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10X Genomics
2015  Revolutionizing Gene Expression with Single-Cell RNAseq

3M, St. Paul, MN:
1966    Scotch-Grip Industrial Adhesives Product Line
1966    Industrial Adhesive no. 847
1966    Industrial Adhesive no. 226
1979    3M Display Film
1982    Information: Fluorel Fluoroelastomers
1983    Fluorel Fluoroelastomers: New Freedom for the Design Engineer
1986    Guide to Evaluation: Petrifilm Plates
1980s   Nextel 312 Ceramic Fiber from 3M
1980s   Ad: The energy-saving insulation of the future is available in the shape you need today
1980s   Ad: When Dr. Hal Sowman told us Nextel 312 ceramic fiber could handle 2600F, we thought he was out to lunch.
1980s   Nextel 312: How Nextel 312 Ceramic Fiber compares with the next best high temperature fiber
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Braided Sleeving, Hose Coverings & Tapes
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Furnace Curtains
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Insulation for heating elements for preheating and stress relief applications
1980s   Nextel 312: Product Bulletin: Vacuum Furnace Linings
1983    Nextel Ceramic Fiber for High Temperature Applications Where Dependability Counts
1983    Nextel Ceramic Fiber Products: For High Temperature Applications
1983    Nextel 312 Woven Tape Product Bulletin
1983    Nextel 312 Woven Fabrics
1983    Nextel Sewing Thread
1983    Nextel Health Safety Bulletin
1983    Nextel 312 Braided Sleeving

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A-1 Plating, Baltimore, MD: 1986, Military Plating Specifications

ABSciex, Framingham, MA:
2010    MPX-2 System
2011    A New Dimension in Selectivity
2012    The Accurate Mass Workhorse

Ace Glass Inc.:
1982    Ace Bulletin Vol. 22, No. 1
1996    Catalog 1600

Ace Scientific Supply Co.:  1968, Safety Issue

Ace-Sycamore, Inc., Sycamore, IL:  undated, “Light-Duty” Center

Active Motif ®, Carlsbad, CA:
2005     Products
2005     TransAM ™ Transcription Factor ELISAS
2014    Epigenetics Products and Services

Acton Research Corp., Acton, MA: 
1983    Vacuum Ultraviolet Monochromator
1983    Tailor-Made Monochromator
1983    New VUV-UV Light Source, Model DS-775
1983    Vacuum Reflectometer and Sample Chamber
1983    Acton Research DA-781 End-on Detector Assembly
1983    Reflective Coatings for the region below 2000Å

Acushnet Co., New Bedford, MA:  1975, Elastomer Data Handbook

Adam Hilger Ltd., London, England:
1935    New Hilger Spectrographs E 487 and E 488
1938    Outfits for Absorption Spectrophotometry: Supplementary Information
1938    Spectrographic Outfits for Metallurgical and General Chemical Analyses
1938    Barfit: Medium Quartz Spectrograph, E 498, with Flat Field
1938    Publications Concerning Spectrum Analysis

Adolf Meller Co., Providence, RI:
1950    Windows of Synthetic Sapphire
1956    Sapphire Rod as a Radiation Pipe
1958    Round Polished Synthetic Sapphire Windows
1959    Round Polished Synthetic Sapphire Windows
1959    A Summary of Available Data on the Physical Properties of Synthetic Sapphire
1959    Technique of Sealing Glass to Sapphire

Advanced Analytical: 2015, Genome Editing with CRISPR/Cas9 – An Introduction

Advanced Instruments, Inc., Newton Highlands, MA: 
1963    Advanced Freezing Point Osmometers
1967    Advanced Cryomatic Osmometers Prices and Specifications
Undated           Advanced Freezing Point Osmometers

Advanced Magnetics, Inc.: undated, Procurement Catalog/Engineering Manual No. 76

Advanced Products SRL, Milan, Italy: undated, Prospetto Combinazioni

Advanced Surface Technology Inc., Billerica, MA:  1992, Press Release: Advance Surface Technology, Inc. Acquires Patent License for Coating that Enhances Cell Attachment and Growth

Aeon Systems, Inc., Albuquerque, NM:   1986, Models 595 & 596 Programmable Highway Driver Series

Aerovox Corp., New Bedford, MA:
1946    Capacitors, Resistors, Vibrators, Test Instruments Catalog 500
1946    Capacitors

Affiliated Manufacturers, Inc., Whitehouse, NJ: 1965, Micro Manipulator for Mechanical Micro Probing

Agilent Technologies:  2000, Consumables and Accessories Catalog

AirCo Industrial Gases, Murray Hill, NJ: 1970s, Material Selection Guide

Air Logic:
1987    Summary Catalog
1987    Pneumatic Components and Systems Accessories
undated  Air Logic

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Allentown, PA
1974    Laboratory Cryogenic Systems
1977    Laboratory Cryogenic Systems

Air Reduction Sales Co. (AIRCO), Jersey City, NJ:
1959    Maximum percentage of contaminants found in Airco Rare Gases
Undated          Helium
Undated          Hydrogen

Alba Lamps, Rosemont, IL: 1979, Product Information No. 2 Econo BI-PIN-Lamps

Aldrich Chemical Co.:  1984, Aldrichimica Acta

Alexandria Metal Finishers, Alexandria, VA:  1977, tri-fold brochure

Alfa Division, Ventron Corp., Danvers, MA:  1979 , Platinum Group Metals Silver and Gold

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Pittsburgh, PA:  undated, Allegheny Ludlum Monimax and Sinimax EM-20 Blue Sheet

Allen B. Du Mont Laboratories – see DuMont

Allied Chemical Corp.: 1979, Information Sheet on Optical Properties f Pressed Halon Coatings

Alltech Chromatography: 1999, Gas Purifiers

Aloe Scientific:
1952    Catalog 103
1967    Aloe Scientific, Catalog 105
undated  Amberlite Ion Exchange Resins Price List

Alpha Metals, Inc. Jersey City, NJ:  undated, New Alpha Solder & Flux R&D Kit

Alpha Scientific Laboratories, Inc., Berkeley, CA:  undated, Instruments for Research and Education in the Physical, Chemical, and Material Sciences

Alpha Wire Corp., New York, NY: undated, Catalog T-1, Teflon Wire

Amax Copper Inc., New York, NY: 
1978    Six Unconventional Coppers
Undated          Amax Copper News, Vol. 18, No. 1: The Products and Processes of Amax Copper Division

American Bionectics Inc., Hayward, CA :  1988, “Product Update: Snap-On Electrodes for PolyBlot®”

American Cyanamid Co., New York, NY:  1954, New Product Bulletin: UV Absorbers

American Cytoscope Makers Inc. (ACMI), Pelham, NY: 
Undated          ACMI Miniatruized Lamps Catalog 954-003
Undated          The ACMI Borescope

American Hospital Scientific Products:  1972, Catalog

American Instrument Co. (AMINCO), Silver Spring, MD:
1941    Catalog 41
1952    Catalog 52
1954    Strain-Free Platinum-Resistance Thermometers
1955    Super Pressure
1956    AMINCO-Bowman Spectrophotofluorometer
1961    Catalog
1961    Temperature Regulating Devices 
1963    AMINCO-Chance Dual Wavelength Spectrophotometer, (see 98.0020.023.00)
1964    Bulletin 2387: Grating Monochromator
1966    AMINCO-Chance Dual-Wavelength Spectrophotometer, (see 98.0020.023.00)
1966    AMINCO-Dubnoff Laboratory Shaker-Bath and Incubator
1967    History
1968    Fluoro-Microphotometer
1969    Fluoro-Microphotometer
1969    Temperature Jump Apparatus
1969    AMINCO-Morrow Stopped-Flow Apparatus (see 03.0001.003.00)
1969    New AMINCO-Berger Rapid-Mixing, Stopped-Flow System
1969    AMINCO Temperature Jump (T-Jump) Apparatus
late 1960s        Bulletin 2383-1A: Dual-Wavelength/Split-Beam Recording Spectrophotometer
1970s   Bulletin 2390-15A: AMINCO Fluoro/Colorimeter
1970    Bulletin 2390-E: AMINCO Fluoro-Microphotometer
1970    Condensed Catalog
1970    New Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometric System
1971    AMINCO-Bowman Spectrophotofluorometer: Now Available with New Ratio System
1971    Tired of Eyeballing Those Petri Dishes?  AMINCO Petri-Scan Automatic Bacteria-Colony Counter
1972    Bulletin 2449: New Fiber Optic Microcolorimeter
1972    Bulletin 2390-G: AMINCO Fluoro-Microphotometer
1972    DW-2 UV-VIS Spectrophotometers
1973    Aminalyzer System
1976     Continuous-flow Blood Cell Separator
1976    SPF-500 Series Spectrofluorometers
1977    Fluorescence Accessories
1977    Chem-Glo Photometer
1977    DASAR (Data Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval System)
1978    Ration II Spectrophotometer
1978    DW-2a UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
undated   Bulletin 2390: Fluoro-Microphotometerw
undated   Bulletin 2390-3C-1: Fluoro-Colorimeter, Solid-State Blank-Subtract
undated   Environmental Simulation and Constant Temperature Equipment Catalog 565
undated   Hem-O-Scan Oxygen Equilibrium Curve Analyzer (see 99.0004.003.00)

American Optical Corp. (AO), Buffalo, NY:
1974    Differential Interference Contrast by Incident Light (DICV) Microscopes
Undated           AO-Total Solids Meter: a Goldberg Refractometer

American Society for Metals: undated, And Now There are Six Volumes of Metals Handbook

American Urethane, Gambrills, MD:  undated, Custom Molded Castable Polyurethane Parts

Ameritech Biomedicines Inc., Lubbock, TX:  2014, Product Catalog

Amersham Biosciences, England:
2003    Amersham Ultrospec 3300 and 4300 brochure
2007    Amersham Ultrospec 6300 spectrophotometer

Amersil Inc., Hillside, NJ:
1967    Center for High Purity Fused Quartz
Undated          Optical Fused Quartz & Fused Silica

AMGLO Corp., Chicago, IL:  1964, Gaseous Conduction Tubes and Related Products

Amicon, Beverly, MA:
1985    Diaflo Spiral Ultrafiltration Cartridges Technical Data Brochure
1993    Micropure Particle Separators Technical Data Brochure
1994    Vantage L Liquid Chromatography Columns
Undated          DC2 & CH2 Small-Scale Hollow Fiber Concentration Systems

Amperex Electronic Corp., Hicksville, NY: 1964, Electron Tubes

A-M Systems, Inc.:  1970s, Physiology Catalog

Anaconda American Brass Co., Waterbury, CT:  1961, Anaconda Copper and Copper Alloys

Analog Devices, Norwood, MA, :
1973    Complete Log Ratio Module Model 756
1973    Internally Trimmed Integrated Circuit Multiplier AD532
1975    6-Decade, High Accuracy Log Ratio Module Model 757
1978    Analog Dialogue
1978    Data Acquisition Products Catalog
1979    Data Acquisition Products Catalog
1979    Integrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier AD521
1986    LC2 MOS High Speed uP Compatible 8-Bit ADC with Track/Hold Function
1994    Voltage Output Temperature Sensor with Signal Conditioning

Analab Instrument Corporation:  1961, Dual Trace Main Frames

late 1970s        Chemically Inert Fittings and Valves
late 1970s        Chromatography Columns

Analytab Products Inc. (API), New York: 1971, The API System

Andonian Associates, Inc., Waltham, MA: undated, PMC Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Housing for Photomultiplier Tubes

Andover Corp., Lawrence, MA: 1984/85, Optical Filter Guide

Andrew Alliance, Boston, MA: 2012, The Liquid Handling Robot Using Conventional Pipettes

Andrew Technical Supply Co., Chicago, IL:  undated, Ultra-Violet Lamps for Use in the Laboratory

Angar Scientific Corp.:  undated, Tiny Solenoid Valve Model 336

A.P. Circuit Corp., New York, NY: undated, Multi Range Portable Variable Active Filters

Apogent Discoveries, Hudson, NH:  2002, Product Catalog

Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA: 
2006    PCR, Real-Time PCR, Sample Preparation, TaqMan® Genomic Assays
2007    Molecular and Cell Biology Catalog

Applied Physics Corp., Monrovia, CA: 
1964    Cary Model 15 Recording Spectrophotometer
1965    Your Information for Cary Model 15 Spectrophotometer
Undated          Sample Handling Equipment for the Cary Model 11, 14, & 15 Spectrophotometers

Applied Research Laboratories, Glendale, CA:
1957                Spectrographer’s Newsletter, Vol. X, No. 3: Fuess Spectroscope
Undated          Remote Materials Analysis

Arconium Corp. of America, Providence, RI: 
1980    Low Temperature Melting Alloys
1986    Fusible Alloys

Aremco Products, Inc., Ossining, NY:
1975    High Purity Tungsten
1978    Aremco Accu-Cut 5200
1979    Aremco Accu-Cut 5250
1981    Aremco 102 Series Diamond Scribers
1981    Aremco 107-109 Series Diamond Drills
1982    Prices for Accu-Cut 5000 Series Dicing Saws
1982    Prices for Diamond Drills
1982    Price for 102-113 Series Diamond Scribers & Quills
1983    Accu-Cut Diamond Dicing Saw Blades
1983    Aremco Diamond Tool Accessories
1983    Prices for Diamond Tool Accessories
1983    Prices for Accu 120 and 126 Series Diamond Blades

Areoptix Technology Corp., Plainview, NY:
1969    Airypoint Light Source
1969    Airypoint X-Y Positioning Fixture
1969    Specifications and Prices Airypoint

Argus Chemical Corp., Brooklyn, NY:
1978    Stannic Chloride (Anhydrous) (Tin tetrachloride)
1978    Price List

Armco Steel Corp., Middletown, OH: 1955, Magnetic Ingot Iron…for D-C Applications

Arno Adhesive Tapes, Inc., MI: 1962, C-590 Moleskin Tape

Arnold Engineering Co., Marengo, IL: 
1956    Iron Powder Cores
1957    Supermendur: A New Rectangular-Loop Core Material
1957    Arnold Magnetic Materials

Arthur C. Ruge Associates, Inc., Cambridge, MA:
1955    Resistance Thermometer Elements
1956    RdF Stikon
1957    Miniature 1200 C Resistance Thermometer Probe
1957    RdF Strapon Resistance Thermometer: A New Approach to Surface Temperature Measurement

Arthur H. Thomas Co. (see Thomas Scientific)

ARO Corp.:  1986, Air Systems Components

ASF Inc.:
Undated     Brey Miniature Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps & Compressors
undated     Diaphragm Pumps for Vacuum & Pressure

Assembly Products, Inc. (API), Chesterland, OH:
1963    New…The API Optical Meter-Relay
1963    Product Feature in Electronic Design: Fiber-Optics Meter Relay Features Proportional Control

Atago Bussan Co., Ltd.:  1983, Union Giken Stopped Flow Reaction Analyzer

Atomergic Chemetals, Co., Long Island, NY: undated, Vitreous Carbon: A New Refractory Material

Atomic Laboratories, Berkeley, CA: 
Undated          The New Improved Raymaster!  New Scientific Glassblower’s Set
Undated          First the M-3…Now the M-4 Interferometer
Undated          Introducing the Rayotron: First Low-Cost Electrostatic Generator and Particle Accelerator for Colleges, Schools

Austin Science Associates, Inc.:
1983    Price List
1985    Mossbauer Spectroscopy Instrumentation
1987    Price List

Avestin Inc., Ottawa, Canada:  undated, LiposoFast, LIFO, Equilibrium Dialyser, EmulsiFlex

Axialight Corp., Collegedale, TN: 1978, A New Concept in Miniature Incandescent

Axis-Shield, Oslo, Norway: 
2000    Applications and Products
2000    OptiPrep Reports, No. 3

Azure Biosystems:
2013    Azure cSeries: A New Way to See the Light
2016    Azure Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader
2016    Azure Biosystems Western Blotting Workflow

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Badger Air-Brush Co., Franklin Park, IL:  undated, “The Most Complete Name in Air Brushing.”

Badger Meter Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, WI: 1968, Badger Magnetic Resonance Flowmeter

The Bailey Co., Washington, DC: undated, Centronic, BI-Alkali Photomultipliers Types VMP11/44K and VMP 13/44k

Baird Associates, Inc., Cambridge, MA: 
1953    Electro-Optic Light Modulator
1954    High Speed Light Pulsing and Modulation Apparatus
1954    Mercury 198 Source and Microwave Exciter
1956    Electro-Optic Light Modulator

Baird Atomic Inc., Cambridge, MA:
1957    A Complete Selection of Interference Filters
1957    Price List
1961    Optical Interference Filters [A]
1961    Optical Interference Filters [B]
1961    Type B-1 Interference Filter
1970    Catalog C-5: Optical Components and Accessories
undated, Automatic Test Tube Changer Systems for Nuclear Radiation

Baker & Co., Inc., Newark, NJ:
Undated          Fine Wires
Undated          Platinum Clad Tungsten Wire
Undated          Plating Preparations

Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton (BLH), Waltham, MA:
1959    SR-4 Etched Foil Strain Gages Bulletin 4320
Undated          SR-4 Strain Gage Instruments and Quick Selector, Bulletin 4312

Balston Inc.:
1992    FT-IR User Eliminates Bottled Nitrogen Gas
1992    Purifiers for FT-IR Spectrometers
1992    Model 74-5041 Self-Contained Lab Gas Generator

Barber-Colman: undated, New Electronic Programmer Has Precise Temperature Resettability and Flexibility

Bareco Oil Co., Tulsa, OK:
1949    Price List Microcrystalline Waxes
1949    Be Square: Special Waxes

Barnant Corp., Barrington, IL: 1975, Masterflex Tubing Pumps, Drive Systems

Barnes Engineering Co., Stamford, CT:
1968    The Pyroelectric Detector, Bulletin 2-220A
1977    Infrared Micro Imager: Thermal mapping of micro targets
1977    Infrared Micro Imager Model RM-50 Price List
1977    Infrared Microscope Model RM-2A
1977    Infrared Microscope Model RM-2B
1977    Infrared Microscope Accessories
1977    Infrared Microscopes & Accessories Models RM-2A and RM-2B Price List

1969    Price List 15, 20, and 30 GPH Steam Heated
1969    Price List Laboratory Equipment Price List
1969    Price List Thermodrive Distillation
1969    Price List Pure Water Distribution
1969    Specification No. G3615: Feedback Purifier
1969    Specification No. A1535:  Model 85 Cabinetized Distilled Water Center
1969    Specification No. G3601:  Condensate Feedback
1969    Specification No. G3350:  Automatic Start and Stop Controls for Steam Heated Stills
1969    Get More Out of Water: Thermodrive Distillation System
1969    Get More Out of Water: Barnstead Laboratory Equipment

Barnstead/Thermolyne, Dubuque, IA:  2000/2001, Catalog

Barringer Research, Toronto, Canada: 1975, Environmental Analytical Servies Fee Schedule

Bausch & Lomb:
1934    The New Fitz Micro-Manipulator
1940    Catalog D-111
1953    Echelle Spectrographs
1953    1.5 Meter Stigmatic Grating Spectrograph
1955    Photographic Lens Data
1960    Grating Monochromators
1962    Surplus Interference Filters
1965    Spectrophor 1 Electrophoresis Equipment
1960s   Air-Cooled Hydrogen Illuminator Attachment for Monochromators
1973    B&L New Constant Color Fiber Optic Light Source
Undated          Advance Information:  Ultraviolet Photomicroscope
undated    Physician’s Microscope Model FFSA-8
undated    250MM and 50MM Monochromators
Undated          Interference Filters: Transmission Type

BD Biosciences, Bedford, MA [see also Becton, Dickinson]:  
2008    Clinical & Research Product Catalog
2008    ASR Product Catalog Addendum
2013    BD Multicolor Antibody Reagents Catalog
undated    Discovery Labware

Beck – see R.&J. Beck Ltd.

Beckman Coulter, Fullerton, CA: 
2000    Ultracentrifuge
2000    High Speed, High Capacity, High Performance, Benchtop & Microfuge Centrifuges
2014    Product Solutions Guide
2015    Take the Risk out of Rotations
2015    Cell-Line Engineering: A Check-up Before You Scale Up
2016    Mastering Cell Counting
2018    Science Happens: Pioneering DIY Discoveries

Beckman Instruments:
1970    Supplies for pH Meters and Electroanalytical Instrumentation
1970    PO2, PCO2, and pH Measurement Systems
1970    Dynograph Recorders and Electroencephalographs
1973    Analytical Instrumentation
1973    Gamma Counting Systems 
1977    Bulletin 7304: Innovation in pH Since 1935
1977    Bulletin 7686-E: Supplies for pH Meters and Electroanalytical Instrumentation
1977    Bulletin 6400A: Electrolyte System
1978    Price List: Electroanalytical Instrumentation Supplies
1978    Type 50.3 Ti: A New Titanium Fixed Angle Rotor for Lipoprotein Separations
1979    Microfuge: Miniature Centrifuge
1979    Airfuge Ultracentrifuge
1980s   L-5 Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1981    New Futura Combination Electrodes for Specialized Applications
1983    Bulletin 7740: Electrodes, Buffers, and Accessories
1983    Ultracentrifuge L8M System
1983    Rotors, Tubes, and Accessories for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1985    The New Centritube Slicer
1985    Rotors, Tubes & Accessories for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1985    Bulletin 7764: pHI Series pH Meters and Accessories
1987    GeneLine Transverse Alternating Field Electrophoresis System
1990    GeneLine II DNA Mapper
undated    Blood Gas Measurement System
undated    Liquid Scintillation Systems 
undated    Rotors, Tubes and Accessories for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges
undated    Supplies for pH Meter and Electroanalytical Instrumentation

Becton, Dickinson (B-D):
1965    Unopette Disposable Blood Diluting Pipette 
1970    Biopette Automatic Pipettes
1997/1998         Labware Catalog
2001    Titanium PCR and RT-PCR Systems
2001    Titanium™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit, PowerScript ™ Reverse Transcriptase
2002    BD Sprint ™  Advantage ™ 96 Plate
2002    Mercury ™ Signal Transduction Products            
2010    BD FACSAria III
2013    BD FACSAria Fusion
2013    BD FACSJazz
2013    BD Influx
undated  Medical Grade Polyethylene Tubing
2020      Unlocking the Secrets of the Tumor Microenvironment for Cancer Therapeutics
CLONTECHniques      July 2001
                                  October 2001
                                  April 2002
                                  October 2002
                                  January 2004
                                  April 2004
                                  October 2005

Behringwerke AG:  1968, Immunoelectrophoresis Equipment

Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ: 1992, New Product Highlights Catalog Supplement 792

Bellco Glass Inc., Vineland, NJ:
1969    Water Distillation and Deionizing Equipment
2002/3    Biotechnology

Bellows Co., Akron, OH:  1958, The Bellows Air Motor

Bendix Corp., Cincinnati, OH:
undated           Automatic Polarimeter
undated           ORD Spectropolarimeter

Bergquist, Minneapolis, MN:
Undated          Sil-Pad Proof (+) Desk-Top Test Kit (with sample)
Undated          Sil-Pads 1000 (with sample)
Undated          Sil-Pad Shield with EMI/RFI Shielding
Undated          Bergquist has just uncovered the world’s most effective thermally conductive insulator (with sample)

Bertin Instruments, Versailles, France:
2016    inCellis Smart Cell Imaging System
2016    Minilys
2016    Percellys Evolution
2017    Cryolys Evolution

Bethesda Research Laboratories (BRL), Bethesda, MD:  undated, New Apparatus [incomplete]

Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Hellertown, PA:
1957    How Poisonous is Mercury?
1960    The Bethlehem Glassblowing Kit
1970s   Hg Vacupick
1979    Continuous Vacuum Triple Distillation
Undated          Higher Mercury Purity for Rockets & Missiles

B.F. Goodrich, Cleveland, OH: 
1964    Air Curing Rubber Cements C-80S/C-81S
1960s   Air Dry Cement Vulcalock
1983    Elastomer Properties: Hycar, Hydrin, Cure-rite
1984    Koroseal Flexible Magnetic Sheet and Strip

BHK Inc., South El Monte, CA:  undated, Specialty Lamps and Power Supplies

Binks Manufacturing Co., Franklin Park, IL: 1984, The New Airless 1 Spray Gun

Biocision, Larkspur, CA:  2014, BioT ULT Transporter

BioCybernetics Laboratories, Inc.:
1994    Micromix-Reciprocating Dual Syringe Emulsifier/Homogenizer
1994    Double Hub Micro-Emulsifier Needle
1994    Micromix II-Continuous Flow Tangential Processing System

BioDrop (division of Harvard Bioscience):  2014, NextGen Nano-Spectrophotometry

Bioelectric Instruments (BI), Hastings-on-the-Hudson, NY:
1968    ISA ISB Isolators
1968    Reflexor Oscilloscope Camera Mount
1970    Master/Slave Oscilloscope System
1970    P Series Electrophysiological Measurement System
1970    Models MH1 & MH2 Microelectrode Holders
1970    Price List
Undated          Auxiliary Camera Mount

BioLegend, San Diego, CA:
2014    Product Catalog
2014    Multicolor Flow Cytometry Assay
2014    Cancer Immunoediting Poster
2014    Regulatory T Cells Poster
2014    Stem Cells and Development Poster
2014    Chemokine Receptor Biology Poster

Bio Logic, Echirolles, France:
1980s   Stopped Flow Module, SFM-3
1980s   Patch-Clamp Amplifier
1980s   Rapid-filtration System
1980s   Stopped Flow Module

Biomedical Products Department, Washington, DC: no name

BioPolymers Inc., Farmington, CT: 1986, Cell-Tak Update No. 1

Bio-Rad Laboratories:
1970    Chromatographic Columns  
1970    Materials for Ion Exchange, Gel Filtration, Adsorption 
1970    Systems, Materials, Equipment for Gel Electrophoresis 
1971    Lang-Levy Micropipets Glass and clear TPX 
1973    Lang-Levy Micropipets Danish Glass and Clear TPX Polymer 
1973    Eppendorf Push-Button Microliter Pipets
1978    Protein Assay Applications Bibliography
1979    Protein Assay Applications Bibliography
1980s   The New Protean Double Slab
1980s   The Electrophoresis Connection
1981    Price List
1981    Eppendorf Repeater Pipette
1981    Liquid Dispensing, Dilution, and Measurement
1982    Protein Assay Bulletin 1069
1983    Bio-Radiations, April 1983, No. 44
1990    Low Pressure Tubing, Fittings, and Valves Bulletin 1644
1991    Macro-Prep 50 Ion Exchange Supports for Protein Purification Bulletin 1623
1991    Econo-Pac Cartridges
1991    Low Pressure Tubing, Fittings, and Valves
1995    New! SYPRO Orange High-Sensitivity Fluorescent Protein Gel Stain
1996    Ready Gels & Premixed Buffers: Products for Mini-Vertical Gel Electrophoresis
2004/5 Life Science Research Products
2005    Life Science New Products
2016    The Illumina Bio-Rad Single-Cell Sequencing Solution
2017    T100 Thermal Cycler
2017    NCG Chromatography Systems
undated    Eppendorf Push-Button Microliter Pipets with Disposable Tips
Undated    Protein Standards for Electrophoresis and Blotting Poster, Rev. B

Bioscan Inc.:
undated    Imaging Scanners
undated    Rapid Quantitative TLC Analysis

BioServe Biotechnologies, Laurel, MD:  1992, Catalog & Price List

BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, VT:
2000s   EL406™ Microplate Washer Dispenser
2000s   BioStack™ Microplate Stacker
2008    Microplate Instrumentation Catalog 2008
2008    Ordering Guide
2010    Microplate Instrumentation
2014    Microplate Instrumentation Catalog
2014    Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer
2014    Synergy HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
2014    MultiFlo FX Microplate Dispenser

Biotix: 2015, The Gloved Crusader

Bittware Research Systems, Concord, NH:  1990s,  SHARC ® Produce Selection Guide

B-J Scientific Products, Inc., Albany, OR:
1979    Laboratory Crucibles
1982    Inconel 601 Laboratory Crucibles Prices
1983    Tantalum Laboratory Crucibles Prices
1984    Zirconium Laboratory Crucibles Prices
1985    Nickel Laboratory Crucibles Prices
1985    Molybdenum Laboratory Crucibles

Black Box:|
1981    CRT-Printer Switch CP Switch
1982    Test Sets
1982    Data Switches

Black Light Eastern, Westbury, NY:
Undated          Zirconium Concentrated Arcs: Model 1710 & Spectroline Series 1700
Undated          Spectroline Sodium-Arc Laboratory Lamp, Model 1800

Block Associates, Inc., Cambridge, MA:
1959    A Fourier Description of Optical Interference Devices, Part I
1960    I-4 Interferometer Spectrometer
1960    Elliptical Polarizer
1960    A New Method of Scanning the Fabry-Perot Fringe Field
1960    Rapid Scanning Interference Spectrometry
1961    High Resolution Frequency Spectrum Analyzer Model JW-1
1961    Uncooled IR Detector
1961    KH51 Indium Antimonide IR Detectors
1961    KH-51C Thermoelectrically Cooled Indium Antimonide IR Detectors
1962    Interferometer Spectrometer Price List

Block Engineering, Inc., Cambridge, MA:
Undated          Interferometer Spectrometer, Model I-4P
Undated          Interferometer Spectrometer, Model I-4
Undated          Interferometer Spectrometer, Model P-1

Blue M Electric Co., Blue Island, IL: 
1963    “Wiring Diagrams & Parts List.”
Undated          Set the Pace

Bodine Electric Co.:  undated, Series 3000 Digial Motion Control Systems

Boehringer Mannheim Biochemicals, Indianapolis, IN: 
1979    Biochemphasis No. 1:  The International System of Units (SI)
1980    Product Highlights: Electrophoresis Systems
1990    Reagents for Molecular Biology
1996    POROS Perfusion Chromatography Media: Performance Features and Guide

Boekel, Feasterville, PN: 1998-99, Life Sciences & General Laboratory Products

Boonton Radio Corp., Boonton, NJ:
1959    Catalog: Precision Test Equipment
Undated          Inductors Type 103-A and 590-A
Undated          Figure of Merit Measurements: Q Meter Type 260-A
Undated          Measure Difference in Q with the Q Meter Type 190-A

Borg-Warner Chemicals, Inc., Parkersburg, WV:
1984    Poster: Prevex is Next
1984    Prevex Polymer Prices
1984    Ad: Prevex is Next
1984    Data Sheet: Prevex Grade BJA, Flame Retardant Structural Foam, PR-100B
1984    Data Sheet: Prevex Grad VKA, Flame Retardant, PR-101B
1984    Data Sheet: Prevex Grade VQA, Flame Retardant, PR-102B
1984    Data Sheet: Prevex Grade PQA, General Purpose, PR 103B

Boston Scientific, Natick, MA:  Oct/Nov. 2014, Access Issue 2

Boy Machines, Exton, PA: 
1980s   Model 50T2 Injection Molding Machine
1980s   Boy 15S
1980s   Boy 30M and 50M
1985    NewsBoy

Braintree Scientific, Inc., Braintree, MA:  2007, Catalog Animal Laboratory Supplies

Brandtech Scientific, Inc., Essex, CT:  2002/3, Reliable Tools for Every Lab Catalog

Branson Sonic Power Co., Danbury, CT: 
1963    Sonifier Plastics Welder
1964    Sonifer Ultrasonic Plastics Seamer
1970    Ultrasonic Soldering
1970    Ultrasonic Assembly
1970s   Ultrasonics Products Sheets
1970s   Ultrasonic Spot Welding

Brasseler USA, Inc., Savannah, GA: 1986, Dental Rotary Instruments

Braun (see H. Braun Tool and Instrument Co.)

Brinkmann Instruments:
1972    Sartorius Top-Loading Balances 
1982    Price List (2)
1984    Eppendorf Micro Centrifuges
1998    New Brinkmann Laboratory Products
2001    Eppendorf Research ™ pro Electronic Pipettes: Hands on Favorite
2002    Brinkmann BioSystems Laboratory Products and Applications
undated    Eppendorf Push-Button Microliter Pipets with Disposable Tips
undated    Lauda Constant Temperature Baths & Circulators Bruker, FT-EPR Spectrometers, ESP 380 E

Bristol Motor Division, Old Saybrook, CT:
1957    Bristol Series 444: King of Torque!
1957    Repeat Cycle Timer Series RCT-100
1957    Push-Button Type Fixed Interval Timer Series PB
1957    Low Speed Motors Series S-200
1957    High Torque Reversible Synchronous Motor Series 430
1957    Time Delay Relay Series TDR-100
1957    Dual-Speed Unit Series DSU-100
1957    High Torque Reversible Synchronous Motor Series 830
1957    Elapsed Time Indicators
1957    The New Bristol Clutch Motor Model CM

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Stoughton, MA: 
1960s   Synchro-lectric Viscometer
1963    The World’s Standard for Viscosity Measurement Brochure
undated, The Brookfield Counter-Rotating Mixer

Brooks Instrument:  1998, Product Information Catalog

Brooks & Perkins, Inc., Detroit, MI: 1950s, Beryllium Products

Brownell Electro, Cambridge, MA:  1975, Catalog

Bruker Magnetics Inc., Burlington, MA:
1974    Bruker Report
Undated          MiniSpec P-20: Automated Miniature Pulsed NMR Spectrometer
Undated          MiniSpec P-20 Application Note
Undated          EPR for the Frugal Visionary, EMX Series

Brush Beryllium Co., Cleveland, OH:
1950s   The Atom of Beryllium
1954-55           Typical Analyses and Prices

Brush Wellman, Inc., Cleveland, OH:
1984    Wrought Beryllium Copper
1985    Data Sheet: Beryllium Nickel Strip Alloy 360
1985    Brushform 290
1988    Ad: Excellence in engineered materials; Brush Wellman beryllium copper alloys
Undated          Brush Alloy 174
Undated          Beryllium Copper: Promise Fulfilled
Undated          Beryllium Copper for Highly Demanding Applications
Undated          Brush Beryllium Copper Alloy 3

Buchi, New Castle, DE:
2010    Multivapor
2013    Vacuum Solutions
2013    Laboratory Equipment Product Overview
2013    Preparative Chromatography
2013    Encapsulator B-390/B-395 Pro

Buchler Instruments:
1965    Condensed Catalog
1970    Auto Densi-Flow
1972    Catalog
1973    Metering Pumps
1975    Metering Pumps
1977    Metering Pumps
Undated          Buchler Density Gradient System Preliminary Bulletin

Bulb Direct:
1997    Catalog
1998    Catalog

Bulbtronics, Farmingdale, NY:
1990s   Ultraviolet Lamps
1990s   Centrifuge Motor Brushes
1990s   Visible Source Lamps for Analyzers, Diagnostic Equipment & Related Applications
1990s   HBO Short Arc Mercury Lamps
1990s   XBO Short Arc Xenon Lamps
1990s   Deuterium & Other UV Light Sources for Spectroscopy UV Analytical Equipment, etc.
1990s   Replacement Lamps for Microscopes
1990s   Replacement Bulbs for Audio Visual, Photographic, Micrographic, Stage, Studio, TV and Video Applications
1990s   Hand-Held Blacklight
1990s   The Laser Pointer
1990s   Miniature Lamps Domestic & Foreign

Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS:
1970    Bunting Magnets
1982    Magnetic Production and Maintenance Aids
1983    Prices
1983    Flexible Permanent Magnetic Strip
1986    Bunting Advanced Magnetic Materials
1986    Bunting Cylindrical Permanent Magnetic 3-Pole Assemblies

Bunton Instrument Co., Rockville, MD:
1973    Microscope Maintenance Supplies
1973    Special Accessories for Microscopy

Burdick & Jackson Laboratories Inc.:  1966, Distilled-in-Glass Solvents  

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Cajon: 1977, Pipe Fitting, Weld Fittings, Conversion Fittings & Hose Connectors

Calbiochem-Behring, San Diego, CA:  1983, Biologics Vol. 8, No. 4

California Laboratory Equipment Co., Oakland, CA:  Undated, Model C Evaporaor

Caliber ID, Rochester, NY:
2014 Vivascope 3000
2014 Vivascope 2500
2014  Vivascope 1500  Multilaser

California Laboratory Equipment Co., Oakland, CA:  Undated, Model C Evaporaor

Caltag Laboratories, Burlingame, CA: 
Undated Fix & Perm ® Applications Guide to Intracellular Flow Cytometry
2002 Catalog

Caltron Industries, Berkeley, CA: undated, Introducing Miniature Wires & Cables for Research Labs

Cambridge Instrument Co., Cambridge, England:
1930 Galvanometers, List No. 167 
1957 Galvanometers
Undated The Cambridge Huxley Ultra-microtome

Cambridge Research and Instrumentation, Inc.: 1987, Laser Intensity Stabilizers

Cambridge Systems, Inc., Newton, MA: 
Undated          General Catalog: Humidity Instrumentation for Aerospace and Industry
Undated          Application/Engineering Data Bulletin No. 1 Basic Humidity Relationships

Canal Industrial Corp. (CANALCO), Rockville, MD: 
Undated          Automatic Fraction Collector/U.V. Flow Analyzer
Undated          Grating Monochromator for UV and Visible with Rapid-scan Feature

Canberra: 1981, Germanium Detectors

Canberra Nuclear, Meriden, CT: 
Undated Edition Nine: Systems Supplement
Undated Edition Nine: Instruments Catalog

Canon: Undated, Model CNF 26 Motor-Tachometer

Carborundum Co., Niagara Falls, NY:
1946    Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Forms for 2300 F
1957    Globar Types B, F and H Thermistors
1958    Kovar Alloy
1963    Prices: Boron Nitride Products
1963    Prices: Carborundum Hot Pressed Boron Nitride, Square Cross Section
1963    Prices: Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistors
1964    Prices: Carborundum Hot Pressed Boron Nitride, Round
1965    Advanced Materials Technology
1966    Silicon Carbide Single Crystal Thermistor Probes
1960s   Technical Data: Boron Nitride Powders: Mechanical & Refractory Properties
Undated          Boron Nitride Fibers
Undated          Silicon Carbide Whiskers
Undated          Boron Nitride
Undated          Boron Nitride Coating Products Information Sheet

Cardiassist Corp., Hoffman Estates, IL:  1980, External Counterpulsation for Cardiac Therapy

Cardiomedics, Inc., Torrance, CA:  1980s, Sequential External Counterpulsation for the Treatment of Ischemic Heart Disease

Cargille Scientific, Cedar Grove, IL:
Undated          Problems with Density? Will You Sink or Float? Density Liquids
Undated          Data Sheet: Heavy Liquids
Undated           Data Sheet: Sink Float Standards
Undated          Data Sheet: Specialized and Selected Chemicals
Undated          Data Sheet Selector

Carle Instruments, Inc., Fullerton, CA:
1969    Model 3000 Thermal Analysis System
1969    Volatility of High Boiling Organic Materials by a Flame Ionization Detection Method
1969    A New Thermal Analysis Instrument

Carl Zeiss:
1950s   Hand Spectroscope (Zeiss Winkel)
1965    Instruments for Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation
1968    Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast 
1973    Price List: Standard Microscope KK-M
1973    Price List: Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast Equipment
1977    Microscopes and Accessories
1979    Polarizing Microscopes 
1980    Invertoscope D Price List
2000   Axiovert 200: The New Standard in Inverted Microscopy 
2005   When Was the Last Time You Saw Something for the First Time?: FluoresScience
2005   AxioCam HS: Fast, Precise, Live
2005   LSM 5 DUO and LSM DuoScan Laser Scanning Microscope Workstations
2008   Biomedical MicroImaging Newsletter 
2009   MicroImaging Newsletter-September
2013   Newsletter for Life Sciences, #1
2017   Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7
2017   Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan
2017   3D Imaging Sytems 
Undated          EM 9 S-2 Electron Microscope
Undated          Microscope for Depth Measurement
Undated          Standard GFL Microscopes
Undated          Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast
Undated          Equipment for Reflected-Light Microscopy
Undated          EPI-Technoscope
Undated          Stereo-Microscope

Catalyst Research Corp., Baltimore, MD:
1975    Newsletter
1976    A History of the Development of the Lithium-Iodine Cell

Cathodeon Ltd., Cambridge, England: undated, Hollow Cathode Lamps for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

CBS Electronics, Lowell, MA:
1959    Bulletin E-337A-1: Krytron Trigger Tubes 7229, 7230, 7439, 7599, 7600, 7602
1959    Bulleting E-337A-2: Krytron Trigger Tubes 7440, 7441, 7595, 7596, 7597, 7598
1960    Photomultiplier Price List
1960    CL-1002 Photomultiplier
1960    7817 Photomultiplier
1961    New 5” Photomultiplier from CBS Laboratories

Cell Signaling Technology, Danvers, MA: 2006, Flow Cytometry and Intracellular Signaling

CENCO: Undated, Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

Cerac Inc., Milwaukee, WI:  1987, Rare Inorganic Chemicals

Ceramaseal Inc., New Lebanon Center, NY:
1960    Sapphire-To-Metal Seals
1960 Ceramaseal Sapphire to Metal Seals

Ceramics International Corp., Mahwah, NJ:
1964    High Temperature, High Reliability Sapphire-to-Metal Windows Off the Shelf
1964    Standard Sapphire Windows Available for Optical System
1964    Sapphire-to-Metal Windows for Critical Applications

Ceranco (see Rancocas Ceramics Co.)

Cerro Corp., New York, NY: 1962, Glass to Glass and Glass to Metal Joints

CG Life Sciences, Vineland, NJ:
2014    New Life Science Products (Fall edition)
2014    Life Science Products
2014    Cell & Tissue Culture

Chatman Controls Corp., Chatham, NJ:
1958    Miniature and Subminiature Thermostats
1960    Announcing a New Series of Insulated Thermostats

Chemalloy Electronics Inc.:
Undated Improved Fluxless Aluminum Solder and Welding Rod
Undated Fluxless Aluminum Solder

Chemapec Inc., Hoboken, NJ: 1971, Chemapec Pec Fermentor Systems

Chem-Service: Undated, Pesticides Catalog No. 82

Chemical Dynamics Corp.: 1980, Chemalog Hi-lites, Vol. 4, No. 1

Chemical Rubber Co., Cleveland, OH:
1936, Catalog D of Chemical Laboratory Apparatus
1960s, CRC “Vari-Cal” Immersion Unit

Chemionics Corp., Tallmadge, OH: 1988, Natural and Conductive Latex Sheets

Chomerics, Inc., Cambridge, MA:  undated, Conductive Epoxy Guide

Clairex Corp., New York, New York:
1954    Introducing the Clairex Crystal Photocell Type CL-1
1959    Photocells for TV
1959    Using Photoconductive Cells
1960s   Clairex Photoconductive Cells: Series in Glass
1960    Photocells Open Up New Applications
1960    Progress Report on Light-Sensitive Cells
1962    Price List for Standard Photocells
1962    Clairex Photocells in Space!
1962    IRE Special Bulletin: Clairex Now Offers 5 Series
1963    Catalog: Photoconductive Cells
1964    Photoconductive Cells
Undated          Crystal Photocell Type CL-2
Undated          Clairex Crystal Photocell Type CL-3
Undated          EDN Design Data Photometry Nomograph

Clarke Power Products, Inc., Bowling Green, OH: undated, Plasma Cutters

Clausing, Kalamazoo, MI:
1969  Catalog
Undated, Machine Tools brochure

Clay Adams, New York, NY:
1966  Instruments for Micro-Dissection and Micro-Surgery, Experimental and Animal Surgery 
Undated Micropet Disposable Lambda Pipette
Undated          Ivalon Surgical Sponge

Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co.: 1949, Catalog

Clevite Corp., Cleveland, OH:
1962    Modern Piezoelectric Ceramics
Undated          Piezoelectricity Today
Undated          Piezoelectric High Voltage Generators

Clifton Standard Hydraulic Press Co., 1978, Series H 10-75 Ton Strain Rod Hydraulic Presses

Clinical Perfusion Associates, Inc., Timonium, MD:
1960s   Clinical Perfusion Associates Present…
1963    Perfusion Systems of the Highest Reliability and Performance

Clontech, Palo Alto:  1999, Advantage ® PCR Enzyme Systems

Cober Electronics Inc.:
Undated    If You’re Thinking of Going Microwave
Undated    Series SCCD Industrial Microwave Oven
Undated    Microwave Generators for Industrial and Laboratory Heating Applications
Undated    Microwave Rubber Processing Systems

Coleman Engineering Co. Inc.:
1968 Beattie-Coleman Oscillotron Oscilloscope Cameras
1968 Oscillotron Camera, Model MII-911

Cole-Parmer, Chicago, IL:
1971   Micrometer and Digital Dispensers
1984   Pump Applications Guide
1987   Thermometry
1998   Fittings, Tubing, Valves
1998   Electrochemistry
2000   Catalog 
2001   Catalog
Undated    Plastic Ware Chemical Resistance Chart

Collaborative Research Inc., Bedford, MA:  1988, Basement Membrane Matrigel

The Colson Corporation, Elyria, OH:  1960s, The Model 110 Automatic Blood Pressure Recorder

Comet Industries, Bensenville, IL:  
1960s  Comet Lab-Master
1964   Comet Meteor Automatic
1965   Select the Comet to Meet Your Need

Commonwealth Technology Inc.:
1990   Differential Stopped-Flow Microcalorimeter, Model DSFC-100, (see 94.0022.012.00)
Undated Berger-Thibault Differential Thermal Titration Apparatus Model DTTA-100

Compact Technik:
1988    The Automat Basic Construction Kit 2000
1990    Retail Prices Automat Prototype Kits
1990s   Modeling with Mechanical Breadboards
1990s   Automat 3000 Construction Kit System

Composite Rotor, Inc., Mountain View, CA:  Undated, Composite Rotors

Computer Boards, Inc., Mansfield, MA: Undated, Compatible I/O Series CIO-AD16/50k and /100k

Comstock Inc: 1980s, Optical Heat-Pipes, Model HP-801, HP-802

Connecticut Instrument Corp. (CIC), Wilton, CT: 1961, Newsletter No. 14, Attenuated Total Relection --- A New Infrared Sampling Technique

Consolidated Astronautics, Hauppauge, NY: 1975, Product and Price List

Consolidated Electrodynamics Corp., (CEC), Pasadena, CA:
1956    Type 4-340 Dynamic Pressure Pickup
1956    Pressures

Consolidated Engineering Corp. (CEC), Pasadena, CA: 1952 ,The CEC Bi-Directional Stepping Switch and Digital Servo Motor

Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada, Montreal, Canada: 1952, the Metal Indium

Consolidated Reactive Metals, Inc., Mamaroneck, NY: 1960, Fine Wire

Continental Electric Co., Geneva, IL:
1946    Cetron Phototubes with Blue Sensitive Surface Type CE-60
1946    Cetron Phototubes with Red Sensitive Surface Type CD-58
1950s   Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells Technical Brochure
1950s   Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells Circuits
1951    Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells
1951    Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells Technical Information

Continental Lab Products, San Diego, CA: 2000s, Tools for Molecular Biology

Control Products Inc. (CPI), East Hanover, NJ:
1979    Snap-Stat Thermal Switches
1979    Switches, Temperature Controllers, Mounting Brackets
Undated          Type M-1 and M-2 Thermal Switches

Cooke Inc., Bloomington, IN: Undated, Needle & Catheter Reference Chart

Cooner Sales Co., Chatsworth, CA:
1973    Wires and Cables
Undated          Samples of CZ-1215-1, CZ-1174, and AS-632 wire

Cooperheat, Rahway, NJ: undated, Clandon Metascop On-the-spot Metal Identification

Cordis Corp., Miami, FL: 
1992 Cordis Reflex Steerable Guidewires
1992 Cordis in Miami

Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc., Buffalo, NY:1959, Research Trends, Vol.VII, 3

Corning, Acton, MA and Corning, NY:
1985 BNC Electrodes 
2000 Equipment & Scientific Instruments
2003 Life Sciences Research Tools
2005 Life Sciences Selection Guide
2012 Closed System Solutions
2013 Stem Cell Research
2013  Bottlemania!
2017    Break the 3D Barrier: Corning 3D Cell Culture
Undated, The Fleaker

Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY:
1948    Glass Color Filters
1948    Glass Color Filters
1950s   Vycor Industrial Glassware Bulletin No. B-91
1957    New Developments in Corning Fotoform Glass
1958    Product Information: Fused Silica #7940 Data Sheet
1958    Industrial Filters
1959    New Corning Lime and Pyrex Borosilicate Tubing and Rod
1959    Vycor Industrial Glassware Bulleting B-91 (different from below)
1960    Glass Color Filters Bulletin CF-1
1960    Supplement to Catalog: Neutral Density Filter
1960    Supplement to Catalog: A New Glass for Calibrating Spectrophotometers
1960    Glass Color Filter Price List
1962    Glass Color Filters Catalog
1963    Glass Color Filter Price List
1963    New Literature: Glass Color Filters
1965    Glass Color Filters Price List
1967    Porous Glass Adsorbent for Thin-Layer Chromatography
1967    Glass Color Filters Price List
1971    Vycor Brand Glass No. 7906, 7913 Prices
1971    Vycor: No. 7906: High Temperature Optical Glasses
1971    Vycor: No. 7913: High Temperature Optical Glasses
1971    Fused Silica, Code 7940 Prices
1971    Fused Silica No. 7940 High Temperature Optical Glasses
1971    ULE Titanium Silicate Code 7971 Prices
1972    ULE Titanium Silicate, Code 7971 High Temperature Optical Glasses
1972    Corning Basic Medical Fluidikit
1974    Machinable Glass-Ceramic Product Information Sheet
1970s   Macor Machinable Glass-Ceramic Machining Instructions
1975    Ad: Machinable Glass? You’ve Got to be Kidding!
1975    Macor Machinable Glass-Ceramic Product Information
1975    Machinable Glass-Ceramic Price
1982    Ad: New Fotoform +/- .0001 in. Precision!
1985    Fotoceram Precision Substrates Product Information
1986    Fotoform Fotoceram Precision Photosensitive Glass Materials
1990    Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramic Materials
1990    Pyrex Glass Code 7740
Undated          Glass in Electronics…Limited Only by Imagination
Undated          Machinable Glass-Ceramic
Undated          Machinable Glass-Ceramic Prices
Undated          Fotoform Fotoceram
Undated          Fotoform Fotoceram Products: Unique Photosensitive Glass Materials
Undated          Pyroceram Brand Low-Temperature Thermal Setting Cement Information
Undated          Pyroceram: Progress Report 1
Undated          Pyrex “Double-Tough” Glass Pipe and Fittings
Undated          Fixed Glass Capacitors
Undated          Medium-Power Transmitting Capacitors
Undated          Film Type Resistors Style N
Undated          High Power Resistors
Undated          E-C Resistors H-Style
Undated          Water-Cooled Resistors
Undated          Film Type Resistors Style S
Undated          Metallized Glass Inductances
Undated          Metallized Glass Rectifier Tubes
Undated          Fused Silica
Undated          Metallized Glass Instrument Windows
Undated          Fotoform and Fotoceram
Undated          Glass to Metal Seals
Undated          Attenuator Plates
Undated          Soldering Metal Caps on Ends of Metallized Glass Tubes
Undated          Midget Trimmer Capacitors Direct Traverse Type
Undated          Midget Rotary Trimmer Capacitors
Undated          Ultrasonic Delay Lines
Undated          Macor Machinable Glass-Ceramic Code 9658: Capabilities Bulletin
Undated          Glass….Color Filters

Corning Inc., Tewksbury, MA: 2017, Break the 3D Barrier: Corning 3D Cell Culture

Coulbourn Instruments, Whitehall, PA:  2014, Behavioral Research

Coulter Electronics, Inc., Cranford, NJ:  Undated, Preliminary Information on the Model 550 Clean Room Monitor

Crawford Fitting Co.: 1977, Sno-Trik Tube Fittings & Valves for High Pressure

C.R. Bard Inc., Billerica, MA: 
1991   PET: Performance Balloon Material
1991   Probe III: Balloon-on-a-Wire Dilatation System with 2.5 cm Flex Tip
1991   Force 20, 30, 40: Balloon Dilatation Cathether with Pro/Pel Coating
1991   Silk Guide Wire with Continu-Core Design
1991   Phantom Guide Wire with Gold Tip Control

Crucible Steel Company of America, Pittsburgh, PA:
1955    Ferrimag 1
1961    The Manufacture and Characteristics of Cast Alnico
1963    Permanent Magnet Alloys
1963    Magnetization and Demagnetization

Cryogenic Rare Gas, Hanahan, SC:  undated, Catalog 85, Cryogenic Rare Gas

Cryo-Med, Washington, DC:  1978, Price List

Curtin Matheson Scientific: 1973, Balance Selector Guide

Curtin Scientific Co., Rockville, MD:  Undated, Thelco Ovens and Incubators

Custom Scientific Instruments, Inc., Whippany, NJ: 1980, Fiber Breaking Machine, Model CS-2

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Dagan Corp., Minneapolis, MN: 1988, The Neurotransmitter Newsletter

Daigger, Vernon Hills, IL:  2012, Lab Equipment and Supplies

Dake Corp., Grand Haven, MI:  1979, Dake Laboratory Presses

Damon Corp.: 1974, IEC Bench Top Centrifuges

Daniels Plating Barrel & Supply Co., Newark, NJ:  Undated, Daniels Plating Barrels Catalog

Data Translation:
1977 Microcomputer Analog I/O Systems, Data Acquisition Modules, Dual D/A Converter-Point Plotter, DC-DC Converters
1977 Analog I/O Systems for Intel uC SBC 80 Series or MDS-800

Datel Systems Inc.:
1975 Digital-to-Analog Converter Model DAC-HR Series
1977 High Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter Model ADC-149
1977 High Performance Instrumentation Amplifiers AM-201 Series

DBio, College Park, MD:
2013    Refrigerators and Freezers
2013    Luna Second Generation Automated Cell Counter
2013    Luna-FL [fluorescent] The Ultimate Automated Cell Counter

DCC Corp., Pennsauken, NJ:
Undated          TempTrak 8 Channel Display Monitor with Printer Drive Output
Undated          Hot Spot TC Welder brochure
Undated          Hot Spot Portable Thermocouple Welder
Undated          Hot Spot Price List
Undated          Sensing Temperature

Decker Corp., Bala-Cynwyd, PA:
1962    Decker 600 True Mass Flowmeter
Undated          Transmitting Data by Light Modulation

Del-Tron Precision, Inc., Bethel, CT: 1994, Precision Linear Motion

Densitron Corp., Camden, SC: 1990, New Push/Pull Solenoid Product Family

Denville Scientific Inc., South Plainfield, NJ: 
2013 Molecular Biology Products
2014 Denville Scientific Equipment

Detroit Coil Co.: Undated, A.C. Solenoids

Develco Inc., Mountain View, CA:
1971    Superconducting Instruments Prices
1972    Digital Magnetometer Electronic Console Model 8140
1972    Analog Magnetometer Electronic Console Model 8130
1972    RF Amplifier Model 8110
1972    Superconducting Magnetometer Probe Model 8210
1972    Superinsulated Fiberglass Cryostat Model 8320
1972    Aluminum and Fiberglass Cryostat Model 8330
1972    Superconducting Magnetic Shield Model 8340
1972    Josephson Junction Electronic Analog Model 8601
1972    Price List
Undated          Superconducting Magnetometer for Ultrasensitive Magnetic Measurements, Model 8103
Undated          Superconducting Magnetic Shields…  Model 8511, 8512, 8513, 8514
Undated          Application Note: Model 8401 Superconducting Gradiometer
Undated          Superconducting Magnetic Test . Models 8721, 8722, 8723, 8724

Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) [NICHD], University of Iowa: 1999, Product Catalogue

Diagnostica Stago, Inc.: 2000, Hemostasis Products: Reference Guide for the Coagulation Laboratory

Dixon Medical Products, Thornton, PA:  Undated, Price List

D-M-E Corp., Detroit, MI:  1962, DME News

Don-Lan Electronics, Inc., Santa Monica, CA:  undated, Miniature “Radial” Double Stub Tuner, Model S-200

Doric Scientific Corp.: Undated, Integrating Digital Microvoltmeter with Transducer Conditioning for Physical and Scientific Measurement

Dosimeter Corp. (DCA), Cincinnati, OH:  1991, Radiation Detection Instruments

Doughboy Industries, Inc. New Richmond, WI: 1950s, Cardiac Resuscitation Kit

Dow Corning Corp., Midland, MI:
1956    Silicone Lubricants Give Long-Life Service
1959    Optical Silicon for Infrared Detection
1959    Price Announcement: Silastic RTV 502 and 502 Catalyst
1959    Price Announcement: Silastic RTV 501 and 501 Catalyst A
1960    Price Announcement: Silastic RTV 521
1960    Price Announcement: Silastic RTV 503 and Catalyst 503
1960    Price Announcement: Silastic RTV 731
1960    Silastic RTV 731
1961    Greater Versatility in Design and Production
1961    Price Information Silastic RTVs
1961    Price Information Silastic RTV 731
1962    Price Information Silastic RTV 588
1962    Guide to Silastic RTV
1962    Viscosity-Temperature Data and Blending Chart for 200 and 210 Fluids
1962    Silicone Fluids
1962    302 Molding Compound
1962    Sylgard-182
1962    Sylgard 182 Resin
1964    For Fast, Effective Control of Foam
1965    A Selection Guide to Electronic Materials
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: Silastic 50
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: Silastic 52
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 80
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 82
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 8-164
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 132
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Fluorocilicone Adhesives 142
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 432 Base
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  433 Base
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  740 Base
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2000
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6538
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2229 Softener
1965    Information about Silastic RTV Silicone Rubber:  731
1965    Engineering with Silastic Silicone Rubber
1966    SCD Streaming Current Detector
1966    Guide to Prices
1966    Manufacturers of Parts Made from Silastic Silicone Rubber
1967    New Selection Guide for Silastic Silicone Rubber
1967    Fluid Resistance of Silastic Silicone Rubber
1967    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 35U 
1967    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  75U
1967    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  1125U
1967    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-422 Base
1967    Information about Electronic Materials: 630 Protective Coating 
1967    Information about Silicone Release Materials: 236 Dispersion 
1967    Information about Silicone Cosmetic Materials: F-157 Wax 
1967    Selection Guide to Lubricants
1968    3140 RTV Coating and 3145 RTV Adhesive/Sealant
1968    732 RTV Silicone Rubber
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-53U
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-63U
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-2311U
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-2249U
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  55U
1968    Fabricating with Silastic Rubber
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber
1968    Compounding with Silastic Gums and Bases
1968    Aerospace Materials: 93-072 RTV Silicone Rubber
1968    Information about Silastic RTV Adhesive/Sealant
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  152
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-420 Gum
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 430 Gum
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  445 Base
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  651
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  955U
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  6-127, 6-128
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6508
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  6526
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6535
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6587
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-9711
1968    Selection Guide to Molykote Solid Film Lubricants
1969    Selection Guide to Silastic RTV Silicone Rubbers
1969    732 RTV Adhesive/Sealant
1969    Silicone Adhesive/Sealants
1969    Silicone Release Agents Speed Production, Cut Costs in the Rubber Industry
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  675
1969    Electrical/Electronic Materials: 122, 123, 125 Silastic
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 745U, 746U, 747U, 748U 
1969    Information about Silicone Rubber: 133A-U Dispersion
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 241U
1969    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Adhesives
1969    Information about Fluorosilicone Primers
1969    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-2332U
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 434 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 435 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 436 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 437 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2067, S-2068 
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2096U, S-2097U
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2351U
1969    Selection Guide to Maintenance Lubricants
1970s   Know Your Silicone Products Summary Product Booklet
1970s   Dow Corning Electrical/Electronic Materials Line Card
1970    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: Guide to Silicone Rubber Specifications
1970    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 432 Base
1970    Information about Silicone Adhesives:  A-4000 Adhesive
1970    A-4000 Adhesive and Catalyst A-4000 Price Information
1970    Engineering with Silastic Silicone Rubber
1970s   Know Your Silicone Products Summary Product Booklet
1970s   Dow Corning Electrical/Electronic Materials Line Card
1970    Selection Guide to Electrical/Electronic Materials
1971     Information about Silicone Fluids
1971     Information about Silicone Adhesives:  A-4000 Adhesive
1972     Information about Silicone Rubber
1972     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 4600
1972     Priming Systems for Bonding Silastic 4600 to Metals and Fabrics 
1973     A Guide to Dow Corning Products
1973     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber
1974     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 4655
1974     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 4600, 4671, 4671 B & C
1974     Information about Electrical/Electronic Materials: Sylgard 182, 183, 184 and 185 Resins for Potting and Encapsulating
1975     Government Buyer’s Guide to Silicones
1976     Information about Silicone Fluids:  200 Fluid
1977     Information about Fluorosilicone Elastomers:  733 RTV Fluorosilicone Sealant
1977     New Product Information: Q7-2213 Silicone Dispersion
1977     New Product Information: Q7-2218 Silicone Gel System
1979     Information about Silastic Silicone Elastomers
1979     Q7-4290 Prosthetic Foam 
1980     Liquid Polymer System
1981     Information about Fluorosilicone Elastomers
1981    Silastic Medical-Grade Elastomers
1981    Silastic Q7-4840 A/B Medical Grade LSR
1981     Information about Fluorosilicone Elastomers
1982     Product Bulletin: Diacyl Peroxides 
1983    Silastic Silicone Rubber
1983    A Guide to Designing Molds for Silastic Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Information about HIgh Technology Silicone Materials Silastic 739 RTV Plastic Adhesive
1984    Information about HIgh Technology Silicone Materials Silastic HS RTV HIgh Strength Moldmaking Silicone Rubber
1984    SCS Guide to Silicone Rubber Specifications 
1984    Silastic 599 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 598 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 595 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 596 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 590 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 591 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984     Information about HIgh Technology Silicone Materials Silastic 739 RTV Plastic Adhesive
1984     Information about HIgh Technology Silicone Materials Silastic HS RTV HIgh Strength Moldmaking Silicone Rubber
1984     SCS Guide to Silicone Rubber Specifications
1987    Bio-PSA Q7-2920 Medical Grade Silicone Adhesive
1991     Information about High Technology Products:  T RTV
1992     New Product Information:  M RTV 
1993     New Product Information:  K RTV
Undated  Working with Silastic Silicone Rubber: 1620 Dispersion
Undated          Silicones for Medical Devices

Driver-Harris Co., Harrison, NJ: 1956, Glass-Sealing Alloys

D&R Plastic Welders, Inc., Hazardville, CT:  1959, Catalog

Drummond: Undated, Microcaps

Dukane Corp., St. Charles, IN:  
Undated     1600 Watt Solid State Heavy Duty Ultrasonic System Model 48A155
Undated     800 Watt Solid State Ultrasonic System Model 48A110
Undated     400 Watt Solid State Ultrasonic System Model 48A105
Undated     200 Watt, Ultrasonic System 48A42
Undated     800 Watt Solid State Ultrasonic System Model 48A120
Undated     A Faster Assembly

Duke Scientific Corp., Palo Alto, CA:
1979    Price List
1980    Bulletin 82 Research Microparticles
1980    Asbestos Reference Fibers Bulletin 33B
1980    High Purity Photochemical Standard Bulletin 39B
1980    Analytical Reference Particles Bulletin 81

Dumont Laboratories, Passaic, NJ:    (see also Fairchild)
1959    Multiplier Phototube Type K1578 Tentative
1960    Multiplier Phototube Type 7664
1960    Price List (January and August)
1960s   Multiplier Phototubes

Du Pont, Wilmington, DE:
1955    Teflon Tetrafluoroethylene Resin
1956    Mylar… A High-Strength Film (Product Engineering)
1956    Information Bulletin: Zytel 61 Soluble Nylon Resin
1958    Zytel Nylon Resin Molding Powders
1958    Delrin Acetal Resin
1959    Information Bulletin Teflon TFE-Fluorocarbon Resins Safety Precautions
1960s   Introducing “Delrin” AF Fiber/Resin for Bearing Applications
1966    New Design Concepts with Crofon Light Guides
1973    Hytrel Polyester Elastomers
1974    Conductive Silver Compositions Data Sheet C-9
1976    Nafion Perfluorosulfonic Acid Products
1978    Hytrel Polyester Elastomer: Design and Processing Features
1978    The Many Handiworks of Hytrel
1981    Nafion Perfluorinated Membranes Price List
1981    Price List Sorvall Omni-Mixer
Undated          Engineering Facts about Bearings of Teflon TFE-Fluorocarbon Fiber
Undated          Teflon TFE-Fluorocarbon Resins: How to Use
Undated          Need More Input: Get the Teflon Coatings Evaluator
Undated          Teflon from DuPont
Undated          Lucite SAR
Undated          Bulletin M-1J Mylar Polyester Film Summary of Properties
Undated          Bulletin M-1J Mylar Polyester Film Summary of Properties
Undated          Bulletin M-2D Mylar Polyester Film Physical-Thermal Properties
Undated          Bulletin M-2D Mylar Polyester Film Physical-Thermal Properties
Undated          Teflon XC Fluorocarbon Film
Undated          Teflon XC Fluorocarbon Film
Undated          Surlyn A Ionomer Resin

Du Pont Instruments/Sorvall
1982 Sorvall GLC-2B General Laboratory Centrifuge
1982 Sorvall Biomedical Products Catalog and Price List
Undated Centrifuges, Microtomes, and Laboratory Instruments
Undated Sorvall ® RC-5C and RC-5B Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuges

Duracell Inc., Bethel, CT:
1986    Duracell Primary Battery Systems
1986    Duracell Specification Summary
1986    Zinc/Air Battery Chemistry Delivers

Duramic Products Inc., Palisades Park, NJ: 
1985    Macor Corning Machinable Glass Ceramic
1985    Price List

Durrum Instrument Corp.:
1965 Gibson Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer Price List
1965 Gibson Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer
1970s Rapid Kinetics Spectrophotometer Systems Series D-100
1970s Temperature-Jump Instrumentation
1970s Stopped-Flow Instrumentation
1970s Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer
1970s Stopped-Flow Fluorescence and Light Scattering
1970s Multi-Mixing Systems Models D-132, D-133, D-134
1976 Durrum Flarefit Chromatography Fittings
1977 Durrum Rapid Kinetics Systems

Durst: Undated, Enlargers

Dynac Corp., Portland, ME:  
Undated  Model M-301 Automatic Particle Monitor
Undated  New Portable M-201B Automatic Particle Monito

Dynal Inc., Success, NY: 1995, Biomagnetic Separation Products

Dynamit Nobel Chemicals, Oberlar, Germany:
1979    Trogamid T: A Versatile Material for the Most Up-to-date Technology
Undated          Ad: If…Trogamid T Clear Nylon
Undated          Ad: Trogamid T: The Transparent Polyamide for Industrial Application

Dynex Technologies, Inc., Chantilly, VA: Undated, Catalog 5: The Leading Light in Microtiter ® Technology

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Ealing Corp., Cambridge, MA:   undated, Spectroscopes, Spectrometers, Spectral Sources

Eastman Kodak:
1945 Materials for Spectrum Analysis 
1954    Prices Kodak Photographic Materials and Light Filters
1955    Half-Second Butyrate
1959    Organic Chemical Bulletin: Vol. 31, No. 2: Chemical Applications of NMR Spectroscopy
1959    8m Automatic Brownie Movie & Cine Cameras
1960    Iodak Ektron Detectors for the Infrared
1960s   Infrared Interference Filters
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-100
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-200
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-201
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-301
1961    Data Sheet: Irtran-1 Infrared Optical Material
1961    Price List Irtran-1 and Irtran-2
1961    Data Sheet: Irtran-2 Infrared Optical Material
1961    Data Sheet: Irtran-2 Lenses Price List
1961    Kodak Far Infrared Filters
1965    Kodak Materials for Pictorial Holograms
1969    Black-and-White Films in Rolls
1969    Kodak Color Dataguide: Exposing, Printing, Processing 
1973    Liquid Crystal Products
1973    Holographic Plate Type 120-02 & Holographic Film (ESTAR Base) S)-173
1973    Kodak Plates and Films for Scientific Photography
1974    Kodak Materials for Holography
1974    Prices for Kodak Products Useful in Holographic Applications
1975    Liquid Crystal Products
1976    Directory of Products & Services for Health Sciences HS-1
1979    Photographic Products
1983    Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1985    GSA Federal Supply Service
1985    Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1986   Black-and-White Papers, Films, and Chemicals
1987    Scientific Imaging Products
1990    Laboratory Chemicals
1992    Optical Products
1994/5   Biological Research and Imaging Products
Undated          Kodak Optical Cements
Undated          Kodak Reports On…

Eclipse Air Brush Co., Newark, NJ:  Undated, G-6 Gun

Eclipse-Pioneer, Teterboro NJ: 1947, Pick-Up Tube

Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier Inc. (EG&G)
1961    Price List
1961    Ceramic-Metal Hydrogen Thyratron 7322/1802
1961    Triggered Spark Gaps
1964    Triggered Spark Gaps
1964    Ceramic-Metal Thyratrons & Diodes
1964    Mark VI Mark VII Xenon Sensitometers
1965    SGD-444 Series Silicon Photodiodes Diffused Guard Ring Construction
1965    Application Notes SD-100 Photodiode
1965    SGD-444 Series Silicon Photodiodes Diffused Guard Ring Construction
1965    Linear Xenon Flashtubes
1970    Model 595 Standard of Spectral Irradiance 1000 Watt Quartz Halogen Lamp
1983    Product Summary Solid State Image Sensors
Undated          Data Sheet 1000: Xenon Flashtubes
Undated          Data Sheet FX-6A: Xenon Flash Tuber Model FX-6A
Undated          High Efficiency Xenon Flash Tubes
Undated          Xenon Flashtube FX-6A
Undated          Xenon Flashtubes
Undated          Supplement Xenon Flashtubes
Undated          Ceramic-Metal Hydrogen Thyratrons 7322/1802, 7620/HY-1, 7621/HY-2
Undated          Ceramic-Metal Hydogren Diodes HR-1, HR-2, HR-3
Undated          Ceramic-Metal Hydrogen Thyratron 7621/HY-2
Undated          Glass-Metal Triggered Spark Gap GP-11
Undated          Ceramic-Metal Triggered Spark Gap GP-12
Undated          Ceramic-Metal Triggered Spark Gap GP-14
Undated          Ceramic-Metal Hydrogen Thyratron 7620/HY-1
Undated          Type 2307 Double Flash Light Source
Undated          Type 501 High Speed Stroboscope
Undated          Flash Illuminator
Undated          Microflash Electronic Flash Unit
Undated          Mark VI Sensitometer: Best Approach…
Undated          Mark VI Sensitometer: New Approach…
Undated          Laser Stimulator System
Undated          Rapatronic Camera Type 2208/ Teletronic Attachment Type 2214
Undated          Underwater Photo Equipments
Undated          Sonar Pinger
Undated          Surface Sonar Thumper 230
Undated          Radiation Research Dosimeter & Data Reduction Service
Undated          Screamer Personnel Radiation Does Rate Monitor Prototype
Undated          Milli-Mike Traveling Wave Oscilloscope 707|
Undated          Milli-Mike Pulse Generator 751
Undated          TR-35 Pulse Transformer
Undated          Transformer and Power Supplies
Undated          SD-100 Photodiode Fast Response Light Detector Operating in the Visible and Near Infrared Regions
Undated          Model 502 Multiple Microflash

Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ:  
2003    Optics and Instruments Catalog
2009    Optics and Instruments Catalog

Edmund Scientific, Barrington, NJ: 
1994 Optics, Science, and Education
Undated           Diffraction Grating Replica
Undated          Plastic Fiber Optics Light Guides Kit

EDP: 1983, Catalog

EG&G ORTEC, Oak Ridge, TN: 
1982 Instruments for Research and Applied Sciences: Modular Electronics, Solid-State Radiation Detectors, Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems
1998 Price List

EG&G WALLAC, Finland: 1998, Easy Counters

E.H. Sargent & Co.: 
Undated          The Sargent Polarograph Model XXI
Undated          Polarograph Model III
Undated          Polarograph Acessories
Undated          Sargent-Slomin Electrolytic Analyzer
Undated          Sargent Model V Chemical Oscillometer
Undated          Mettler Balances

E.I. du Pont de Nemous & Co. (see DuPont)

Eldex Laboratories Inc.:
1979    Universal Fraction Collector
1979    Preparative Fraction Collector
1980    Column Heaters
1982    Price List
1983    High Pressure Metering Pumps
1983    Microprocessor-Based Gradient & Systems Programmer
1983    Selector Valve
Undated           Press Release for Pump Monitor

Eldorado Electronics Co., Berkeley, CA:
1959    Universal Photomultiplier Photometer Model ph-200
Undated          Differential Photometer Model 210

Electrical Instrument Service, Inc., Mount Vernon, NY:
1975    Magnetic Testing Instruments Prices
1975    Magnetic Testing Instruments Catalog Section 8

Electrix Industries, Lombard, IL: 1979, Brittle Coating

Electro-Diagnostic Instruments (EDI), Burbank, CA:
1958    The Plethysmographic Peripheral Vascular Study
1973    Pneumo-Plethysmographic Instrumentation
1973    Detection and Simulation of Peripheral Occlusive Disease-J.K. Raines and R.C. Darling
1973    Segmental Plethysmograph SSP-1
1973    Dual Channel Pneumo Plethysmograph DPP-2
1973    Partial List of References for Pneumo-Plethysmography

Electro-Mechanical Research, Inc. (EMR), Princeton, NJ:
Undated          Photo-Electro-Optical Products
Undated          Technical Note: Spectral Response of Photocathodes

Electron Microscopy Sciences: 1998, Catalog XIII

Electronic Heating Equipment, Troy, NY: 1965, Catalog

Electronics for Life Sciences, Inc. (ELS), Rockville, MD:
1971    Stimulator/Differential Amplifier (ELS SA-1)
1971     Instrument Price List
1971     Amplifier (ELS A-4)
1971     Amplifier (ELS A-3)
1971     Amplifier (ELS A-2)
1971     Physiological Amplifiers
1972     Amplifier (ELS A-5) A Solid State Negative Capacitance Amplifier
1972     Differential Amplifier (ELS DA-1)
1972     Pulse Amplifier (ELS PA-2)
1973     Nanoamp Stimulator (ELS CS-3)
1974     Constant Current Stimulator (ELS CS-1)
1974     Bak Standard Wide Band Electrometer 
1974     Instrument Price List
Undated     BAK Standard Wide Band Electrometer (ELS A-1)

Electronic Wholesalers, Inc., Washington, DC: 
Undated          Twist-Prong Base Capacitors/Cross Reference Capacitor Size
Undated          Sigma-OED Photoconductive Cells

Electro-Nucleonics, Inc., Fairfield, NJ: 1974, CPG-10 Controlled-Pore Glass

Electro-Optical Instruments, Inc., Monrovia, CA:
1960    Price List
1960    Model TG-100 Pulse Generator
1962    Kerr Cell Instrumentation Pulse Forming Networks
1978    Fluorescence Spectrometry with Optoelectronic Image Detectors
Undated          Model KSC-51 Kerr Cell Camera
Undated          Pulse Modulated Light Sources STU-92   LMS-90/B

Electro Optics Associates, Palo Alto, CA:
1965    Note on Cooled PM Operation
Undated          PM-101 Cooled Photomultiplier Assembly
Undated          PM-102 Coolable Photomultiplier Assembly

Electro-Pulse Inc., Culver City, CA:
1960    Price List
Undated          Pulse Generating & Electronic Counting Instrumentation
Undated          3450C/Y Pulse Generator

Elion Instruments, Inc., Bristol, PA: 1960, Basic Introduction to Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption

Elkay, Shrewsbury, MA: 
1981    Duo-Star pH Electrodes
Undated    Acid Flexible Manifold Pump Tubing

Elmeco Engineering Inc., Rockville, MD:  2014 Leaflet

EMD Biosciences, Madison, WI: 
2004    Novagen® Innovations
2004    Novagen & Calbiochem Sample Preparation: Tools for Protein Research
2012    Western Blotting Tools
2012    Protein Blotting Handbook
2014    Technical Resource and Product Guide: Essential Biochemicals for Research
2014    Sample Preparation Product Guide

EMD Millipore, Billerica, MA:
2012    Western Blotting Tools
2012    Protein Blotting Handbook
2014    Technical Resource and Product Guide: Essential Biochemicals for Research
2014    Sample Preparation Product Guide
2015    Guava easyCyte Sytems: Expanding the potential of Flow Cytometry

Emerald Diagnostics, Inc., Eugene, OR:
1990s OEM Services for the Diagnostics Industry
1990s  Fluorescent Latex Microspheres for Research and Diagnostics Applications
1990s  Mission Statement
1997    Emerald Diagnostics Inc. The Short Story
1998    Emerald Diagnostics: Specializing in Fine Particle and Diagnostics Technology

Emerson Apparatus Co., Melrose, MA:  1961, Ross Rubber Flexing Machine

Emerson & Cuming, Inc., Canton, MA:  1967, Eccocoat Coating, Resins, Epoxies and Others

EMI, Los Angeles, CA:
1974    Price List Photomultipliers, Photodiodes, and Accessories
Undated          Photomultiplier Tube Catalog T-1
Undated          Index of Preferred EMI Photomultiplier Types
Undated          9-Stage Side Window Photomultiplier Tubes

Emil Greiner Co.: 1958, Catalog 12th edition

EM Laboratories:
1972    Licristal: Liquid Crystals
1972    Licristal Liquid Crystals
1972    Licristal Nematic Phases
1972    Licristal Current Information: Nematic Phase 5 & 5A
1972    Licristal Current Information: Nematic Phase 5A & 6
1972    Performance of Nematic Phase 5, 5A and 6 in Liquid Crystal Displays
1972    Catalog No. 3811:  1-Test Cholinesterase
1972    Catalog No. 3841: 1-Test GOT (Optimized UV Test)
1972    Catalog No. 3842: 1-Test GPT (UV Test)
1972    Catalog No. 3843: 1-Test HBDH (Optimized UV Test)
1972    Catalog No. 3844: 1-Test LDH (Optimized UV Test)
1972    Catalog No. 3849: 1-Test Alkaline Phosphatase
1972    Catalog No. 3851: 1-Test Leucine Arylamidase
1972    Catalog No. 11050: Lipase
1972    Prices
1970s   Patinal
1970s   Ad: Electro-Optical Report
1970s   Classified Listings of Chemicals for Electro-optics
1970s   Licristal Liquid Crystals Brochure
1970s   Licristal Blends for Rainbow Color Effects
1970s   Licristal Price List
1981    Introducing Fractogel TSK: Unique Packing Material for High Performance Gel Filtration
1991    Tentacle Type Ion Exchange Bioseparation Media
Undated          Fractogel TSK
undated           410
undated           Uvasols Solvents for UV, IR, NMR Spectroscopy
undated           ColorpHast Store
Undated          Properties of Nematic Phase 9A Licristal

Energy & Minerals Research Co.: Undated, Ultraknife Ultrasonic Cutting Tools

Engelhard Industries Inc.,: Hillside, NJ:
1960    Gold for Industry and the Arts: Chemical Division
1961    Precious Metal Catalysts
1968    Bi-Distillation Apparatus
Undated          Flexible Silver Coatings
Undated          Data Sheet: Silver and Gold Films for Corning “Macor” Machinable Glass-Ceramic

EngineersExpress Inc., Medway, MA: Undated, Laboratory Bubble Tubing: Polyvinyl Chloride

Engis Corp., Morton Grove, IL: 1980, Hyprez Diamond Compounds

Entran Devices, Inc.:
1998    Sensors and Electronics
Undated    A Brief Catalog of Entran Products for Acceleration, Force, Pressure
Undated    Pressure Meter EMP 40/45
Undated    EPX Series Miniature Threaded Pressure Transducers

Environmental Sciences Assc.:
1983    Coulochem Electrochemical Detector for HPLC
1983    Coulochem, Dual Electrode Electrochemical Detector for HPLC 
1984    Ion Chem, Ion Chromatography System
1984    Organic Acids/Beer
1984    Water Hardness
1984    Drinking Water
1984    Linearity-Anions
1984    Linearity-Cations
1984    Reproducibility
1984    Versatility
1984    Cations in Beer
1984    Monovalent Cations
1984    Halides
1984    Ions in Rain Water
1984    IonChem Ion Chromatography System
Undated     Info Sheet

Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany: 
2005    Products and Applications for the Laboratory
2012    Products and Applications for the Laboratory
2012    Endless Possibilities Microcentrifuges
2013    Fermentors and Bioreactors
2014    #canyourepeatthat
2014    Natural Winners
2014    Count on it! Eppendorf Repeater M4 and Combitips
Undated    epMotion® Liquid Handling Workstation

Ernst Leitz
1931    “Ultropak” Micro-Equipment
1934    Ring Illuminator for Bright and Dark Field
1954    Monocular and Binocular Microscopes
1960    Phase Contrast Equipment with the Heine Condenser
1962    Large Research Microscope Ortholux
1962    Ortholux
1969    Leitz Laboratory and Research Microscope Labolux-D
1969    Orthoplan Universal Large-field Microscope
1972    Diavert Inverted Transmitted-light Microscope
1972    Epivert Inverted Incident-light Microscope
1972    Price List for Orthoplan Microscope and Accessories
1972    Ortholux II Large Microscope
1972    Price List for Diavert Microscope and Accessories
1972    Price List for Ortholux II Microscope and Accessories
1972    Interference Systems
1972    The Leitz System Camera: A Universal Camera System for Photomicrography
1975    Price List for Ortholux II Microscope and Accessories
2011    Orthoplan and Ortholux II Research Microscope
Undated    Orthoplans

Etrema Products, Inc., Ames, IA:
1994    Etrema Terfenol-D Magnetostriction
1994    Terfenol-D Magnetostrictive Actuators
1994    Clean Room Speaker
1994    Magnetostrictive Micropositioners
1994    Active Vibration and Noise Control
1994    High Power Vibrators and Sonic Transducers

Experiment Inc., Richmond, VA:
1950    Mechanical Heart Diaphragm Type Drawing
1951    Heart Pump Drive – Duplex Drawing

EZBiolab, Carmel, IN:
2014  Peptide Synthesis Antibody Development Protein Expression and Purification
2014  EZgel Systems
2014  Instant-Band

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Fairchild, Clifton, NJ:    (see also DuMont)
1964    Photomultiplier Tube Type KM2433
1965    Photomultiplier Tube Type KM2485
Undated          Multiplier Phototubes
Undated          Photomultiplier Tube Type KM2328

Fansteel Metallurgical Corp., North Chicago, IL:
1960    Refractory Metal Warehouse List of Standard Stock Items
1960    Triggered Spark Gap Utilizes Refractory Metals

Farnsworth Electronics Co., Fort Wayne, IN:
1956    16PMI Photomultiplier Tube Type 6836
Undated          Infrared Viewer Model 105

Farrand Optical Co. (FOCI), Inc. Mount Vernon, NY:
1947    A New Instrument for Research: Ultra-Violet Monochromator
1953    Monochromators: Ultraviolet, Visible Region
1954    Ultraviolet Monochromatic Illuminator
1970    Prices
Undated          Grating Monochromators
Undated          Grating Monochromators: Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared
Undated          Interference Filters

Federal Scientific Co., Silver Spring, MD:
1958    Absorption Cells
1958    Absorption Cell Catalog and Price List

Fenwal Electronics Inc., Framingham, MA:
1956    Industrial Thermistor Applications
1959    Thermistor Data Chart
1971    Product Data Sheet: ISO-Curve Standard Glass Probe Thermistors
1971    Product Data Sheet: ISO-Curve Large Bead Thermistors
1971    Product Data Sheet: ISO-Curve Mini-Probe Thermistors
1971    Product Data Sheet: Oceanographic ISO-Curve Thermistors
1971    Oceanographic ISO-Curve Sub-Mini-Probe Thermistors
1970s   Thermistor Catalog Short Form
1970s   Thermistors Their Characteristics and Uses
1970s   Thermistor Application Data Requirements Guide
1970s   ISO-Curve Thermistors
Undated          Blood Component Therapy
Undated          Interchangeable Thermistor Probes

Fenwal Inc., Asland, MA:  1977, Temperature Controls

Ferrofluidics Corp., Burlington, MA:
1970s   Ferrofluid Evaluation Kit
1970    Ferrometic Rotary Feedthrough ¼” Shaft Series
1970    Liquid Magnetic Seal Ensures Airtight Shaft Feed-through, Product Engineering, March
1972    Ferrometic Rotary Seal for Microwave Service Cartridge MW-850
1972    Ferrometic Rotary Feedthrough SB-500 Series
1972    Magnetic Fluids in a Number of Variations
1972    Ferrometic Rotary Shaft Seals in Various Applications
1972    Ferrometic Rotary Feedthrough SB-500
1972    Prices
1972    Prices
1973    Magnetic Fluids Evaluation Kit K-31
1974    Rotary Seals Catalog Handbook
1974    Catalog: Designing with Magnetic Fluids
1984    Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs
1990    Corporate Historical and Background Information
1990    Dr. Ronald E. Rosensweig Research Grant
Undated          Enhancing Loudspeaker Performance with Ferrofluids
Undated          Ad: The Perfect Seal

Ferroxcube Corp. of America, Saugerties, NY:
1959    Magnet-ostrictive Materials Price List
1959    7A Material Data
1977    Consider Piezoelectric Ceramics

FiberLite Inc., Santa Clara, CA: 
2002   FiberLite High Speed – Super Speed Product Catalog
Undated    FiberFuge 3K
Undated    Did you know….?
Undated    Want larger volume?
Undated    Accessories for 4000 mL and 6000 mL Carbon Fiber Rotors
Undated    Universal Table Top Centrifuge with a Carbon Fiber Rotor
Undated    Special Carbon Fiber Tissue Culture Rotors…
Undated    Largest Capacity Composite Rotor…
Undated    FiberLite Centrifuge Rotors use Millipore Co. Ultrafiltration Devices
Undated    FiberFuge 3K plus

Field Emission Corp., McMinnville, OR:  1961, New Modular Flash X-Ray Systems, Fexitron Model 730 Series

Fine Science Tools, Foster City, CA: 
2002    Catalog 15 Surgical Instruments for Research
2017    Fine Surgical Instruments for Research

Fischer (Frank Frungel), Hamburg, Germany: undated, Fischer Nanolite: Nanosecond Light Source

Fischer & Porter Co., Hatboro, PA:
1956    Glass Pip & Fittings
1957    Precision-Bore Glass Products in Quartz, Vycor, and Glass
1957    F&P Accurette Precision Burettes

Fisher Scientific and Eimer & Amend: 1942, Catalog 90

Fisher Scientific Co., Pittsburgh, PA:
1952    Catalog 111
1952    Quantitative Analysis with the Spectranal
1953    Todd Spectranal Models C & D
1953    Qualitative Analysis with the Spectranal
1956    Fisher-Todd Spectranal
1958    Catalog 59 
1959    Duo-Spectranal
1964    Catalog 65
1966    Evans Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 
1966    Atomic Absorption Standards 
1968    Laboratory Diluters 
1968    Fisher Brand Pipets
1969    Med-Lab Reporter Vol. 9, No. 12
1970    Cahn Recording Electrobalance Model RG or RH 
1970    Catalog 70
1987    Catalog 88
1990    Catalog
1995    The Fisher Chemical Catalog 
1999    Biotrack
2000    Catalog 
2003    Biotrack
2003    PCR Catalog
2004    Biotrack
2002/2003    Catalog
2011/2012    Catalog
2014/2016    Catalog

Fisher Scientific/Thermo Scientific:
2012    Thermo Scientific PikoReal Real-Time PCR System
2012    Advance PCR Enzymes
2013    Marketplace
2013    Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring Solution

Fish-Schurman Corp. (FS), New Rochelle, NY:
1955    Filter 6143 Wavelength
1955    FS Multi-Layer Interference Films High Efficiency Type
1958    XUR-96 Infra-Red Deflector Wavelength
1958    Schott Interference Band Filters
1959    IRT-211 Wavelength
1959    List of Products
1961    Schott Narrow Band Interference Filters Price List
1962    FS Multi-Layer Interference Films High Efficiency Type
1962    List of Products
1963    Jena Glass Absorption Type Colored Optical Glass Filters
1963    Monochromatic Interference Filters
1963    Monochromatic Interference Filters for the 310 to 389 mu Ultraviolet Spectral Region
1963    Schott Interference Band Filters of the Infrared Spectral 1000-2000 mu
1963    Schott Narrow Band Interference Filters Price List
1966    Schott Glass Filters Absorption Type Colored Optical Glass
1968    Neutral Density Solid Glass Filters
1969    FS Electrical Conductive Coating High Efficiency
1969    Transparent Conductive Electrodes for Q Switching or Modulators
1970    Spectral Optical Filters

Fisk Associates, Inc., Boston, MA: 1953, Precision Cryoscopy and Osmometer

Fluid Automation, Inc, Detroit, MI:  undated,  Meter-Mix Machines for Liquid Silicone Rubber

Fluidigm, San Francisco, CA: 
2011     BioMark HD System
2012     Single-Cell Auto Prep System
2012     C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System
2012     Genotyping
2014     CyTOF 2 Mass Cytometry System

Fluid Metering Inc., Oyster Bay, NY:
1974    FMI Lab Pump
1980    FMI Lab Pump Line
1980    Catalog
Undated          Ready for Tougher Lab Problems? You are with an FMI Lab Pump
Undated          FMI Lab Pump Special Purpose Versions
Undated          FMI Newsletter: Non Laboratory Pumps?

Fluidynamics, Inc., Monrovia, CA: 1960, Centrifugal Flow Element

Fluorocarbon Mechanical Seal Division, Los Alamitos, CA:  Undated, High-Performance Seals

Forma Scientific, Marietta, OH:
Undated    Laboratory Incubators & Anaerobic Systems
Undated    Ultra-low Temperature Freezers
Undated    Ultra-low Temperature Freezers (later date)

ForteBio Corp., Menlo Park, CA:  2011 Blitz System

Franklin GNO Corp., West Palm Beach FL:
1970    ALPHA/II Plasma Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer
1972    BETA/VII Plasma Chromatograph

Fred S. Carver Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI:  Undated, Hydraulic Laboratory Presses

Frequency Devices, Inc.:
1977   Active Filter Products
1978   Resistive Tuneable Lowpass Active Filters 730/740 Series

Friedrich & Dimmock, Inc. (F&D), Millville, NJ:
Undated          Glass Tubing and Rod: Precision Drawn
Undated          Glass Capillary Tubes

FujiFilm VisualSonics: 2019, Seeing More Matters in Scientific Research: Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation

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Gaertner Scientific Corp., Chicago, IL:
1946    L251-64 Intermediate Two-Lens Quartz Spectrograph
1948    Measuring Microscopes for Laboratory and Shop
1948    Universal Laboratory Supports
1948    Michelson Interferometers
1948    Michelson Interferometers (temporary)
1950    Michelson Interferometer Attachment for a Micrometer Slide M305
1950    L254 Large Two-Lens Quartz Spectrograph
1950    General Index to Gaertner Literature
1950    Precision Optical Bench Assembly
1951    Optical Benches and Accessories
1951    Divided Circle Spectrometers and Accessories
1951    Adjustable Slits
1951    Wavelength Spectrometers and Monochromators
1951    Small Quartz-Spectrograph
1972    Measuring Microscopes for Laboratory and Shop
1972    Coordinate Positioning Stage
1972    Coordinate Stage Measuring Microscope with Projection Attachment
1972    Price list
1974    General Index: Optical Instruments
1975    Production Ellipsometer L117

Gagne Associates, Inc., Binghamton, NY:
1972    Price List: “Sensiflex” Fluidic Devices
1970s  Two Hane, Non-Tie-Down Circuit (All Air)
1970s  “Sensiflex” Applications
1970s  “Fluidic Eye” Method Proximity Detection
1970s  Pressure Measurement
1970s  “Sensiflex” Fluidic Switches
1970s  Line Pressure Switches
1970s  “Sensiflex” Supply Input Parts
1970s  “Sensiflex” All-Air Fluidic Amplifier Valves
1970s  “Sensiflex” All-Air Fluidic Amplifier Valves—miniature
1970s  “Sensiflex” Accessories
1970s  Logic Devices
1970s  Mounting Rack & Manifold
1970s  Deltech Filter—Model SFL20
1970s  Fluidic Study Kit
1970s  “Sensiflex” Fluidic Counter
1970s  Air Filter Pressure Switch

Galatic Industries Corp., Salem, NH: 1990s, GRAMS

Galileo Electro-Optics Corp., Sturbridge, MA:
1976    Detection in the Vacuum Ultraviolet
1979    Channel Electron Multipliers
1979    Microchannel Plate Detectors
1980    Bibliography of Detection Efficiency of CEMS, CEMAs, MEMs, and others
1980    Data Sheet: Channeltron Electron Multiplier Arrays & Microchannel Plates
1980    Data Sheet: Continuous Dynode Electron Multipliers Channeltrons
1982    Channeltron Detectors for Magnetic Sector…
1983    News From Galileo About Development of Products for the Future

Gardner Instruments, Bethesda, MD:  1964, Instruments for Measuring Physical Test Bulletin

G-Biosciences, St. Louis, MO: 2007, bio-NEXT, Vol. 9

GCA/McPherson Instrument, Acton, MA:
1970s   Model 2015 One-Meter Scanning Monochromator
Undated          Model 216.5 Monochromator, Spectrograph, Polychromator

Ge. Fe. Ri., Italy: Undated, Diamond Knives for Electron Microscopy

Gelman Instrument Co.: 1976, Gelman Membrane Filtration Products

Gelman Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI: 1991, The Filter Book

Genalyte Inc., San Diego, CA:  2013, Maverick Detection System/Universal Multiplex Assay Platform

General Activation Analysis, Inc.: 1982, Catalog

General Diagnostics: 1972, Compu-Pet 100

General Electric (GE), PIttsfield, MA:
1948    Cast Glass Bushings
1954    Flashtubes
1958    Dumet
1958    Lamp Leads and Bases Dept.: Customer Requirements
1959    9RV3A50 Series Thyrite Varistor Assemblies
1965    Fused Quartz Fiber Products
1967    Index of All Lamps
1968    High Intensity Discharge Lamps
1968    Polycrystalline Ceramics Lucalox, Lucalox-HS, Lucalox-GW
1968    Lucalox Ceramic Price List
1968    Tungsten Wire
1969    Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet Product Data
1970    Lamp type SSl-15, SSL-315, SSL-25 Infrared solid State Application, etc.
1970    Photon Coupler Type PC4-73
1970    Silicones: Fluids
1970s   Fused Quartz Fiber Products
1970s   Lexan Polycarbonate Resin
1971    Fused Quartz Catalog
1971    Fused Quartz Type 124, 125
1974    Glow Lamps Indicator and Circuit Components
1975    Sealed Beam Lamps
1975    Miniature Lamps: Incandescent and Fluorescent
1976    Sub-Miniature Lamps
1983    Tungsten Wire
1984    Metallizing Products
1985    QE-300 Automated, Analytical NMR Spectrometer System
1992    Properties Guide GE Engineering Thermoplastics
2006    Build Your Own FPLC Purification System
2008    NanoVue Spectrophotometer
Undated          Lexan Resin Design Tips (newsletters in binder)
Undated          Quartzline: The Original Tungsten-Halogen Lamp
Undated          Imagineering Handbook for Inventive Men
Undated          Tungsten, Molybdenum, Phosphors
Undated          General Electric X-Ray Microscope
Undated          Type 151 Fused Silica Schlieren Grade Optical Products
Undated          Miniature Lamp Bulletin: NE-2, NE-2A, NE-2B, NE-2E
Undated          Glow Lamps with Attached Resistors
Undated          Miniature Quartzline Incandescent Lamps
Undated          Electroluminescent Lamps
Undated          Technical Data Book S-25: Silicone Insulating Varnishes
Undated          PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide) & Noryl (Thermoplstic Resin) for Water Distribution
Undated          RTV Cartridge-Pack
Undated          Silicone Rubber RTV Compounds for MIL-S-23586 S-3C-1A
Undated          RTV Silicone Rubber
Undated          RTV Silicone Rubber Technical Data Book S-3A
Undated          RTV Silicone Rubber for Plastics Casting & Thermoforming, S-29A
Undated          Flame Resistant RTV Silicone Rubber Foam S-3C-3
Undated          Supplementary Data: RTV-340 Low Modulus RTV, S-3C-4
Undated          Supplementary Data: RTV-630, 632, 634 Ultra High Strength, S-3C-5
Undated          Supplementary Data: RTV-7 Silicone Rubber Foam S-3C-2

General Magnetic Corp., Detroit, MI:  undated, Catalog

General Radio Co.
1946    Catalog K
1953    Stroboscopes
1968    Catalog T (February)
Undated          New White-Light Strobotac
Undated          Photo-Elastic Stress Analysis: Type 1534-A Polariscope

General Transistor Corp., New York, NY: undated, PNP Phototransistors 2N469A, 2N1392, 2N1393, 2N1394

General Valve Corp.: early 1990s, Solenoid Valves

Genesse Scientific,: San Diego, CA: 
2013    Brochure Fall Edition
2013    Products Available through NIH Stockroom
2014    Spring/Summer Brochure

Genesys Systems, Inc. Mountain View, CA:  1968, Microwave Processing Equipment: A Modular Approach, John E. Gerling, Food Technology, Vol. 22, 106

GenScript:  2018, Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development

Genzyme Diagnostics, Cambridge, MA: 1995, Cytokine Research Products

George & Becker, London: undated, NIVOC Modern Spectrometer

George Ulanet Co., Newark, NJ: undated, Bulletin 100: The Smallest Hermetically Sealed Surface-Sensing Miniature Thermostat, Model 28

George W. Gates & Co., Inc., Franklin Square, NY: undated, Concentrate Arc Lamps Price List

Getty Machine and Mold Inc., Clifton, NJ:  1962, Piercing Tool, Molds, Slug Cut-off Machine, ASTM Test for compression

Gigahertz-Optik, Amesbury, MA: 2019, Not Just Another Spectrometer: BTS2048 Series UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer

Gilbert Boy Engineering: 1920s, Catalog

Gilford Instrument Laboratories Inc., Oberlin, OH.:
1968       Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer 300-N, Data Lister 4006, and Rapid Sampler 2443
1969       Automatic Recording Photometer 2000
1969       Spectrophotometer 240
1969       Spectrophotometer 2400
1969       Price List
1974       Model 230 Spectrophotometer
1974       Model 2520 20 Centimeter Gel Scanner
1974       Model 2527 Thermo-Programmer
1974       Model 2580 Density Gradient Analyzer
1974       Model 203 Flow Through Cuvettes
1974       Model 410 Digital Absorbance/Concentration Meter
1974       Model 2410-S Linear Transport
1974       Model 2414 Vertical Indexing Film Adapter
1974       Model 2445 Spectro-Stir
1974       Model 531 Sample Programmer
1974       Model 533-1 Sample Programmer
1974       Model 2535 Reference Compensator
1974       Model 3017-T Thermo-Cuvette
1974       Model 4009 Data Lister
1974       Model 4014 Enzyme Concentration Calculator
1974       Model 6050 Recorder
1974       Flo-Kleen
1974       “Thermal Analysis of Biological Macromolecules in UV-VIS Spectrophotometers,” Stephen Douglass, American Laboratory
1975       Stasar I
1975       Stasar II
1975       Stasar III
1975       Gilford 250 Spectrophotometer
1975       Gilford Model 2400-2 Automatic Recording Spectrophotometer
1975       Model 2443-A Rapid Sampler
1975       Model 2450, 2451 Cuvette Positioners
1975       Gilford Spectrophotometers, Accessories, Systems
1975       Gilford Supplies and Disposables
1975       Progressive Automation 3400 Series
1975       The All-Purpose Micro-Chemistry Analyzer
1975       Cardiac Output System Model 140
1975       Model 6060 Automatic Dispenser
1975       Model 6065 Automatic Pipettor/Diluter
1975       Gilford Analyzer System Syva/EMIT Immunoassay
1975       Gilford Vptm System for Veterinary Methodologies
1975       Model 532-1 Sample Programmer
1975       Models 2470, 2470-A, 2475, 2475-A Five and Ten Centimeter Cuvette Compartments
1975       p/n 1365 Round Cuvette Holder
1975       Model 2428 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Cell
1975       Model 2220 Adapter
1975       Models 2530, 2535 Wavelength Scanner Reference Compensator
1975       “Standardization of Temperature, Absorbancy, and Wavelength Measurements in UV-VIS Spectrophotometry,” Stephen A. Douglass and Robert J. Emary
1978       Series 252 “New Life” Spectrophotometer Modernization Systems
1978       The Rapid Sampler
1978       Thermal Printer Model 4019
Undated  Selecting a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Undated  Model 222 Spectrophotometer Update System

Gilson Medical Electronics (GME), Middleton, WI:
1960s   Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters
1962    Price List for Ultraviolet Absorption Meter
1971    See the Gilson
2017    Pipette Selection Guide
2021    Product Guide

Gilway Technical Lamp, Woburn, MA:  1983, Catalog 157: Silver Anniversary Edition

Glasrock Plastics: Undated, Filter Sampler Blood Serum Filters

Glasrock Products Inc, Fairburn, GA: undated, Porex Porous Plastics

G-L Industries, Inc., Wilmington, DE:
1969    Homalite Price List
1970    Homalite 911, 100, 101, 141, 345
1970    Homalite 768
1970    Homalite RFI Windows
1970    Homalite 911 Plastic Optical Wedge

Global Laboratory Solutions:  2014 Vidrix Laboratory Glassware

Goodfellow Metals, Cambridge, England: undated, Foils, Wires, Powders, Tubes for Research and Development

Gould Inc., Cleveland, OH:  1971, GSA Price List

Gould Inc., Eagan, MN: 1979, Activair: Primary Zinc-Air Batteries Guide for Designers

Gow-Mac Instrument Co., Madison, NJ:
1956    Special Power Supply and Bridge Control
1957    Thermal Conductivity Cell Model TR-II-B
1959    Thermal Conductivity Meters: The Katharometer and Katapherometer
1959    Thermal Conductivity Cells
1959    Type 9225 Resistance Filaments
1959    Series 9999 DC Power Supplies
1959    Gas Master
1965    Detectors
1965    Less Detector Down-time
Undated          Chromatography Detectors and Katharometers
Undated          Matched-Pair Detector Elements

Graco, Minneapolis, MN: 1985, Finishing: Cartridge Power: Self-generating 75kv Electrostatic Spray Guns

Grass Instruments, Quincy, MA:  
1963 Model 5 Polygraph
1971 Polygraphs, Physiological Instruments

Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc., Nashua, NH:
1975  30 Ton Laboratory Press
Undated   Hydraulic Presses Handy Book

GTE Metal Laminates Division: 1987, Chace Termostatic Metals

Guildline Instruments, Inc., Larchmont, NY: undated, Bulletin 6920: Components and Supplies Including Low-Thermal Switches & Choppers, Low-Thermal Hook-Up Wire, Cable Solder, and Binding Posts

Gulton Industries, Metuchen, NJ:
1976    Piezoceramic Thin Sheet
1976    Piezoceramic Thin Sheet Overrun Stock List
Undated          Glennite Piezoceramics, Catalog H-700

Gulton Techni-rite Electronics, Inc., East Greenwich, RI:  Undated, Recorders

Gyrozen, Seoul, South Korea:
2014 Clinical Centrifuges
2014 Multi-Purpose High-Speed Centrifuges

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Hacker Instruments Inc., Fairfield, NJ:
1972    Polarizing Microscope Series 600
1973    Polarizing Microscope Series 600 Price List
 Undated         Polarizing Microscope

Hades Manufacturing, Farmingdale, NY:
1978    Thermocouple Reference Junctions NC 140, 143, 240
1978    Multi-Channel Isothermal Thermocouple Reference Junction NC 1008
1979    Thermocouple Probe Simulator, System Calibrator, Readout NDP181
1979    Price List
1970s   Digital Thermocouple Indicator 707
1970s   A Precision Digital RTD Thermometer
1970s   Multi and Single Channel Thermocouple Thermometer
1970s   Temperature Instrumentation

Hallikainen Instruments, Berkeley, CA: 1964, Automatic Osmometer Model 1361

Hamamatsu, Japan:
1960s   Photomultiplier Tube R106
1964    Photomultiplier Tube 931A
1964    Photomultiplier Tube 1P21
1964    CdS Photoconductive Cell P127
1964    CdS Photoconductive Cell P141
1965    HTV-7102 Photomultiplier Tube
1965    HTV-R196 Photomultiplier Tube
1965    HTV-R166 Photomultiplier Tube
1965    HTV-R212 Photomultiplier Tube
1965    HTV -1P28 Photomultiplier Tube
1965    HTV-R213      Photomultiplier Tubee
1965    Photomultiplier Tube R136
1966    HTV Photomultiplier Tube Applications – Direct Reader
1966    HTV Photomultiplier Applications -  Spectrophotometer
1966    Television Pickup Tube for Infrared Rays N156
1982    Large Sensitive-Area Pin Silicon Photocells S1722, S1723 Series
1983    Silicon Photocells
1983    Head-On Type Super Quiet Deuterium Lamp L1888
1980s   Infrared Detectors
1987    Light Sources for Measurement Applications

Hamilton Co., Reno, NV:
1964 Precision Syringes and Related Equipment Catalog H-64 
1969 Precision Syringes and Related Equipment Catalog H-68r 
1974 Syringes, Dispensers, Chromatographic Accessories, Inert Valves, Chromatographic Resins and Buffers
1981 Microliter ® Syringes
1999 Precision Fluid Measuring Products

Hamilton Storage Technologies, Franklin, MA:
2012  Vantage
2013  LabElite Line

Hamilton Watch Co., Lancaster, PN:
1964    Placovar, Permanent Magnet for Miniaturization
1964    Cobalt Platinum
Undated          Hamilton Precision Metals

Hanovia Chemical & Mfg. Co., Newark, NJ:
1940s   How Black Light Helps Bakers Detect Contamination, J. Cornell Richardson
1940s   Filters for Fluorescence Determinations
1941    Powerful Ultraviolet Light Sources, J.H. Laub, Electrical Engineering, August
1943    Electronic Tubes for Ultraviolet Radiation, J. H. Laub, Electronics, May
1943    Mercury Arc Lamps: Effect of Electrode on Energy Distribution, William Theodore Anderson, Jr., Journal of the Optical Society of America, Vl. 33, No. 2, 104-108, Feb.
1944    Fluorescence with the Wood Filter as an Aid in Dermatologic Diagnosis: Observation on Patients at Bellevue Hospital, Maurice J. Costello and Louis V. Luttenberger, New York State Journal of Medicine, Vol. 44, No. 16, Aug. 15
1947    Graded Joints
1949    Ceramic Silver Coatings for Use in the Electrical & Communications Industries
1949    Bright Platinum Films on Ceramic Materials
1950    Prices for burners
1952    Prices
1953    Prices
1953    Fused Quartz Standard Taper Interchangeable Ground Joints
1961    New Compact Arc Lamps of High Power and High Brightness, Otto E. Lienhard and John A. McInally
Undated          Mercury Vapor Lamps
Undated          The Optical Grades of Fused Quartz: Utrasil, Homsil, Optical No. 1
Undated          Hydrogen Discharge Tube: Continuous Ultraviolet Spectrum
Undated          The Sc2537 Lamp
Undated          The Hanovia Analytic Model Quartz Lamp
Undated          Utility Model Quartz Lamp: Ultraviolet Radiations
Undated          The Hanovia Inspectolite

Hans Hosle, Dr. Ing. Chem.:
1960     Micro Hydrogention Apparatus 
1960     Micro-combustion Automats 
1960    Fraktions-Sammler, FG 500, FG2000 
1960    FT Protoelektrischer Tropfenzahler 
1960    Thermostatisch geregelte Heizbader, W250, O250 
1960    Heizplatten mit Thermoregulator, H125, H150 
1960    Mikro-Carius-ofen, BOML 
1960    Trockenblock, TB 
1960    Sublimationsblock SB

Hanson-Van Winkle-Munning Co. (HVW-M), Matawan, NJ:
1956    Plating and Polishing News, Vol. 9, No. 1
1950s   Rectifiers?  Selenium and Germanium

Harshaw Chemical Co., Solon, OH: 1971, SBN Pyroelectric Sensor for 10.6um

Hart Scientific:
Undated    1006 Micro-Therm Thermometer
Undated    Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Undated    Ultra Stable Constant Temperature Baths and Circulators
Undated    Isothermal Flow Calorimeter
Undated    Heat Conduction Calorimeter
Undated    Don’t Lack Sensitivity, Have a Hart

Harvard Apparatus, Millis, MA: 
1967    Cardiovascular Recording Systems
1968    Instant Recording Systems
1968    Recording Modules and Basic Accessories
1968    Continuous Carbon Dioxide Analyzer, Model 2000
1968    Guide to the Selection and Use of Apparatus for Laboratory Teaching of Physiology
1968    Apparatus for Electrophysiology
1968    Kymograph Recording Stimulators
1968    Chart Movers and Accessories
1969    Syringe Pumps for Infusion-Withdrawal
1971    Bulletin 306: Electrodes for All Biological Applications
1971    Bulletin 630: Carbon Dioxide Analyzers
1972    Bulletin 542: Tissue and Animal Preparation
1972    Bulletin 550: Pump Speed Modulator
1972    Bulletin 975: Compact Infusion Pump Model 975
1972    Bulletin 1300: Lambda Pump Systems
1973    Bulletin 290: The New Harvard Biograph
1973    Bulletin 295: Systems Estimator for Harvard Biograph Recording Systems
1973    Bulletin 303: Harvard Electronic Transducers
1973    Bulletin 308: Stimulators for Physiology, Psychology, and Medical Applications
1973    Bulletin 400: Mechanical Modular Recording Systems
1973    Bulletin 500: Kymographs Accessories for the Harvard Kymograph Recording System
1973    Bulletin 565: Tubing & Syringes for Pumping
1973    Bulletin 607: Harvard Animal Ventilators
1973    Bulletin 825: Harvard I-V Clamp
1973    Bulletin 876: Dye Dilution Pumps
1973    Bulletin 900: Classic Harvard Syringe Pumps
1974    Price List
1974    Bulletin 270: Harvard Physiological Feedback Monitors
1974    Bulletin 300: Chart Movers for the Harvard Modular Recording System
1974    Bulletin 302: Electronic Recording Module Model 350
1974    Bulletin 304: Harvard Amplifiers & Signal Conditioners for the Electronic Modular Recording System
1974    Bulletin 310: Accessories and Supplies for Harvard Recording Systems
1974    Bulletin 330: Systems Estimator for Harvard Electronic Modular Recording System
1974    Bulletin 800: Harvard I-V Fluid Controller
1974    Bulletin 1200: Peristaltic Pumps
1974    Bulletin 1400: Pulsatile Blood Pumps
1997    BioScience
2008/9  Catalog
2014   Precision Surgical Instruments for Research
2014   OxyletPro System / Panlab

Harvard Bioscience, Hollison, MA: 2000/2001, Solutions for Proteomics & Genomics

H. Braun Tool & Instrument Co., Hawthorne, NJ: undated, Catalog No. 573: Beryllium Copper Components

H. Cross Co., Weehawken, NJ: undated, Ultra-Thin Metals for Electronic Applications: Tungsten, Molybdenum

Heathrow Scientific:  
2013    Catalog
2014    Catalog

Helena Laboratories:
1978    Cardiac Profile Reference Chart
1980    Helena Work Chart

Helma, Forest Hills, NY: 1981, Mercury High Pressure Lamp

Heto Lab Equipment AS: 1977, Lab Equipment

Hewlett Packard
1955    A fast accurate reflectometer system for wide-range microwave impedance measurement
1980    GC/MS for EPA Regulations?
Undated    HP 1100 Series Modules and Systems for HPL
Undated    Tomorrow’s Analytical Instruments Today

Hilger & Watts, London, England:
1951    Catalogue L, Measuring Microscopes, Spectrum Projectors & Comparators (Nov.)
1952    Catalogue E, Spectrographs (April)
1952    Catalogue N, Interferometers (September)
1952    Catalogue F1: Spectroscopic Accessories
1952    Catalogue F II, Spectroscopic Light Sources & Other Electrical Accessories (Sept.)
1952    Catalogue D, Monochromators & Spectrometers (October)
1952    Catalogue M, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Temperature Regulators, Strainviewers, Photoelastic Apparatus, Electrophoresis Apparatus (November)
1952    Catalogue H, Absorptiometers, Fluorimeters, Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Microphotometers (December)
1953    Catalogue C, Watts Table & Spectrometers (January)
1953    Hilger Spectrographic Equipment for Metallurgical & General Chemical Analyses
1953    Hilger Barfit Wavelength Spectrometer for Ultra-Violet, Visible, and Infra-red
1954    Recording X-Ray Diffractometer
1955    Miniature X-ray Diffraction Cameras for use with the Hilger Micro-focus X-Ray Unit
1955    Hilger Recording X-ray Diffractometer Supplement to Catalog CH 322/4
1955    Micro-focus X-Ray Unite
1958    Schwarz Thermopiles

Hinchman Manufacturing Co., East Roselle, NJ: undated, Mold Small Quantities of Thermoplastics

Hi-Tech Scientific Ltd.: 1970s, Rapid Chemical Kinetics

Hitemp Wires Inc. Westbury, NY:
1960s   Ceramatemp 1000F Flexible Wire
1960    Hiwrap Teflon Tape

Hobart Manufacturing Co., Troy, OH:
1963  Kitchen Aid Price List
1963  KitchenAid the finest made
1963  KitchenAid Food Preparer Attachments
1963  KitchenAid N-50 Mixer

Hoefer, Inc., San Francisco, CA:
1988    Price List IBF France
2006/7    Everything for Electrophoresis
Undated     Product Information:  S-Zephyr and D-Zephyr
Undated     Product Information:  Trisacryl GF 05/GF 2000
Undated    Product Information:  NPC-activated Trisacryl, GLUT-activated Trisacryl
Undated    SL 280 Gel Tube Slicer

Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co., New Haven, CT:  1962, Production Tools and Dies

Hoke Inc., Cresskill, NJ:
1960    The How and Whys of Pressure Regulation
1960s   Regu-Lexicon

Honeywell, Denver, CO: 1
1975    Model 5600 Recorder/Reproducer Proposal
Undated          New Pyr-O-Volt Controller, Instrumentation, Vol. 11, No. 5, 27-28.

Hoskins Mfg. Co., Detroit, MI:  undated, Cunife: Ductile Permanent Magnet Alloy

Houde Supply Co., Keyport, NJ: 1959, Stock List

Huber + Suhner Ltd, Switzerland:  undated, Ultrafine Magnet Wires Lotan and Lotan-Fix

Hudson Lamp Co., Kearny, NJ: 1956, Miniature Incandescent Lamp Catalog

Hull Corp., Hatboro, PA: 1966, Model 5-AR Vacuum Potting ad Encapsulating, Standard Potters, and Production Equipment

Huntington Alloy Products Division, Huntington, WV:  1972, Nickel Alloys

Hurst Tool and Mfg. Co., Princeton, IN: undated, 40 Inch-Ounce Synchronous Motor for heavy duty continuous timing

HyClone, Logan, UT: 1997-99, Biotechnology Products & Services

Hyde Manufacturing Co., Southbridge, MA:  1958, Hyde Handbook of Industrial Knives, Fix-up Paint-up Tools

Hysol Corp., Olean, NY:
1963    Tooling Materials Price List
Undated          Epoxi-Patch Kit Molecular Action Adhesive-Sealant
Undated          Hysol Tooling Materials Sales Offices
Undated          Hysol Adhesive and Electrical Insulation Sales Offices
Undated          Epoxi-Patch Kit Distributors

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IBF, France: 
undated           Product Information:  S-Zephyr and D-Zephyr
undated           Product Information:  Trisacryl GF 05/GF 2000
undated           Product Information:  NPC-activated Trisacryl, GLUT-activated Trisacryl

Idea Scientific, Minneapolis, MN: 1999, Millennium Electrophoresis, Blotting and Antibody Screening Catalog #21

IGEN Inc., Rockville, MD: 
Undated The ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System: Electrochemiluminescence Detection for Immunoassays and Nucleic Acid Assays
Undated The ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System
Undated ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System Price List

IIT Research Institute (IITRI), Chicago: 1972, Areas of Exceptional Capabilities

IKA Works, Inc., Wilmington, NC:  2016, Laboratory Equipment Designed for Scientists

ILC Technology, Sunnyvale, CA:
1981    Designing with Metal Halide Lamps, William Bamberg, Electro-Optical Systems Design, March
Undated          Xenon Short Arc 5X-21
Undated          Bulletin 1413: Xenon Point Source Model SA-5X-2R1
Undated          Cermax Xenon Illuminators

Ilford: 1984, Nuclear Research Materials

Illumina: 2016, Battle Lines: Equipping the Body to Fight Cancer from Within

Imagine Optic, Cambridge, MA:
2013 Adaptive Optics for Microscopy

Indiana General Magnet Products, Valparaiso, IN:
1964    Hyflux Alnico IX, High Energy, High Coercive Permanent Magnets
1972    Permanent Magnets Catalog 22
1972    Price List 22
1973    INCOR Misch Metal Cobalt Permanent Magnets
Undated           Permanent Magnet Material and Magnetic Characteristics

Indium Corporation of America, Utica, NY: 1979, Pure Metal, Alloys, Chemicals

INDPOL Monothane, Cucamonga, CA: 1972, Specifications

Industrial Instruments Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ:
Undated          Platinizing Kits
Undated          Thermoelectrically Cooled Cryoscope Model CY-1 and Osmometer Model CY-2

Industrial Science Associates, Inc., Ridgewood, NY: 
Undated     Differentiator
Undated     Electrometer NC
Undated     Micro-manipulator
Undated     Micro-electrode Probe Unit
Undated     Platinum Coil forming Die, Draft Shield, Pipette Grinder
Undated     Pipette Holder Rack

Infrared Industries, Inc., Waltham, MA:
1969    Thin Film Products
1975    Detectors Filters, Optics Ultraviolet-Visible-Infrared
Undated           Interference Filters Price List
Undated          Infratron Lead Sufide Photoconductors Tech Bulletin

Ingold Electronics Inc.:
1976    Catalog
1977    pH Electrodes
1977    Catalog

Instrumentation Laboratory Inc. (IL):
1970s    182 CO-Oximeter
1970    213 Digital Blood Gas Analyzer
Undated    Catalog

Instrumentation Specialties Co. (ISCO), Lincoln, NE:
1968   Density Gradient Electrophoresis
1970    ISCOTables: Handbook of Data for Biological and Physical Scientists
1975    GSA Catalog
1986    Catalog 22: Classical LC, Electrophoresis
1995    Catalog 30: Instruments and Media for Chromatography, Low Pressure LC, HPLC, SFC

Integrated Separation Systems (ISS), Hyde Park, MA:  undated, Protein-Gold Colloidal Gold Assay Reagent

Intel Corp.:
1976    OEM Computer Systems: SBC-016 16K Byte Ram Memory Board
1977    SBC 032/048/064 RAM Memory Boards

Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc., Taftville, CT: undated, Panther HI & Panther HE Complete High Performance Microstepping System

Inter-Dyne: Undated, Mod-Rack

Interfacial Dynamics Corp. (IDC): Portland, OR,:
1988    Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres
1990    Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres
1993    Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres 
1994    Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres

Intermagnetics General Corp. (IGC), Guilderland, NY:
1977    Biological Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy by Stanley J. Opella (NMR)
1977    Radiographic Thin-Section Image of the Human Wrist by NMR
1978    IGC Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 1, Summer – NMR
1979    Exhibit C: Photographs of Two IGC Superconducting Magnets of a Physical Size Sufficient to Accommodate a Human Body
1979    Exhibit B: Bibliography
1979    Medical 3-Dimensional Chemistry by Lois Wingerson (Science News)
1979    A Chemical Clue to Disease by Ros Herman (New Scientist)
1979    NMR Zeugmatographic Imaging by Waylon House and Paul Lauterbur
1979    Comparison: X-ray-Proton Concentration Image
1979    EMI Head Scan Image
1979    Ti Maps Image

International Crystal Laboratories: undated, Optical Crystals, Cells and Accessories for FTIR, IR and UV Spectrophotometers

International Equipment Co. (IEC):
1968    Centrifuges 
1968    Plastic Centrifuge Tubes and Bottles Specifically Designed for Centrifuge and Ultracentrifuge Applications
Undated    Centrifuges and Rotors

International Light Inc. Newburyport, MA:  undated, Xenon arc, mercury arc, Tungsten halogen lamps

International Nickel Co. Inc., New York, NY:
1950    Individualized Inco Nickel Alloys
1955    Helpful Publications
Undated          Inco Nickel Alloys for Electronic Uses

International Plasma Corp., Hayward, CA:
1968    IPC 1101 Plasma Machine
1969    IPC Plasma Machines for Industry

Intronics, Newton, MA: 1977, 7 More Great Designs: Analog Computation-Power Conversion

Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA:
1999 SeeBlue Plus2 Pre-Stained Protein Standard
2002 Expressions
Undated Ready-to-use Standards for Protein Electrophoresis

IN-X Fasterner Corp., Newark, NJ:  Undated, Threaded Inserts

Ionarc, Bow, NH:
1970    Process Push for Plasma
1970    Plasma: The Lab Toy That Grew Up
1971    Tafa-Arc Plasma Coating Processes
Undated          Advanced High Temperature Technology

Isolab Inc.: 1980s, Research and Clinical Electrophoresis, Catalog E-100

Isoplexis: 2020, Beyond the Cell Cycle: p53 as an Immune System Modulator in Cancer

Ithaco: 1977, Catalog

ITW Devcon, Danvers, MA:
1990s   User’s Guide for Metal-Filled Epoxies
1990s   Flexane Urethane Compounds
1990s   Floor Savers
1990s   Zip Grip
1990s   Magic Bond
1990s   E-Z Pouch
1990s   User’s Guide for Flexane
1990s   various product data bulletins
1993    magicSorb

Ivan Sorvall Inc., Norwalk, CT:
1960s    New Sorvall Aluminum Specimen Holder
1960s    Stereozoom Microscopes for Use with “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtomes
1960s    Cycloptic Stereoscopic Microscopes for “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtomes
1966    RCS-B Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge 
1966    Product Guide: Centrifuges, Laboratory Instruments
1966    “Porter-Blum” MT-1, MT-2 Ultra-Microtomes
1967    MT-2 Price List and Ordering Specifications
1968    Supplementary Bulletin 
1968    Supplementary Bulletin: Vibration Absorbing Plate
1968    Tubes, Bottles, Adapters & Accessories for Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges 
1968    CW-1 Cell Washing Centrifuge 
1968    KSB “Szent-Gyorgyi & Blum” Continuous Flow System
1969    Rotors, Tubes, and Adapters for GLC-1 General Laboratory Centrifuge 
1969    HG-4L Swinging Bucket Rotor for the RC-3 
1969    HL-8 Horizontal Rotor for the RC-3 
1970    Centrifuges and Laboratory Instruments Product Guide 
1970    Centrifuges & Laboratory Instruments 
1970    Rotors, Tubes, Bottles, Adapters & Accessories for the RC2-B, RC-2, SS-3, SS-4, & SS-1 Superspeed Laboratory Centrifuges
1970    Tubes, Bottles, Adapters Specifications & Price List 
1970    The Sorvall SZ-14 Reorienting Density Gradient Zonal Rotor 
1970    MT2-B “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtome
1970    JB-4 “Porter-Blum” Microtome

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The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME: 2015, The Next Frontier in Human Disease Modeling

James Electronics Inc., Chicago:
1963    Specification and Testing of Shielded Transformers
1964    10 Watt Electro-Guard Series Models 8829 thru 8836 Shielded Power Transformer
1965    5 Watt Electro-Guard Series Models 8801 thru 8808 Shielded Power Transformers
1965    Shielded Instrument Transformer 8360 Series
1965    Electro-Guard Shielded Power Transformers

Jarrell-Ash Co.
1950    Price List of Hilger Spectrographic Equipment
1963    High Intensity Continuous Vacuum Ultraviolet Sources
1964    Half-Meter Ebert Scanning Spectrometer
1964    Technical bulletin: Model 45-550 Helium Continuum for the Extreme Ultraviolet
1960s   “Why Should I Spend $100 for a Lamp When I Can Do Sodium Better by Flame?”

J. Bishop, Malvern, PA:
1964    Precision Performance Metals
1965    Platinum, Platinum-Rhodium Thermocouple Wire
Undated          Platinum Electrodes
Undated          Platinum Boats, Cones, Spoons, Tongs, Spatulas, Triangles, Tweezers
Undated          Stainless Steel tubing, Nickel & nickel alloy tubing, small tubular etc.

Jena Glaswerk Schott & Gen., Mainz, Germany:
1957    Monochromatic Interference Filters for 310 and 389 Ultraviolet Spectral Region
1959    Monochromatic Interference Filters

1982    JEM-1200EX Electron Microscope
1982    JEM-100CXII Electron Microscope

J.M. Ney Co., Hartford, CT:
1958    Meet the J.M. Ney Co.
1958    Life Test Data: Ney Alloy Resistance Wire
1958    Precious Metal Resistance Wire Paliney #7

Jobin Yvon Optical Systems, Metuchen, NJ: 
1975    Biophotometer Model Bonet Maury
Undated          Optical Systems
Undated          Dichrograph Mark III
Undated          Specifications Model THR 1500
Undated          Low-cost Concave Holographic Grating Monochromator Model H-20

Jobst, Toledo, OH:
1961    Six Years of Pressure-Gradient Therapy, Joseph Beninson
1962    Stasis Dermatitis and Stasis (Varicose) Ulcer, Hugh Reynolds
1963    Instructions for Pressure Therapy Management, A. MacCaughey
1964    Idiopathic Orthostatic Hypotension Treatment
1964    Stasis Dermatitis and Leg Ulcers, Joseph Beninsons
1964    Aggressive Program of Treatment for Edema of Extremities (sample included)
1964    An Advanced Clinically Proved Program of Treatment
1964    Leg Ulcers Comprehesive Plan of Diagnosis and Management
1965    The Disgnosis and Treament of Varicose Veins, Norman Thompson
1965    Jobst Prescription Order Forms
1965    Answering Your Questions about Jobst
1966    Recent Advances in Treatment of Lymphedema of the Extremities, Paul Nelson
1966    Postmastectomy Edema of Arm, Henry Leis

John Royle & Sons, Paterson, NJ
1965    Price Lists
1960s   Extruding Machines
1960s   Royle Spirod Extruders for Thermoplastic Processing

Johnson Laboratories, Inc., Cockeysville, MD: 1971. BACTEC: Reliable Rapid Detection of Bacterial Growth

Johnson Matthey, West Chester, PA: undated, Furnace Winding Wire Data Sheet

Johnson Service Co., Milwaukee, WI: 
1970    Fluidics: Start with the Fluid Amplifier
1970    Fluidic Gaging Controller Uses SIM’s for Precision Switching
1970    NOR Gate Logic Elements
1970    Manifold Card
1970    Fluidic/Electric Switches
1970    Circuit Accessories
1970    Introducing Johnson Fluidics
1970    Fluidic Gaging Controllers
1970    Prices
1971    Johnson Fluidic Position Transmitter
1971    Johnson FSP-102 Proximity Switch
1971    Fluidic/Electric Switches
1971    Johnson Diaphragm Amplifiers
1971    Introducing Johnson Fluidics
1971    Fluidic Gaging Controllers
1971    Johnson FPB-161 Summing Impact Modulator
1971    Start with the Fluid Amplifier
1971    NOR Gate Logic Elements
1971    Johnson FPB-161 Summing Impact Modulator
1971    Manifold Card
1971    Johnson Circuit Accessories
1971    Johnson FCV-20 Variable Restrictor
1971    Johnson FXS-Series Pulse Buttons
1971    FCD-400 Series Diodes
1971    FON-201 Three-Way Valve
1971    FDM-80 Test Point Indicator
1971    FCO-Series Orifice Restrictors
1971    Fluidic Position Transmitter
1971    FQR-Series Pressure Regulators
1971    FQR-Series Precision Pressure Regulators
1971    Price List

J.P. Stevens & Co., Inc., Easthampton, MA:  undated, hi-tuff Urethane Tubing, Film, Cord

J.T. Baker Chemical Co., Phillipsburg, NJ: 
Undated          Test Papers for Ions
Undated          Thin Layer Chromatography

Jule Inc., Trumbull, CT:
1984  Gradient Former Models J200 & J50
1990  Gradient Formers

J&W Scientific Inc.: 1998, Chromatography Columns & Lab Supplies

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Kaiser Tool Co., Inc.:  1988, Thinbit

Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI:
2000    Raman Review, Winter
2000    Holographic Laser Bandpass Filters
2000    FastMap Chemical Imaging: Raman Microprobe
2000    In-Situ Reaction Montoring: Raman Spectroscopy
2000    Process Control: RamanSpectroscopy
2000    Research Holographic Products & Components
2000    Holographic Notch and Supernotch Filters
2000    UltraSpec-C

Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, CO:
1960    Kaman Tube: Three Different Ion Sources, Barney Carr
1960    Application of a Portable Neutron Generator to Laboratory and Plant Stream Analysis Problems, Frank Gray and Charles Whittle

Kamweld Products Co., Norwood, MA:  1964,, Versatile Plastics Welders for sealing and welding of thermoplastics

Kanthal Corp., Bethel (and Stamford), CT:
1961    Price List: REH Tube Elements and Ceramic Parts
1961    Sectionof REH Furnace drawing
1961    Three-Zone Heating Element Model 133 REH 7
1979    Kanthal Fine Wire
1986    Kanthal AF: The new ally for heating elements…
Undated          Press Release: The Hot Porcupine Heating Element
|Undated          The Kanthal “Porcupine”
Undated           Tube Elements for High Temperature Furnaces
Undated          Kanthal Super and Its Uses in Furnaces
Undated          Kanthal Products: Materials, Elements, Ideas

Karl Lambrecht, Chicago, IL:
1969    Precision Laser Polarization Optics
1977    Retarders and Rotators
Undated          Crystal Optics: Polarizing Optics
Undated          Modification of Polarizing Microscopes & All Polarizing Instruments Employing Synthetic Sheet Polarizers
Undated          Wavelength of Prisms graph

Kawecki Berylco Industries, Inc., (KBI), Reading, PA: 1977, Product Directory

Kearfott (General Precision), Little Falls, NJ, 1959, High Permeability Ferrite

Keithley: 1994, Data Acquisition

Kelvinator:  1971, K-K-K-Kel-Vi-Vinator. -96oC!

Kenco Pump Division: 1957, Catalog

Kenics Corp., Wakefield, MA: 1962, Model 102 Epoxer

Kennametal Inc., Latrobe, PA:
1960    Proven Uses of Kennametal and Kentanium
1962    New High Density Kennertium W-2
1963    Properties of Kennametal Hard Carbide Alloys

Kensington Scientific Corp. (KENSCO): Undated, Disposable Micropipettes

Keuffel & Esser Co.:
1927 Catalog
1936 Catalog

Kevex Corp., Foster City, CA:
1983    XRF Spectroscopy Offers Alternative to Optical Methods, Gideon Kramer, Industrial Research & Development, November
1983    Domestic Installation, Warranty and Return Policy
1986    Product Bulletin: High Performance Detectors
1986    Sesame: Automation for SEM Stages and Wavelength Spectrometers
1987    Kevex Delta Class: The New Generation of Microanalyzers
1987    Ad:  Kevex Quantum Detector: An Invention that Revolutionizes X-Ray Analysis
1987    Only From Kevex: Innovations in Microanalysis
1987    New Product Bulletin
1987    Delta XRF Analyst: X-ray Fluorescence for Industry and Research
1987    Quantum: A Frank Discussion about Kevex’s Revolutionary New Light Element X-ray Detector
1987    Delta XRF Analyst System
1987    X-Ray Fluorescence Software
1987    X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) Literature and Articles
1980s   Look. Light Element Performance with a XRF Spectrometer
Undated          XRF Spectrometry
Undated          Ad: What do you do when an unknown unknown hits your lab?
Undated          Ad: To digest or not to digest?
Undated          Delta XRF Analyst: X-ray Fluorescence for Industry and Research

Kewaunee Scientific Corp., Lockhart, TX:
1980s   EPSCO Selection and Ordering Guide
1980s   T-2000 Bench
1985    Sturdilite Technical Workstations
1986    FlexTech technical workstations
1988    Technical Furniture & Equipment
1988    Tech Stat
1989    Sturdilite Price List and Ordering Guide

Keystone Carbon Co., St. Mary’s, PA: 1961, Level Gauges in the Liquid Helium Liquid Oxygen Range

KH Industries, Inc. Angola, NY:  1986, “Watt-Gard” Shielded Fluorescent Lamp

Kibron Inc.: 
Early 1990s    Delta Pi-microtensiometer
Early 1990s    ADMEscreen
Early 1990s    The Multipurpose Langmuir-trough

Killion Extruders, Inc., Verona, NJ:  1965, Price List

Kimble Glass Co.: 1973, Advanced Precision Materials Handling for RIA Radioimmunoassay

Kimble Kontes
1989/90    Complete Laboratory Glassware Catalog from Scientific Products
2000    Kimax 
2000    Chromatography Products

Kindt-Collins Co., Cleveland, OH: undated, Dyna-Cast… the inexpensive way to create models, prototypes and patterns

KineticSystems Corp., Lockport, IL: 1993, CAMAC (IEEE-583) Product Catalog

KinTek Corporation:
Undated    Stopped Flow SF-2001
Undated    RQF-3 Quench-Flow

KinTek Instruments:
Undated    Rapid-Quench Flow
Undated    Stopped Flow AF-2001

Kleer-Vu Industries, Inc., New York :
1960s     Technical Data Vol. 1, No. 3
1967     Series 300 Model 300SP Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1967     Series 600 Model 602 Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1968     Series 600 Model 600M Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1968     Series 400 Model 400M Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
Undated     New, fast, Low cost, Vibra-Seal 300

Knauer, Berlin, Germany:
1972    Electronic Semi-Micro Osmometer Type M Price List
1970s   Electronic Temperature Measuring Instrument
1970s   Electronic Semi-Micro Osmometer
1970s   Vapour Pressure Osmometer
1970s   Electronic Membrane Osmometer

Kodak (see Eastman Kodak)

Kontes Glass Co.:
1966    Chromaflex Chromatographic Apparatus: Thin Layer Chromatography 
1971    New Product Bulletin

Kontron: 1972, Diapack Equilibrium Dialysis System

Kopp Scientific Inc., New York, NY: undated, Vacuum Valves

Koslow Scientific Co., North Bergen, NJ:
1978    Price List
Undated          The Colorful Way to Identify Alloys

Kratos Analytical Instruments: Undated, Spectroflow 773

Kurabo Industries, Osaka, Japan:
2010    KURABO PI-80X Automated DNA Isolation System
undated           NA-480 Plus Gene Prep Star

Kurt Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, MN: 1992 Workholding Planning and Buying Guide

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LabIndustries (L/I):
1970    LabQuake 
1971    Lambda-Dial 
1971    A Brief Guide to Instruments for Clinical & Research Laboratories 
1971   Magnifying Indicator for L/I Repipets and Dilutors 
1971    Repipets and Dilutors 
1972   Repipets and Automatic Dilutors

Lab Mart, South Plainfield, NJ: 2002, Catalog

Laboratory Data Control (LDC), Danbury, CT:
1969   RefractoMonitor Differential Refractive Index Monitor
Undated    SpectroMonitor III

LabSource, Romeoville, IL:  2014 Glove and Apparel Catalog

Lafayette Instrument Co.:
1977    TC-100 Thermal Comparator
1977    TC-100 Thermal Comparator and Reference Standards Price List

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., Columbus, OH:  undated, Ultraminiature Coaxial Cable

Lambda Electronics Corp.: undated, LX Series

Laramy Products Co. Lyndonville, VT:
1961  Thermobande
1981  Making Better Plastic Welds

Laser Precision Corp., Yorkville, NY:
1970s   Pyroelectric IR Detectors Putting the Infrared to Work
1970s   Ad: Pyroelectric Detection? It Takes All Kinds!
1971    kT-4000 Pyroelectric Detectors for Radiometric Applications
1971    kT-4200 Stable, High Power Pyroelectric IR Detectors
1971    kTH-100 Serie Detector Preamplifiers
1972    kT-1000 Fast Response Pyroelectric IR Detectors
1972    kT-4400 Miniature Pyroelectric IR Detectors
1972    Price List

Laser Technology Inc., Hollywood, CA:
1975    Materials and Features of Lastec Wire Saws
1975    Models 2005-D/2006-A
1975    Models 2007/2008
1975    Accessories
1975    Lastec Lapping and Polishing Machines
1983    Prices
1984    Prices
1984    Cutting with Wire
Undated          Diamond Wire/Lastec Tension Meter
Undated          Two Ring Wire Saw/The Lastec Hand Crystal Saw

Latrobe Steel Co., Latrobe, PA: undated, Leadership in Specialty Alloys

Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, CA: 1961, A Pulsed Nanosecond Light Source

Lazar Research Labs, Inc.:
1970s    Flat Bulb Combination pH Electrode
1970s    Micro Ion Sensing Electrodes
1970s    Micro-pH and Ion Sensing Electrodes
1970s    pH Converter
1970s    Dissolved Oxygen Probe

LDC/Milton Roy:
1982    Liquid Chromatography Accessories Info Packet
1982    SpectroMonitor D UV/Visible Variable Wavelength
1982    ConstaMetric III
1982    MiniMetric Series Metering Pumps
1982    Modular Liquid Chromatographs
1982    Take a Bite
1982    Liquid Chromatograph Control Module
1982    Price List
1983    Price List
1983    Hydrogen Products Price List
Undated    SpectroMonitor III, Model 1204D
Undated    MaxN Series High Efficiency, High Pressure Fluid Cells
Undated    UV Monitor III
Undated    RefractoMonitor III
Undated    FluoroMonitor III
Undated    ConductoMonitor Model 701
Undated    MercuryMonitor 1235
Undated    Laboratory Pumps
Undated   Minipump Solvent Delivery System
Undated    ConstaMetric IIIG Solvent Delivery System
Undated    High Flow Rate Liquid Ends for LDC Pumps
Undated    Entry-level Low Cost HPLC System
Undated    Chromatographic Recorder Series 3400
Undated    Model 302 Computing Integrator
Undated    Gradient Master Model 1601
Undated    Automatic LC Sampler
Undated    Automation Accessories
Undated    Dual Drive Floppy Disk Accessory
Undated    Serfass ELHYGEN Mark V
Undated    H2YCELL Hydrogen Storage Unit
Undated    Hydrogen Purification Systems
Undated    Hymonitor II, Direct Indicating Hydrogen Analyzer
Undated    miniChrom HPLC System

LDJ Electronics, Inc., Troy, MI:
1973    High Field Intensity Capacitor Discharge Systems, Models 6000C-6500, 450-20C
1973    External Magnetizing Fixtures for Permanent Magnet Motors
1974    High Field Intensity Capacitor Discharge Systems, Models 450-20C, 6000C

Lebow Co., Goleta, CA: 
1974    Custom Evaporated Thin Films
1980    Metal Foils

Ledtronics, Inc., Torrance, CA:
Undated          LED Lamps & Indicators
Undated          Based LEDS
Undated          List of Users

Leeds & Northrup, Silver Spring, MD:
1953    Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Section ED of Catalog E
1956    Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Catalog ED
1959    Self-Saturating Saturable Core Reactors
1960    Speedomax H
1966    L&N Thermocouple Extension Wires
1968    Electrical Instruments, Catalog A 
1969     Quiktip Thermocouple Connectors
1969     Speedomax W. Multi-Point Recorder with Cleertrend Printing
1969     Speedomax W/L 2-Pen Recorder
1969     Speedomax H, W and W’L Calibrated AZAR Recorders
1969     Millitemp Overheat Alarms with Power-Interrupt Protection
1969     L&N Thermocouple Wires
1969     Zero-Voltage-Firing Solid-State Power Package
1970     New Product Information
1970    Flexelect Point-Selection for Speedomax H and W Multi-Point Recorders
1970    Speedomax XL 680-Series Flat-Bed Laboratory Recorder
1970     Electromax III Universal Controller
1970     Solid-State Electromax Signaling Controller for use with Thermocouples
1971     Analog and Digital Meters
Undated    Speedomax XL Recorders

Leica, Switzerland:
2015     A Shift of Perspective: DMi8 Inverted Microscope
2017    Step Beyond Infinity: Leica M165 FC and M205 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscopes

Leitz (see Ernst Leitz)

Lepel: 1980, Bench Model Induction Heating Generators

Libbey, Owens, Ford Glass Co., (LOF), Toledo, OH:
1950    Electrapane
1954    81-E Electrically Conducting Coating

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, St. Petersburg, FL:
2014    AMV Reverse Transcriptase
2014    Technology

Life Technologies Corp.: 2014, EVOS Imaging Systems

Linde Air Products Co., New York, NY:
1956    Properties of Industrial Sapphire
1956    A Resume of Non-Metallic to Metal or Glass Bonding of Sapphire
1957    Prices for Linde Industrial Crystals
1957    Electrical Properties of Clear Linde Sapphire
1950s   Optical Properties of Synthetic Sapphire

Linde Co., Tonawanda, NY:
Undated          Rare Gases: Prices, Specifications, Information
Undated          “Linde” Rare Gases

Lindsay Chemical Co., Chicago, IL:  1955, World’s Largest Producer of Cerium, Rare Earth and Thorium Chemicals

Linear Instruments Corp.: 1970s, Recorders

1989    Recorder Catalog
1990    Catalog

Lion Research Corp., Cambridge, MA:
1963    Nonlinear Twin-T Network for Capacitive Transducers – Kurt Lion
1963    C-Line Transducer System, Bulletin 100
1963    C-Line General Purpose Probe GP 311
1963    C-Line Proximity Probe PX 321
1963    C-Line Linear Variable Capacitance Probe
1963    C-Line Compact Unit Model 201

Lithium Corp. of America: 1963, Organolithium Compounds

LiquiCrystal, Inc., York, PA: 1972,Temperature-Reactive Liquid Crystal Film

Liquid Crystal Biosystems, Inc., (LCB), Cleveland, OH:
1970s   LixKit: A New Tool for Thermography
Undated          Applying Liquid Crystal Thermograms

Liquid Nitrogen Processing Corp. (LNP), Chester, PA:
1957    Services Offered
1957    LMP Porous Sponge Teflon
1976    Who We Are, What We Do, What We Can Do For You

LKB, Bromma, Sweden:  1970, Acta Ampholinae Literature Reference List 1970/71

LKB Instruments Inc., Rockville, MD: 
1967    LKB 10200 Perpex Pump
1967    New, Inexpensive, Peristaltic Pump from LKB
1970    Acta Ampholinae Literature Reference List 1970/71
1970s   Automatic Spectrum Stabilizer–Why?
undated           Ultrolab Dilutor 
Undated          Biochemical Microcalorimetry

Loctite Corp., Newington, CT: 
1991    Quick Metal 660
1991    Solutions from Loctite
1992    “Do It Right” Product Guide
1992    Loctite’s Expanded Silicone Line

Logosbio, Annandale, VA:  undated, Luna II Automated Cell Counter

Louis Levin & Son, Inc. Los Angeles, CA:
1949    Precision Lathes Bulletin F
1950    Precision Tools Bulletin G
Undated          Micro Drill Press for Small Holes

Luxel Corp., Santa Barbara, CA: 1973, Ultra-Thin Foils

Luxtron, Mountain View, CA:
1982    Model 1000B Biomedical Fluoroptic Thermometer
1982    Fluoroptic Thermometry: A New Tool for Medical Research

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M2p-labe, Inc., Hauppauge, NY:
2016     BioLector 1: 48 Parallel Microbioreactors
2017     BioLector Pro: Microfluidic Bioprocess Control
2017     RoboLector: Automated Fermentation

MacBeth Sales Corp., Newburgh, NY: 1963, OSRAM High Pressure Lamp XBO 450W

Machlett Laboratories, Inc., Springdale, CT: 
1948    AEG-50 X-Ray Tube
1960    ML S522B Near UV Sensitive Vidicon Spectral Response Curve
1960    The Novel Self-Aligning ML-7038A Vidicon

Madden Brass Products Co., Aurora, IL:  Undated, Madden Dispensing valve

Magnetic Research Corp., El Segundo, CA:  1955, Magnepulse: Magnetic Pulse Generator Model MP-85

Magnetics (Spang Industries Inc.), Butler, PA:
1975    Magnetic Shielding Materials: Permalloy 80, Alloy 48, Mu Guard 80, Mu Guard 48, Magnesil
Undated          High Quality Air-Melted, Vacuum-Melted, and Powder Metallurgy Alloys

Magnetoelastic Devices, Inc., Pittsfield, MA: 
1977    Model BS-6 Transducer-Limit Switch
1978    Price List
1978    Magnetostrictive Spring Transducers
1979    Series FR-3 Force Rings, Series LA-3 Leaf Actuators, Model ST Transducer Stand
1979    The Monitrol Level Indicator and Control System
1979    Magnetostrictive Spring Transducers

Mallory (see P.R. Mallory & Co., Inc.)

Mallory-Sharon, Niles, OH:
1955    MST 6AI-4V Titanium Alloy
1955    Titanium and Titanium Alloys
1958    Technical and Application Data on Zirconium

Manostat Corp.: Undated, Manostat Tubing

Mark Co., Randolph, MA:
1950s   G-K Heart-Lung Apparatus Gibbon-Type
Undated          Mark-Clowes Membrane Type Heart-Lung Apparatus

Marlow Industries, Inc.:
1978    Price List Thermoelectric Products
Undated Guide to Thermoelectric Heat Pumps

Maryland Metrics, Baltimore, MD: 1984, Metric Fasteners and Industrial Supplies

Master Appliance Co., Racine, WI:
1969    Air Heater Blower, Compressed Air Flameless Heat Torch, Heat Gun 
1975    Heat Gun Parts Price List
1978    Master Heat Gun
1979    Varitemp Heat Gun
Undated    “Flameless Heat Gun Attachments”
Undated    “Parts Price List” 1969

Master Machine Tools, Inc.: 1973, Price List

Materials Analysis Co., Palo Alto, CA: 1969, Highest Resolution, Most Versatile Scanning Electron Microscope

Materials Electronic Products Corp. (MELCOR), Trenton, NJ:
1976    The Amazing New Portable Refrigerator Frigitote
1977    Price List
1977    Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics
1977    Frigichip Miniature Ceramic Modules Series FC
1977    Thermoelectric Heat Pumps
1970s   CP & FC Lapped Modules or Coated MC Modules
undated    Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics
undated    Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics: Performance Charts
undated    Thermoelectric Module

Materials Research Corp., (MRC), Orangeburg, NY:
1966    Advanced Materials
1975    Advanced Materials Catalog
1978    Metal Etchants For Thin Film Applications
1970s   Tungsten for Thin Film Applications
1970s   Platinum and Palladium for Thin Film Applications
1970s   Chromium for Thin Film Applications
1970s   Cleaning and Packaging Procedures
1970s   Gold and Gold Alloys for thin Film Applications
Undated          Thin Film Materials Catalog
Undated          Series 900A High Rate In-Line Sputtering Systems
Undated          R.F. Sputtering Power Supplies
Undated          8667SS Sputtering Module
Undated          Materials for Evaporation & Sputtering

Matheson, East Rutherford, NJ:
1959    Cylinder Valve Outlets and Connections
1960    Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlets and Connections
1961    Sterilizing Gas Mixtures
1963    Sterilizing Gas Mixtures
1960s   Ozonators
1960s   Ozone in Cylinders Price List
1960s   Announcing the Imminent Availability of Ozone in Cylinders
1960s   Ozone Physical Constants (100% Ozone)
Undated          Guide to Safe Handling of Compressed Gases
Undated          CGA Compressed Gas Cylinders Valve Outlets and Connections
Undated          Your Guide to Gas Mixtures
Undated          Matheson Fluorine Data Sheet
Undated          Hydrogen Iodide

Matrix Technologies, Hudson, NH: 
Undated    Ready to Walk Away from Your Pipetting?
Undated    Pipettors, Automation, Disposables

McCrone Accessories & Components: 1982, Microscopy Off the Shelf

McMillan Electronics Corp.:
1993    Gas and Liquid Flow Sensors
Undated   Model 1200A NO/NO2/NOx Meter

McPherson Instrument Corp., Acton, MA:
1961    Vacuum Ultra-Violet Instrumentation Model 235 Scanning Monochromator
Undated          Measurements to a Micron: Measuring Comparator Model 100
Undated          New Concept 0.3 Meter Scanning Monochromator with Snap-In Gratings
Undated          Ad: Now! Double Bean Instrumentation in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Range
Undated          Model 651 Dual Position Detector Housing
Undated          Model 650 Detector Assembly

Meaker Co., Nutley, NJ:  1973, Rectifier Equipment

Mechrolab Inc., Mountain View, CA: 1960, Model 301 Vapor Pressure Osmometer

Mech-Tronics Nuclear, Melrose Park, IL: 1994, General Catalog

Med-E-Cal Labs, Brookline, MA: undated, Strobe Light Model 100

Mediatech, Inc., Herndon, VA: no date, Cellgro ®

Medical Connection Inc., Columbia, MD: Undated, Medical Products Catalog

Medical-Electronics Development Co., Great Neck, NY:
1955    “Infraton” Sphygmograph Systems Price List
1955    “Visoton”: A Complete Portable Objective Blood Pressure Instrument & “Aire-scape”: A Linear Pressure Release Valve

Medical Monitors, Inc., Seattle, WA:  1964, Oxygenator, Organ Perfusion Chamber, Dialysate Tank

Medical Systems Corp., Great Neck, NY:
1965    Pulsemeter Type PM-101
1965    Bedmonitor Type BM-102 and BM-202
1966    Pulse Meter
Undated          Pico-Injector PLI-100

Medimatic, Copenhagen, Denmark: 1980, Tomomatic 64 Product Data

Medi Tech, Watertown, MA:
1973    The Soft-Steerable Catheter System
1973    Prices
1973    Non-Operative Removal of Retained Biliary Stones
1973    Selective Bronchial Catheterization
1973    Selective Vascular Catheterization

Medwire Corp., Mount Vernon, NY:
1982    Sigmund Cohn Corp. Properties of Metals and Alloys
1983    Teflon Coated Wire for Use as Micro-Electrodes

Melabs, Palo Alto, CA: 1966,  The New Melabs SCM-1 and SCM-2 Recording Osmometers

Menlo Park Engineering (MPE), Menlo Park, CA:
1960s   Power Supply Characteristics
1960s   Kilovolt Nanosecond Pulses Generator and Light Source

Mercodia, Uppsala, Sweden:  2015, When Accuracy Matters Product Catalog: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity

Metaloglass, Inc., Boston, MA:  
Undated    Compact Fraction Collectors
Undated    Compact Distillation Head

Metals & Controls Corp., Attleboro, MA
1952    Composite Metals, Precious Metals, Electrical Contacts
1953    General Plate Electrical Contact Kits

Metals Research Instrument Corp., Monsey, NY:
1969    Equipment for Materials Science
Undated          Price Guide: Metallic Single Crystals, Rare Earths, etc.

Metro Industries, Long Island City, NY: 1955, Metrogram Variable, speed Constant, Rate Infusion Pump

Metron Inc., Allamuchy, NJ: undated, Materials

Metro Scientific, Inc., Farmingdale, NY:  Undated, Dissecting Instruments

1972    Catalog
1978    Catalog
1978    Price List
1978    Mettler GC301 Application Input Device
1978    PC440 and PC4400 Electronic Top-loading Precision Balances with DeltaRange
Undated    Balances 
Undated    Level-test and Mettler Level-matic.

MG Industries, Malvern, PA: 1996, Specialty Gases and Equipment

MG Scientific, Pleasant Prairie, WI: 2002, Laboratory Solutions

MHD Research, Inc., Newport Beach, CA:  undated, MHD Arc Switch Model AS-25

Microelectrodes Inc.:
1978    A New Technology for pH and Ions
1982    Smallest pH and Ion Electrodes

Micromanipulator Co., Escondido, CA:
1969    Models MPM-031, MPM-062, PM-0-100
1969    Models MPM-500, MPM-1000

Micromass, Manchester, England: 
1999    LC TOF MS Life Science Workstation
1999    Q-Tof ™ Mass Spectrometry

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA:
1970    Rapid, Automatic Particle Size Analysis in the Subsieve Range
1971    SediGraph 5000 Particle Size Analyzer

Micro Networks Corp.:
Undated    MN5280 16 Bit A/D Converter
Undated    MN5280, MN5282 Dual-in-Line 16-Bit A/D Converters

MicroPump Corp., Concord, CA:
1975    Magnet Drive Gear/Centrifugal Miniature Pumps
1976    Price List
1976    4 Times Greater Performance
1982    56 C-Face Magnetic Gear Pump
1984    Price List
1984    Guide to Magnet Drive Pumps

Microwave Associates Inc., Boston, MA: undated, Wave Guide Component Specifications

Micro-Wire Stranding Co., Passaic, NJ:
Undated          Micro-Wire
Undated          Stranded Pure Tungsten Wire for Vacuum Metalizing

Millipore, Bedford, MA:
1966    Swinnex Disposable Filter Units
1967    Bulletin SQS-1 A Modular System for the Production of Super-Quality Water, the Super-Q System 
1970     Application Notes-136, A Membrane Filter Technique for Detecting…
1975     Mill-RO Systems for Laboratory Grade Water
1994     MultiScreen Methods: Receptor Binding Assays 
1994     MultiScreen Methods: Guidlines for Bioassays on MultiScreen Filter Plates
1995    MultiScreen Methods: Attachment-Dependent Cell Growth and Cell Proliferation
1995     MultiScreen Methods: Use of MultiScreen Plates in ELISA/FELISA Techniques
1995    MultiScreen Opaque Filter Plates Data Sheet
1995     MultiScreen Filtration System Ordering Information
1995     MultiScreen Methods: Applications and References
1996     Tech Note Protocols for Coating MultiScreen Glass Fiber Filter Plates
1996     MultiScreen Methods: Cell-Based Receptor Binding Assays 
1997    Membrane Devices for Sterile Filtration
2001    Catalog
2001    Millex ® Filter Units with Millipore Express Membrane
2003    Amicon ® Ultra Centrifugal Filter Devices
2017    Milli-Q IQ 7000 Purification System

Millipore-Sigma, Billerica, MA:  2017, Milli-Q IQ 7000 Purification System

Mill-Max, Oyster Bay, NY: Undated, Catalog 12 Design Guide to IC Sockets and Interconnect Components

Miltenyi Biotec, Auburn, CA: 2002, Magnetic Cell Sorting, Advanced Flow Cytometry, Separations for Molecular Biology

Minco Products Inc., Minneapolis, MN: 
1973    Price List
1973    Platinum Resistance Thermometer Elements
1982    HK913 Heater Kit

Minolta, Ramsey, NJ: 1988, MI3MS 1000: Minolta Integrated Information and Image Management System

Mirus: 2020, Package Delivery: The Art of Transfection

Mirus Bio:  2018, TransIT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System

Misco Scientific, Berkeley, CA: 1965, Nanoliter Pipets

Mitsubishi EDM, Wood Dale, IL:
1992    Price List
1992    If You’re Running Any Make or Model Wire EDM…

MJ Research, Inc., Waltham, MA: 1999, Products for Molecular Biology

M & M Glassblowing Laboratory, Inc., Hawthorne, CA:  1965-66, Catalog

Modern Plastics Magazine:  1966, Market Report

Molectron Corp., Sunnyvale, CA:
1973    Pyroelectric Detectors
1973    Prices
1973    Infrared Polarizers

Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA: 
1999     MAXline 5: Verify Small-Volume Dispenser Performance with PathCheck Sensor
2000     Spectramax Plus 384: UV/VIS Microplate Spectrophotometer with PathCheck Sensor
2000     MAXline 1: Test Liquid Handling Systems with PathCheck Sensor
2000     MAXline 2: PathCheck Sensor: A Powerful New Tool for Microplate Analysis

Molecular Dynamics:
1995    Fluorescence Imaging Applications Guide
1995    FluorImager SI
1995    Vistra Fluorescence Reagents

Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR: 
2001    BioProbes 38
2002    Handbook of Fluorescent Probes and Research Products
2002    Fluorescence Microplate Assays
2002    Alexa Fluor Dyes
2000s    Tools and Accessories for Fluorescence Microscopy

Molecu-Wire Corp., Farmingdale, NJ:
Undated          Protoloy and Electroloy
Undated          Manganin

Molybdenum Corp. of America (Molycorp), New York, NY: 1968, The Use of Rare-Earth Oxides to Give Color or Visible Fluorescence to Soda-Lime Glasses

Monsanto Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO:
1955    Vyram: Solvent Resistant Elastomer
1959    Santotube (with sample)

Morganite Inc., Long Island City, NY: undated, Refractories

Motorola Semiconductor Products Inc., Phoenix, AZ: undated MC1595 is the Industry’s First True Linear, 4-Quadrant Multiplier IC

Mountanos Sea Waves Energy Inc., Mount Rainer, MD: 1970s, Sea Waves Energy

MP Biomedicals. Solon, OH:  
2013    FastPrep System and Kits
2017    Molecular biology FastPrep

MRA Corp.: undated, Electrophoresis Equipment

M-R Plastics & Coatings, Inc., Maryland Heights, MO:  Undated, Mistaflex Dark Gray Urethane Elastomers

MSA Research Corp.: 1969, Price Lists

MSD Isotopes: Montreal, Canada: Undated, MSD Isotopes Catalog

M & T Chemicals Inc., Rahway, NJ: 1982, The Certincoat Coating System for M&T

Mullard, London:
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 50 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 52 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 54 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 55 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 56 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 150 AVP

M. W. Kellogg Co., Jersey City, NJ: 1953, Kel-F: Physical Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties

2020      Occupational Safety Solutions for Common Laboratory Applications
2020      Cross-Contamination and Occupational Exposure Control

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Nalgene, Rochester, NY: 2007, Labware

Narishige Scientific Instrument Lab, Tokyo, Japan:
Undated    Micromanipulators
Undated    Vol. 3: Stereotaxic Instruments
Undated    Vol. 4: Microelectrode Pullers, Microforges and Microgrinders
Undated    Vol. 5: Chronic Micromanipulators
Undated    Vol. 6: Accessories and Custom-Made Products

Nash and Thompson, Ltd., Elmbridge, England:
1957    An Automatic Dispenser for Multiple Titrations
1958    The Rowe Electronic Colloid Osmometer

National Appliance Co., Portland, OR:  
1970s    Incubators
1970s    Controlled Environment Walk-in Rooms
1970s    Heinicke Pulsonic Cleaning Equipment
1970s    Automatic Autoclave/Dryer
1970s    Catalog
1970     Price List

National Beryllia Corp., Haskell, NJ:
1963    How Good are Beryllia Ceramics? Philip S. Hessinger, Electronics, October 18
1968    Ceramic Materials
Undated          Berlox K-150 Beryllium Oxide
Undated          Berlox K-150 Ceramic Products

National Carbon Co., New York, NY:
1951    Carbon and Graphite and Karbate: Impervious Carbon and Graphite Products
1963    Boron Nitride

National Cylinder Gas, Chicago, IL: 1962, Regulators Parts list

National Diagnostics, Atlanta, GA:  2017-2018, Life Sciences Catalog

National Instrument Laboratories, Rockville, MD:  1965, Bulletin 1-1400

National Instrument Laboratories, Inc., Washington, DC: undated, Bulletin 158, The Field-Emission Electron Microscope

National Nanofabrication Facility at Cornell, Ithaca, NY: undated, Pioneering a New Methodology for Advance Research

National Rubber Machinery Co., Akron, OH:  1962, Price List

National SemiConductor Corp.: 1970, LM108A/LM208A/LM308A Operational Amplifiers General Description

National-Standard Co., Niles, MI: 1978, Technical Data: N-S Rocket Wire

National Technical Laboratories, South Pasadena, CA: 1949, A New Spectrophotometer Employing a Glass Fery Prism

Nems Clarke Co., Silver Spring, MD:
1959    Type 505 Pulsarc/Type 505 Zenarc
1959    Merc-Arc Type 520-G and Type 520-Q
Undated          The World’s Finest Electronic Flash Unit
Undated          Merc-Arc High Intensity Light Source

NEN ™ Life Science Products, Inc., 1998, Western Blot Products Guide

Neotec Corp., Rockville, MD: Undated, High Resolution Temperature Stability Active BandPass Filters

NESLAB Instruments Inc.:
1974    Temperature Controlled Liquid Systems
early 1990s    NESLAB Recirculating Chillers
early 1990s    Constant Temperature Bath/Circulators and Immersion Coolers

Newark Wire Cloth Co., Newark, NJ:
1949    Woven Wire Screen & Wire Cloth Products: Catalog D
1968    Wirecloth

New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc., New Brunswick, NJ: 
1961    Gyrotory Incubator-Shaker
1971    Shake and Incubate...Right on Your Bench
1971    Magnetically-Driven Fermentor: Magnaferm Bench-Top Fermentor
1996    Price List
2006    Selecting the Right Shaker for Your Laboratory
2000s    Innova ® The Driving Force in Digital Shakers
2000s    Classic Biological Shakers

New England Biolabs., Ipswich, MA: 2007-2008, Catalog and Technical Reference

New England Nuclear: 1981, Lipotropin Radioimmunoassay Kit

Nexus Research Laboratory, Inc., Canton, MA
1967  USL-1 & ESL-1 Ultra Stable All-Silicon, Solid-State Operational Amplifiers
Undated     4 outstanding operational amplifiers from Nexus…
Undated     …did you say an op amp for less than $10?:
Undated    Types SA-1, SD-1, SQ-1 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers 
Undated    ypes SA-2, SD-2, SQ-2 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers

NGK Metals Corp., Reading, PA:  1987, Beryllium Copper Strip Products

Nikon, Inc., Tokyo, Japan:
1970    Price List GSA
1972    Microscope General Listing A
1972    Microscope Model CL “Classic”
1973    Microscope Price List
1973    Microscope Model S-Kt
Undated          Differential-Interference Microscope Attachment Type R
Undated          Inverted Microscope Model MS

Nikon Inc., Instrument Group, Garden City, NJ: 1990, Microscopes

Nitto Kohki, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 
1972    Drills, Sanders, etc. brochure
1972    Price List
1972    Mark II Die Grinder

NL Industries, Inc., Hightstown, NJ:
Undated          Biothane System 228
1977    Biothane System 230
1977    Biothane System 236
1980    Biothane System 244
1980    Biothane System 245
1980    Biothane System 246
1980    Biothane System 229
1980    Biothane System 238
1980    Biothane System 242
1980    Biothane System 243

Norden-Ketay Corp., Boston, MA:  1950s, An Automatic Color Translating Ultraviolet Microscope

Nordson Corp., Amherst, OH:
1984    The Powder Coating Process
1985    Cross-Cut Airless Spray Gun Nozzles
1985    Airless Spray Systems
1986    New Catalog
1986    Nordson Manual Electrostatic Spray System for Waterborne Coatings
1986    System Sense in Manual Powder Coating
1987    Problem Solving with Nordson Electrostatic Spray Systems
1987    Tribomatic Powder Coating System
1987    Nordson Heated Airless Systems
Undated          The Problem-Solving Experts

Nortech Laboratories Ltd.: 1974, Stopped-Flow Kinetic Spectrometers

North American Philips Co., Inc. (NORELCO), Mount Vernon, NY:
1950s   A new compact device for microradiography in biology, medicine, mineralogy, and metallurgy
1953    Research and Control Instruments:  X-Ray and Analytical Equipment
1968    X-Ray Diffraction: Diffractometer Accessories G
Undated          Twenty Questions and Answers on X-Ray Analysis

North American Philips Controls Corp., Cheshire, CT:
1978    Brushless DC Motor Electronically Commutated Servo Series 85100
1978    Airpax
1979    Stepper Motor Handbook
1979    DC Motors Size 15 Series K17400 Iron Rotorr
1979    Poster: Control Components News

Norton Co., Akron, OH:
1978    Tygon Tubing
Undated          New sizes now available for Tygothane

Nova Biomedical: early 1990s, Nova’s New Electrolyte Analyzers

Novex, San Diego, CA:  1999, Novex Protein Standards

Nuaire, Inc., Plymouth, MN: Undated, Biological Safety Cabinets, Incubators, Animal Research Products

Nuclear-Chicago Corp.:
1961    General Catalog
1971    1185 Series Automatic Gamma Counting Systems 
1972    Radioimmunoassay Competitive Protein Binding Data Systems 
Undated    Biospan Gamma Counting Systems 
Undated    Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated    Automatic Gamma Counting Systems

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Specialties, Inc., New Kensington, PA: 1966, Heteronuclear Spin Decoupling Technical Information Bulletin R-1

Nuclear Measurements Corp., Indianapolis, IN: 1985, Radiation Monitoring & Counting

Nuclear Products Co., El Monte, CA:  1972, Staticmaster

Nuclear Systems Inc. (NCI), Garland, TX: undated, Solid State Cooling

The Nucleus Inc.: Undated, Personal Computer Analyzer: Spectroscopy Systems for the Future

Numec Instruments and Controls Corp. (Numinco), Monroeville, PA: 1960s, Leader in Particle Technology

Nunc, Inc., Denmark:
1990     Covalent Binding: CovaLink Your New Link in Immunology
1993  T   echNote Vol. 1, No. 9 Coupling of Oligosaccharides to Nunc CovaLink NH Modules
Undated     StarWell Module: The Dawn of a Stellar Design
NH2 Note:
     1993    #1  Primary amines introduced on a CovaLink NH2 Polystyrene Surface
     1997    #2 Covalent Coupling of peptides to a CovaLink NHs Primary Amine Surface
     1997    #3 Covalent Cupling of a Steroid Hormone to a CovaLink NH2 Primary Amine Surface
     1997    #4 Cyanuric Chloride Activation of a CovaLink NH2 Primary Amine Surface
     1997    #5 Covalent Coupling of Biotin amine to cyanuric Chloride activated…
     1997    #6 Covalent Coupling of antibodies to cyanuric chloride actived…

Nycomed (Amersham) Pharma, Norway:
1993   Cell Biology
1994   OptiPrep is the gentle solution
1997   Biological Separations No. 2
1997   Biological Separations No. 3
1998   Applications and Products

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O.C. Rudolph & Sons, Inc. (see Rudolph & Sons)

Ogden Sales Inc., Arlington Heights, IL: undated, Cartridge heaters Mighty Watts

Oliver Instrument Co.: 1990; Drill Pointers, Point Thinners, & Point Checking Gages

Olympus Optical Co., Melville, NY:
1990s    System Microscope CH, CH/40/CH30
1990s    Inverted Microscope CK2, CK2-BI/C2-TR
1990s    Inverted System Microscope IX, IX70/IX50
1990s    LB Objectives
1990s    Biological Microscopes
1990s    System Microscope BX, BX50/BX40
1993    CK2 Inverted Microscopes Specification Sheet

Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT:
1987    New Horizons in Process Measurement and Control: Volume II
1987    New Horizons in Process Measurement and Control: Volume VI
1987    New Horizons in Process Measurement and Control: Volume VII
1987    Complete Pressure, Strain and Force Measurement Handbook
1987    Complete pH and Conductivity Measurement Handbook
1987    Complete Test Instrumentation and Tools Handbook
1987    Complete Flow and Level Measurement Handbook
Undated          Tungsten-Rhenium
Undated          Thermocouple Insulators and Protection Tubes
Undated          Thermocouple Connectors

On-Line Systems, Inc. (OLIS):
early 1990s    Catalog
early 1990s    See Your Spectra in the Best Light
1992    Update

Ophthos Instrument Co., Rockville, MD:
1960s   Microwave Generators
1961    Price List
Undated          Electrodeless Discharge Lamps: Nobel Gases, Metallic Halides Hg 198
Undated          R.F. Cavities for 2450 mc Generators

Optics Technology Inc., Belmont, CA:
1969    Standard Filter Catalog
1969    Price List
1969    OTI’s New Capabilities in Optical Thin Films
Undated          Filters Sets with Spectracoat Interference Filters

Orflo Technologies, Hailey, ID: 
2012    Revolutionary Cell Counting OS4.0
2014    zEPI Flow and Moxi Flow

Organomation Assc. Inc.: 1981, Catalog 609: High-Speed Analytical Evaporators

1990    Optics & Filters Vol. 2
1992    Precision Products for Lasers & Optics Vol. 1 
Undated 1/4 Meter Monochromator/Spectrograph
Undated          Photon Drag Detectors and Beam Monitors

Oriel Optics Corp., Stamford, CT:
1983    Steppermike Stepping Motor Driven Micrometer
Undated          Precision Optical Components
Undated          Low Noise Infrared Detector New Golay Type

Original Hanau, Germany:
1978    Immersion Lamps for the Chemical Industry
1979    Radiation Sources for Ultraviolet Drying and Hardening Processes

Original Hanau Heraeus, Germany:
1981    Novelties of OHH
Undated          Fluotest Analytical Lamps
Undated          Immersion Lamps for Laboratory Experiments

Orionics (Ametek), Bozeman, MT:
1980s   Single Mode Fusion Splicer, Model FW-304A with Local Injection & Detection
1981    Application Note No. 1: OTDR Signal Analysis Reflection Location
1981    Application Note No. 2: OTDR Signal Analysis Launch End Resolution
1981    Application Note No. 3: OTDR Signal Analysis Break Signatures
1981    Application Note No. 4: OTDR Signal Analysis Backscatter Signal
1981    Application Note No. 5: OTDR Signal Analysis Nonuniform Fiber Attenuation
1981    Application Note No. 6: OTDR Signal Analysis Long Link Signals
1983    Application Note No. 8: OTDR Signal Analysis Multiple Wavelength Testing at 1300 and 820nm
1983    Application Note No. 9: 1300nm Multimode OTDR Solves Long Fiber Link Installation Problems
1983    Single Mode Optical Waveguide Fusion Welder Model FW-301/SM
1983    Fiber Cleaver Model FCR
1984    Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Model OTDR-103C
1984    Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Model FW-303
1984    Optical Waveguide Fusion Welder Model FW-301
1984    Diamond Tipped Fiber Cleaver Model FCD
1985    Orionics FW-304A Fusion Splicer
1985    Single Mode Fusion Splicer Orionics Model FW-304
1986    LAS 400: One Location, One Operator, Fiber Alignment Instrument
Undated          Ad: Fiber Cleaver Carbide Tip/Diamond Tip

Orion Research:
1978    Price List
1978    Price List Model 501 & 201 Digital pH Meters
1979    Guide to Electrodes and Laboratory Instrumentation
1979    Research Guide to Electrodes and Laboratory Instrumentation
1980    Glass Electrodes
1981    Ion-selective and pH Meters and Electrodes
1981    Model 101 Conductivity Meter
1982    Ross Electrodes
1990    Optics & Filters Vol. 2
1992    Precision Products for Lasers & Optics Vol. 1
1998    Sensing the Future: Laboratory Products and Electrochemistry Handbook
Undated    Model 501
Undated    No Lemon Tee Shirt Offer

Undated    Catalogue XBO High Pressure Xenon Lamps
Undated    Catalogue HBO Super Pressure Mercury Lamps
Undated    Catalog Q-M-Na: Mercury High Pressure Lamps, Self-ballasted Mercury Lamps, Power Stars, Halogen Metal Vapour Lamps, Vailox Lamps, Sodium Lamps

Owl Scientific, Inc., Wobrun, MA: 1996, Product Catalog

Oxford Instruments, Oak Ridge, TN:
1992    Tennelec/Nucleus Inc. Catalog
1995    Systems and Components
Undated    Mossbauer Systems: Cryogenic and Magnetic Systems for Mossbauer Analysis
Undated    Dilution Refrigerators
Undated    Dilution Refrigerator Power Supply
Undated    Dilution Refrigerator Temperature Controller
Undated    Standard Dilution Refrigerator Systems

Oxford Laboratories: 1969, T-4 Column Chromatography System

Ozone Research and Equipment Corp. (OREC), Phoenix, AZ:
1960s   Model 03V1 Ozonator
1960s   OREC 03C Series Ozonators

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Paasche Airbrush, Chicago, IL:
1959    Twenty-Two Airbrush Lessons for Beginners
1961    Bulletin H-F-761:  Operating Instructions for H3 and F2 Airbrushes

Pacific Scientific: early 1990s, SC700...One Tough Servo

Packard Instrument Co., Downers Grove, IL:
1965    5000 Series Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems
1965    Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems 5000 Series
1965    Model 7201 Radiochromatogram Scanner
1965    Specifications Model 446 ARMAC Scintillation Detector
1967    Pesticide Analyzer
1968    Data Sheet: Model 852 Gas Fraction Collector
1968    Specifications 5000 Series Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1968    Specifications Model 325 Combustion Furnace
1969    Data Sheet: Model 300 Tri-Carb Automatic Sample Oxidizer
1969    Data Sheet: Model 565 DISC Integrator
1969    7300/7400 Series Gas Chromatographs
1969    3000 Series Tri-Carb Spectrometers
1969     Specifications Model 2101 Semi-Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969    Specifications Model 3305 Semi-Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969     Specifications Model 2311 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969     Specifications Model 517 Tape Reader/Editor for Olivetti Underwood Programma 101B
1969     900 Series Multichannel Analyzers
1970     Model 930 Multichannel Analyzer
1970     Data Sheet: Model 7102 Refractometer
1970     Data Sheet: Model 7103 UV Monitor
1970     The 2420 Tri-Carb Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Model 5600 Osteodensitometer
1970     Specifications Model 543 Tape Perforator
1970     Specifications Model 544 Absolute Activity Analyzer
1970    Specifications Model 545 Teletype Typewriter, Tape Perforator and Tape Reader
1970     Specifications Model 2111 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Model 2211 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Models 3375 and 3380 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometers
1970    Specifications Model 5219 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1970    Specifications Tri-Carb Continuous Flow Analyzers
1970    Chemical Notes: Summary of …Sample Preparation for Liquid Scintillation Counting
1970    Model 300 and 305 Tri-Carb Sample Oxidizers
1971    Specifications Model 933 Display Monitor
1971    Specifications Model 934 Amplifier
1971    Specifications Model 935 High Voltage Supply
1971    406, 407, 409 & 420 Series Gas Chromatographs
1971    Insta-Gel: A Solution Searching for a Problem
1971    Specifications Model 966 Four Input PHA Router
1971    Specifications Model 967 Four Input Multiscale
1971    Specifications Model 943 Parallel-to-serial Converter
1971    Specifications Model 942 Integrator
1971    Specifications Model 941 Analog-to-Digital Converter
1971    Specifications Model 940 Superzoom Multichannel Analyzer
1971    Specifications Model 900 Analyzer
1971    Specifications Model 928 Peak Detector
1971    Specifications Model 893 Gas Proportional Counter
1971    Specifications Model 5024 Tandem Gamma Console
1971    Specifications Models 5022 and 5023 Tandem Gamma Consoles
1971    Specifications Model 5119 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1971    Specifications Model 546/547 Teletype Typewriter, Tape Perforator, and Tape Reader
1971    Specifications Model 3320 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1971    Specifications Model 2425 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1971    Specifications Model 513 IBM Selectric Typewriter
1971    Specifications Model 5319 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1971    Packard Model 1015 Nitrogen-15 Analyzer
1971    Introducing the Packard Amino Acid Derivatizer Model 896
1970s     A Full Range of Instruments, Chemical and Supplies for Radioactivity Measurement and Chromatography
Undated     Specfications A Guide to Capabilities of New Packard Modular Gas Chromatographs
Undated     Specifications Model 895 Automatic Injector System
Undated     Model 891 Curie Point Pyrolyzer
Undated     Specifications Model 962 Preamplifier
Undated     Specifications Model 963 Preamplifier/Probe Assembly 
Undated    Tri-Carb 4000 Series Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated    Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems

Pako Corp., Minneapolis, MN: 
1969  Price List
Undated  The solution to better prints

Panametrics, Waltham, MA:
1970    Acoustic Emission Transducers and Electronics
1971    Acoustic Emission Simulation Test Set 5060 AE-Set
1971    Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver Model 5050 PR
1971    VIP Series Video Inspection Panaprobe Broadband Transducers
1971    Model 5070 VIP-10-1/4 B Transducer

Panasonic, Wood Dale, IL:
2012    Guide to Laboratory Equipment
2012    Integrated Cell Processing Work Station MHE-PF4025CW, MHE-UN4025CW
2012    Ultra-Low Freezer Advancements and Challenges to Low Energy Consumption and Better Reliability
2012    -86 C Ultra-Low Freezers MDF-U33V, MDF-U53VA, MDF-U56VC, MDF-U76VC
2012    -86 C Ultra-Low Freezers MDF-U500VXC, MDF-U700VXC
2013    Industry’s First App-Based Lab Monitoring System

Panomics, Fremont, CA: 2006, Quantitative Biology Catalog

Panvera, Madison, WI: 1996/97, Fluorescence & Fluorescence Polarization Products, Recombinant Human Proteins, TaKARa PCR Products

Paragon Biotech, Inc., Baltimore, MD: Undated, Products and Services

Parke-Davis, Morris Plains, NJ:
1990    Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial Reassessing the Unexpected
Undated          Procan Tablet Insert

Parr Instrument Co.:
1968    Catalog 
1973    Hydrogenation Apparatus: Shaker and Rocker Types
1978    Laboratory Reactors, Autoclaves, and Pressure Vessels
1980    Price Lists

Particle Sizing Systems, Port Richey, FL: 2014 Particle Size Analyzers

Peabody Barnes, Mansfield, OH: 1979, ProCav Progressing Cavity Pump

Peak Scientific: 2018, Nitrogen Gas Generator Genius XI

PEK, Sunnyvale, CA:
Undated          Xenon Flash Lamps
Undated          General Catalog 902: Standard & Custom High Intensity Light Sources
Undated          Nanosecond Light Source PEK 118, 118-TR 118-TE
Undated          Super High-Pressure Xenon Arc Lamp
Undated          Super High-Pressure Mercury Arc Lamps

Pennsylvania Fluorocarbon Co., Inc., Clifton Heights, PA:
1967    Penntube Bulletin No. 400 Penntube CT-Flex
1968    Penntube Shrinkable Tubings
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 31  Spaghetti Tubing of Teflon
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 31E--Expanded Tubing of Teflon
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 41 Flexible Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 3E Expanded Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 9 Expanded Teflon Applicator
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 11 Spiral-Wrapped Tubing of Teflon
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 12 Teflon Lined Rubber Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 10 Printing on Extrusions
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 1 Heavy-Walled Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 8 Special Shapes
Undated   Product Selector Chart for Penntube Products
Undated   Fluorocarbon Extrusions for Industry
Undated   History of Pennsylvania Fluorocarbon Co., Inc.
Various price lists

Pennwalt Corp.: undated, KYNAR Piezo Film

Penta Laboratories, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA: undated, Reactanct Chart

Perfection Mica Co. (Magnetic Shield Division), Bensenville, IL:
1957    Wrappable Magnetic Foil Shields Relays, Electronics, November
1957    Flexible Magnetic Shielding Foil Cuts Production Costs, Electronic Equipment, June
1975    A.C. Magnetic Field Evaluator Probe
1976    Co-Netic & Netic Magnetic Shielding Alloys
Undated          Data Sheet #128: S3-6 Netic Foil for Shielded Rooms and Enclosures
Undated          Data Sheet #129: Co-netic Magnetic Hum and Electrostatic Shielding
Undated          Data Sheet #132: Co-netic Tube Shield
Undated          List of literature available on magnetic shielding

1956 Price List: Infrared Instruments & Accessories, Optical & Electronic Building Blocks, Crystal Optics 
1960    Measurement of Photometric Accuracy in UV-VIS Spectrophotometry
1964    Atomic Absorption Newsletter no. 18: Detection Limits in Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
1964    The Analysis of a Temperature-Controlled Scanning Calorimeter (O’Neill)
1966    Atomic Absorption Newsletter 5(3), An Automated Procedure for the Determination of Trace Metals by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
1966    Atomic Absorption Newsletter, 5(3) Recent Developments in Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
1966    UV Spectroscopy  Newsletter #4: Perkin-Elmer Instruments for Polarimetry
1983    Model LCI-100 Laboratory Computing Integrator
1984    Catalog
1985    MasterLab System Laboratory Robotics
1987    LC-235 Diode Array Detection System
1989    PC Integrator (PE Nelson)
1990    DNA Thermal Cycler 480
1991    GeneAmp PCR System 9600
1991    AmpliTaq ® DNA Polymerase, Stoffel Fragment
1991    GeneAmp ® Thermostable rTth Reverse Transcriptase RNA PCR Kit
1995    Guide to PCR Enzymes
1999    PCR Systems, Reagents & Consumables
2002     Perkin Elmer ScanArray Express
2015    Charting the tumor Microenvironment: Navigating Complex System Interplay
2016     Fast Forward: Accelerating CRISPR Research with Automated, High-throughput Screening
2016     Exploring Uncharted Interactions with Cell Signaling Pathway Analysis from Protein to Phenotype 
2017    In the Spotlight: Focus in on High-Content Analysis
Undated           Model 4000-A Spectrophotometer: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared
Undated           Model 4000-A Spectrophotometer: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared

PerSeptive Biosystems, Cambridge, MA:
1994     POROS Columns and Media Selection Guide
1996     POROS Columns and Media Selection Guide
Undated    Residue Masses and Compositions for the 20 Common Amino Acids

Petrarch Systems, Inc., Bristol, PA:
1983    Rimplast Silicone-Polyamides (Silicone-Nylons)
1983    Rimplast Silicone-Urethanes
1983    Rimplast Silicone-SBS PTSMS1204
1983    Medical Applications of Rimplast Silicone-Urethanes
1983    Silicone-Fluorocarbons PTFP102

Pfaltz & Bauer, Inc., New York, NY: undated, Deuterium Lamp D-100 (Beckman DU)

Pfizer, New York:1971, The Repeater: The Finest Sensitivity Disk Dispenser You’ll Ever Use

PGC Scientifics, Gaithersburg, MD: 
1980    Zinger Micro-Dispenser
1999    Catalog

Pharmacia, Piscataway, NJ:
1985     FPLC BioCommunique Vol. 2, No. 1 
1985     FPLC BioCommunique Vol. 2, No. 2 
1985     Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Reference List
1985     HR Prepacked Columns MonoBeads, Mono Q, Mono S, Mono P Data File
1986     FPLC: Media and Column Guide
1987     Fast Desalting Column HR 10/10 Data File
Undated     Discover Nature with Superose

Pharmacia Fine Chemicals Inc., Piscataway, NJ:
1950s    Gradient Formation with the Pharmacia Peristaltic Pump P-3
1965    Sephadex Columns, Dextran, and Ficoll Price List 
1966    Sephadex Solvent Resistant Column 
1970s    This is a New P.A.G.E. (Pharmacia Gel Electrophoresis System)
1972     Gradient Mixer GM-1 
1972    Duo Monitor Model 200 (Dual Wavelength Flow-Through Ultraviolet Photometer)
1972    Model 410 Strip Chart Recorder Specifications Sheet
1972    Model 412 Two Channel Recorder Specifications Sheet
1975    Separation News: Gradient SDS 
1976    Separation News: New Products Guide
1976    Accessories: Pharmacia Gel Electrophoresis System
1976    Pharmacia Gradient Gels PAA 2/16
1977    3-Way Valve LV-3, 4-Way Valve LV-4
1978    Aqueous Columns and Accessories Spare Parts and Prices
1979    Poster: Gel Filtration Media
1980s    FPLC Reference List
1980     Chromatography Columns C-column System
1981     CNBr-activated Sepharose 4B
1981     New Product Memo: Chromatographic C-Column System 
1982    Products for Chromatofocusing Price List
1982     New Group Specific Adsorbents 
1982     Superloops 10 ml, 50 ml Data File
1983     DEAE-Sepharose Fast Flow, CM-Sepharose Fast Flow: Designed for Large …
1983     Media for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
1984     HR Prepacked Columns Superose 6, Superose 12 Data File
Undated     RPC of Peptides, Polypeptides, and Proteins with the FPLC System
Undated     Hydrophobic Chromatography  for Hydrophilic Proteins
Undated     Save on Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Equipment
Undated      A New Way of Separating: Sephacryl S-1000
Undated     The Calibration Standards That Measure Up… 
Undated    Sephadex Laboratory Columns & Accessories
Undated    Sephadex LH-20 for Gel Filtration in Organic Solvents

Pharmacia LKB Biotechnology, Piscataway, NJ:
1980s    PhastSytem ™ Electrophoresis System
1980s    PhastImage ™ 
1980s    PhasTransfer ™ Semi-dry Electrophoretic Transfer System
1980s    PhastSystem ™ Fact Sheet
1989    Electrophoresis Price List
1991    Biotechnologist’s Guide to Standard Chromatography Media for Purification of Biomolecules

Pharma-Tech Research Corp. (PTR), Baltimore, MD: 1980s, Countercurrent Chromatography

PharMingen: 1998, Mouse CD Chart

Phase-R Corp.: 1984, Nitrogen Laser

Phenomenex, Torrance, CA: 1990, Chromatography

Philco Corp., Lansdale, PA: 1962, Light Emitting Diode GAE-402

Philip A. Hunt Chemical Corp., Palisades Park, NJ:  undated, Evaluation of Waycoat HPR Positive Resists in Various Exposure Systems

Philips: 1999, Fifty Years of Philips Electron Microscopy

Philips Electronic Instruments, Inc., Mahwah, NJ: 1987, Philips PV9550 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometry System

Philips Laboratories, Inc., Irvington-on-Hudson, NY: 1950s, X-ray Methods of Possible Use in Clinical Laboratories, William Parrish, Bulletin of the National Association of Clinical Laboratories

Phoenix Precision Instrument Co., Philadelphia, PA:
Undated          Differential Refractometers
Undated          Recording Differential Refractometers Used for Process Control and

Photochemical Research Associates Inc., (PRA), London, England:
1976    Universal Lamp Supply
1980    Nanosecond Pulsed Fluorometer Systems
Undated          Pulsed Nanosecond Fluorometer Systems, Nanosecond Light Sources, PMT Housings and Bases, Sample Compartments

Photolastic Inc., Malvern, PA:
Undated          Modern Photoelastic Stress Analysis
Undated          7Testing and Consulting Services
Undated          030 Series Reflection Polariscope

Photonics Media, Pittsfield, MA:  2019, Buyer’s Guide

Photovolt Corp., New York, NY: undated, Monochromatic Transmission-Type Interference Filters

Physics International: 1978, Piezoelectricity Fast Response Valves

Picker International, Highland Heights, OH: 1985,, Buyer’s Guide Vol. 4

Picker Nuclear:
1968    The Liquimat 220 
Undated    New Automatic Magnascanner 
Undated    Liquid Scintillation Systems

Pierce Chemical Co.:
1976    Chromatography Aids
1977    Handbook and General Catalog
1977     Introduces a Crosslinking Reagent…
1980s    Prepare Fragments: Immobilized Papain, Pepsin, Protein A
1980s     Protein Conjugation
1980s     Protein Solubilization
1980s     Ag/Ab Purification
1982     Technical Bulletin: Iodo-Beads
1982    Technical Bulletin: Immobilized Ligands for Affinity Chromatography
1982    Technical Bulletin: Double-Agents Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagents
1983    Technical Bulletin: Double-Agents Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagents
1983    Technical Bulletin: Carbonyldiimidazole Activated Supports
1984    Handbook and General Catalog
1986     BCA and BCA Protein Assay Reagent
1986     Monoclonal Antibody Purification Buffers
1986     SelectiSpher-10 HPLAC Columns
1986    BCA Protein Assay Reagent
1987    Sample Handling
1988   ImmunoPure ® Fluorescein-Labelled Antibodies
1989    ImmunoPure ® Antibodies
1989    Avidin-Biotin Reagents
1989     Cross-Linking Reagents 
1989     Attention Lowry Protein Assay Users!
1990    ImmunoTechnology Catalog & Handbook, Section D: Avidin-Biotin
1990    ImmunoTechnology Catalog & Handbook, Section E: Protein Modification 
1991/2    Chromatography Catalot & Handbook
1993     Immunohistochemical Products
1994     Introducing a DAB of Innovation
1994     Introducing a Stable, Two-Component Metal Enhance DAB
1995     Protein Chemistry Products
1996     Assay Development Products
1997     Antibody Products
1997     Coated Microwell Plates
1997     Fusion Protein Products
1997     Best Sellers
1997     Protein Chemistry Products
1997    Buffers for Blots, ELISAs, and Immunohistochemistry
1998    SuperSignal ® Western Blotting Substrates Handbook
1998     Protein Chemistry Products
1998     Assay Development Products
1998     Protein Detection Quantitation Products
1999     SuperSignal ELISA Chemiluminescent Detection Products
1999     Poster: EX-Link Biotinylation Reagent Selection Guide
1999     Nuclear Extracts
1999     B-Gal Reporter Assay: Mammalian
1999     B-Gal Reporter Assay: Yeast
1999     Fusion Protein Affinity Gel GST
1999    Protein Solubilization 
2000     Produce, Purify, Modify, Assay
2000     Strip time off your research with Restore Stripping Buffer
2000     DNA Extraction and Purification Reagents for Yeast
2000     QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Substrates for HRP
2000     GelCode Phosphorprotein Stain
2000     CellScreen Collagen I Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind NeutrAvidin High Binding Capacity (HBC) Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind Streptavidin High Binding Capacity (HBC) Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind NeutrAvidin and Streptavidin Coated Plates
2000     ChoiceCoat Microplate-Coating Service
2000     ChoiceCoat Custom Plate-Coating Service
2000     Reacti-Bind Glutathione Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind Anti-GST Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind Anti-GFP Coated Plates
2000    Reacti-Bind Protein A and Protein G Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind Protein L Coated Plates
2000     Reacti-Bind Maleic Anhydride Activated Plates/Maleimide Activated Plates
2001     CellScree Poly-D-Lysine and Poly-L-Lysine Coated Plates
2001     Double-Agents Cross-Linking Reagents Selection Guide
2001    Previews, Vol. 5, No. 2
2005    Western Blotting Handbook & Troubleshooting Guide
2006    Krypton Protein ™ Stain
2006    Sulfo-NHS and Sulfo-NHS-LC Biotinylation Kits
Undated     BCA Protein Assay Reagent
Undated     Don’t throw away your chance to help save our environment
Undated     SwellGel Technology by Walid Qorofleh and Suzan Lewis
Undated    Protein Conjugation
Undated    Solubilization
Undated    ChromatoFlo MTS Miniature Tubing Systems

1984 September 
1984 October 
1984 December 
1985 June 
1985 July 
1985 September 
1985 October 
1986 March 
1995 June/July 
1997 April Vol.1 (2)
1997 July Vol.1 (3)
1998 May/June Vol. 2 (2)
1998 Sept/October Vol. 2 (3)
2001 Vol. 5 (3)
2001 Vol. 5 (2)
2003 Vol. 7 (3) 

Pinlites Inc., Fairfield, NJ: 1966 Catalog: Single and Multi-filament Incandescent Lamps

Piramoon Technologies [see FiberLite Inc.]

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA: 1964, CR39 Optical Plastic

Plas-Labs, Lansing, MI: 1971, Rabbit Restrainers, Primate Chairs

Plasmadyne Corp., Santa Ana, CA:
1962    M-4 Arc Plasma Generator
1962    AM Modular Assembly
1962    SG-1 Hand Spray Gun
1962    SG-2 Hand Spray Gun
1962    SG-3 Hand Spray Gun
1962    Adjustable Rear Electrode Assembly
1962    Double Port Spray Electrode
1962    Plastic Spray Electrode
1962    SM Modular Assembly
1962    SB-6000 Water Wash Spray Booth
1962    Materials Test Bench
Undated          P-Series Plasma Systems
Undated          S-Series Spray Series

Plasmatics, Richmond, CA: 1970, PL200 Atomic Oxidizer

Plaster Supply House, Chicago, IL:  Undated, R-2 All Materials Spray Gun

Plastic Process Equipment Inc., Cleveland, OH:  1985, Screw Tips and Screw & Barrel Repair

Plastics One, Inc., Roanoke, VA: 2004, Pre-Clinical Research Components, Catalog E

Plastock, Norwood, NJ: 1978, Plastic Mechanical Drive Components

Plessey Inc., Melville, NY: 1977, Ultra-Pure Wire

PMC Industries Inc., San Diego, CA: undated, Temperature Control is Our Science

Poco Graphite, Inc., Garland, TX:
Undated          Price List
Undated          Typical Properties Poco Spectroscopic Electrode Grades
Undated          Spectroscopic Electrodes

1956    Light-Polarizing Filters for Radar
1995    GSA Schedule Price List, Mod. No. 40 
1998    The Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera: Capture Millions
1998    ColorShot Digital Photo Printer
1999    The Polaroid DMC Ie, Digital Microscope Camera
2000    Polaroid Federal Supply Service Catalog
Undated          MP-3 Multipurpose Land Camera
Undated          Polaroid Laboratory Products

Polaron Instruments, Inc., Line Lexington, PA:
1977    Cool Sputtering System for Coating Heat-Sensitive Specimens
1977    Price List: Specimen Coating Units for SEM
1977    Specimen Storage Boxes for SEM

Polycarbon, Inc., North Hollywood, CA:
1981    Carbon and Graphite Felts and Fabrics
1982    Product Data Sheet: Carbon Felt LDC/MDC
1982    Product Data Sheet: Graphite Felt LDG/MDG

The Polymer Corp., Reading, PA:  1962, Industrial Plastics

Polymicro Technologies (PT), Phoenix, AZ:
1986    Flexible Fused Silica Capillary Tubing
1986    Precision Bore Silica Tubing
1986    Optical Fiber: Low Loss Bundle Fiber
1986    Optical Fiber: General Purpose Optical Fiber
1986    High Temperature UV Optical Fiber

Polysciences, Inc., Warrington, PA:
1973    Critical Point Drying Apparatus
1973    JB-4 Plastic Embedding Kit
1973    Gach Embedding Medium
1973    TDMac-Heparin Complex Coatings
1977    Magnogel 44
1989    Polybead Microparticles
1990    Fluoresbrite and Polybead Monodisperse Microparticles
1990    Starburst Dendrimers: A Family of Monodisperse Nanoparticles
Undated          Ad: Our clients…

Popper & Sons, Inc. New Hyde Park, NY:
1983 Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Hospital Supplies, Scientific Specialties
1992 Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Hospital Supplies, Scientific Specialties

PRA International Inc.
1986 Nitromite LN 120 Subnanosecond Pulsed Nitrogen Laser 
Undated Laser Price List

Praxis Corp., San Antonio, TX: 1973, Praxis PR-103 Pulsed NMR Analyzer

Precision Aperture, Fort Wayne, IN: 1978,, Now, Your One Source for Microprecision Holes

Precision Equipment Co., Chicago, IL: Undated, Conversion Factors: Reference Table for Engineers and Other Executives

Precision Plastics Inc:  2014 Multiwll Stage Top Enclosure

Precision Scientific Co., Chicago, IL:
1960s    Shaker Baths, Dubnoff Shaking Incubator, Warburg Apparatus
1964     Freas Incubators, Ovens
Undated     Freas Low Temperature Incubators
Undated     Sero-Utility Baths
Undated     Thelco Ovens and Incubators

Precision Systems, Framingham, MA:
1964    Osmette the New Precision Systems Osmometer
1964    Ice Baths Eliminated: A Prechill Chamber for Osmometers

Precision Thermometer & Instrument Co., Southampton, PA: 1960s, Princo Catalog

Princeton Applied Research Corp.: 
1967    Signal Correlator Model 100, Correlation Function Computer
1978    Applications of Optical Multichannel Spectrometric Detectors

Princeton Gamma-Tech, (PGT), Princeton, NJ:
1970s   PGT Si(Li) Detectors
1970s   Chemical Analyzers
1970s   Model 100 Chemical Analyzer
1970s   Model 100 Chemical Analyzer Lead-in-Gasoline Application
1970s   Model 100 Chemical Analyzer Sulfur in Fuel Oils
1970s   The PGT-500 A Powerful & Versatile X-Ray Spectrochemical Analyzer
1975    PGT-1000 Accessories
1975    PGT Microanalysis Systems Comparison
1976    PGT-1000 Quantitative Software
1977    X-Ray Systems for Microanalysis

P.R. Mallory & Co., Inc., Indianapolis, IN: 1956, Technical Information Bulletin: Mallory 1000 Metal

Process & Instruments, Brooklyn, NY: 1954, Versatile Blood Pump Featuring Independent Control of Mean Pressure, Pulse Pressure, Pulse Rate and Wave Form

Products for Research Inc, West Acton, MA:
1965    Refrigerated Photomultiplier Tube Chamber TE-102
1965    Refrigerated Photomultiplier Tube Chamber TE-104
1965    Price List
Undated          Photomultiplier Tube Chamber
Undated          Photomultiplier Tube Operating Environment

Pro Scientific, Oxford, CT:
2018       Automated Homogenizers from PRO Scientific: DPS-20 Dual Homogenizing System
2018       Automated Homogenizers from PRO Scientific: Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer
2018       PRO25D Homogenizer
2018       Homogenizing Packages

Protective Controls Inc. (PCI), Frederick, MD: 1977, Thermostats Series 5003

Protein Simple:
2016    Proteomics Progress: Innovations in Protein Research
2017    Diagnosing Disease: Exploiting Biomarkers to Identify & Monitor Brain Dysfunction

Proteintech, Chicago, IL:
2014     Protocols Guide
2014     Antibodies for Cancer Research
2014     Antibodies for IHC and Pathology
2014     Antibodies for Stem Cell Research
2014     Antibodies for Kidney Research
2014     Antibodies for Cell Biology/Cell Death
2014     Immunofluorescence: Tricks and Tips for Immunostaining Cultured Cells
2014     A Beginner’s Guide to Immunohistochemistry
2014     Loading Control Antibodies for Western Blotting

ProtonOnSite: 2014, On-Site Gas Solutions

PSC Lamps, Inc., East Rochester, NY: 1993, Replacement Lamps for Your Equipment

Pure Carbon, St. Marys, PA:
1970    Design Ahead with Pure Carbon High-Purity Graphites
1970    Design Ahead with Purebon
1971    Design Ahead with Purbon Molalloy
1972    Design Ahead with Purebon Standardized Solid Lubricant Bearings

Pyles Industries, Inc., Detroit, MI:
Undated     Semco Sealant Gun for Applying Catalyst and Additive Materials
Undated     Electric Extruder Model 5006

Pyrometer Instrument Co., Bergenfield, NJ:  
1963    Pyro Surface Pyrometer
1964    Pyro Pyrometers Catalog

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Qas Corp., Garden Grove, CA: 1971, Glass Atomizer: 2002, PreteoPLUS ™ Gel Electro-Elution and Dialysis System

Qbiogene:  2002, PreteoPLUS ™ Gel Electro-Elution and Dialysis System

Qiagen Inc., Santa Clarita and Valenica, CA:  
1997    Ni-NTA Superflow
1997    Ni-NTA HisSorb Strips and Plates
2010    Pyrosequencing—the Synergy of Sequencing and Quantification
2011    AIAxcel Advanced System
2011    Product Guide Supplement
2016    QIAGEN QIAxpert
Qiagen News:
     February 2002
     June 2002

Quality Electric Co., Los Angeles, CA: 1958, Resistance Wire Kit No. 1

Quaracell Products, Inc., New York, NY:
1960s   High Precision Cells for Commercial Spectrophotometers
1960    High Precision Cells and Prices
1960    High Precision Quartz Cells

Quartz Products Corp., Plainfield, NJ:
1978    Advantages of Jumbo Single Fibers Over Bundles, D. Boucher
1970s   Low-Loss, Large Diameter Silica Core, Step-Index, Single-Strand Optical Fibers

Quarzlampen Gesellschaft, Hanau, Germany:  undated, UV Burners and Burner Units

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Radcal Corp.:
1984    Radionuclide Calibrator Model 4050
1984    Radionuclide Manager Model 4045

Radio Corporation of America (RCA), Princeton, NJ:
1945    1P22 Multiplier Phototube
1949    5819 Multiplier Phototube
1949    5820 Image Orthicon
1953    Universal Polarimeter 725XX
1954    Electrofax Direct Electrophotographic Printing on Paper
1955    Electrofax-A New Tool for the Graphic Arts (Meyer Sugarman)
1955    6694-A Photoconductive Cell
1955    6032 Image-Converter Tube
1955    931-A Multiplier Phototube
1955    6810 Multiplier Phototube
1955    Head-On Multiplier Phototube C7160
1956    1P21 Multiplier PhotoTube
1956    6866 Display Storage Tube
1956    6499 Radechon
1956    Vidicon C73439
1957    5819 Multiplier Phototube
1957    7102 Multiplier Phototube
1957    7029 Multiplier Phototube
1958    7326 Multiplier Phototube
1958    7264 Multiplier Phototube
1958    6655-A Multiplier Phototube
1958    7200 Multiplier Phototube
1958    6342-A Multiplier Phototube
1958    7265 Multiplier Phototube
1958    931-A Multiplier Phototube
1958    Photosensitive Devices and Cathode-Ray Tubes
1959    7467 Photojunction Cell
1960    Developmental Photosensitive Devices
1961    Camera Tubes, Storage Tubes, Cathode-ray Tubes
1961    1P21 Multiplier Phototube
1962    4449 Image-Converter Tube
1964    RCA-4471, 4472 Multiplier Phototubes
1964    RCA-4473 Multiplier Phototube
1964    Recent Photomultiplier Developments at RCA (Robert Matheson)
1965    Photomultiplier Tube C70038D
1965    Photomultiplier Tube RA-8575
1969    Photomultiplier Tube RCA-4516
1970    Multiplier Phototubes PIT-700A
1971    Photodetector C31034A
1971    Photodetector C31034
1976    Photomultiplier Tubes Including Electron Multipliers and PMT Accessories
1981    Photomultipliers for Applied Spectroscopy
Undated          For the First Time… Multiplier Phototubes with S-20 Response
Undated          RCA Photoconductive and Photojunction Cells
Undated          RCA Phototubes, Gas Phototubes, Vacuum Phototubes, Multiplier Types

Radio Frequency Laboratories, Inc. (RFL), Boonton, NJ:
1957    Model 1500 Magnet Charger
1979    Basic Component Type Controllers
Undated           Model 720 Zero-Voltage-Firing Proportional Lab Temperature Controller
Undated          Model 107A Magnet Charger
Undated          Magnetreater Model 889A

1991    Flo-One/Beta Model GCR Radioactivity Detector for Gas Chromatography

1968   Catalog
1978    Meet the pH-Family
1978    Electrode Guide
1979    Titration Review
1980    Meter Family
1980    Meet the pH-Family
1981    Electrodes Price List
1981   Analytical Electrode Guide
1982    Titration Price List: Recording Systems
1982    Titration Price List: End Point Systems
1982    Titration Price List: Digital Systems
1982    Ion Scanning System Price List
1982   Conductivity Price List
1982    Analytical Electrode Guide Price List
1982    pH Meters Price List
1983    Meter Family
1983    Analytical Electrode Guide
1983    Ion 85 Ion Analyzer
1983    Price List
Undated    Titration Assembly Type TTA31
Undated    Titration Assembly Type TTA 3
Undated    pH Meter 27

Radiometric Instruments & Chemical Co.: 1984, Flo-One Series Info Packet

Rainin Instrument Co., Woburn, MA/ Oakland, CA: 
1998    Pipetting Solutions
2001    Pipetting Solutions
2013    Speed Your Workflow E4 XLS
2013    Rainin Focus:  XLS+ Multichannels
2014    USA Product Catalog
2016    USA Tip Catalog
2017     USA Product Catalog 
Undated       Gilson Pipetman Adjustable Digital Microliter Pipettes

Rancocas Ceramics Co. (Ceranco), Rancocas, NJ: 1970, ASCAST 95: High Temperature Moldable Ceramic

Raptor Photonics:  2014 CCD, EMCCD, SWIR, CMOS and sCMOS Cameras

Raytheon Manufacturing Co., Waltham, MA: 
1959    General Characteristics CK570/OK411A
1950s   Microtherm: Microwave (Radar) Diathermy
1951    Hipersils

Razel Scientific Instruments:
late 1970s    Model A-99 Syringe Pump
Undated      Model A Syringe Pump

The R.B. Woodward Collection: 1986, Research Samples

R&D Jewelers Supply Co., Inc., Silver Springs, MD: 1983, Catalog 835H: Tools, Supplies, and Equipment

Reactor Experiments Inc., San Carlos, CA:
1972    Product Summary: Radiation Shielding
1973    Ultra Thin Metal Foils
1973    High Purity Foil
1977    Product Summary: Radiation Shielding, Pneumatic Transfer Systems, Foils & Wires

Reed & Carnrick:  1987, Cardiogram, 5(3), May/June

Refrigeration for Science (RFS), Inc., Island Park, NY:  1969, Catalog & Price List

Reliance Electric, Cleveland, OH:
1980    Serviceline Platinum Plating Starter Kit Prices
1980    Precious Metals Price List
1980    Discount Schedule
1981    Serviceline Precious Metals Plating Processes
1981    Platinum…the Element of Protection
1981    Platinum Protects Against Excessive Brush Wear, Grooving, etc.
1981    Platinum Plating Eliminates Commutator Threading Problem
1981    High Humidity Sodium Chloride Test Proves Platinum Protects Commutators…
1981    Survival Kit for Commutators
1981    Platinum Plating Application Guidelines

Research Genetics, Inc., Huntsville, AL:
1996    Catalog: Accelerating Discovery
2001    Catalog: an Invitrogen Company

Research Organics
Undated    M.B.S.
Undated    CDAP: Monoclonal Coupler

Research Products International Corp., Mount Prospect, IL: 
1992   Liquid Scintillation Chemicals & Vials, Radiation Safety Products, Enzyme Substrates, Laboratory Equipment
2014    Biochemicals and Laboratory Accessories 
Undated     Electrophoresis

Research Specialities Co.: Undated, 801 Chromatobox

Rese Engineering, Inc., Philadelphia, PA: undated, Model 1051 Millimicrosecond Current Pulse Generator

Restek Corporation: 2000, Chromatography

R. Fuess, Berlin: 1956, Metal-Spectroscope for Rapid Routine Control of Metal Alloys

R.&J. Beck Ltd., London: undated, Beck Spectroscopes

Rheem Manufacturing Col, Asheville, NC:  1980s, …how to get the most out of-and into—you new freezer or refrigerator…

Rheodyne Inc.:
1980    Model 7163 Solenoid Valve Kits
1981    Model 7125 Syringe Loading Sample Injector
Undated    Model 7010 Sample Injection Valve
Undated    Accessories for Valves
Undated    Type 70 HPLC Switching Valves 
Undated    HPLC Accessories
Undated    Model 7126 Automatic Sample Injector 
Undated    Models 7410 & 7413 Sample Injection Valves
Undated    Model 7066 Tandem Column Selector and Model 7067 Tandem Enrichment Injector

Richard H. Bird & Co., Inc., Waltham, MA:
1970s Data Sheet: Cup and Double-Cup Jewels and Assemblies
          Data Sheet: Sapphire Products and Insulators
          Data Sheet: Vee Jewels and Assemblies
          Data Sheet: Pins & Pivots
          Data Sheet: Ring Jewels, Endstones and Assemblies
          Data Sheet: Optical Sapphire Products
          Data Sheet: Materials, Properties and Selection Factors
          Data Sheet: Orifice Jewels and Assemblies

Rich, Seifert & Co., Hamburg, Germany: 1954, Guinier Double Camera with Precision Monochromator

Ridgefield Instrument Group (RIG), Ridgefield, CT:
Undated          Schlumberger Electronic Integrator
Undated          200 KC Gain-Bandwidth Product DC Amplifier
Undated          Ridgefield ESR Analyzer (Electron Spin Analyzer)

RMC, Tucson, AZ: Undated, Ultramicrotomes

RMI Co., Niles, OH:
1985    Basic Design: Titanium
1980s   Titanium and Titanium Alloys for Chemical, Industrial, and Marine Applications
1980s   Up-date: Beta-C Corrosion Resistance in Hostile Environments
1980s   Low Iron, Commercially Pure Titanium-A Standard Product of the RMI Co.

Robbins & Myers, Inc., Springfield, OH:
1962    Moyno Type FS Utility Pumps
1962    Moyno Type EM Utility Pumps
1960s   Condensed Catalog
1960s   Moyno Type CM Special Application Pumps

Robert K. Hassler, Co., Altadena, CA:  undated, Atomic Hydrogen Lamp

Roboz Surgical Instrument Co. Inc., Gaithersburg, MD: 2000s, Surgical Instrument Catalog

Rockland Antibodies & Assays: 2017 Mastering Post-Translational Modifications

Roger Gilmont Instruments, Inc., Great Neck, NY:  Undated, Ultra Precision Micrometer Syringes and Burets

Rogers Corp.: 1987, Durimid 100 and 120 Thermoplastic Polyimide Preliminary Data Sheet

Rohm & Haas Co., Philadelphia, PA: 1961, Plexiglas Sheet Physical Properties Bulletin 229f

Rollei: Undated, Progress in Photography

Rolyn Optics Co., Arcadia, CA:  1981, Optics for Industry

Rosemount Engineering Co., Minneapolis, MN:
Undated          Model 701A Osmometer
Undated          Model 701B Osmometer

Rubicon Co., Philadelphia, PA:
1940s   Galvanometers
1946    Photoelectric Galvanometer
1947    Hercules General-Purpose Photometer
1947    Potentiometers
1947    Resistance Standards and Resistance Bridges
1947    Recording Automatic Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer
1948    Evelyn Photoelectric Colorimeter
1949    Resistance Standards and Resistance Bridges
1949    Galvanometers, Ayrton Shunts, Accessories

Rudolph Instruments Engineering Co., Inc., Little Falls, NJ:
1962    Recording Spectropolarimeter
1963    Automatic Spectropolarimeter
1963    Introduction for Automatic and Recording Spectropolarimeters Series 3

Rudolph & Sons, Inc., Caldwell, NJ:
1966    Price List Manual Photoelectric Ellipsometer Assemblies
1966    Users List for Manual Photoelectric Ellipsometers
Undated          Model 230 Compact Photoelectric Polarimeter
Undated          Rotational Measuring Device Model 6010

Russell Industries, Inc., Lynbrook, NY: undated, Catalog No. 74-75: Shieldmu Tape and Foil and Shieldflex Flexible Tubing

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Sanborn Co., Waltham, MA:
1956 Viso-Scope Model 169A
1959    Model 150M Sanborn Poly-Viso
1960s    Narrow Band Differential DC Amplifier
1960    Electrocardiographs Models 100 and 100M Viso-Cardiette
1960    Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1960    EEG/ECG Preamplifier Model 55
1960    Model 150-2700 High Gain Preamplifier
1960    Oscillographic Recording Systems, 350 and 350M Series
1960    Poly-Beam Recording System Model 550M
1961    Oscillographic Recording Systems, 150M Series
1961    150 Preamplifiers
1961    Prices–150M Series: Basic Assemblies, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961    Prices–350 Series: Basic Assemblies, Optional Units, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961    Prices–550M Systems: Basic Assembly, Preamps, Monitoring
1961    Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-1100AS
1961    DC Coupling Preamplifier Model 350-1300A
1961    Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1961    ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-1600
1961    Heart Sound Preamplifier Model 350-1700B
1961    Medical Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-3000
1961    ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-3200
1961    Combination Systems: Direct Writing/Photographic Recording Systems
1962    The Right Angle, 9(4)

Sanders: undated, Coaxial Line Oscillators

Sanders Associates, Inc., Nashua, NH: undated, Flexible, Kel-F Printed Circuit Cables

Sanders Laboratories, Jackson, NJ: undated, Micro-Forge

Sangamo Electric Co, Springfield, IL: 1959, Type DCM Energy Storage Electrolytic Capacitors

Sani-Tech, Andover, NJ:
1985    Sani-Pro Fractional Tubing
1985    Sani-Flo STHT Reinforced Silicone Tubing
1986    Sani-Pro Sanitary Tubing
1986    Sani-Pro C: Transparent Sanitary Process Tubing and Fittings
1986    See what you process with Sani-Flex STHT Life-Like Textured Tubing
1986    Sani-Pro Sight-Gauges
1986    Sani-Flo Sanitary, Ferruled, Flexible Tubing and Hose
1986    Sani-Pro K Kynar Sanitary Process Tubing and Fittings Price List
1986    Sani-Pro T Sanitasroy Process Tubing and Fittings
1987    Quick Connect Cam-Flo Couplings for Sanitary Processing
1987    USS Susport
1980s   Sanitary Reinforced Silicone Elbows
1980s   Ad: A New Era in Sanitary Processing Systems
1980s   Clear End Caps Polysulphone “High Temp”

Sargent (see E. H. Sargent & Co.)

Sargent-Welch, Chicago, IL:
1968    Hitachi Perkin-Elmer Model 115 Molecular Weight Apparatus
1969 EEL Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 
Undated Mettler High-Speed Top-Loading Balances 
Undated The Auto-Aquatrator and The Aquatrator

Sarns Inc., Ann Arbor, MI: 1966, Model 3500 Low Flow Roller Pump

Savant (Division of ThermoQuest), Holbrook, NY:
1998    Instruments and Accessories
1999    SPD-Series Speed VAC ® Concentrators
1999    OFP-400 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
1999    Vial Cell Stoppering Shelf Unit-VC45
1999    GEP140 GelPump ™
1999    SPD131DDA Speedvac ® Concentrator
1999    PRO Rotor Kit
1999    Savant uSpeedfuge ® SFR13K
1999    Spin Freezer 96

Sawyer Research Projects, Inc. Eastlake, OH: 
1961    Commercializing Cultured Quartz
Undated          Optical Cultured Quartz

Scanning Electron Microscopy/1976 Annual Meeting: Advertiser’s Brochure & Exhibition Information:
AMR Corp.
Bausch & Lomb
Bio-Rad Laboratories
The Bomar Co.
Cambridge Instruments
Coates & Welter
Carl Zeiss
C.W. French Division/EBTEC Corp.
Edwards High Vacuum, Inc.
Electron Microscope Supplies
ETEC Corp.
Fluorinated Lubricants Co.
Ernest F. Fullam, Inc.
GW Electronics Inc.
International Scientific Instruments, Inc. (ISI)
Kevex Corp.
Kimball Physics, Inc.
Ladd Research Industries, Inc.
LeMont Scientific
M.E. Taylor Engineering
Madison Engineering Co.
Microspec Corp.
Mid-America Microanalysis Lab, Inc.
Montedison USA, Inc.
Nuclear Equipment Corp.
Parr Instrument Co.
PhotoMetrics, Inc.
Philips Electronic Instruments
Plenum Publishing Corp.
Polaron Instruments Inc.
QBI International
SPI Supplies/Structure Probe, Inc.
Ted Pella Co.
VG Microscopes

Schleicher & Schuell, Dassel, Germany and Keene, NH:
1985    Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1986    Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber
1986    Sequences: The S&S Elutrap for the Isolation and Purification of Macromolecules
1989    Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1999    Clean-Sep ™: Cartridges for Solid Phase Extraction
1999    Clean-Sep ™: SPE Method Development Kits
1999    Clean-Sep ™: SPE RPC Resins
1999    Membrane Butler: Dispenser and Sterile Membranes for Microbiological Analysis
1999    Better the Blot Catalog
1999    Consumer Price List
2004    Products & Protocols

Schoeffel Instrument Co., (SI) Westwood, NJ:
Undated          Model LPS 201 Power Supply for Deuterium and Hydrogen Arc Lamps
Undated          Monochromator Lamp Assemblies for the Visible and Ultraviolet
Undated          Power Supply for Xenon and Xenon-Mercury Compact Arc Lamps

Schott, Germany: 1980s, Three Bright Examples Cold-Light Sources: KL 1500, 1500-T, 1500-2

Science/Electronics, Dayton, OH:
1982    Cassette Data Recording System Price List
1982    Cassette Data Recorder
1982    Memory Recording Systems for Temperature and Humidity
1982    Memory Recording Systems for Temperature and Humidity Price List
1982    Miniature Chart Recorders for Temperature and Humidity
1982    Miniature Chart Recorders for Temperature and Humidity Price List
1982    Standard Inputs & Ranges Miniature Chart Recorders

Science Products Corp.:
1964    Science Products Corporation, Thermocouples
1969    The Tek-Line undated    Flexible Cable Thermopiles
Undated    Flexible Cable Thermopiles

Scientific Advances, Inc., Columbus, OH:
1966    Subminiature Absolute-Pressure Transducers
Undated          Model SA-PT H-6 Subminiature Absolute Pressure Transducer
Undated          Data Sheet 1 SAPT Transducers
Undated          Differential Pressure Transducer
Undated          Medical Transducer
Undated          New High Output Ultra-Thin Subminiature Pressure Transducer
Undated          Soil Pressure Transducer

Scientific Glass Apparatus Co.: 1952, Inter-Joint Glassware, Catalog J-52

Scientific Industries, Bohemia, NY:  2013 Catalog

Scientific Industries Inc., Springfield, MA: 1971, Parts List

Scientific Products (S/P), Evanston, IL:  1969, The Tek-Line

SCIMED Life Systems Inc., Maple Grove, MN: 1991 Trapper

Scott Electric, Greensburg, PA:  2009/10  Product Catalog

Secon Metals Corp., White Plains, NY:
1962    Resistance Thermometer Wire
1962    Strain Gauge Wire
1962    Fine Wire and Ribbon
1962    Enameled Wire
1962    Fuse Wire
1962    Galvanometer Suspension Strip
1962    Electroplated Wire and Ribbon
1962    Titanium Wire
1963    Precision Fine Wire

Sel-Rex Corp., Nutley, NJ:
1959    Portable Plating Barrels
1959    Ad: Another Plating Problem Solved by Sel-Rex
1959    Ad: From Missiles and Rockets to Misses and Lockets
Undated          Permaflux C
Undated          Permaflux CI

1978    Flat Surface Combination pH Electrode
1982    Bulletin 200B: Dependable Electrodes

Sentinel Glass Co., Hatboro, PA:  1953, Sentinel Glass Small Diameter Pipe and Fittings

Sequoia Wire, Redwood City, CA: 1958, Preliminary Technical Data: Caramicite

Servo Corporation of America, New Hyde Park, NY:
1955    Price List
1955    Arsenic Trisulfide Glass Infrared Lenses and Windows

Sethco Manufacturing Corp., Merrick, NY:  
1960  Specifications “Canned” Leakproof Centrifugal Transfer Pump
1961   “Full-View” Filter Chambers
1961   Miniature Filter Systems
Undated Sethco Filter Tubes

SGI-DNA:  2017, Gibson Assembly Cloning Method

SGL Electronics, Westville, NJ:
Undated          MagnaShield: Magnetic Shielding Materials
Undated          A Complete Magnetics Components Manufacturer

Shafer Bearing Division, Chain Belt Co., Downers Grove, IL: 1962, Rexlon Teflon-Lined Bearings

Shandon, England: 1998/99, Cytology Histology Catalog

Shannon Luminous Materials Co., Hollywood, CA: 
Undated          Bright Sodium Laboratory Lamp Model 500
Undated          Portable AC Ultra-Violet Outfit Uviarc

S.H.E. Corp., San Diego, CA: 1977, Catalog: Squid Systems and Dewars

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD: 2009, Rebel Against the Gel: MultiNA

Shimadzu Seisakusho, Tokyo: 1965, A Spectrophotometer for the Measurement of Circular Dichroism

Shur-Bend Mfg. Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN: 1971, Aluminum and Tin-plate Canes

Sierracin/Sylmar, Sylmar, CA:
Undated          Intrex-G with sample
Undated          Intrex-K Data sheet with sample

Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO: 
1999    PCR
2011-2012   Products for Life Science Research
2016    sigma CRISPR

Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO:
1989    Sigma Announces Liquid Media
1989    Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 2
1991    Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 5
1992    Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 9
1993    Stable Cell Labeling: Novel Linker Systems
1993    Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 10

Sigmamotor: Undated, Cross Circulation Pump for Use in Open Heart Surgery

Sigmund Cohn Corp., Mount Vernon, NY:
1956    Products and Specifications
1957    Prices for Rhodium Plating and Replenishing Solutions
1959    Exothermic Fuze Wire: B3 PyroFuze Wire
1963    High Tensile Strength Platinum Alloys #479, #851, Platinum-10% Nickel
1968    Properties of Metals and Alloys
1970    Nobel Metals for Wire Wound Precision Potentiometers
Undated          Precious Metals and High Purity Nickel as used in Temperature Measurement
Undated          Processed Wires
Undated          Products Summary

Signetics: undated, Another Breakthru in Operational Amplifier Performance

Singer Instruments, Somerset, England:
Undated          MK 1 Micromanipulator
Undated          Singer Micromanipulators Mark III
Undated          Singer Mk III Micromanipulator & Microforge
Undated          List of Users
Undated          Inject + Matic

SLM/AMINCO: 1992, AMINCO-Bowman Series 2 Luminescence Spectrometer & Feature Notes

Small Parts Inc.:
1991    Catalog
2000    Catalog

Solder Absorbing Technology Inc., (SAT), Agawam, MA:
1984    Reversible Paper Thermometers
1984    Price List
1984    Temperature Sensors
1984    Apply and Forget Until You Inspect

Solidyne:  Undated, Sealomatic High Frequency Sealing and Heating Equipment

Sono-tek Corp., Poughkeepsie, NY:  
1983    Ultrasonic Nozzles set CPI Aflutter, Chemical Engineering, February 7
1984    IR 100 Award Brochure
1984    Research & Development Ultrasonic Nozzles Take Pressure out of Atomizing Processes, Harvey L. Berger
1984    Ultrasonic Nozzles take Pressure Out of Atomizing Processes, Harvey L. Berger, Research & Development, September
1984    I-R 100 Award: Ultrasonic Nozzles
Undated          The “Turn-Key” Ultra-Sonic Atomizing Nozzle System

Sorvall (see Ivan Sorvall, Inc.)

South Bay Technology Inc., (SBT), temple City, CA:
Undated          What’s new at South Bay Technology?
Undated          Laboratory Equipment for Slicing, Dicing, Polishing, Drilling, Orienting and Thinning Single Crystals and Other Materials
1985    Model 650 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw
1985    Model 810 Low Speed Wire Saw
1985    Model 850 Wire Saw

Southern London Electrical Equipment (SLEE): undated, Pearse/Slee Refrigerated Microtomes (Cryostats) Accessory Price List

Southern Oxygen Co., Bladensburg, MD:
1958    Seaford Grade Nitrogen Specifications
1958    Oil-Pumped Nitrogen
1958    Super-Dry Nitrogen
1958    Pre-Purified Nitrogen
1958    Industrial Technical Oxygen
1958    Argon Specifications
1958    Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen
1958    Carbon Dioxide
1958    Compressed Air Breathing Quality and Commercial Grade
1958    Helium
1958    Hydrogen (Electrolytic)
1958    Water-Pumped Nitrogen

Southwestern Industrial Electronics Co., (SIE), Houston, TX: undated, Model P-2 Precision Electronic Potentiometer

Spectrex Co., Redwood City, CA:
1971    A System for Quantitative elemental Analysis of Metallic Elements…ad
Undated          New Product Release: Quantrex
Undated          The Newest Vreeland Model 6A Spectroscope

Spectro-Film Inc., Winchester, MA:
Undated   Standard Optical Interference Filters for Laser Applications Specs & Prices
Undated   Standard Narrow Band Optical Interference Filters Specs & Prices
Undated   Standard Analytical Interference Specs & Prices

Spectromagnetic Industries: 1961, Model PC 2500-2A Current Regulated Power Supply

Spencer: 1940, Fluorescence Accessories

Sperry Univac Computer Systems, St. Paul, MN:
Undated          Glass Etch Technology
Undated          Glass Etch Technology

SPEware, Baldwin Park, CA: 
2014  Cerex TouchPro 96 and 192

SPEX Industries:
1959   The Spex Speaker IV(2), June: the Spex 9010 Arc/Spark Stand
1985   Handbook of Sample Preparation & Handling

Sprague Electric Co., North Adams, MA:
1954    Engineering Bulletin, January: Ceroc T, Double-Teflon Ceramic-Insulated High-Temperature Magnet Wire
1957    Ad: The electrolytic capacitor you need… in the mounting style you want

Spring Valley Laboratories, Woodbine, MD: 2002, Custom Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibody Production, etc.

S. S. White, Philadelphia, PA: 1965, General Dental Catalog

Stackpole Carbon Co., St. Marys, PA:
1945    Stackpole Electrical Contacts Catalog No. 12*
1953    Carbon Specialties, Catalog 40A

Standard Polarimeter Co., New York, NY:
Undated          Standard Model D Keston Polarimetric Unit for Beckman DU
Undated          Photoelectric Polarimetric Unit Model D

Standard Scientific, New York, NY: undated, Siliclad A Water Soluble Silicone Concentrate

Stanford Research Institute, Stanford, CA: 1951, Measurement of Vapor Pressures by Means of Matched Thermistors

Starna Cells Inc., Atascadero, CA: 1998, Spectrophotometer Cells

Starrett: 1992, Catalog

Statham Instruments Inc., Los Angeles, CA:
1965    Thin Film Stain Gage Pressure Transducer Model PA822 Rev. 2
1965    Thin Film Stain Gage Pressure Transducer Model PA822 for Cryogenic Temperature Requirements Rev. 2
1965    Thin-Film Strain-Gage Transducers – Peter Perino
1966    Thin Film Stain Gage Pressure Transducer Model PA826 Rev. 2
1966    Thin Film Strain Gage Pressure Transducers

Static Products, Garland, TX: 1969, Sales Reps

Steinheil Optik, Munich, Germany:
1962    Steinheil Universal Spectrograph GH
1964    Price Sheet

StemCell Technologies: 2002, Catalog

Stevens Elastomeric and Plastic Products Inc., Easthampton, MA:
1981    Hi-Tuff Solid Polyurethane
Undated          Hi-Tuff Thermoplastic Urethane

Stoelting, Chicago, IL: 
1972    A new series: Micro Positioners
1972    Micro-Manipulators, Micro-Forges, Pipette Pullers, Dovetail Slides
1974    Instrument Catalog
1979    Experimental Biology & Physiology Instruments
1988    Physiology Research Instruments
2004    Catalog

Stork Inter-America Corp., Charlotte, NC: undated, Electro Forming & You

Stow Laboratories, Stow, MA:
1965    Draft Copy of Temperature Compensation of PITRANS by Means of a Selected Base Resistor
1967    StoLab Pitran: Pressure Sensitive Transistors
1968    Price List
1968    Preliminary Data Sheet Models PT-22 and PT-23 Piezo Transistor
1969    The Piezo-Junction Sensor/Transducer, Electromechanical Design, February

Strand Labs Inc, Newton, MA: undated, Electron-Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

Stratagene, La Jolla, CA: 
2001    Strategies Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 1
2005    Strategies Vol. 18, No. 1

Streck Laboratories Inc.: Undated, Frigicator

Structure Probe: 1985, SPI Supplies for Electron Microscopy Supplies

Stupakoff Ceramic & Manufacturing Co., Latrobe, PA:
1951    Kovar Glass Seals
1954    Kovar Glass Seals

Supelco, Inc.:
1978    Chromatography Supplies, Catalog 12
1983    Troubleshooting Guide
2005/6    Chromatography

Super Absorbent Co., Lumberton, NC: 1979, Super Slurper

Superior Electric Co.:
1967    Slo-Syn Catalog SS1265-3, Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls & Drives
1972    Slo-Slyn Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls, & Drives

Superior Tube Co., Norristown, PA:
1954    Data Memo: Glass Sealing Alloy Tubing
1957    Glass Sealing Alloy Tubing
1961    Tapered Tubing Introduction
1963    AM 350 Weldrawn Tubing

Suprenant Mfg. Co.: 1953, Teflon Insulated Wire

Sutter Instrument Co., Novato, CA: 1991, Micropipette Pullers, Optical Filter Changers, Micromanipulators, etc.

Swagelok: 1977, Quick-Connects

SwissCo Instruments:
1961    Buchi Fantavapor-61, Tap Water Distiller 
1961    Lab Instruments for Determination of Melting Point, Boiling Point, Molecular Weight, Flow Point 
Undated    Minivapor, Micro-distillation Apparatus for Conductance Water
Undated    Steam Generator with Electrode Heating & Nitrogen Determining Apparatus
Undated    Rotavapor, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Swiss Jewel Co., Philadelphia, PA:
1970s    Synthetic Sapphire and Ruby Precision Jewel Bearings and Specialties
1970s    Synthetic Sapphire Jewels

Switzer Brothers Inc., Cleveland, OH:
1959    A&D Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigments in Polyester Resins
1959    A&D Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigments in Polyvinyl Chloride Resins
1960    Price List Daylight Fluorescent Pigments
1960    Daylight Fluorescent Pigments
1961    A&D Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigments in Polyethylene
1961    How to Use the New Fluorescents

1983    Sybron Catalog
Undated    NANOpure II Ultrapure Water Systems

Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., Towanda, PA:
1950    Germanium Photocells (George O’Neill)
1952    Inert Gas Arc Welding Guide
1954    Tungsten
1957    Sylvania 1N77B Advance Data Photodiode
1950s   Tungsten Wire
1954-56           Price Lists
Undated          Panelescent Lighting

Synthecon Inc., Houston, TX: mid-1990s, Rotary Cell Culture System

Synthegen, Houston, TX: 1999, Modified Oligonucleotides Catalog

Syva Corp., Palo Alto, CA: 1971, News Release: Syntex/Varian Unit Annoucnes New 15-Second System for Detecting “Hard” Drug Use (NMR)

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Tafa, Concord, NH:
1971    TAFA-ARC Plasma Coating Processes
1971    Model 57 Plasma Spray Gun
1971    Model 57 Plasma Spray Gun
1971    The Heating of Solids in High Temperature Plasma (P.H. Wilks)

TDK Electronics Co., El Segundo, CA:
1979    PTC Thermistors
1979    TDK Honeycomb PTC Heaters
Undated          Thermistor Breakthrough!

Tecan Group, Switzerland:
2006     Freedom EVO 75, State of the Art Compact Pipetting Robot
2008     Freedom EVO
2011     Direct Digital Titration
2013     Application Guide for Multimode Readers

Techcon Systems, Inc., Gardena, CA:  
1964     Micro Air Dispenser
1985     Air Operated Vertical Toggle Press
1985     Boosters & Nozzles
1985     Air Operated Horizontal Toggle Press

Technical Equipment Co., Danville, CA: 1955, Electron-O-Therm “Senior” Precision Temperature Controller

Technical Measurement Corp.,  New Haven, CT: 1956, Counting Soft Beta Emitters with Liquid Phosphor Techniques

Technical Research Instruments, Inc., (TRI), King of Prussia, PA:
Undated          Thermo-Search Cell
Undated          Thermo-Search II

Technic Inc., Providence, RI:
1978    High Efficiency Orosene 80: 24 Kt Acid Bright Gold
Undated          Price List: Soluble Precious Metals for Electroplating
Undated          Mini electroplating Equipment
Undated          Cote D’Or Heavy Gold Electroplate
Undated          Mini Electroplating Equipment

Technical Instrument Co., San Francisco, CA: undated, Macro-Micro Positioners and Micro-Manipulators

Tektronics Inc.:
1972    Rapid-Scanning Spectrometry: Molecular Spectroscopic & Chemical Kinetic Applications
1973    Fast-Scan Spectrometry

Telios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA: undated, Human Collagen Type VII Monoclonal Antibodies

Tempco Electric Heater Corp.: undated, Engineering Data Immersion Heating Applications

Tempil, South Plainfield, NJ:
1984    Basic Guide to Ferrous Metallurgy
1984    Temperature Indicators, Protective Coasting, Metal Markers
1985    Price List Industrial

Tensolite Insulated Wire Co., Inc., Tarrytown, NY:
Undated          High Temperature Flexibility
Undated          Miniature and Sub-Miniature Wire and Cable
Undated          Research and Development Kit
Undated          Price Lists

Terumo BCT Inc., Lakewood, CO:
2009    Cobe Spectra Apheresis System brochure customized therapeutic procedures
2009    Cobe Spectra Apheresis System brochure white blood cell
2012    Cobe Spectra Apheresis System brochure

Testing Machines Inc., Mineloa, NY:  1961, Testing Molds Price List

Texas Instruments, Inc., Houston, TX:  
1959    Copper-Cored #446 Alloy Glass Sealing Wire
1959    Clad Metals for Semiconductor Applications
1959    Type 1N2175 N-P-N Diffused Silicon Photo-Duo-Diode
1959    New Product: Subminiature Silicon Photo-Duo-Diode
1960    Copper-Cored #52 Alloy Glass Sealing Wire
1960    Solid and Clad Metals for Electron Tube Applications
1960    Sensistor: Silicon Resistor Temperature Compensated Flip-Flop
1973    Scientific and Industrial Recorders
1973    Scientific and Industrial Recorders Chart Paper and Supplies
1973    Scientific and Industrial Recorders Bulletin 222E

Thermal American Fused Quartz Co., Montville, NJ:
1960s   Vitreosil Lam-O-Lume Lamp Envelope
1960s   Vitreosil Woven Fabric
1962    Vitreosil Electric Immersion Heaters
1963    Spectrosil: Synthetic Fused Silica
1964    Vitreosil: Maser Tubes
1965    Vitreosil: Pure Fused Quartz: Microbore Tubing
1965    Vitreosil: Pure Fused Quartz: Precision Bore Tubing
1965    Vitreosil: High Temp Ink
1965    Vitreosil: High Temp Quartz Cement
1965    Vitreosil: Odd Shape Tubing
1965    Spectrosil and Vitreosil
1966    Price lists
1966    Vitreosil: Clear Flat Ribbon
1966    Vitreosil: Short Form Catalog

Thermatest, Sunnyvale, CA:
1965    Thermatest 700 Series: Model 780 Welder
1965    Thermatest 700 Series: Thermocouple Welder (with sample)

Thermedics Inc., Woburn, MA:
1985    Newest Additions to TECOFLEX Family
1989    TECOFLEX Solution Processible Grades
Undated          Tecoflex Medical Grade Aliphatic Polyurethanes

Thermistor Corp. of America, Metuchen, NJ:
1955    Designing Thermistor Temperature-Correcting Networks Graphically
1956    How to Use Thermistors
1956    Glennite: Experimentors Thermistor Kits
1950s   TCA Bead in Bulb Thermistors
1950s   Characteristics of TCA Type L118 Thermistor
1950x  TCA Thermistors

Thermoelectrics Unlimited, Inc., Wilmington, DE:
1978    Stir-Kool and Cold Plate
Undated          Stir-Kool – Combination Cold Plate and Magnetic Stirrer
Undated          Thermoelectric Cold Plate Model TCP-2
Undated          Price List

Thermo Electron Corp., Waltham, MA: 1982, Tecoflex: Linear, Segments, Aliphatic, Polyether Based, Medical Grade, Polyurethane (with samples)

Thermo Fisher Scientific(see also Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific)
2007    Restore ™ Plus Western Blot Stripping Buffer
2011     Sorvall Legend X1 and Legend XT Centrifuge Series
2011     Forma Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers
2012     Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge Series
2015     Life in the Lab, Issue 15, Fall 2015
2016     Life in the Lab, Issue 16, Winter 2016
2016     Life in the Lab, Issue 17, Spring 2016
2013     Sorvall ST 8 Centrifuge
2014     Life Technologies, Issue 10 Spring 
2014    Life Technologies, Issue 11 Fall
2015     Simply Stunning EVOS Imaging Systems
2015     E-Gel precast agarose gels
2017     NanoDrop One
2017     Unrivaled Molecular Biology Research Tools
2017     Applied Biosystems PCR Thermal Cyclers and Plastics
2017    No-Wash, No-Lyse Techniques: Simplifying Flow Cytometry
2018 vTips and Drips: The Game of Pipetting

Thermolyne Corp., Dubuque, IA:  1961, Price List & Operating Instructions Temco Hot Plate

Thermometrics, Edison, NJ:
1985    Catalog 182: Thermistors
1986    Thermistor Sensor Handbook
1989    Temperature Standards Series S, AS, ES
1989    Precision Thermometer TS8901
1993    Thermometrics

Thermo Orion: 2001, Catalog

Thermoplastic Equipment Corp., 1965, Extruder Catalog

Thermo Scientific, Rockford, IL: 
2007    Tag You’re It. HisPur Colbalt Resin
2011    So Clean It Squeaks
2012     Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLC Systems
2013     Sorvall Legend and ST General Purpose Centrifuges
2013     ISQ Series Single Quadrupole GC-MS
2011    1300 Series A2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Thermo Scientific (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.), 2007:  Restore ™ Plus Western Blot Stripping Buffer

Thermovac Industries Corp., Copiague, NY:  
Undated  Thermovac Model FU-17-125 Freezer
Undated  Automatic Frozen Tissue Pulverizer

Thomas Industries, Johnson City, TN:  1968, SprayIt Model 910-1 Air Filter and Regulator

Thomas Scientific (Arthur H. Thomas), Swedesboro, NJ:
1961    Catalog
1991    Catalog 
2000    Catalog 
2000    Winter Supplement
2003/2004    Catalog
2007    Great Deals!

Thomas & Skinner, Inc., Indianapolis, IN:
1967    Metallic Alloy Permanent Magnets
Undated          Ad: Imaginetics…

Titertek-Berthold:  2012, Catalog Life Sciences Products

Tobe Deutschmann Labs: 1961, Capacitor

Tocris Cookson Inc., Ellisville, MO: 2004, Signal Transduction Product Guide

Transducer Products, Torrington, CA:
1968    Lead Titanate—Zirconate Piezo Ceramics
1968    Piezo Barium Titanate Ceramics

Transene Co., Inc., Rowley, MA:
1973/74           Conductive Silvers for Electronic Applications
Undated          Chemical Specialty Products for Solid State Electronics, and Industries

Transidyne General Corp., Ann Arbor, MI: Undated, NeuroGraph N-3

Transonic Systems, Inc., Ithaca, NY:
1978    Vessel Diameter-Independent Volume Flow Measurements Using Ultrasound
1983    An Implantable Transit Time Ultrasonic Blood Flow Meter (R.J. Barnes)
1984    Ultrasonic Flowmeter Uses Wide-Beam Transit-Time Technique
1985    In Vivo Calibration of a Transit-Time Ultrasound System for Measuring Ascending Aorta Volume Flow (J. Hartman)
1986    Blood Flow Measurement Methods in Animal Research Comparison
1988    Transonic Flowmeter
1988    Japanese Pharmacological Society Meeting Abstracts
1989    News Release: Transonic Sterile Tubing Flowsensor
1989    Transonic Sterile Tubing Flowsensor Specifications
1989    Transonic Sterile Tubing (Clamp-On) Flowsensor
1989    Transonic In-Line (Cannulating) Probes
1989    Transit Times, Spring
1989    Publication Reprint List
1989    Research Support Backup Available for Transonic Systems
1989    Price List
1989    Transonic Blood Flowmeter/Accessory Specifications
1989    The Transonic Flowmeter
1989    Selecting the Probe for Your Application

Tri-R Instruments, Inc., Jamaica, NY:  Undated, Tissue Homogenizers

2017  Precision Weights
Undated    Magnetic Stirrer-Hot Plates and Accessories 
Undated    Class A Prescription Balance & Precision Laboratory Balance

Tronac Inc.: 1978, 351 Battery Calorimeter

Tropel, Fairport, NY:
1977    Price List
1978    Micaflat Waveplates

TRW Instruments, Inc., El Segundo, CA:
Undated          Nanosecond Light Pulser Model 88A
Undated          Pulsed Energy Sources TRW Model 87A Series
Undated          Nanosecond Light Pulser and Accessories
Undated          Motor-Tach

TRW Equipment, Livonia, MI: 1970s, Electrodrilling is New

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Ultavue: 2019/2020, Phenotyping: The Tumor Microenvironment with Multiplex Immunohistochemistry

Ultramet, Pacoima, CA: 
Undated     Problem Solving with Refractory Metals and Compounds
Undated     High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Products & Services Chemical Vapor Deposition

Ultra-Violet Products, Inc., San Gabriel, CA:
1963       The Dart: Issue I-763
1963       Pen-Ray: Miniature Quartz Tube Lamp
1964       PCQ (Photo Chemical Quartz): Photochemical Equipment
Undated        Ad: Mineralight: Lamps, Rocks,, & Rainbows
Undated        Ad: First Transistor Black Light Lamp

Union Carbide Corp., Chicago, IL:
1960      Parylene Product Data: Bakelite Parylene
1968      Price Lists
1969      Polyox Water-Soluble Resins
1973      Pyrolytic Boron Nitride
1978      Amidel Transparent Nylon: A New Engineering Polymer
Undated    Parylene Pellicles
undated    Korad Laser Systems
undated    Korad Dielectric Thin Film Coatings for Lasers

United Mineral & Chemical Corp., New York, NY:
1962    High Purity Metals
1962    Periodic Table of Forms of the Elements
1968    Price List

United States Catheter and Instrument Corp., Glens Falls, NY:
1965    Cardiovascular Catheters and Accessories
1965    Price List 

United States Radium Corp.. Norristownm NJ: 1958, Isolites: Radioisotope-excited Light Sources for Industrial Signal Systems and Markers

Unitek Corp., Monrovia, CA:  
1969    Price List
1969    Catalog Precision Resistance Welding

Unitron Instrument Co., Newton Highlands, MA:
Undated    Microscopes: A Complete Range of Models and Accessories
1970s   Microscopes and Telescopes

Unknown manufacturer and date:  Bench Model Vacutrol

Upchurch Scientific: 1998, Brochure

Upjohn, Torrance, CA: 1984, Elastomers in the Real World

Upstate , Charlottesville, VA: 2005, Cell Signaling Solutions

U.S. Peroxygen Corp., Richmond, CA:  1966, Organic Peroxides Catalog

USA Scientific, Ocala, FL:  2017, Biotec Times, Summer 2017: CytoOne

U.S. Industrial Chemicals, Co. (USI), New York, NY:
1968    Flame Treating of High-Density Polyethylene Determent Bottles
1975    Vaynathene Vae Elastomers
Undated          New Ultrathene EVA Copolymer Resins for Extrusion Coating
Undated          Ultrathene UE 633
Undated          Ultrathene UE 635
Undated          Ultrathene UE 643

U.S. Peroxygen Corp., Richmond, CA:  1966, Organic Peroxides Catalog

UVP, Inc., San Gabriel, CA:
1986    Price List
Undated          UVM-57 Ultraviolet Lamp
Undated          Chromato-vue CC-60
Undated          UVP Transilluminator
Undated          Chromato-vue CC-15 System
Undated          C-70G Chromato-vue UV Illumination Cabinet
Undated          Black-Ray Automotive Leak Detection System
Undated          B-100A and B-100Y Inspection Lamps
Undated          Mineralight R-52G Professional Short Wave UV Lamp
Undated          Mineralight and Blak-Ray rechargeable Lamps
Undated          Mineralight UVG-47, UVG-48, Black-Ray ML-49
Undated          Four-watt Ultraviolet Lamps: Shortwave UVG-11, Multiband UVGL-15, Longwave UVL-21, Longwave UVL-23R, Multiband UVGL-25
Undated          Black-Ray Ultraviolet Intensity Meters for Monitoring UV Light Source Efficiency
Undated          UVX Radiometer
Undated          Readmittance Management
Undated          Blak-Ray Signature Verification System
Undated          Blak-Ray Fluorescent Tracer Products
Undated          Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Security Lamps
Undated          Blak-Ray Fluorescent Inks
Undated          Blak-Ray Protective Ultraviolet Eyewear
Undated          Memorase EPROM Erasing Systems

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Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI):
1989    Price List
1992    Price List
1994    Cheminert
1994    Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with Direct Internal Connections
1994    Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with External Tube Connections

Valley Forge Instrument Co., Inc., Phoenixville, PA:
1970s   Nanoliter Cryoscope Model 830
1970s   Biological Microstage Temperature Programmer
1970    External Connections for Programmers P1150, 1160, 1170
1970    Outline & Mtg. Dims. Multiple Rate Programmer P1160
1970    Outline & Mtg. Dims. Single Rate Programmer P1170-S1
1971    Control Temperatures with Model C Series Controllers
1975    Price List
Undated          Biological Microstage Temperature Programmer
Undated          Temperature Programmer/Controller
Undated          Linear Temperature Programmer Model P1160
Undated          Linear Temperature Programmer Infinitely Variable Rate Model P1150
Undated          Linear Temperature Programmer Single Rate Model P1170
Undated          Portable Hydrogen Flame Ignitor Model EM-1000
Undated          Model PC6020 Temperature Programmer

Valpey Corp., Holliston, MA: 1965, An Introduction to Piezoelectric Transducers

Valpey-Fisher (VF), Hopkinton, MA:
Undated          Piezoelectric Transducer Crystals
Undated          Spherical Focusing Transducer Crystals
Undated          Acoustic Rods
Undated          Lead Metaniobate Piezoelectric Transducer Crystals
Undated          An Introduction to Piezoelectric Transducers

Variable Volumetrics, Inc., Wilmington, MA:
1974    Price List
Undated          Finnpipette

Varian Analytical Instruments, Walnut Creek, CA: 2001/2002, Chromatography & Spectroscopy Supplies

Varian Associates, Palo Alto, CA:
1953    Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 1
1957    Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 1
1959    Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 4
1960    Invitation to 100 kc EPR Applications Laboratory
1961    Publications Index
1962    Condensed Catalog: Klystrons, Magnetrons, BWOs TWTs
1964    500 Watt Beason Magnetron BLM-017
1964    6 kw Beacon Magnetron with Integral Load Isolator BLM-153
1965    Beacon Magnetron BLM-095
1967    Pulsed Magnetron BLM-143A
1967    Beacon Magnetron BLM-003
1968    Beacon Magnetron BLM-203
1968    Typical Characteristics for Tubes
1968    Xenon Illuminator 150X8S
1968    Xenon Illuminator 500X10S
1968    Aerograph, Berthold Radioactive Scanning Systems  
1968    Xenon Illuminator
1968    High Intensity Illumination System
1972    Rare Earth Cobalt Magnets
1975    Infusion Pump for Use with Highly Potent Agents
1976    Varian’s New Infusion Apparatus
1976    Photomultiplier Tube Price List
1976    VPM-192M
1997    CD:  400/500 Cary Videos
undated    CP-MAS Solids NMR
undated    Standard Software NMR
undated    magNET: The NMR Network
undated    Radiation Division
Undated          Varian Announces New Type K and Ku Band Klystrons
Undated          Excellence in Photodetection III-V Cathode and High Speed Photomultipliers
Undated          New Varian 100 kc EPR Spectrometer
Undated          V-3521 NMR Integrator
Undated          HR-60: A Complete System for High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy

Vari-L Co., Inc., Stamford, CT: 1957, Progress Report

Vari-Light Corp., Cincinnati, OH:
1968    Liquid Crystals General Information
1969    Liquid Crystal Kit
1969    Nematic Liquid Crystals

Veco, Holland: undated, Micro- and Precision Sieves

Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA:  2017 Immunofluorescence Guide

Ventron: 1968, various chemicals

Venus Products, Kent, WA:  
Undated    Venus H.I.S. Central Resin System:  Hydraulic Injection Spray System
Undated    Portable Hydraulic Injection Spray System
Undated    Aluminum Rollers

Versa Products Co., Englewood, NJ:
1962    Co-Ordinates Price List
1966    Series A Four-Way Valves and Co-Ordinates
1966    Series A Valve Price List

Vickers Instruments Inc., Malden, MA:
Undated          Measuring Procedure/The Image-Splitting Eyepiece
Undated          This is the Revolutionary Measuring Eyepiece…

Victory Engineering Corp. (VEC), Springfield NJ:
1948    Thermistors as Components Open Product Design Horizons
1964    VECO Hermetically Sealed Bead-in-Glass Probe and Bead-in-Glass Rod Thermistors
1965    Thinistor – Thin Film Thermistors
1965    Thinistor Kit Prices
Undated          Matched Thermistors
Undated           VECO Thermistors and Technical Literature
Undated          Circuit Design Kits and Experimenter’s Items
Undated          Thermal Conductivity Cells

The Virtis Co., Gardiner, NY: 1963, Two Basic Instruments & Five Interchangeable Drying Heads: Mechanically Refrigerated Freeze-Mobile Series

VistaLab Technologies, Brewster, NY:  2014 Ovation BioNatural Pipettes

Vitatron: 1973, AKES Automatic Kinetic Enzyme System

Vortex Corp., Cincinnati, OH:
1970    Ad: You already have refrigeration piped to every corner of your plant…
1970    Ad: 1/6 Ton of refrigeration without moving parts
1971    Bulletin: Determining Heat Loads in Painted Metal Electrical Enclosures
1973    Cold Air Coolant Systems
1973    Enclosure Cooling Systems
1983    Vortex Tubes: Air Operated Refrigeration
1984    Sprayvector: High Performance Spray Technology
1985    Price List

VWR International, Buffalo Grove, IL:
2002    Owl Separation System Electrophoresis Products
2003/4    Catalog
2003    Owl Separation Systems Product Catalog
2004    VWR ™ sympHony ™ Electrochemistry Meters, Electrodes & Solutions
2012    VWR Collection Laboratory Equipment
2013    Azure cSeries: A New Way to See the Light 
2014     AKTA start
2014     Columns for AKTA start
2014     LifeScience Magazine vol. 14, #32
2015     Elements, Vol. 6
Undated          Transilluminators: Comprehensive Range of Ultraviolet Light Models

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Wabash Metal Products, Inc., Wabash, IN:  1981, Hydraulic Presses

Wagner Electric Corp., Livingston, NJ: 1969, Tung-Sol Mini Beam

Wah Chang Corp., New York, NY:
1960    Hafnium, Zirconium, Tantalum, Columbium, Molybdenum, Tungsten
Undated          Tantanlum
Undated          Tungsten
Undated          Columbium
Undated          Molybdenum
Undated          Zirconium
Undated          Hafnium

Wakefield Industries Inc., Skokie, IL: undated, Scintillating Liquids and Crystals

Warner-Chilcott Laboratories, Morris Plains, NJ:  1965 , Automatic Fraction Collector

1984    Millipore Catalog
1988    Guide to Sample Preparation: Solid Phase Extraction & Membrane Filtration
1993    486 Tunable Absorbance Detector
1999    Chromatography Columns & Supplies

Watson, Tokyo, Japan:
2014     PP Pipetting Reservoir
2014     Tubes
2014      8-Stick Marker for SDS-PAGE
2014      4-Grid Cell Counter
2014      Pipette Tips
2014      Standard Filter Tips
2014      Hyper Filter Tips
2014      Repetitive Pipette “Peggy”
2014      Nexty Miniature Fixed Volume Pipette
2014      Nexty Pipettes
2014      DispoPipette
2014      Preservation Plate PVP
2014      Microbial Preservation Plate
2014     Centrifuge Tube
2014     LeukoCatch II

Watts Regulator Co., Lawrence, MA: Undated, Parts No. 188, 288, 288A Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breakers

Waveline Inc., Caldwell, NJ:
Undated          Microwave Noise Source
Undated          Microwave Test Equipment

1930    Catalog B No. 2530
1968    Laboratory Apparatus

Welch Allyn (WA), Skaneatcles Falls, NY: 1986, Precision Lamps: Miniature and Subminiature Lamps: Vacuum, Gas Filled, Halogen Cycle

Welch Scientific Co., Skokie, IL:      (see also W.M. Welch Scientific Co.)
1965    A New Convenient Replacement for Liquid Nitrogen in Leak Detector Cold Traps
1968    Laboratory Apparatus

Wescan Instruments Inc.:
1977    Model 233 Molecular Weight Apparatus
1970s   Model 232A Molecular Weight Apparatus Techniques
1985    Solving the Ion Analysis Puzzle
1985    Nitrogen Analysis Made Simple

Wescor Inc., Logan UT:
1974    Vapor Pressure Osmometer Price List
1975    Vapor Pressure Osmometry (W. Barlow)
1975    Osmolality Study (J. Kopp)
1976    Micro Osmolality
1977    Instrumentation Catalog

Western Gear Corp., Pasadena, CA:
1957    Stroboscope Deluxe Model 7N12
Undated          White Light Stroboscopes

Western Gold and Platinum Co. (WESGO), Belmont, CA:|
1974    Stopyt U.S. Patent
1975    Recent Additions to WesGo’s Line of Brazing Alloys
Undated          Silver Metallizing Paints
Undated          Precious Metals and Gold Powders
Undated          Properties of Silicon Nitride SNW-1000
Undated          Wesgo Premium Nickel Brazing Alloys
Undated          Procedure for Determining Carbon and Oxide Content in Brazing Alloys
Undated          Brazing Filler Metals
Undated          VPOF: Low Vapor Pressure Brazing Alloys

Westinghouse Electric Corp., Bloomfield, NJ:
1957    Short-Arc Lamps for Searchlight Projection and Optical Service
1961    Ultraviolet Lamps and Their Accessories for Exciting Fluorescent Materials
1961    Photomultiplier Type WX-4582
1962    Photomultiplier Type 7909
1962    Photomultiplier Type 7908 for Extreme Environments
1963    Astracon Type WX-4326A Light Image Intensifier

Weston Instruments, Newark, NJ:
1946    Technical data on Weston Photoelectric Cells
1958    Portable Instrument Transformers
1959    Low Cost Tubular Resistors
1959    Thermoelements & Copper OxideRectifiers
1959    Small Portable Instruments: Galvanometers
1959    AC Pocket Size Clamp Volt-Ammeter
1959    Electronic Milli-Volt/Ammeter Model 1477
1960    Light Measuring Instruments: Sightmeters and Illumination, Foot-Candle, Foot-Lambert Meters
1960    Midget Moisture Meter
1960    Moisture Meter for Grain
1960    Portable Electrolysis Instruments Models 622-430-1
1960    Portable DC Instruments Model 1 (Class 50)
1960    Vamistor: A Precision Metal Film Resisteor
1960    Weston Tubular Resistors
1960    Instrument Relays for Military and Commercial Applications
1960    Volume Level Indicators, Type 30
1960    Weston Panel Instrument Models 1761, 1762, 1766
1960    Thermal Converters Models 878, 868, 869
1960    A Simpler Approach to Instrument Calibration
1960    Dairy Thermometers
1960    4000 Series 3” Standard Industrial Thermometers
1960    4000 Series 5” Standard Industrial Thermometers
1960    4000 Series Navy Type Thermometers
1961    Portable Testing Instruments
1961    Industrial Analyzers: Circuit Tester, AC Industrial Analyzer, Volt-Ohm-Milliammeters, 
            Volt-Ohmmeter, Ohmmeter, Insulation Tester, Accessories
1961    Portable/Panel Multi-Range Instrument Models 911-912
1961    Models 594, 856, 9950 Selenium Photovoltaic Cells
1961    Selenium Photovoltaic Cell Model 9971-R5-PL
1961    Electrical Tachometers, Generators, Indicators, Recorders, Controllers, Lab Standards
1961    Panel Instruments Modern Smooth Front 201/301 Group
1961    Switchboard Instruments, Model 610 and 921 Groups, Fan Shaped Group
1961    Panel Instruments 641, 741, 861, 961 Groups
1961    Laboratory Standard Instruments: Voltmeters, Ammeters, Wattmeters, Shunts, Cells
1961    High Sensitivity Portable Instruments Model 622
1961    Service Test Equipment
1962    Selenium Photovoltaic Cells Models 596, 857, 859, 9971
1963    AC & DC Portable Instruments Models 931, 432, 433, 455
1964    Portable Standards, Light Beam Type:  Wattmeters, Ammeters, Voltmeters
1964    Integrating Digital Voltmeter Model 1420
1969    Stock Panel Meters/Portable Instruments
1970    Portable Standards
1971    Panel Instruments Voltmeters, Microammeters, Milliameters, Ammeters
1972    Model 4440 Digital Multimeter
1972    Now!  “Drop-Proofed” VOMS
1974    Model 461 Current Transformer
1974    AC/DC Portable Instruments
1974    Model 6000 Autoranging Digital Multimeter
1975    Model 4445 RS DMM AC/DC Multimeter
1976    Model 6000 Autoranging Digital Multimeter
1977    AC/DC Portable Instruments
1977    Model 327 Current Transformer
1977    2460 Series Line Powered Digital Panel Meters
1977    Model 4440 Digital Multimeter
1977    “Drop-Proofed” VOM Model 660
1977    AC Pocket Size Clamp Volt-Ammeter
1977?  “Weston Introduces the first….mini-multimeter”

WFR Corp., Ramsey, NJ:
1979    Silastic 383 Medical Grade Elastomer
1980    Aquaplast and Aquaplast T
1980    Aquaplast Splinting Materials

Whale Scientific Inc.: 1969, Ion Exchange Column

Whatman, Hillsboro, OR: 1997, Lab Instrumentation & Equipment Master Catalog

Wheaton Instruments: 1987, Centrifuge

Wheaton Scientific, Millville, NJ: 1977, The Wheaton Connection (glassware)

Wilbur B. Driver Co., Newark, NJ:
Undated          Evanohm
Undated          Rodar, Niron 46, Niron 52 Sealing Alloys
Undated          Alloy Handbook of Electrical Resistance and Electronic, Chemical, and Mechanical Applications
Undated          Alloy Handbook
Undated          Thermocouple and Thermopile Alloys

Wilco Co., Los Angeles, CA:
1962    As Last a Non-Flammable Anti-Static Plastic Cleaner
1962    Price List

Wild Heerbrugg Instruments, Inc., Farmingdale, NY: 1969, The Wild M-40 Inverted Microscope

William Ainsworth & Sons: 1968, Analytical, Electronic, and Controlled Atmosphere Balances

Williams Scientific Co.: 1985, Topaka Floor Slip Tester

William T. Bean, Inc., Detroit, MI: 1966, Catalog No. 20: Precision Strain Gages

Wilmad Glass Co., Landisville, NJ:
1981    Price List for Materials and Supplies for Infrared Spectrophotometry
1981    Accessories and Supplies for Infrared Spectrophotometry
1985    Infrared Products Catalog 853
1988    Infrared Products
Undated          Precision Bore Tubing Bulletin 100

Wilson Diagnostics, Inc., Glenwood, I: 1971, To Identify Enteric Bacteria...Isolation to Identification in Just 7 Hours

W.L. Gore & Assoc. Inc.: 1977, Gore-Tex Vascular Grafts

W.M. Welch Scientific Co.: (see also Welch)
1925    Catalog E, Laboratory Apparatus 
1930    Catalog B No. 2530

Worthington Biochemical Corp.
1967 Ribonuclease T1 
1970 Advanced Analytical Services in Characterization of Proteins
2017 Tissue Dissociation Guide, 12th edition
2017-2018 Enzyme & Biochemical Catalog

WPI Instruments, Inc., New Haven, CT: undated, “Kwik-Fil” Borosilicate Glass Capillaries

W-P Instruments, Hamden, CT:  
1970s     Glass Microelectrode Accessories
1970s     Model BB-1 Breakaway Box
1970s     Scope Raster/Stepper Model 140
1970s     Differential AC Preamplifier Model DAM-5A
1970s     Micro-Probe System Options
1970s     Window Discriminator Model 120
1970s     Glass Microelectrode Accessories: Holders
1974     Price List

W. & R. Balston, Ltd., England:  1960s, New Whatman Gamma-12 High Performance In-line Filter  Unit

Write Right Co.: Undated, Catalog

Wyatt Technology, Santa Barbara, CA:
2007     DAWN Heleos II
2012     DyanPro Plate Reader II

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Xenon Corp., Medford, MA:
1965    Product and Price List
1966    Product and Price List
1968    Product and Price List
Undated          New: High Hold-Off, Fast Discharge Micropulse Flashtubes
Undated          High Energy Helical Flashtubes
Undated          Model A Flash Photolysis
Undated          FP Series High Energy Micropulse Flashtubes
Undated          High Intensity Nanopulse Lamp and Related Nanopulser
Undated          Heavy Duty Glass Flashtubes
Undated          Pulsed Light Systems UV to IR
Undated          High Energy Linear Flashtubes

Xolox Corp., Fort Wayne, IN:
1985    Neobond 50
1985    Unique Solutions to Complex Problems

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Yankee Photo Products, Inc., Gardena, CA:  1968, Darkroom Accessories

Yellow Springs Instrument Co. (YSI)
1966    Model 46 Themistemp Tele-Thermometer
1966    Model 47 Themistemp Tele-Thermometer
1966    Model 51 Oxygen Meter
1966    Automated Oxygen Electrode Measurements of the Oxidative Activity of Biological Systems
1966    Model 63 Themistemp Temperature Controller
1966    Model 72 Themistemp Temperature Controller
1966    Model 73 Themistemp Temperature Controller
1966    Model 42 Themistemp Telethermometer
1966    Models 43 and 44 Themistemp Telethermometers
1966    Model 41 Themistemp Tele-thermometer
1966    Model 31 Conductivity Bridge
1966    Model 80 Laboratory Recorder
1966    Model 81 Laboratory Recorder
1967    Thermilinear Thermometer
1967    YDI-Kettering Radiometer
1967    Oxygen Meter
1967    Oxygen Monitor
1967    Model 52 Oxygen Meter
1967    Thermilinear Components
1967    Biological Oxygen Monitor
1967    Thermilinear Systems
1967    Price list
1967    Precision Thermistor No. 44015
1967    Precision Thermistor No. 44014
1967    Precision Thermistor No. 44008
1967    Precision Thermistor No. 44004
1967    Precision Thermistor No. 44005
1967    Precision Thermistor No. 44002
1967    Precision Thermistors
1969    YSI Precision Thermistors
Undated          Linear Temperature Scales from Thermistor Sensors
Undated           Precision Thermistors
Undated          Short Form Catalog

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Zeiss (see Carl Zeiss)

Zenbio: 2017, Get in the Game: Primary Cell thawing Made Easy!

Zeus: Undated, Tubing

ZiaTech Corp.:
1982    ZT 7805 Development Monitor
1983    ZT 7805 Single Board GPIB Computer

Zinc Institute, Inc., New York, NY: 1974, Why Zinc? Revised Edition

Zymark Corp.
1985    Zymate Laboratory Automation System for Sample Preparation
1985    Laboratory Robotics for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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