The Legacy of a Citizen Scientist

An International Legacy

President Arthur Costa E Silva
Palacio de Alvorada

Dear Mr. President:

The recent decision of your government to remove a number of Brazil's leading scientists and scholars from their University positions is a matter of grave concern to us. We feel that to deprive Brazil of the benefit of the intellectual and scientific leadership provided by such internationally eminent scientists as Profs. Isaias Raw, Roberto Carvalho da Silva and Helio Lourenco de Oliveira among others, will cause inestimable damage to the progress of science and education in Brazil. Moreover, the anti-intellectual image of the government, created by this unfortunate action, is certain to have serious repercussions among scientists in the world community, whose sympathy and cooperation is essential to the continued technological development of Brazil.

We appeal to you to look personally into this matter in order that these scholars are returned to their institutions and encouraged to pursue their work in a climate of intellectual freedom.