Deciphering the Genetic Code


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Photo Credits:

Photographs of Nirenberg courtesy of Marshall Nirenberg and the National Library of Medicine. Copyright of many of the photographs not in the Office of History collection would need further research before public use. Photographs of Avery, McCarty, MacLeod, Watson, and Chargaff courtesy of the National Library of Medicine. Photographs of Watson & Crick walking outside, Crick, and the DNA model courtesy of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archive Mortar and pestle, vial of poly-U, French press, multi-plater, spectrophotometer, electrophoresis instrument, and centrifuge courtesy of the NIH Stetten Museum.

Special thanks:

Marshall W. Nirenberg, Ph.D., provided instruments, documents, pictures, and other valuable assistance for this exhibit. The Stetten Museum would also like to thank Alan Peterkofsky, Ph.D., and the History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine for their assistance and support.

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Marshal Nirenberg.
Marshall Nirenberg, c. 1970.