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This slide show was presented in 1980 at a party celebrating Earl Stadtman being awarded the National Medal of Science. The party was held at Rodney Levine’s house in Rockville, Maryland, and the slides were shown in the basement with a voice from a cassette tape recorder. About half the attendees stayed upstairs, apparently because they thought it was going to be some sort of dry, scientific presentation. At the end of the showing, however, the raucous laughter from the basement led those upstairs to realize they had missed something, and they demanded a second showing, which was held. It was shown one more time later in the library of Building 3 for those who were unable to attend the party. Originally made by Levine and Robert Hohman, the slide show was digitized in 2003. The Office of History holds the slides and audio of this slide show.

Earl Stadtman in his office, circa 1980.
Earl Stadtman in his office, ca. 1980




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