NIH Publications

NIH Almanac

The information is from the NIH Almanac and is updated annually. For more information on the NIH Almanac, contact the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, Online Information Branch. The Office of NIH History holds print copies of the Almanac. Call the Office of NIH History at 301.496.8856 or information. An appointment is required for use. Contact for questions.

The NIH Alumni Association Newsletters

The NIHAA Update was the newsletter of the NIH Alumni Association (NIHAA), which was established in 1989 after the NIH Centennial celebration. Forty issues were published from summer 1989 until spring 2007 when NIHAA officially dissolved. The Update served as a link among NIH alumni all over the world. It kept alumni apprised of important current research and scientific achievements, and informed them about happenings, personnel changes, honors received, retirements, and deaths at NIH. The Update also served as an informal record of changes in NIH’s physical and administrative structure over the years.

NIH Calendar of Events

On Friday, September 28, 1951, the National Institutes of Health sent a printed note announcing it would began issuing a weekly calendar of events occurring at the NIH.

NIH Federal Security Agency Pamphlet 1948

This pamphlet is an early publication by the Federal Security Agency announcing plans for the National Institute of Health in 1948. The title page states "This leaflet has been prepared to give these visitors a directory of buildings and a brief picture of activities at the National Institute of Health. Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, National Institute of Health Bethesda, Md. 1948. (PDF, 3MB)

Notable Contributions to Medical Research of Public Health Service Scientists

Series of brief bio-bibliographies presenting a selection of books and articles by medical and scientific officers of the U.S. Public Health Service, most of whom worked in the Hygienic Laboratory (later the National Institute of Health) and in the Division of Scientific Research. It covers work prior to 1940, and records contributions to medical research made by these officers during that period. (PDF, 0.3MB)