Women's History Month 2019

Anita B. Roberts sitting at a laboratory bench.

Anita B. Roberts

For Women’s History month, we’re introducing you to Dr. Anita B. Roberts (1942 – 2006), who was both a stellar scientist — she was among the top 50 most-cited researchers for 20 years — and a beloved mentor to dozens of young scientists. 

Her pioneering work focused on the protein TGF-β, which is critical in healing wounds and bone fractures and can either block or stimulate cancer development.  Roberts joined #NCI in 1976, becoming the chief of the Laboratory of Cell Regulation and Carcinogenesis in 1995. 

The Anita B. Roberts Lecture Series is organized by the #NIH Women Scientist Advisors Committee to highlight outstanding research achievements by female scientists @IRPatNIH.  The series is supported by the Office of Research on Women’s Health.  Learn more about Roberts and the lecture series https://bit.ly/2tqabmx  #WomensHistoryMonth