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Art Exhibits Gallery

  • Photograph of Santiago Ramón y Cajal sitting at his drawing table with a microscope printed large on exhibit

    Learn about the first person to describe the nervous system, including intricate neurons, in exquisite and artistic detail was Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

  • Dr. Joseph Goldberger discovered the cause of pellagra, a disease that killed many poor Southerners in the early part of the 20th century.  His finding that pellagra was caused by a diet deficient in vitamin B was met by political and social resistance.

  • Pretty Patches

    Because employees designed these patches, they reveal how people thought about their work at the Clinical Center—sometimes as a heroic struggle and sometimes with humor.

  • Howard Bartner

    Howard Bartner, an NIH medical illustrator, devoted 40 years to portraying human anatomy in his drawings.

  • Poster featuring the silhouette of a woman and the title early stage breast cancer

    Discover a collection of 24 medical posters drawn by artists at the NIH, representing topics from arthritis to women's health.