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10X Genomics
2015  Revolutionizing Gene Expression with Single-Cell RNAseqRNAse
2020  CRISPR-Cas: The Next Generation
2021  What’s Mine is Yours: Tissue Transplantation and the Immune System
2021  Cancer Vaccines: Raising a T Cell Army

3M,  St. Paul, MN:
1966    Scotch-Grip Industrial Adhesives Product Line
1966    Industrial Adhesive no. 847
1966    Industrial Adhesive no. 226
1979    3M Display Film
1982    Information: Fluorel Fluoroelastomers
1983    Fluorel Fluoroelastomers: New Freedom for the Design Engineer
1986    Guide to Evaluation: Petrifilm Plates
1980s   Nextel 312 Ceramic Fiber from 3M
1980s   Ad: The energy-saving insulation of the future is available in the shape you need today
1980s   Ad: When Dr. Hal Sowman told us Nextel 312 ceramic fiber could handle 2600F, we thought he was out to lunch.
1980s   Nextel 312: How Nextel 312 Ceramic Fiber compares with the next best high temperature fiber
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Braided Sleeving, Hose Coverings & Tapes
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Furnace Curtains
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Insulation for heating elements for preheating and stress relief applications
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Vacuum Furnace Linings
1983    Nextel Ceramic Fiber for High Temperature Applications Where Dependability Counts
1983    Nextel Ceramic Fiber Products: For High Temperature Applications
1983    Nextel 312 Woven Tape Product Bulletin
1983    Nextel 312 Woven Fabrics
1983    Nextel Sewing Thread
1983    Nextel Health Safety Bulletin
1983    Nextel 312 Braided Sleeving


BD Biosciences, Bedford, MA [see also Becton, Dickinson]:  
2008    Clinical & Research Product Catalog
2008    ASR Product Catalog Addendum
2013    BD Multicolor Antibody Reagents Catalog
2020    Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Discover
undated    Discovery Labware


CBS Electronics, Lowell, MA:
1959    Bulletin E-337A-1: Krytron Trigger Tubes 7229, 7230, 7439, 7599, 7600, 7602
1959    Bulleting E-337A-2: Krytron Trigger Tubes 7440, 7441, 7595, 7596, 7597, 7598
1960    Photomultiplier Price List
1960    CL-1002 Photomultiplier
1960    7817 Photomultiplier
1961    New 5” Photomultiplier from CBS Laboratories

Cellecta: 2020, CRISPR-Cas: The Next Generation (filed in 10x)

Cell Signaling Technology, Danvers, MA: 2006, Flow Cytometry and Intracellular Signaling


Nalgene, Rochester, NY: 2007, Labware

NanoTemper Technologies: 2021, Breaking Down Barriers: The Future of Neurodegeneration Research

Narishige Scientific Instrument Lab, Tokyo, Japan:
Undated    Micromanipulators
Undated    Vol. 3: Stereotaxic Instruments
Undated    Vol. 4: Microelectrode Pullers, Microforges and Microgrinders
Undated    Vol. 5: Chronic Micromanipulators
Undated    Vol. 6: Accessories and Custom-Made Products