Costa, Ph.D., a discoverer of how serotonin works demonstrated the importance of neurotransmitter turnover rates in understanding neuronal function. He also determined that anti-anxiety drugs act by facilitating inhibitory brain mechanisms and that receptors function as supramolecular entities where transmitters and co-transmitters act to assure synaptic plasticity. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1982.

Photo of Erminio Costa Erminio Costa


NIH Publications

Announcement of appointment to National Academy of Sciences in NIH Record, 1982 (PDF, 17.1 mB)

Journal Publications

Tribute by Floyd Bloom in Neuropharmacology, 2011 (PDF, 125 kB)
Tribute by Francesco Della Valle in Pharmacological Research, 2011 (PDF, 130 kB)
Tribute by Dennis Grayson and Alessandro Guidotti in Nature, 2010 (PDF, 75 kB)
Tribute by Norton H. Neff and Maria Hadjiconstantinou in Pharmacological Research, 2011 (PDF, 181 kB)
Tribute by G. C. Salmoiraghi and Abel Lajtha in Neurochemical Research, 1990 (PDF, 615 kB)

Non-journal Publications

Obituary in Washington Post, 2009 (PDF, 78 kB)