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After the first operational LINCs were delivered in 1963, the demand created by their success stimulated private industry to step in. A small company called Computer Operations took the LINC tape design and adapted it to other machines. Spear Corporation produced LINC machines first with the earlier design, then using microcircuitry instead of the older circuits used in the original LINC. Dick Clayton of DEC (who once worked in MIT's Communications Biophysics Group), with help from Clark, adapted the PDP-8 into a two-processor machine called LINC-8, that could accept either LINC or PDP-8 software. Clayton later modified LINC-8 into a single processor - the PDP-12, which DEC marketed successfully. Later, according to Clayton, now vice president of advanced manufacturing technology at DEC, they backed off from the original concept of LINC as an integrated lab machine in favor of larger market computers such as the PDP-11.