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This is the Eminent NIHers page. This text will soon be replaced with a rich description of Eminent NIHersNIH researchers have made major contributions to health and basic medical science for more than 100 years.  These include more than 20 winners of the Nobel Prize, more than 30 winners of the Lasker Award, and more than 200 members of the prestigious U.S. National Academies.  The NIH Legends Collection is a project to gather oral, video, and peer-reviewed written histories, obituaries, biographies, and photographs of these remarkable individuals. 

We hope this growing collection provides a more in-depth perspective of a select group of NIH researchers of years past.  For a complete list of active NIH principal investigators, refer to

Please note that NIH History Office does not own most of the resources gathered in this collection, and many items may be copyrighted.