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AIDS posters selected from the NLM collection by William Helfand.

AIDS Can Blow Your High

Poster with a syringe on a black backgroundImage Modified

AIDS Does Not Discriminate

Poster showing a diverse crowd of peopleImage Modified

AIDS in the Black Community

Poster featuring Black mother and young childImage Modified

A Baby Born with AIDS is Born Dying

Poster showing marionette baby with scissors hovering over the stringsImage Modified

Bound by the Chains of Ignorance

Poster featuring muscular, shirtless cartoon man bound in ankle chainsImage Modified

Condoman Says: Don't be Shame, Be Game

Poster with a Black superhero in a tropical settingImage Modified

Does She or Doesn't She?

Poster featuring concerned-looking womanImage Modified

Don't Forget the Chapter on AIDS

Image Modified

Don't Listen to Rumors about AIDS; Get the Facts

Poster with extreme close-up of Black womanImage Modified

A Gala Night for Singing: A Benefit for AIDS, 1985

Poster with cartoon man and jagged colorful lines emanating from his mouthImage Modified

Heads You Live, Tails You Get AIDS

Poster with photo of syringeImage Modified

How Many Must Die Before You Stop Having Many Sex Partners?

Image Modified

I Have AIDS; Please Hug Me

Poster of sad-looking cartoon child wanting a hug standing amongst flowersImage Modified

It Won't Kill You to Spend Time with a Friend Who Has AIDS

Poster of reverse angle of a lonely-looking man sitting in a chairImage Modified

Ketahui-lah Tentang Penyakit AIDS

Poster with skullImage Modified

Mag-Ingat Sa AIDS

Poster with silhouette man and woman in the centerImage Modified

A Man Who Shoots Up Can be Very Giving; He Can Give You and Your Baby AIDS

Poster with photo of pregnant womanImage Modified

None of These Will Give You AIDS

Poster with photos of a handshake, kitchenware, toilet, and doorknobImage Modified

Pathogens, Probes, and Perceptions: The Story of MultiDisciplinary Oral AIDS Research

Poster with illustration of pathogensImage Modified

Safe Sex: Are You Man Enough?

Poster featuring three very muscular, semi-dressed menImage Modified

San Marino Conferences: Highlights in Medical Virology, Immunology, and Oncology

Poster with seal depicting three castlesImage Modified

She Has Her Father's Eyes and Her Mother's AIDS

Poster with photo of infant looking at cameraImage Modified

South Florida Names Project

Poster with abstract illustration of adults and children standing togetherImage Modified

The Third International Conference on AIDS

Poster with illustration of two virusesImage Modified

What's Happening with You and AIDS? Take No Risks

Poster with concerned-looking Black woman looking at cameraImage Modified

Women Can Get AIDS Too

Poster with illustration of several womenImage Modified

Worried About AIDS? Please Learn All the Facts

Photo with illustration of man looking at concerned-looking womanImage Modified

You Can Get AIDS. AIDS Does Not Discriminate

Poster with illustration of a white and Black woman, split at the centerImage Modified

You Won't Believe What We Like to Wear in Bed, Version 1

Poster featuring two muscular men disrobingImage Modified

You Won't Believe What We Like to Wear in Bed, Version 2

Poster featuring two muscular men disrobingImage Modified

You're Safer with One Partner

Poster will illustration of man and woman sitting on a benchImage Modified