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Trade Literature and Advertisements Collection by Manufacturer

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3M, St. Paul, MN: 1986, Guide to Evaluation: Petrifilm Plates

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10X Genomics
2015       Revolutionizing Gene Expression with Single-Cell RNAseq

ABSciex, Framingham, MA:
2010 MPX-2 System 
2011 A New Dimension in Selectivity
2012  The Accurate Mass Workhorse

Ace Glass Inc.:
1982 Ace Bulletin Vol. 22, No. 1
1996 Catalog 1600

Ace Scientific Supply Co.: 1968, Safety Issue

Ace-Sycamore, Inc., Sycamore, IL:  undated, “Light-Duty” Center

Active Motif ®, Carlsbad, CA: 
2005 Products
2005 TransAM ™ Transcription Factor ELISAS
2014 Epigenetics Products and Services

Adam Hilger Ltd., London, England:
1935 New Hilger Spectrographs E 487 and E 488
1938 Outfits for Absorption Spectrophotometry: Supplementary Information
1938 Spectrographic Outfits for Metallurgical and General Chemical Analyses
1938 Barfit: Medium Quartz Spectrograph, E 498, with Flat Field
1938 Publications Concerning Spectrum Analysis

Advanced Analytical: 2015: Genome Editing with CRISPR/Cas9 – An Introduction

Advanced Products SRL, Milan, Italy: Undated, Prospetto Combinazioni

Aeon Systems, Inc., Albuquerque, NM: 1986, Models 595 & 596 Programmable Highway Driver Series

Agilent Technologies: 2000, Consumables and Accessories Catalog

AirCo Industrial Gases, Murray Hill, NJ:
1970s Material Selection Guide

Air Logic:
1987 Summary Catalog
1987 Pneumatic Components and Systems Accessories
Undated Air Logic

Aldrich Chemical Co.: 1984, Aldrichimica Acta

Alltech Chromatography: 1999, Gas Purifiers

Aloe Scientific:
1952 Catalog 103
1967 Aloe Scientific, Catalog 105
Undated Amberlite Ion Exchange Resins Price List

American Bionectics Inc., Hayward, CA : 1988, “Product Update: Snap-On Electrodes for PolyBlot®”

American Hospital Scientific Products: 1972, Catalog

American Instrument Co. (AMINCO), Silver Spring, MD:
1941 Catalog 41
1952 Catalog 52 
1955 Super Pressure 
1956 AMINCO-Bowman Spectrophotofluorometer
1961 Catalog
1961 Temperature Regulating Devices 
1963 AMINCO-Chance Dual Wavelength Spectrophotometer, (see 98.0020.023.00) 
1964 Bulletin 2387: Grating Monochromator
1966 AMINCO-Chance Dual-Wavelength Spectrophotometer, (see 98.0020.023.00)
1966 AMINCO-Dubnoff Laboratory Shaker-Bath and Incubator 
1967 History
1968 Fluoro-microphotometer 
1969 Fluoro-Microphotometer 
1969 Temperature Jump Apparatus
1969 AMINCO-Morrow Stopped-Flow Apparatus (see 03.0001.003.00)
1969 New AMINCO-Berger Rapid-Mixing, Stopped-Flow System
1969 AMINCO Temperature Jump (T-Jump) Apparatus
late 1960s Bulletin 2383-1A: Dual-Wavelength/Split-Beam Recording Spectrophotometer
1970s Bulletin 2390-15A: AMINCO Fluoro/Colorimeter
1970 Bulletin 2390-E: AMINCO Fluoro-Microphotometer
1970 Condensed Catalog
1970 New Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometric System
1971 AMINCO-Bowman Spectrophotofluorometer: Now Available with New Ratio System
1971 Tired of Eyeballing Those Petri Dishes? AMINCO Petri-Scan Automatic Bacteria-Colony Counter
1972 Bulleting 2449: New Fiber Optic Microcolorimeter
1972 Bulletin 2390-G: AMINCO Fluoro-Microphotometer 
1972 DW-2 UV-VIS Spectrophotometers
1973 Aminalyzer System
1976 Continuous-flow Blood Cell Separator
1976 SPF-500 Series Spectrofluorometers
1977 Fluorescence Accessories
1977 Chem-Glo Photometer
1977 DASAR (Data Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval System)
1978 Ration II Spectrophotometer
1978 DW-2a UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Undated Bulletin 2390: Fluoro-Microphotometer
Undated Bulletin 2390-3C-1: Fluoro-Colorimeter, Solid-State Blank-Subtract
Undated Environmental Simulation and Constant Temperature Equipment Catalog 565
Undated Hem-O-Scan Oxygen Equilibrium Curve Analyzer (see 99.0004.003.00)

Ameritech Biomedicines Inc., Lubbock, TX:  2014 Product Catalog

Amicon, Beverly, MA:
1985  Diaflo Spiral Ultrafiltration Cartridges Technical Data Brochure
1993  Micropure Particle Separators Technical Data Brochure
1994  Vantage L Liquid Chromatography Columns
Undated DC2 & CH2 Small-Scale Hollow Fiber Concentration Systems

A-M Systems, Inc.: 1970s, Physiology Catalog

Analog Devices, Norwood, MA:
1973    Complete Log Ratio Module Mocel 756
1973    Internally Trimmed Integrated Circuit Multiplier AD532
1975    6-Decade, High Accuracy Log Ratio Module Model 757
1978    Analog Dialogue
1978    Data Acquisition Products Catalog
1979    Data Acquisition Products Catalog
1979    Integrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier AD521
1986   LC2 MOS High Speed uP Compatible 8-Bit ADC with Track/Hold Function
1994   Voltage Output Temperature Sensor with Signal Conditioning

Analab Instrument Corporation: 1961, Dual Trace Main Frames

late 1970s Chemically Inert Fittings and Valves
late 1970s Chromatography Columns

Analytab Products Inc. (API), New York:
1971 The API System

Andrew Alliance, Boston, MA: 
2012 The Liquid Handling Robot Using Conventional Pipettes

Angar Scientific Corp.: Undated, Tiny Solenoid Valve Model 336

A.P. Circuit Corp., New York, NY: Undated, Multi Range Portable Variable Active Filters

Apogent Discoveries, Hudson, NH: 2002, Product Catalog

Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA:
2006 PCR, Real-Time PCR, Sample Preparation, TaqMan® Genomic Assays
2007 Molecular and Cell Biology Catalog

Applied Physics Corp., Monrovia, CA:  
1964  Cary Model 15 Recording Spectrophotometer
1965  Your Information for Cary Model 15 Spectrophotometer
Undated  Sample Handling Equipment for the Cary Model 11, 14, & 15 Spectrophotometers

Arthur H. Thomas Co. (see Thomas Scientific)

ARO Corp.: 1986, Air Systems Components

ASF Inc.:
Undated Brey Miniature Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps & Compressors
Undated Diaphragm Pumps for Vacuum & Pressure

Atago Bussan Co., Ltd.: 1983, Union Giken Stopped Flow Reaction Analyzer

Austin Science Associates, Inc.:
1983 Price List
1985 Mossbauer Spectroscopy Instrumentation
1987 Price List

Avestin Inc., Ottawa, Canada: Undated, LiposoFast, LIFO, Equilibrium Dialyser, EmulsiFlex

Axis-Shield, Oslo, Norway:  
2000  Applications and Products
2000  OptiPrep Reports, No. 3

Azure Biosystems:
2013    Azure cSeries: A New Way to See the Light
2016    Azure Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader
2016    Azure Biosystems Western Blotting Workflow

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Badger Air-Brush Co., Franklin Park, IL: Undated, “The Most Complete Name in Air Brushing.”

Baird-Atomic: Undated, Automatic Test Tube Changer Systems for Nuclear Radiation

Balston Inc.:
1992 FT-IR User Eliminates Bottled Nitrogen Gas
1992 Purifiers for FT-IR Spectrometers
1992 Model 74-5041 Self-Contained Lab Gas Generator

Barnstead/Thermolyne, Dubuque, IA:
1969  Get More Out of Water: Barnstead Laboratory Equipment
1969  Get More Out of Water: Thermodrive Distillation System
1969  Price List 15, 20, and 30 GPH Steam Heated
1969  Price List Laboratory Equipment Price List
1969  Price List Thermodrive Distillation
1969  Price List Pure Water Distribution
1969  Specification No. G3615: Feedback Purifier
1969  Specification No. A1535:  Model 85 Cabinetized Distilled Water Center
1969  Specification No. G3601:  Condensate Feedback
1969  Specification No. G3350:  Automatic Start and Stop Controls for Steam Heated Stills 
2000/2001 Catalog

Bausch & Lomb:
1934 The New Fitz Micro-Manipulator
1940 Catalog D-111
1965 Spectrophor 1 Electrophoresis Equipment 
Undated Physician’s Microscope Model FFSA-8
Undated 250MM and 50MM Monochromators

BD Biosciences, Bedford, MA [see also Becton, Dickinson]:
2008    Clinical & Research Product Catalog
2008    ASR Product Catalog Addendum
2013    BD Multicolor Antibody Reagents Catalog
Undated Discovery Labware

Beckman Coulter, Fullerton, CA: 
2000 Ultracentrifuge
2000 High Speed, High Capacity, High Performance, Benchtop & Microfuge Centrifuges
2014 Product Solutions Guide
2015 Take the Risk out of Rotations
2015  Cell-Line Engineering: A Check-up Before You Scale Up
2016  Mastering Cell Counting

Beckman Instruments, Palo Alto, CA: 
1970 Supplies for pH Meters and Electroanalytical Instrumentation
1970 PO2, PCO2, and pH Measurement Systems
1970 Dynograph Recorders and Electroencephalographs 
1973 Analytical Instrumentation
1973 Gamma Counting Systems 
1977 Bulletin 7304: Innovation in pH Since 1935
1977 Bulletin 7686-E: Supplies for pH Meters and Electroanalytical Instrumentation
1977 Bulletin 6400A: Electrolyte System
1978 Price List: Electroanalytical Instrumentation Supplies
1978 Type 50.3 Ti: A New Titanium Fixed Angle Rotor for Lipoprotein Separations
1979 Microfuge: Miniature Centrifuge
1979 Airfuge Ultracentrifuge
1980s L-5 Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1981 New Futura Combination Electrodes for Specialized Applications
1983 Bulletin 7740: Electrodes, Buffers, and Accessories
1983 Ultracentrifuge L8M System
1983 Rotors, Tubes, and Accessories for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1985 The New Centritube Slicer
1985 Rotors, Tubes & Accessories for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges
1985 Bulletin 7764: pHI Series pH Meters and Accessories
1987 GeneLine Transverse Alternating Field Electrophoresis System
1990 GeneLine II DNA Mapper
Undated Blood Gas Measurement System
Undated Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated  Rotors, Tubes and Accessories for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges
Undated  Supplies for pH Meter and Electroanalytical Instrumentation

Becton, Dickinson (B-D):
1965 Unopette Disposable Blood Diluting Pipette 
1970 Biopette Automatic Pipettes
1997/1998 Labware Catalog
2001 Titanium PCR and RT-PCR Systems
2001 Titanium™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit, PowerScript ™ Reverse Transcriptase
2002 BD Sprint ™ Advantage ™ 96 Plate
Mercury ™ Signal Transduction Products
CLONTECHniques July 2001
October 2001
April 2002
October 2002
January 2004
April 2004
October 2005
2010  BD FACSAria III
2013  BD FACSAria Fusion
2013  BD FACSJazz
2013  BD Influx 
Undated Medical Grade Polyethylene Tubing

Behringwerke AG: 1968, Immunoelectrophoresis Equipment

Bellco Glass Inc., Vineland, NJ: 
1969 Water Distillation and Deionizing Equipment
2002/3 Biotechnology

Bellows Co., Akron, OH:  1958, The Bellows Air Motor

Bertin Instruments, Versailles, France:
2016   inCellis Smart Cell Imaging System
2016    Minilys
2016    Percellys Evolution
2017    Cryolys Evolution

Bethesda Research Laboratories (BRL), Bethesda, MD:  undated, New Apparatus [incomplete]

Biocision, Larkspur, CA:  2014 BioT ULT Transporter

BioCybernetics Laboratories, Inc.:
1994 Micromix-Reciprocating Dual Syringe Emulsifier/Homogenizer
1994 Double Hub Micro-Emulsifier Needle
1994 Micromix II-Continuous Flow Tangential Processing System

BioDrop (division of Harvard Bioscience):  2014 NextGen Nano-Spectrophotometry

Bioelectric Instruments (BI), Hastings-on-the-Hudson, NY:
1968  ISA ISB Isolators
1968  Reflexor Oscilloscope Camera Mount
1970  Master/Slave Oscilloscope System
1970  P Series Electrophysiological Measurement System
1970  Models MH1 & MH2 Microelectrode Holders
1970  Price List
Undated  Auxiliary Camera Mou

BioLegend, San Diego, CA:
2014  Product Catalog
2014  Multicolor Flow Cytometry Assay
2014  Cancer Immunoediting Poster
2014  Regulatory T Cells Poster
2014  Stem Cells and Development Poster
2014  Chemokine Receptor Biology Poster

Bio Logic, Echirolles, France:
1980s Stopped Flow Module, SFM-3
1980s Patch-Clamp Amplifier
1980s Rapid-filtration System
1980s Stopped Flow Module

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Richmond, CA:
1970 Chromatographic Columns 
1970 Materials for Ion Exchange, Gel Filtration, Adsorption 
1970 Systems, Materials, Equipment for Gel Electrophoresis 
1971 Lang-Levy Micropipets Glass and clear TPX 
1973 Lang-Levy Micropipets Danish Glass and Clear TPX Polymer 
1973 Eppendorf Push-Button Microliter Pipets 
1978 Protein Assay Applications Bibliography
1979    Protein Assay Applications Bibliography
1980s The New Protean Double Slab1982    Protein Assay Bulletin 1069
1980s The Electrophoresis Connection1990    Low Pressure Tubing, Fittings, and Valves Bulletin 1644
1981 Price List
1981 Eppendorf Repeater Pipette
1981 Liquid Dispensing, Dilution, and Measurement
1983 Bio-Radiations, April 1983, No. 44
1991 Low Pressure Tubing, Fittings, and Valves
1991 Macro-Prep 50 Ion Exchange Supports for Protein Purification Bulletin 1623
1991 Econo-Pac Cartridges
1995 New! SYPRO Orange High-Sensitivity Fluorescent Protein Gel Stain
1996 Ready Gels & Premixed Buffers: Products for Mini-Vertical Gel Electrophoresis
2004/5 Life Science Research Products
2005 Life Science New Products
Undated  Protein Standards for Electrophoresis and Blotting Poster, Rev. B 
Undated Eppendorf Push-Button Microliter Pipets with Disposable Tips
2014 Mini-PROTEAN Electrophoresis System
2014 TC20 Automated Cell Counter
2014 Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System
2014 ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager
2014 1000-Series Thermal Cyclers
2014 ChemiDoc MP Imaging System
2016 The Illumina Bio-Rad Single-Cell Sequencing Solution
2016  The Illumina Bio-Rad single-Cell Sequencing Solution
2017 T100 Thermal Cycler
2017 NCG Chromatography Systems

Bioscan Inc.:
Undated Imaging Scanners
Undated Rapid Quantitative TLC Analysis

BioServe Biotechnologies, Laurel, MD: 1992, Catalog & Price List

BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, VT:
2000s EL406™ Microplate Washer Dispenser
2000s BioStack™ Microplate Stacker
2008 Microplate Instrumentation Catalog 2008
2008 Ordering Guide
2010 Microplate Instrumentation

Biotix: 2015, The Gloved Crusader

Bittware Research Systems, Concord, NH: 1990s, SHARC ® Produce Selection Guide

Black Box: 
1981 CRT-Printer Switch CP Switch
1982 Test Sets
1982 Data Switches

Blue M:  undated, Set the Pace

Blue M Electric Co., Blue Island, IL: 1963, “Wiring Diagrams & Parts List.”

Bodine Electric Co.: Undated, Series 3000 Digial Motion Control Systems

Boehringer Mannheim Biochemicals,Indianapolis, IN:  
1979 Biochemphasis No. 1:  The International System of Units (SI)
1980 Product Highlights: Electrophoresis Systems
1990 Reagents for Molecular Biology
1996 POROS Perfusion Chromatography Media: Performance Features and Guide

Boekel, Feasterville, PN: 1998-99, Life Sciences & General Laboratory Products

Boston Scientific, Natick, MA:  Oct/Nov. 2014, Access Issue 2

Boy Machines, Exton, PA:
1980s   Model 50T2 Injection Molding Machine
1980s   Boy 15S
1980s   Boy 30M and 50M
1985    NewsBoy

Braintree Scientific, Inc., Braintree, MA: 2007, Catalog Animal Laboratory Supplies

Brandtech Scientific, Inc., Essex, CT: 2002/3 Reliable Tools for Every Lab Catalog

Branson Sonic Power Co., Danbury, CT:
1963   Sonifier Plastics Welder
1964   Sonifer Ultrasonic Plastics Seamer
1970   Ultrasonic Soldering
1970   Ultrasonic Assembly
1970s  Ultrasonics Products Sheets
1970s  Ultrasonic Spot Welding

Brinkmann Instruments:
1972 Sartorius Top-Loading Balances 
1982 Price List (2)
1984 Eppendorf Micro Centrifuges 
1998 New Brinkmann Laboratory Products
2001 Eppendorf Research ™ pro Electronic Pipettes: Hands on Favorite
2002 Brinkmann BioSystems Laboratory Products and Applications
Undated Eppendorf Push-Button Microliter Pipets with Disposable Tips 
Undated Lauda Constant Temperature Baths & Circulators Bruker, FT-EPR Spectrometers, 
ESP 380 E

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Stoughton, MA:
1960s Synchro-lectric Viscometer
1963  The World’s Standard for Viscosity Measurement Brochure
Undated The Brookfield Counter-Rotating Mixer

Brooks Instrument: 1998, Product Information Catalog

Brownell Electro, Cambridge, MA:  1975, Catalog

Bruker: Undated, EPR for the Frugal Visionary, EMX Series

Buchi: New Castle, DE:
2010   Multivapor
2012   Syncore Application Guide
2013   Vacuum Solutions
2013   Laboratory Equipment Product Overview
2013   Preparative Chromatography
2013   Encapsulator B-390/B-395 Pro 
2014   Buchi Laboratory Equipment Product Overview

Buchler Instruments (BI), Hastings-on-the-Hudson, NY:
1968  ISA ISB Isolators
1968  Reflexor Oscilloscope Camera Mount
1970  Master/Slave Oscilloscope System
1970  P Series Electrophysiological Measurement System
1970  Models MH1 & MH2 Microelectrode Holders
1970  Price List 
1972 Catalog 
1973 Metering Pumps
1975 Metering Pumps
1977 Metering Pumps
Undated  Auxiliary Camera Mount

Bulb Direct:
1997 Catalog
1998 Catalog

Bulbtronics, Farmingdale, NY:
1990s Ultraviolet Lamps
1990s Centrifuge Motor Brushes
1990s Visible Source Lamps for Analyzers, Diagnostic Equipment & Related Applications
1990s HBO Short Arc Mercury Lamps
1990s XBO Short Arc Xenon Lamps
1990s Deuterium & Other UV Light Sources for Spectroscopy UV Analytical Equipment, etc.
1990s Replacement Lamps for Micrscopes
1990s Replacement Bulbs for Audio Visual, Photographic, Micrographic, Stage, Studio, TV and Video Applications
1990s Hand-Held Blacklight
1990s The Laser Pointer
1990s Miniature Lamps Domestic & Foreign

Burdick & Jackson Laboratories Inc.: 1966, Distilled-in-Glass Solvents

Bunton Instrument Co., Rockville, MD:
1973 Microscope Maintenance Supplies
1973  '''  Special Accessories for Microscopy

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Cajon: 1977, Pipe Fitting, Weld Fittings, Conversion Fittings & Hose Connectors

Calbiochem-Behring, San Diego, CA:  1983, Biologics Vol. 8, No. 4

Caliber ID, Rochester, NY:
2014 Vivascope 3000
2014 Vivascope 2500
2014  Vivascope 1500  Multilaser

California Laboratory Equipment Co., Oakland, CA:  Undated, Model C Evaporaor

Caltag Laboratories, Burlingame, CA: 
Undated Fix & Perm ® Applications Guide to Intracellular Flow Cytometry
2002 Catalog

Cambridge Instrument Co., Cambridge, England:
1930 Galvanometers, List No. 167 
1957 Galvanometers
Undated The Cambridge Huxley Ultra-microtome

Cambridge Research and Instrumentation, Inc.: 1987, Laser Intensity Stabilizers

Canal Industrial Corp. (CANALCO), Rockville, MD:  
Undated, Automatic Fraction Collector/U.V. Flow Analyzer

Canberra: 1981, Germanium Detectors

Canberra Nuclear, Meriden, CT: 
Undated Edition Nine: Systems Supplement
Undated Edition Nine: Instruments Catalog

Canon: Undated, Model CNF 26 Motor-Tachometer

Carl Zeiss:
1950s Hand Spectroscope (Zeiss Winkel)
1965  Instruments for Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation
1968  Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast 
1977  Microscopes and Accessories
1979  Polarizing Microscopes 
1980  Invertoscope D Price List
2000 Axiovert 200: The New Standard in Inverted Microscopy 
2005 When Was the Last Time You Saw Something for the First Time?: FluoresScience
2005 AxioCam HS: Fast, Precise, Live
2005 LSM 5 DUO and LSM DuoScan Laser Scanning Microscope Workstations
2008 Biomedical MicroImaging Newsletter 
2009 MicroImaging Newsletter-September
2013 Newsletter for Life Sciences, #1
2017 Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7
2017 Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan
2017 3D Imaging Sytems 
Undated EM 9 S-2 Electron Microscope
Undated Microscope for Depth Measurement
Undated  Standard GFL Microscopes

Cell Signaling Technology, Danvers, MA: 2006 
Flow Cytometry and Intracellular Signaling

CENCO: Undated, Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

CG Life Sciences, Vineland, NJ:
2014    New Life Science Products (Fall edition)
2014    Life Science Products
2014    Cell & Tissue Culture

Chemalloy Electronics Inc.:
Undated Improved Fluxless Aluminum Solder and Welding Rod
Undated Fluxless Aluminum Solder

Chemapec Inc., Hoboken, NJ:
1971 Chemapec Pec Fermentor Systems

Chem-Service: Undated, Pesticides Catalog No. 82

Chemical Dynamics Corp.: 1980, Chemalog Hi-lites, Vol. 4, No. 1

Chemical Rubber Co., Cleveland, OH:
1936, Catalog D of Chemical Laboratory Apparatus
1960s, CRC “Vari-Cal” Immersion Unit

Clairex Corp.: 1964, Photoconductive Cells

Clausing, Kalamazoo, MI:
1969  Catalog
Undated, Machine Tools brochure

Clay Adams, New York, NY:
1966  Instruments for Micro-Dissection and Micro-Surgery, Experimental and Animal Surgery 
Undated Micropet Disposable Lambda Pipette

Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co.: 1949, Catalog

Clifton Standard Hydraulic Press Co., 1978, Series H 10-75 Ton Strain Rod Hydraulic Presses

Clontech, Palo Alto: 
1999 Advantage ® PCR Enzyme Systems
2012  Living Colors Fluorescent Proteins

Cober Electronics Inc.:
Undated If You’re Thinking of Going Microwave
Undated Series SCCD Industrial Microwave Oven
Undated Microwave Generators for Industrial and Laboratory Heating Applications
Undated Microwave Rubber Processing Systems

Coleman Engineering Co. Inc.:
1968 Beattie-Coleman Oscillotron Oscilloscope Cameras
1968 Oscillotron Camera, Model MII-911

Cole-Parmer, Chicago, IL:
1971 Micrometer and Digital Dispensers
1984 Pump Applications Guide
1998 Fittings, Tubing, Valves
1998 Electrochemistry
2000 Catalog 
2001 Catalog
Undated Plastic Ware Chemical Resistance Chart

The Colson Corporation, Elyria, OH:  
1960s The Model 110 Automatic Blood Pressure Recorder

Comet Industries, Bensenville, IL:  
1960s Comet Lab-Master
1964   Comet Meteor Automatic
1965   Select the Comet to Meet Your Need

Commonwealth Technology Inc.:
1990 Differential Stopped-Flow Microcalorimeter, Model DSFC-100, (see 94.0022.012.00)
Undated Berger-Thibault Differential Thermal Titration Apparatus Model DTTA-100

Composite Rotor, Inc., Mountain View, CA: 
Undated Composite Rotors

Computer Boards, Inc., Mansfield, MA:
Undated    Compatible I/O Series CIO-AD16/50k and /100k

Comstock Inc
1980s Optical Heat-Pipes, Model HP-801, HP-802

Continental Lab Products, San Diego, CA: 
2000s Tools for Molecular Biology

Cooke Inc., Bloomington, IN:
Undated Needle & Catheter Reference Chart

Cordis Corp., Miami, FL: 
1992 Cordis Reflex Steerable Guidewires
1992 Cordis in Miami

Corning, Acton, MA and Corning, NY:
1985 BNC Electrodes 
2000 Equipment & Scientific Instruments
2003 Life Sciences Research Tools
2005 Life Sciences Selection Guide
2012 Closed System Solutions
2013 Stem Cell Research
2013  Bottlemania!
Undated, The Fleaker

Corning Inc., Tewksbury, MA:
2017 Break the 3D Barrier: Corning 3D Cell Culture

Coulbourn Instruments, Whitehall, PA:  2014 Behavioral Research

Coulter Electronics, Inc., Cranford, NJ:  
Undated Preliminary Information on the Model 550 Clean Room Monitor

Crawford Fitting Co.
1977 Sno-Trik Tube Fittings & Valves for High Pressure

Cryo-Med, Washington, DC:  
1978 Price List

C.R. Bard Inc., Billerica, MA: 
1991 PET: Performance Balloon Material
1991 Probe III: Balloon-on-a-Wire Dilatation System with 2.5 cm Flex Tip
1991 Force 20, 30, 40: Balloon Dilatation Cathether with Pro/Pel Coating
1991 Silk Guide Wire with Continu-Core Design
1991 Phantom Guide Wire with Gold Tip Control

Curtin Matheson Scientific: 1973, Balance Selector Guide

Curtin Scientific Co., Rockville, MD:  Undated, Thelco Ovens and Incubators

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D-M-E Corp., Detroit, MI:  
1962 DME News

D&R Plastic Welders, Inc., Hazardville, CT:  
1959 Catalog

DBio, College Park, MD:
2013    Refrigerators and Freezers
2013    Luna Second Generation Automated Cell Counter
2013    Luna-FL [fluorescent] The Ultimate Automated Cell Counter

Dagan Corp., Minneapolis, MN: 
1988 The Neurotransmitter Newsletter

Dake Corp., Grand Haven, MI:  
1979 Dake Laboratory Presses

Daigger, Vernon Hills, IL:
2012 Lab Equipment and Supplies  

Damon Corp.
1974 IEC Bench Top Centrifuges

Daniels Plating Barrel & Supply Co., Newark, NJ:  
Undated Daniels Plating Barrels Catalog

Data Translation:
1977 Microcomputer Analog I/O Systems, Data Acquisition Modules, Dual D/A Converter-Point Plotter, DC-DC Converters
1977 Analog I/O Systems for Intel uC SBC 80 Series or MDS-800

Datel Systems Inc.:
1975 Digital-to-Analog Converter Model DAC-HR Series
1977 High Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter Model ADC-149
1977 High Performance Instrumentation Amplifiers AM-201 Series

Denville Scientific Inc., South Plainfield, NJ: 
2013 Molecular Biology Products
2014 Denville Scientific Equipment

Detroit Coil Co.
Undated A.C. Solenoids

Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) [NICHD], University of Iowa: 
1999 Product Catalogue

Diagnostica Stago, Inc.: 
2000 Hemostasis Products: Reference Guide for the Coagulation Laboratory

Dixon Medical Products, Thornton, PA: 
Undated Price List

Doric Scientific Corp.
Undated Integrating Digital Microvoltmeter with Transducer Conditioning for Physical and Scientific Measurement

Dosimeter Corp. (DCA), Cincinnati, OH: 
1991 Radiation Detection Instruments

Dow Corning Corp., Midland, MI:
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: Silastic 50
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: Silastic 52
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 80
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 82
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 8-164
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 132
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 432 Base
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  433 Base
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  740 Base
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2000
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6538
1965    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2229 Softener
1965    Information about Silastic RTV Silicone Rubber:  731
1965    Engineering with Silastic Silicone Rubber
1966    Guide to Prices
1966    Manufacturers of Parts Made from Silastic Silicone Rubber
1967   New Selection Guide for Silastic Silicone Rubber
1967    Fluid Resistance of Silastic Silicone Rubber
1967    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 35U 
1967    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  75U
1967    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  1125U
1967    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-422 Base
1967    Information about Electronic Materials: 630 Protective Coating 
1967    Information about Silicone Release Materials: 236 Dispersion 
1967    Information about Silicone Cosmetic Materials: F-157 Wax 
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-53U
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-63U
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-2311U
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-2249U
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  55U
1968    Fabricating with Silastic Rubber
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber
1968    Compounding with Silastic Gums and Bases
1968    Aerospace Materials: 93-072 RTV Silicone Rubber
1968    Information about Silastic RTV Adhesive/Sealant
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  152
1968    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-420 Gum
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 430 Gum
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  445 Base
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  651
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  955U
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  6-127, 6-128
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6508
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  6526
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6535
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-6587
1968    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-9711
1969    Silicone Adhesive/Sealants
1969    Silicone Release Agents Speed Production, Cut Costs in the Rubber Industry
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  675
1969    Electrical/Electronic Materials: 122, 123, 125 Silastic
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 745U, 746U, 747U, 748U 
1969    Information about Silicone Rubber: 133A-U Dispersion
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 241U
1969    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Adhesives
1969    Information about Fluorosilicone Primers
1969    Information about Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber: LS-2332U
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 434 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 435 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 436 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 437 Base
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2067, S-2068 
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2096U, S-2097U
1969    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber:  S-2351U
1970    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: Guide to Silicone Rubber Specifications
1970    Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 432 Base
1970    Information about Silicone Adhesives:  A-4000 Adhesive
1970   A-4000 Adhesive and Catalyst A-4000 Price Information
1970   Engineering with Silastic Silicone Rubber
1970s  Know Your Silicone Products Summary Product Booklet
1970s  Dow Corning Electrical/Electronic Materials Line Card
1970   Selection Guide to Electrical/Electronic Materials
1971   Information about Silicone Fluids
1971  Information about Silicone Adhesives:  A-4000 Adhesive
1972     Information about Silicone Rubber
1972     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 4600
1972     Priming Systems for Bonding Silastic 4600 to Metals and Fabrics 
1973    A Guide to Dow Corning Products
1973     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber
1974     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 4655
1974     Information about Silastic Silicone Rubber: 4600, 4671, 4671 B & C
1974     Information about Electrical/Electronic Materials: Sylgard 182, 183, 184 and 185 Resins for Potting and Encapsulating
1976     Information about Silicone Fluids:  200 Fluid
1977     Information about Fluorosilicone Elastomers:  733 RTV Fluorosilicone Sealant
1977     New Product Information: Q7-2213 Silicone Dispersion
1977     New Product Information: Q7-2218 Silicone Gel System
1979     Information about Silastic Silicone Elastomers
1979     Q7-4290 Prosthetic Foam 
1980    Liquid Polymer System
1981     Information about Fluorosilicone Elastomers
1981    Silastic Medical-Grade Elastomers
1981    Silastic Q7-4840 A/B Medical Grade LSR
1982     Product Bulletin: Diacyl Peroxides 
1983    Silastic Silicone Rubber
1983    A Guide to Designing Molds for Silastic Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Information about HIgh Technology Silicone Materials Silastic 739 RTV Plastic Adhesive
1984    Information about HIgh Technology Silicone Materials Silastic HS RTV HIgh Strength Moldmaking Silicone Rubber
1984    SCS Guide to Silicone Rubber Specifications 
1984    Silastic 599 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 598 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 595 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 596 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 590 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1984    Silastic 591 Liquid Silicone Rubber
1987   Bio-PSA Q7-2920 Medical Grade Silicone Adhesive
1991     Information about High Technology Products:  T RTV
1992     New Product Information:  M RTV 
1993     New Product Information:  K RTV
Undated  Working with Silastic Silicone Rubber: 1620 Dispersion

Undated Microcaps

Dukane Corp., St. Charles, IN:  
Undated     1600 Watt Solid State Heavy Duty Ultrasonic System Model 48A155
Undated     800 Watt Solid State Ultrasonic System Model 48A110
Undated     400 Watt Solid State Ultrasonic System Model 48A105
Undated     200 Watt, Ultrasonic System 48A42
Undated     800 Watt Solid State Ultrasonic System Model 48A120
Undated    A Faster Assembly

, Newtown, CT:  
1976 Nafion Perfluorosulfonic Acid Products
1981 Nafion Perfluorinated Membranes Price List
1981, Price List Sorvall Omni-Mixer
Biomedical Products Department, Washington, DC:

Du Pont Instruments/Sorvall
1982 Sorvall GLC-2B General Laboratory Centrifuge
1982 Sorvall Biomedical Products Catalog and Price List
Undated Centrifuges, Microtomes, and Laboratory Instruments
Undated Sorvall ® RC-5C and RC-5B Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuges

Durrum Instrument Corp.:
1965 Gibson Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer Price List
1965 Gibson Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer
1970s Rapid Kinetics Spectrophotometer Systems Series D-100
1970s Temperature-Jump Instrumentation
1970s Stopped-Flow Instrumentation
1970s Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer
1970s Stopped-Flow Fluorescence and Light Scattering
1970s Multi-Mixing Systems Models D-132, D-133, D-134
1976 Durrum Flarefit Chromatography Fittings
1977 Durrum Rapid Kinetics Systems

Undated Enlargers

Dynac Corp., Portland, ME:  
Undated  Model M-301 Automatic Particle Monitor
Undated  New Portable M-201B Automatic Particle Monito

Dynal Inc., Success, NY: 1995, Biomagnetic Separation Products

Dynex Technologies, Inc., Chantilly, VA: 
Undated Catalog 5: The Leading Light in Microtiter ® Technology

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Eastman Kodak:
1945 Materials for Spectrum Analysis 
1969 Black-and-White Films in Rolls
1969 Kodak Color Dataguide: Exposing, Printing, Processing 
1976 Directory of Products & Services for Health Sciences HS-1
1979 Photographic Products
1983 Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1985 GSA Federal Supply Service
1985 Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1986 Black-and-White Papers, Films, and Chemicals
1987 Scientific Imaging Products
1990 Laboratory Chemicals
1992 Optical Products
1994/5 Biological Research and Imaging Products

Eclipse Air Brush Co., Newark, NJ:  
Undated G-6 Gun

Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier Inc. (EG&G)
1965 SGD-444 Series Silicon Photodiodes Diffused Guard Ring Construction

Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ:  
2003    Optics and Instruments Catalog
2009    Optics and Instruments Catalog

Edmund Scientific, Barrington, NJ: 
1994 Optics, Science, and Education

1983 Catalog

EG&G ORTEC, Oak Ridge, TN: 
1982 Instruments for Research and Applied Sciences: Modular Electronics, Solid-State Radiation Detectors, Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems
1998 Price List

EG&G WALLAC, Finland: 
1998 Easy Counters

E.H. Sargent & Co.: 
Undated Mettler Balances

E.I. du Pont de Nemous & Co. (see DuPont)

Electronic Heating Equipment, Troy, NY:
1965 Catalog

Eldex Laboratories Inc.:
1979 Universal Fraction Collector
1979 Preparative Fraction Collector
1980 Column Heaters
1982 Price List
1983 High Pressure Metering Pumps
1983 Microprocessor-Based Gradient & Systems Programmer
1983 Selector Valve
Undated Press Release for Pump Monitor

Electron Microscopy Sciences
1998 Catalog XIII

Electronics for Life Sciences, Inc. (ELS), Rockville, MD:
1971  Stimulator/Differential Amplifier (ELS SA-1)
1971  Instrument Price List
1971  Amplifier (ELS A-4)
1971  Amplifier (ELS A-3)
1971  Amplifier (ELS A-2)
1971  Physiological Amplifiers
1972  Amplifier (ELS A-5) A Solid State Negative Capacitance Amplifier
1972  Differential Amplifier (ELS DA-1)
1972  Pulse Amplifier (ELS PA-2)
1973  Nanoamp Stimulator (ELS CS-3)
1974  Constant Current Stimulator (ELS CS-1)
1974  Bak Standard Wide Band Electrometer 
1974  Instrument Price List
Undated  BAK Standard Wide Band Electrometer (ELS A-1)

Elkay, Shrewsbury, MA: 
1981 Duo-Star pH Electrodes
Undated Acid Flexible Manifold Pump Tubing

Elmeco Engineering Inc., Rockville, MD:  2014 Leaflet

Emerald Diagnostics, Inc., Eugene, OR:
1990s OEM Services for the Diagnostics Industry
1990s  Fluorescent Latex Microspheres for Research and Diagnostics Applications
1990s  Mission Statement
1997    Emerald Diagnostics Inc. The Short Story
1998    Emerald Diagnostics: Specializing in Fine Particle and Diagnostics Technology

EMD Biosciences, Madison, WI: 
2004 Novagen® Innovations
2004 Novagen & Calbiochem Sample Preparation: Tools for Protein Research
2012 Western Blotting Tools
2012 Protein Blotting Handbook
2014 Technical Resource and Product Guide: Essential Biochemicals for Research
2014 Sample Preparation Product Guide

EMD Millipore, Billerica, MA:  
2015  Guava easyCyte Sytems: Expanding the potential of Flow Cytometry

EM Laboratories:
1981 Introducing Fractogel TSK: Unique Packing Material for High Performance Gel Filtration
1991 Tentacle Type Ion Exchange Bioseparation Media
Undated 410
Undated Fractogel TSK
Undated Uvasols Solvents for UV, IR, NMR Spectroscopy
Undated ColorpHast Store

Emerson Apparatus Co., Melrose, MA:  
1961 Ross Rubber Flexing Machine

Emerson & Cuming, Inc., Canton, MA:  
1967 Eccocoat Coating, Resins, Epoxies and Others

Emil Greiner Co.:
1958 Catalog 12th edition

Engelhard Industries Inc.,: Hillside, NJ
1961 Precious Metal Catalysts
1968 Bi-Distillation Apparatus

Energy & Minerals Research Co.
Undated Ultraknife Ultrasonic Cutting Tools

EngineersExpress Inc., Medway, MA: 
Undated Laboratory Bubble Tubing: Polyvinyl Chloride

Entran Devices, Inc.:
1998 Sensors and Electronics
Undated A Brief Catalog of Entran Products for Acceleration, Force, Pressure
Undated Pressure Meter EMP 40/45
Undated EPX Series Miniature Threaded Pressure Transducers

Environmental Sciences Assc.:
1983 Coulochem Electrochemical Detector for HPLC
1983 Coulochem, Dual Electrode Electrochemical Detector for HPLC 
1984 Ion Chem, Ion Chromatography System
1984 Organic Acids/Beer
1984 Water Hardness
1984 Drinking Water
1984 Linearity-Anions
1984 Linearity-Cations
1984 Reproducibility
1984 Versatility
1984 Cations in Beer
1984 Monovalent Cations
1984 Halides
1984 Ions in Rain Water
1984 IonChem Ion Chromatography System
Undated Info Sheet

Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany: 
2005 Products and Applications for the Laboratory
2012 Products and Applications for the Laboratory
2012 Endless Possibilities Microcentrifuges
2013 Fermentors and Bioreactors
2014 #canyourepeatthat
2014 Natural Winners
2014 Count on it! Eppendorf Repeater M4 and Combitips
Undated epMotion® Liquid Handling Workstation

Ernst Leitz
1931 “Ultropak” Micro-Equipment
1934 Ring Illuminator for Bright and Dark Field
1969 Orthoplan Universal Large-field Microscope
1972 Diavert Inverted Transmitted-light Microscope
1972 Epivert Inverted Incident-light Microscope
1972 Price List for Orthoplan Microscope and Accessories
1972 Ortholux II Large Microscope
1972 Price List for Diavert Microscope and Accessories
1972 Price List for Ortholux II Microscope and Accessories
1972 Interference Systems
1972 The Leitz System Camera: A Universal Camera System for Photomicrography
2011  Orthoplan and Ortholux II Research Microscope
Undated Orthoplans

1975 Price List for Ortholux II Microscope and Accessories

EZBiolab, Carmel, IN:
2014  Peptide Synthesis Antibody Development Protein Expression and Purification
2014  EZgel Systems
2014  Instant-Band

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FiberLite Inc., Santa Clara, CA: 
2002   FiberLite High Speed – Super Speed Product Catalog
Undated    FiberFuge 3K
Undated    Did you know….?
Undated    Want larger volume?
Undated    Accessories for 4000 mL and 6000 mL Carbon Fiber Rotors
Undated    Universal Table Top Centrifuge with a Carbon Fiber Rotor
Undated    Special Carbon Fiber Tissue Culture Rotors…
Undated    Largest Capacity Composite Rotor…
Undated    FiberLite Centrifuge Rotors use Millipore Co. Ultrafiltration Devices
Undated    FiberFuge 3K plus

Fine Science Tools, Foster City, CA: 
2002 Catalog 15 Surgical Instruments for Research
2017 Fine Surgical Instruments for Research

Fisher Scientific and Eimer & Amend
1942 Catalog 90

Fisher Scientific/Thermo Scientific:
2012    Thermo Scientific PikoReal Real-Time PCR System
2012    Advance PCR Enzymes
2013    Marketplace
2013    Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring Solution

Fisher Scientific Co., Pittsburgh, PA:
1952 Catalog 111
1958 Catalog 59 
1964 Catalog 65
1966 Evans Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 
1966 Atomic Absorption Standards 
1968 Laboratory Diluters 
1968 Fisher Brand Pipets
1969 Med-Lab Reporter Vol. 9, No. 12
1970 Cahn Recording Electrobalance Model RG or RH 
1970 Catalog 70
1987 Catalog 88
1990 Catalog
1995 The Fisher Chemical Catalog 
1999 Biotrack
2000 Catalog 
2003 Biotrack
2003 PCR Catalog
2004 Biotrack
2002/2003 Catalog
2011/2012 Catalog
2014/2016 Catalog

Fluidigm, San Francisco, CA: 
2011  BioMark HD System
2012  Single-Cell Auto Prep System
2012  C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System
2012  Genotyping
2014  CyTOF 2 Mass Cytometry System

Fluid Automation, Inc, Detroit, MI:  
Undated,  Meter-Mix Machines for Liquid Silicone Rubber

Fluid Metering Inc.: 1980, Catalog

Fluorocarbon Mechanical Seal Division, Los Alamitos, CA:  
Undated, High-Performance Seals

Forma Scientific, Marietta, OH:
Undated Laboratory Incubators & Anaerobic Systems
Undated Ultra-low Temperature Freezers
Undated Ultra-low Temperature Freezers (later date)

ForteBio Corp., Menlo Park, CA:  2011 Blitz System

Fred S. Carver Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI:  
Undated, Hydraulic Laboratory Presses

Frequency Devices, Inc.:
1977 Active Filter Products
1978 Resistive Tuneable Lowpass Active Filters 730/740 Series

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G-Biosciences, St. Louis, MO: 
2007 bio-NEXT, Vol. 9

Gagne Associates, Inc., Binghamton, NY:
1972  Price List: “Sensiflex” Fluidic Devices
1970s  Two Hane, Non-Tie-Down Circuit (All Air)
1970s  “Sensiflex” Applications
1970s  “Fluidic Eye” Method Proximity Detection
1970s  Pressure Measurement
1970s  “Sensiflex” Fluidic Switches
1970s  Line Pressure Switches
1970s  “Sensiflex” Supply Input Parts
1970s  “Sensiflex” All-Air Fluidic Amplifier Valves
1970s  “Sensiflex” All-Air Fluidic Amplifier Valves—miniature
1970s  “Sensiflex” Accessories
1970s  Logic Devices
1970s  Mounting Rack & Manifold
1970s  Deltech Filter—Model SFL20
1970s  Fluidic Study Kit
1970s  “Sensiflex” Fluidic Counter
1970s  Air Filter Pressure Switch

Galatic Industries Corp., Salem, NH:
1990s   GRAMS

Gardner Instruments, Bethesda, MD:  
1964 Instruments for Measuring Physical Test Bulletin

Ge. Fe. Ri., Italy: Undated, Diamond Knives for Electron Microscopy

Gelman Instrument Co.: 1976, Gelman Membrane Filtration Products

Gelman Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI: 
1991 The Filter Book

Genalyte Inc., San Diego, CA:  
2013 Maverick Detection System/Universal Multiplex Assay Platform

General Activation Analysis, Inc.
1982 Catalog

General Diagnostics: 1972, Compu-Pet 100

General Electric (GE), PIttsfield, MA:
1969  Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet Product Data
1970s Lexan Polycarbonate Resin
1985 QE-300 Automated, Analytical NMR Spectrometer System
1992 Properties Guide GE Engineering Thermoplastics 
2006 Build Your Own FPLC Purification System
2008 NanoVue Spectrophotometer
Undated Lexan Resin Design Tips (newsletters in binder)

General Radio Co.
1946, Catalog K
1968, Catalog T (February)

General Valve Corp.: early 1990s, Solenoid Valves

Genesse Scientific,: San Diego, CA: 
2013    Brochure Fall Edition
2013    Products Available through NIH Stockroom
2014    Spring/Summer Brochure

Genzyme Diagnostics, Cambridge, MA: 1995, Cytokine Research Products

Getty Machine and Mold Inc., Clifton, NJ:  
1962, Piercing Tool, Molds, Slug Cut-off Machine, ASTM Test for compression

Gilbert Boy Engineering
1920s Catalog

Gilford Instrument Laboratories Inc., Oberlin, OH.:
1968       Micro-Sample Spectrophotometer 300-N, Data Lister 4006, and Rapid Sampler 2443
1969       Automatic Recording Photometer 2000
1969       Spectrophotometer 240
1969       Spectrophotometer 2400
1969       Price List
1974       Model 230 Spectrophotometer
1974       Model 2520 20 Centimeter Gel Scanner
1974       Model 2527 Thermo-Programmer
1974       Model 2580 Density Gradient Analyzer
1974       Model 203 Flow Through Cuvettes
1974       Model 410 Digital Absorbance/Concentration Meter
1974       Model 2410-S Linear Transport
1974       Model 2414 Vertical Indexing Film Adapter
1974       Model 2445 Spectro-Stir
1974       Model 531 Sample Programmer
1974       Model 533-1 Sample Programmer
1974       Model 2535 Reference Compensator
1974       Model 3017-T Thermo-Cuvette
1974       Model 4009 Data Lister
1974       Model 4014 Enzyme Concentration Calculator
1974       Model 6050 Recorder
1974       Flo-Kleen
1974       “Thermal Analysis of Biological Macromolecules in UV-VIS Spectrophotometers,” Stephen Douglass, American Laboratory
1975       Stasar I
1975       Stasar II
1975       Stasar III
1975       Gilford 250 Spectrophotometer
1975       Gilford Model 2400-2 Automatic Recording Spectrophotometer
1975       Model 2443-A Rapid Sampler
1975       Model 2450, 2451 Cuvette Positioners
1975       Gilford Spectrophotometers, Accessories, Systems
1975       Gilford Supplies and Disposables
1975       Progressive Automation 3400 Series
1975       The All-Purpose Micro-Chemistry Analyzer
1975       Cardiac Output System Model 140
1975       Model 6060 Automatic Dispenser
1975       Model 6065 Automatic Pipettor/Diluter
1975       Gilford Analyzer System Syva/EMIT Immunoassay
1975       Gilford Vptm System for Veterinary Methodologies
1975       Model 532-1 Sample Programmer
1975       Models 2470, 2470-A, 2475, 2475-A Five and Ten Centimeter Cuvette Compartments
1975       p/n 1365 Round Cuvette Holder
1975       Model 2428 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Cell
1975       Model 2220 Adapter
1975       Models 2530, 2535 Wavelength Scanner Reference Compensator
1975       “Standardization of Temperature, Absorbancy, and Wavelength Measurements in UV-VIS Spectrophotometry,” Stephen A. Douglass and Robert J. Emary
1978       Series 252 “New Life” Spectrophotometer Modernization Systems
1978       The Rapid Sampler
1978       Thermal Printer Model 4019
Undated  Selecting a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Undated  Model 222 Spectrophotometer Update System

Gilson Medical Electronics (GME), Middleton, WI:
1960s Recording Ultraviolet Absorption Meters
1962 Price List for Ultraviolet Absorption Meter
1971 See the Gilson
2017 Pipette Selection Guide

Glasrock Plastics
Undated Filter Sampler Blood Serum Filters

Global Laboratory Solutions:  2014 Vidrix Laboratory Glassware

Gould Inc., Cleveland, OH:  
1971 GSA Price List

Grass Instruments, Quincy, MA:  
1963 Model 5 Polygraph
1971 Polygraphs, Physiological Instruments

Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc., Nashua, NH:
1975  30 Ton Laboratory Press
Undated   Hydraulic Presses Handy Book

GTE Metal Laminates Division
1987 Chace Termostatic Metals

Gulton Techni-rite Electronics, Inc., East Greenwich, RI:  
Undated Recorders

Gyrozen, Seoul, South Korea:
2014 Clinical Centrifuges
2014 Multi-Purpose High-Speed Centrifuges

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Hamamatsu: 1987, Light Sources for Measurement Applications

Hamilton Co., Reno, NV:
1964 Precision Syringes and Related Equipment Catalog H-64 
1969 Precision Syringes and Related Equipment Catalog H-68r 
1974 Syringes, Dispensers, Chromatographic Accessories, Inert Valves, Chromatographic Resins and Buffers
1981 Microliter ® Syringes
1999 Precision Fluid Measuring Products

Hamilton Storage Technologies, Franklin, MA:
2012  Vantage
2013  LabElite Line

Hans Hosle, Dr. Ing. Chem.:
1960 Micro Hydrogention Apparatus 
1960 Micro-combustion Automats 
1960 Fraktions-Sammler, FG 500, FG2000 
1960 FT Protoelektrischer Tropfenzahler 
1960 Thermostatisch geregelte Heizbader, W250, O250 
1960 Heizplatten mit Thermoregulator, H125, H150 
1960 Mikro-Carius-ofen, BOML 
1960 Trockenblock, TB 
1960 Sublimationsblock SB

Hart Scientific:
Undated 1006 Micro-Therm Thermometer
Undated Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Undated Ultra Stable Constant Temperature Baths and Circulators
Undated Isothermal Flow Calorimeter
Undated Heat Conduction Calorimeter
Undated Don’t Lack Sensitivity, Have a Hart

Harvard Apparatus, Millis, MA: 
1971 Bulletin 306: Electrodes for All Biological Applications
1971 Bulletin 630: Carbon Dioxide Analyzers
1972 Bulletin 542: Tissue and Animal Preparation
1972 Bulletin 550: Pump Speed Modulator
1972 Bulletin 975: Compact Infusion Pump Model 975
1972 Bulletin 1300: Lambda Pump Systems
1973 Bulletin 290: The New Harvard Biograph
1973 Bulletin 295: Systems Estimator for Harvard Biograph Recording Systems
1973 Bulletin 303: Harvard Electronic Transducers
1973 Bulletin 308: Stimulators for Physiology, Psychology, and Medical Applications
1973 Bulletin 400: Mechanical Modular Recording Systems
1973 Bulletin 500: Kymographs Accessories for the Harvard Kymograph Recording System
1973 Bulletin 565: Tubing & Syringes for Pumping
1973 Bulletin 607: Harvard Animal Ventilators
1973 Bulletin 825: Harvard I-V Clamp
1973 Bulletin 876: Dye Dilution Pumps
1973 Bulletin 900: Classic Harvard Syringe Pumps
1974 Price List
1974 Bulletin 270: Harvard Physiological Feedback Monitors
1974 Bulletin 300: Chart Movers for the Harvard Modular Recording System
1974 Bulletin 302: Electronic Recording Module Model 350
1974 Bulletin 304: Harvard Amplifiers & Signal Conditioners for the Electronic Modular Recording System
1974 Bulletin 310: Accessories and Supplies for Harvard Recording Systems
1974 Bulletin 330: Systems Estimator for Harvard Electronic Modular Recording System
1974 Bulletin 800: Harvard I-V Fluid Controller
1974 Bulletin 1200: Peristaltic Pumps
1974 Bulletin 1400: Pulsatile Blood Pumps
1997 BioScience
2014 Precision Surgical Instruments for Research
2014  OxyletPro System / Panlab

Harvard Bioscience, Hollison, MA:
2000/2001 Solutions for Proteomics & Genomics

Heathrow Scientific:  
2013 Catalog
2014 Catalog

Helena Laboratories:
1978 Cardiac Profile Reference Chart
1980 Helena Work Chart

Heto Lab Equipment AS: 1977, Lab Equipment

Hewlett Packard
1980 GC/MS for EPA Regulations?
Undated HP 1100 Series Modules and Systems for HPL
Undated Tomorrow’s Analytical Instruments Today

Hilger & Watts, London, England:
1951 Catalogue L, Measuring Microscopes, Spectrum Projectors & Comparators (Nov.)
1952 Catalogue E, Spectrographs (April)
1952 Catalogue N, Interferometers (September)
1952 Catalogue F1: Spectroscopic Accessories
1952 Catalogue F II, Spectroscopic Light Sources & Other Electrical Accessories (Sept.)
1952 Catalogue D, Monochromators & Spectrometers (October)
1952 Catalogue M, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Temperature Regulators, Strainviewers, Photoelastic Apparatus, Electrophoresis Apparatus (November)
1952 Catalogue H, Absorptiometers, Fluorimeters, Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Microphotometers (December)
1953 Catalogue C, Watts Table & Spectrometers (January)
1958 Schwarz Thermopiles

Hi-Tech Scientific Ltd.
1970s Rapid Chemical Kinetics

Hobart Manufacturing Co., Troy, OH:
1963  Kitchen Aid Price List
1963  KitchenAid the finest made
1963  KitchenAid Food Preparer Attachments
1963  KitchenAid N-50 Mixer

Hoefer, Inc., San Francisco, CA:
1988 Price List IBF France
2006/7 Everything for Electrophoresis
Undated  Product Information:  S-Zephyr and D-Zephyr
Undated  Product Information:  Trisacryl GF 05/GF 2000
Undated Product Information:  NPC-activated Trisacryl, GLUT-activated Trisacryl
Undated SL 280 Gel Tube Slicer

Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co., New Haven, CT:  
1962 Production Tools and Dies

Honeywell, Denver, CO
1975 Model 5600 Recorder/Reproducer Proposal

Hull Corp., Hatboro, PA: 
1966 Model 5-AR Vacuum Potting ad Encapsulating, Standard Potters, and Production Equipment

HyClone, Logan, UT: 
1997-99 Biotechnology Products & Services

Hyde Manufacturing Co., Southbridge, MA:  
1958 Hyde Handbook of Industrial Knives, Fix-up Paint-up Tools

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Idea Scientific, Minneapolis, MN: 1999, Millennium Electrophoresis, Blotting and Antibody Screening Catalog #21

IGEN Inc., Rockville, MD: 
Undated The ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System: Electrochemiluminescence Detection for Immunoassays and Nucleic Acid Assays
Undated The ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System
Undated ORIGEN ® Immunoassay System Price List

IKA Works, Inc., Wilmington, NC:  
2016 Laboratory Equipment Designed for Scientists

Ilford: 1984, Nuclear Research Materials

Illumina: 2016, Battle Lines: Equipping the Body to Fight Cancer from Within

Imagine Optic, Cambridge, MA:
2013 Adaptive Optics for Microscopy

Industrial Science Associates, Inc., Ridgewood, NY: 
Undated  Differentiator
Undated  Electrometer NC
Undated  Micro-manipulator
Undated  Micro-electrode Probe Unit
Undated  Platinum Coil forming Die, Draft Shield, Pipette Grinder
Undated  Pipette Holder Rack

INDPOL Monothane, Cucamonga, CA: 1972, Specifications

Ingold Electronics Inc.:
1976 Catalog
1977 pH Electrodes
1977 Catalog

Instrumentation Laboratory Inc. (IL):
1970s 182 CO-Oximeter
1970 213 Digital Blood Gas Analyzer
Undated Catalog

Instrumentation Specialties Co. (ISCO), Lincoln, NE:
1968 Density Gradient Electrophoresis
1970 ISCOTables: Handbook of Data for Biological and Physical Scientists
1975 GSA Catalog
1986 Catalog 22: Classical LC, Electrophoresis
1995 Catalog 30: Instruments and Media for Chromatography, Low Pressure LC, HPLC, SFC

Integrated Separation Systems (ISS), Hyde Park, MA:  undated, Protein-Gold Colloidal Gold Assay Reagent

Intel Corp.:
1976 OEM Computer Systems: SBC-016 16K Byte Ram Memory Board
1977 SBC 032/048/064 RAM Memory Boards

Inter-Dyne: Undated, Mod-Rack

International Crystal Laboratories: Undated, Optical Crystals, Cells and Accessories for FTIR, IR and UV Spectrophotometers

Interfacial Dynamics Corp. (IDC): Portland, OR,:
1988 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres
1990 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres
1993 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres 
1994 Ultraclean Uniform Latex Microspheres

International Equipment Co. (IEC):
1968 Centrifuges 
1968 Plastic Centrifuge Tubes and Bottles Specifically Designed for Centrifuge and Ultracentrifuge Applications
Undated Centrifuges and Rotors

Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA:
1999 SeeBlue Plus2 Pre-Stained Protein Standard
2002 Expressions
Undated Ready-to-use Standards for Protein Electrophoresis

IN-X Fasterner Corp., Newark, NJ:  Undated, Threaded Inserts

Isolab Inc.: 1980s, Research and Clinical Electrophoresis, Catalog E-100

Ithaco: 1977, Catalog

ITW Devcon, Danvers, MA:
1990s   User’s Guide for Metal-Filled Epoxies
1990s   Flexane Urethane Compounds
1990s   Floor Savers
1990s   Zip Grip
1990s   Magic Bond
1990s   E-Z Pouch
1990s   User’s Guide for Flexane
1990s   various product data bulletins
1993    magicSorb

Ivan Sorvall Inc., Norwalk, CT:
1960s New Sorvall Aluminum Specimen Holder
1960s Stereozoom Microscopes for Use with “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtomes
1960s Cycloptic Stereoscopic Microscopes for “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtomes
1966 RCS-B Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge 
1966 Product Guide: Centrifuges, Laboratory Instruments
1966 “Porter-Blum” MT-1, MT-2 Ultra-Microtomes
1967 MT-2 Price List and Ordering Specifications
1968 Supplementary Bulletin 
1968 Supplementary Bulletin: Vibration Absorbing Plate
1968 Tubes, Bottles, Adapters & Accessories for Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges 
1968 CW-1 Cell Washing Centrifuge 
1968 KSB “Szent-Gyorgyi & Blum” Continuous Flow System
1969 Rotors, Tubes, and Adapters for GLC-1 General Laboratory Centrifuge 
1969 HG-4L Swinging Bucket Rotor for the RC-3 
1969 HL-8 Horizontal Rotor for the RC-3 
1970 Centrifuges and Laboratory Instruments Product Guide 
1970 Centrifuges & Laboratory Instruments 
1970 Rotors, Tubes, Bottles, Adapters & Accessories for the RC2-B, RC-2, SS-3, SS-4, & SS-1 Superspeed Laboratory Centrifuges
1970 Tubes, Bottles, Adapters Specifications & Price List 
1970 The Sorvall SZ-14 Reorienting Density Gradient Zonal Rotor 
1970 MT2-B “Porter-Blum” Ultra-Microtome
1970 JB-4 “Porter-Blum” Microtome

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The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME: 
2015 The Next Frontier in Human Disease Modeling

Jarrell-Ash Co.: 1950, Price List of Hilger Spectrographic Equipment

1982 JEM-1200EX Electron Microscope
1982 JEM-100CXII Electron Microscope

John Royle & Sons, Paterson, NJ
1965    Price Lists
1960s   Extruding Machines
1960s   Royle Spirod Extruders for Thermoplastic Processing

Johnson Laboratories, Inc., Cockeysville, MD:
1971 BACTEC: Reliable Rapid Detection of Bacterial Growth

Jule Inc., Trumbull, CT:
1984  Gradient Former Models J200 & J50
1990  Gradient Formers

J.P. Stevens & Co., Inc., Easthampton, MA:  undated, hi-tuff Urethane Tubing, Film, Cord

J.T. Baker: Undated, Thin Layer Chromatography

J&W Scientific Inc.: 1998, Chromatography Columns & Lab Supplies

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Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI:
2000    Raman Review, Winter
2000    Holographic Laser Bandpass Filters
2000    FastMap Chemical Imaging: Raman Microprobe
2000    In-Situ Reaction Montoring: Raman Spectroscopy
2000    Process Control: RamanSpectroscopy
2000    Research Holographic Products & Components
2000    Holographic Notch and Supernotch Filters
2000    UltraSpec-C

Kamweld Products Co., Norwood, MA:  
1964, Versatile Plastics Welders for sealing and welding of thermoplastics

Keithley: 1994, Data Acquisition

1971 K-K-K-Kel-Vi-Vinator. -96oC!

Kenco Pump Division: 1957, Catalog

Kenics Corp., Wakefield, MA: 1962, Model 102 Epoxer

Kensington Scientific Corp. (KENSCO): Undated, Disposable Micropipettes

Keuffel & Esser Co.:
1927 Catalog
1936 Catalog

Kewaunee Scientific Corp., Lockhart, TX:
1980s   EPSCO Selection and Ordering Guide
1980s   T-2000 Bench
1985    Sturdilite Technical Workstations
1986    FlexTech technical workstations
1988    Technical Furniture & Equipment
1988    Tech Stat
1989    Sturdilite Price List and Ordering Guide

Kibron Inc.: 
Early 1990s Delta Pi-microtensiometer
Early 1990s ADMEscreen
Early 1990s The Multipurpose Langmuir-trough

Killion Extruders, Inc., Verona, NJ:  1965, Price List

Kimble Glass Co.: 1973, Advanced Precision Materials Handling for RIA Radioimmunoassay

Kimble Kontes
1989/90 Complete Laboratory Glassware Catalog from Scientific Products
2000 Kimax 
2000 Chromatography Products

KineticSystems Corp., Lockport, IL: 1993, CAMAC (IEEE-583) Product Catalog

KinTek Corporation:
Undated Stopped Flow SF-2001
Undated RQF-3 Quench-Flow

KinTek Instruments:
Undated Rapid-Quench Flow
Undated Stopped Flow AF-2001

Kleer-Vu Industries, Inc., New York :
1960s  Technical Data Vol. 1, No. 3
1967  Series 300 Model 300SP Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1967  Series 600 Model 602 Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1968  Series 600 Model 600M Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
1968  Series 400 Model 400M Vibra-Seal Ultrasonice Sealing Equipment
Undated  New, fast, Low cost, Vibra-Seal 300

Kodak (see Eastman Kodak)

Kontes Glass Co.:
1966 Chromaflex Chromatographic Apparatus: Thin Layer Chromatography 
1971 New Product Bulletin

Kontron: 1972, Diapack Equilibrium Dialysis System

Kratos Analytical Instruments: Undated, Spectroflow 773

Kurt Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, MN: 1992 Workholding Planning and Buying Guide

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LabIndustries (L/I):
1970 LabQuake 
1971 Lambda-Dial 
1971 A Brief Guide to Instruments for Clinical & Research Laboratories 
1971 Magnifying Indicator for L/I Repipets and Dilutors 
1971 Repipets and Dilutors 
1972 Repipets and Automatic Dilutors

LabSource, Romeoville, IL:  2014 Glove and Apparel Catalog

Lab Mart, South Plainfield, NJ: 2002, Catalog

Laboratory Data Control: Undated, SpectroMonitor III

Lafayette Instrument Co.:
1977 TC-100 Thermal Comparator
1977 TC-100 Thermal Comparator and Reference Standards Price List

Laramy Products Co. Lyndonville, VT:
1961  Thermobande
1981  Making Better Plastic Welds

Lambda Electronics Corp.: Undated, LX Series

Lazar Research Labs, Inc.:
1970s Flat Bulb Combination pH Electrode
1970s Micro Ion Sensing Electrodes
1970s Micro-pH and Ion Sensing Electrodes
1970s pH Converter
1970s Dissolved Oxygen Probe

LDC/Milton Roy:
1982 Liquid Chromatography Accessories Info Packet
1982 SpectroMonitor D UV/Visible Variable Wavelength
1982 ConstaMetric III
1982 MiniMetric Series Metering Pumps
1982 Modular Liquid Chromatographs
1982 Take a Bite
1982 Liquid Chromatograph Control Module
1982 Price List
1983 Price List
1983 Hydrogen Products Price List
Undated SpectroMonitor III, Model 1204D
Undated MaxN Series High Efficiency, High Pressure Fluid Cells
Undated UV Monitor III
Undated RefractoMonitor III
Undated FluoroMonitor III
Undated ConductoMonitor Model 701
Undated MercuryMonitor 1235
Undated Laboratory Pumps
Undated Minipump Solvent Delivery System
Undated ConstaMetric IIIG Solvent Delivery System
Undated High Flow Rate Liquid Ends for LDC Pumps
Undated Entry-level Low Cost HPLC System
Undated Chromatographic Recorder Series 3400
Undated Model 302 Computing Integrator
Undated Gradient Master Model 1601
Undated Automatic LC Sampler
Undated Automation Accessories
Undated Dual Drive Floppy Disk Accessory
Undated Serfass ELHYGEN Mark V
Undated H2YCELL Hydrogen Storage Unit
Undated Hydrogen Purification Systems
Undated Hymonitor II, Direct Indicating Hydrogen Analyzer
Undated miniChrom HPLC System

Leeds & Northrup, Silver Spring, MD:
1953 Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Section ED of Catalog E
1956 Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Catalog ED
1959 Self-Saturating Saturable Core Reactors
1960 Speedomax H
1966 L&N Thermocouple Extension Wires
1968 Electrical Instruments, Catalog A 
1969  Quiktip Thermocouple Connectors
1969  Speedomax W. Multi-Point Recorder with Cleertrend Printing
1969  Speedomax W/L 2-Pen Recorder
1969  Speedomax H, W and W’L Calibrated AZAR Recorders
1969  Millitemp Overheat Alarms with Power-Interrupt Protection
1969  L&N Thermocouple Wires
1969  Zero-Voltage-Firing Solid-State Power Package
1970  New Product Information
1970  Flexelect Point-Selection for Speedomax H and W Multi-Point Recorders
1970  Speedomax XL 680-Series Flat-Bed Laboratory Recorder
1970  Electromax III Universal Controller
1970  Solid-State Electromax Signaling Controller for use with Thermocouples
1971  Analog and Digital Meters
Undated Speedomax XL Recorders

Leica, Switzerland:
2015  A Shift of Perspective: DMi8 Inverted Microscope
2017 Step Beyond Infinity: Leica M165 FC and M205 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscopes

Leitz (see Ernst Leitz)

Lepel: 1980, Bench Model Induction Heating Generators

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, St. Petersburg, FL:
2014 AMV Reverse Transcriptase
2014 Technology

Life Technologies Corp.:
2014 EVOS Imaging Systems

Linear Instruments Corp.: 1970s , Recorders

1989 Recorder Catalog
1990 Catalog

Lithium Corp. of America: 1963, Organolithium Compounds

LKB, Bromma, Sweden:  1970, Acta Ampholinae Literature Reference List 1970/71

LKB Instruments Inc., Rockville, MD: 
1970s Automatic Spectrum Stabilizer–Why?
Undated Ultrolab Dilutor

Loctite Corp., Newington, CT: 
1991 Quick Metal 660
1991 Solutions from Loctite
1992 “Do It Right” Product Guide
1992 Loctite’s Expanded Silicone Line

Logosbio, Annandale, VA:  
Luna II Automated Cell Counter

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M2p-labe, Inc., Hauppauge, NY:
2016  BioLector 1: 48 Parallel Microbioreactors
2017  BioLector Pro: Microfluidic Bioprocess Control
2017  RoboLector: Automated Fermentation

Madden Brass Products Co., Aurora, IL:  Undated, Madden Dispensing valve

Manostat Corp.: Undated, Manostat Tubing

Marlow Industries, Inc.: Undated, Guide to Thermoelectric Heat Pumps

Maryland Metrics, Baltimore, MD: 1984, Metric Fasteners and Industrial Supplies

Master Appliance Co., Racine, WI:
1969 Air Heater Blower, Compressed Air Flameless Heat Torch, Heat Gun 
1975 Heat Gun Parts Price List
1978 Master Heat Gun
1979 Varitemp Heat Gun
Undated “Flameless Heat Gun Attachments”
Undated “Parts Price List” 1969

Master Machine Tools, Inc.: 1973, Price List

Materials Electronic Products Corp. (MELCOR):
Undated Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics
Undated Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics: Performance Charts
Undated Thermoelectric Module

Matrix Technologies, Hudson, NH: 
Undated Ready to Walk Away from Your Pipetting?
Undated Pipettors, Automation, Disposables

McCrone Accessories & Components: 1982, Microscopy Off the Shelf

McMillan Electronics Corp.:
1993 Gas and Liquid Flow Sensors
Undated Model 1200A NO/NO2/NOx Meter

Meaker Co., Nutley, NJ:  1973, Rectifier Equipment

Mech-Tronics Nuclear, Melrose Park, IL: 1994, General Catalog

Mediatech, Inc., Herndon, VA: no date, Cellgro ®

Medical Connection Inc., Columbia, MD: Undated, Medical Products Catalog

Medical-Electronics Development Co., Great Neck, NY:
1955 “Infraton” Sphygmograph Systems Price List
1955 “Visoton”: A Complete Portable Objective Blood Pressure Instrument & “Aire-scape”: A Linear Pressure Release Valve

Mercodia, Uppsala, Sweden:  
2015 When Accuracy Matters Product Catalog: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity

Metaloglass, Inc., Boston, MA:  
Undated Compact Fraction Collectors
Undated Compact Distillation Head

Metro Scientific, Inc., Farmingdale, NY:  Undated, Dissecting Instruments

1972 Catalog
1978 Catalog
1978 Price List
1978 Mettler GC301 Application Input Device
1978 PC440 and PC4400 Electronic Top-loading Precision Balances with DeltaRange
Undated Balances 
Undated Level-test and Mettler Level-matic.

MG Industries, Malvern, PA: 1996, Specialty Gases and Equipment

MG Scientific, Pleasant Prairie, WI: 2002, Laboratory Solutions

Microelectrodes Inc.:
1978 A New Technology for pH and Ions
1982 Smallest pH and Ion Electrodes

Micromass, Manchester, England: 
1999 LC TOF MS Life Science Workstation
1999 Q-Tof ™ Mass Spectrometry

Micro Networks Corp.:
Undated MN5280 16 Bit A/D Converter
Undated MN5280, MN5282 Dual-in-Line 16-Bit A/D Converters

Millipore, Bedford, MA:
1966 Swinnex Disposable Filter Units
1967 Bulletin SQS-1 A Modular System for the Production of Super-Quality Water, the Super-Q System 
1970  Application Notes-136, A Membrane Filter Technique for Detecting…
1975  Mill-RO Systems for Laboratory Grade Water
1994  MultiScreen Methods: Receptor Binding Assays 
1994  MultiScreen Methods: Guidlines for Bioassays on MultiScreen Filter Plates
1995  MultiScreen Methods: Attachment-Dependent Cell Growth and Cell Proliferation
1995  MultiScreen Methods: Use of MultiScreen Plates in ELISA/FELISA Techniques
1995  MultiScreen Opaque Filter Plates Data Sheet
1995  MultiScreen Filtration System Ordering Information
1995  MultiScreen Methods: Applications and References
1996  Tech Note Protocols for Coating MultiScreen Glass Fiber Filter Plates
1996  MultiScreen Methods: Cell-Based Receptor Binding Assays 
1997 Membrane Devices for Sterile Filtration
2001 Catalog
2001 Millex ® Filter Units with Millipore Express Membrane
2003 Amicon ® Ultra Centrifugal Filter Devices
2017 Milli-Q IQ 7000 Purification System

Mill-Max, Oyster Bay, NY: Undated, Catalog 12 Design Guide to IC Sockets and Interconnect Components

Miltenyi Biotec, Auburn, CA: 2002, Magnetic Cell Sorting, Advanced Flow Cytometry, Separations for Molecular Biology

Minco Products Inc.: 1982, HK913 Heater Kit

Minolta, Ramsey, NJ: 1988, MI3MS 1000: Minolta Integrated Information and Image Management System

MJ Research, Inc., Waltham, MA: 1999, Products for Molecular Biology

Modern Plastics Magazine:  1966, Market Report

Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA: 
1999  MAXline 5: Verify Small-Volume Dispenser Performance with PathCheck Sensor
2000  Spectramax Plus 384: UV/VIS Microplate Spectrophotometer with PathCheck Sensor
2000  MAXline 1: Test Liquid Handling Systems with PathCheck Sensor
2000  MAXline 2: PathCheck Sensor: A Powerful New Tool for Microplate Analysis

Molecular Dynamics:
1995 Fluorescence Imaging Applications Guide
1995 FluorImager SI
1995 Vistra Fluorescence Reagents

Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR: 
2001 BioProbes 38
2002 Handbook of Fluorescent Probes and Research Products
2002 Fluorescence Microplate Assays
2002 Alexa Fluor Dyes
2000s Tools and Accessories for Fluorescence Microscopy

Mountanos Sea Waves Energy Inc., Mount Rainer, MD: 1970s, Sea Waves Energy

MP Biomedicals. Solon, OH:  
2013 FastPrep System and Kits
2017 Molecular biology FastPrep

M-R Plastics & Coatings, Inc., Maryland Heights, MO:  Undated, Mistaflex Dark Gray Urethane Elastomers

MRA Corp.: Undated, Electrophoresis Equipment

MSA Research Corp.: 1969, Price Lists

MSD Isotopes: Montreal, Canada
Undated MSD Isotopes Catalog

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Nalgene, Rochester, NY: 
2007 Labware

Narishige Scientific Instrument Lab, Tokyo, Japan:
Undated Micromanipulators
Undated Vol. 3: Stereotaxic Instruments
Undated Vol. 4: Microelectrode Pullers, Microforges and Microgrinders
Undated Vol. 5: Chronic Micromanipulators
Undated Vol. 6: Accessories and Custom-Made Products

National Appliance Co., Portland, OR:  
1970s Incubators
1970s Controlled Environment Walk-in Rooms
1970s Heinicke Pulsonic Cleaning Equipment
1970s Automatic Autoclave/Dryer
1970s Catalog
1970  Price List

National Cylinder Gas, Chicago, IL: 
1962 Regulators Parts list

National Instrument Laboratories, Rockville, MD:  
1965 Bulletin 1-1400

National Rubber Machinery Co., Akron, OH:  
196 , Price List

National SemiConductor Corp.
1970 LM108A/LM208A/LM308A Operational Amplifiers General Description

NEN ™ Life Science Products, Inc., 
1998 Western Blot Products Guide

Neotec Corp., Rockville, MD: 
Undated High Resolution Temperature Stability Active BandPass Filters

NESLAB Instruments Inc.:
1974 Temperature Controlled Liquid Systems
early 1990s NESLAB Recirculating Chillers
early 1990s Constant Temperature Bath/Circulators and Immersion Coolers

New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc., New Brunswick, NJ: 
1961 Gyrotory Incubator-Shaker
1971 Shake and Incubate...Right on Your Bench
1971 Magnetically-Driven Fermentor: Magnaferm Bench-Top Fermentor
1996 Price List
2006 Selecting the Right Shaker for Your Laboratory
2000s Innova ® The Driving Force in Digital Shakers
2000s Classic Biological Shakers

New England Biolabs., Ipswich, MA
2007-2008 Catalog and Technical Reference

Nexus Research Laboratory, Inc., Canton, MA
1967  USL-1 & ESL-1 Ultra Stable All-Silicon, Solid-State Operational Amplifiers
Undated  4 outstanding operational amplifiers from Nexus…
Undated  …did you say an op amp for less than $10?:
Undated Types SA-1, SD-1, SQ-1 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers 
Undated Types SA-2, SD-2, SQ-2 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers

Nitto Kohki, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 
1972    Drills, Sanders, etc. brochure
1972    Price List
1972    Mark II Die Grinder

Nikon Inc., Instrument Group, Garden City, NJ: 1990, Microscopes

Nortech Laboratories Ltd.: 1974, Stopped-Flow Kinetic Spectrometers

Nova Biomedical: early 1990s, Nova’s New Electrolyte Analyzers

Novex, San Diego, CA:  1999, Novex Protein Standards

Nuaire, Inc., Plymouth, MN: Undated, Biological Safety Cabinets, Incubators, Animal Research Products

Nuclear-Chicago Corp.:
1961 General Catalog
1971 1185 Series Automatic Gamma Counting Systems 
1972 Radioimmunoassay Competitive Protein Binding Data Systems 
Undated Biospan Gamma Counting Systems 
Undated Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated Automatic Gamma Counting Systems

Nuclear Measurements Corp., Indianapolis, IN: 1985, Radiation Monitoring & Counting

Nuclear Products Co., El Monte, CA:  1972, Staticmaster

The Nucleus Inc.: Undated, Personal Computer Analyzer: Spectroscopy Systems for the Future

Nunc, Inc., Denmark:
1990  Covalent Binding: CovaLink Your New Link in Immunology
1993  TechNote Vol. 1, No. 9 Coupling of Oligosaccharides to Nunc CovaLink NH Modules
Undated  StarWell Module: The Dawn of a Stellar Design
NH2 Note:
1993    #1  Primary amines introduced on a CovaLink NH2 Polystyrene Surface
1997    #2 Covalent Coupling of peptides to a CovaLink NHs Primary Amine Surface
1997    #3 Covalent Cupling of a Steroid Hormone to a CovaLink NH2 Primary Amine Surface
1997    #4 Cyanuric Chloride Activation of a CovaLink NH2 Primary Amine Surface
1997    #5 Covalent Coupling of Biotin amine to cyanuric Chloride activated…
1997    #6 Covalent Coupling of antibodies to cyanuric chloride actived…

Nycomed (Amersham) Pharma, Norway:
1993   Cell Biology
1994   OptiPrep is the gentle solution
1997   Biological Separations No. 2
1997   Biological Separations No. 3
1998   Applications and Products

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Oliver Instrument Co.: 1990; Drill Pointers, Point Thinners, & Point Checking Gages

Olympus Optical Co., Melville, NY:
1990s System Microscope CH, CH/40/CH30
1990s Inverted Microscope CK2, CK2-BI/C2-TR
1990s Inverted System Microscope IX, IX70/IX50
1990s LB Objectives
1990s Biological Microscopes
1990s System Microscope BX, BX50/BX40
1993 CK2 Inverted Microscopes Specification Sheet

On-Line Systems, Inc. (OLIS):
early 1990s Catalog
early 1990s See Your Spectra in the Best Light
1992 Update

Orflo Technologies, Hailey, ID: 
2012 Revolutionary Cell Counting OS4.0
2012 Revolutionary Cell Counting OS4.0
2014 zEPI Flow and Moxi Flow

Organomation Assc. Inc.: 1981, Catalog 609: High-Speed Analytical Evaporators

1990    Optics & Filters Vol. 2
1992    Precision Products for Lasers & Optics Vol. 1 
Undated 1/4 Meter Monochromator/Spectrograph

Orion Research:
1978 Price List
1978 Price List Model 501 & 201 Digital pH Meters
1979 Guide to Electrodes and Laboratory Instrumentation
1979 Research Guide to Electrodes and Laboratory Instrumentation
1980 Glass Electrodes
1981 Ion-selective and pH Meters and Electrodes
1981 Model 101 Conductivity Meter
1982 Ross Electrodes
1998 Sensing the Future: Laboratory Products and Electrochemistry Handbook
Undated Model 501
Undated No Lemon Tee Shirt Offer

Undated Catalogue XBO High Pressure Xenon Lamps
Undated Catalogue HBO Super Pressure Mercury Lamps

Owl Scientific, Inc., Wobrun, MA: 1996, Product Catalog

Oxford Instruments, Oak Ridge, TN:
1992 Tennelec/Nucleus Inc. Catalog
1995 Systems and Components
Undated Mossbauer Systems: Cryogenic and Magnetic Systems for Mossbauer Analysis
Undated Dilution Refrigerators
Undated Dilution Refrigerator Power Supply
Undated Dilution Refrigerator Temperature Controller
Undated Standard Dilution Refrigerator Systems

Oxford Laboratories: 1969, T-4 Column Chromatography System

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Paasche Airbrush, Chicago, IL:
1959    Twenty-Two Airbrush Lessons for Beginners
1961    Bulletin H-F-761:  Operating Instructions for H3 and F2 Airbrushes

Pacific Scientific: early 1990s, SC700...One Tough Servo

Packard Instrument Co., Downers Grove, IL:
1965 5000 Series Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems
1965 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems 5000 Series
1965 Model 7201 Radiochromatogram Scanner
1965 Specifications Model 446 ARMAC Scintillation Detector
1967 Pesticide Analyzer
1968 Data Sheet: Model 852 Gas Fraction Collector
1968 Specifications 5000 Series Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1968 Specifications Model 325 Combustion Furnace
1969 Data Sheet: Model 300 Tri-Carb Automatic Sample Oxidizer
1969 Data Sheet: Model 565 DISC Integrator
1969 7300/7400 Series Gas Chromatographs
1969 3000 Series Tri-Carb Spectrometers
1969  Specifications Model 2101 Semi-Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969 Specifications Model 3305 Semi-Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969  Specifications Model 2311 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1969  Specifications Model 517 Tape Reader/Editor for Olivetti Underwood Programma 101B
1969  900 Series Multichannel Analyzers
1970  Model 930 Multichannel Analyzer
1970  Data Sheet: Model 7102 Refractometer
1970  Data Sheet: Model 7103 UV Monitor
1970  The 2420 Tri-Carb Spectrometer
1970  Specifications Model 5600 Osteodensitometer
1970  Specifications Model 543 Tape Perforator
1970  Specifications Model 544 Absolute Activity Analyzer
1970  Specifications Model 545 Teletype Typewriter, Tape Perforator and Tape Reader
1970  Specifications Model 2111 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Model 2211 Automatic, Ambient Temperature Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1970    Specifications Models 3375 and 3380 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometers
1970    Specifications Model 5219 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1970    Specifications Tri-Carb Continuous Flow Analyzers
1970    Chemical Notes: Summary of …Sample Preparation for Liquid Scintillation Counting
1970    Model 300 and 305 Tri-Carb Sample Oxidizers
1971    Specifications Model 933 Display Monitor
1971    Specifications Model 934 Amplifier
1971    Specifications Model 935 High Voltage Supply
1971    406, 407, 409 & 420 Series Gas Chromatographs
1971    Insta-Gel: A Solution Searching for a Problem
1971    Specifications Model 966 Four Input PHA Router
1971    Specifications Model 967 Four Input Multiscale
1971    Specifications Model 943 Parallel-to-serial Converter
1971    Specifications Model 942 Integrator
1971    Specifications Model 941 Analog-to-Digital Converter
1971    Specifications Model 940 Superzoom Multichannel Analyzer
1971    Specifications Model 900 Analyzer
1971    Specifications Model 928 Peak Detector
1971    Specifications Model 893 Gas Proportional Counter
1971    Specifications Model 5024 Tandem Gamma Console
1971    Specifications Models 5022 and 5023 Tandem Gamma Consoles
1971    Specifications Model 5119 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1971    Specifications Model 546/547 Teletype Typewriter, Tape Perforator, and Tape Reader
1971    Specifications Model 3320 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1971    Specifications Model 2425 Automatic Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer
1971    Specifications Model 513 IBM Selectric Typewriter
1971    Specifications Model 5319 Auto-Gamma Spectrometer System
1971    Packard Model 1015 Nitrogen-15 Analyzer
1971    Introducing the Packard Amino Acid Derivatizer Model 896
1970s  A Full Range of Instruments, Chemical and Supplies for Radioactivity Measurement and Chromatography
Undated  Specfications A Guide to Capabilities of New Packard Modular Gas Chromatographs
Undated  Specifications Model 895 Automatic Injector System
Undated  Model 891 Curie Point Pyrolyzer
Undated  Specifications Model 962 Preamplifier
Undated  Specifications Model 963 Preamplifier/Probe Assembly 
Undated Tri-Carb 4000 Series Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated Auto-Gamma Spectrometer Systems

Pako Corp., Minneapolis, MN: 
1969  Price List
Undated  The solution to better prints

Panomics, Fremont, CA: 
2006 Quantitative Biology Catalog

Panasonic, Wood Dale, IL:
2012    Guide to Laboratory Equipment
2012    Integrated Cell Processing Work Station MHE-PF4025CW, MHE-UN4025CW
2012    Ultra-Low Freezer Advancements and Challenges to Low Energy Consumption and Better Reliability
2012    -86 C Ultra-Low Freezers MDF-U33V, MDF-U53VA, MDF-U56VC, MDF-U76VC
2012    -86 C Ultra-Low Freezers MDF-U500VXC, MDF-U700VXC
2013    Industry’s First App-Based Lab Monitoring System

Panvera, Madison, WI: 
1996/97 Fluorescence & Fluorescence Polarization Products, Recombinant Human Proteins, TaKARa PCR Products

Paragon Biotech, Inc., Baltimore, MD: 
Undated, Products and Services

Parr Instrument Co.:
1968 Catalog 
1973 Hydrogenation Apparatus: Shaker and Rocker Types
1978 Laboratory Reactors, Autoclaves, and Pressure Vessels
1980 Price Lists

Particle Sizing Systems, Port Richey, FL: 2014 Particle Size Analyzers

Peak Scientific
2018: Nitrogen Gas Generator Genius XI

Pennsylvania Fluorocarbon Co., Inc., Clifton Heights, PA:
1967    Penntube Bulletin No. 400 Penntube CT-Flex
1968    Penntube Shrinkable Tubings
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 31  Spaghetti Tubing of Teflon
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 31E--Expanded Tubing of Teflon
1968    Penntube Bulletin No. 41 Flexible Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 3E Expanded Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 9 Expanded Teflon Applicator
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 11 Spiral-Wrapped Tubing of Teflon
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 12 Teflon Lined Rubber Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 10 Printing on Extrusions
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 1 Heavy-Walled Tubing
Undated   Penntube Bulletin No. 8 Special Shapes
Undated   Product Selector Chart for Penntube Products
Undated   Fluorocarbon Extrusions for Industry
Undated   History of Pennsylvania Fluorocarbon Co., Inc.
Various price lists

1956 Price List: Infrared Instruments & Accessories, Optical & Electronic Building Blocks, Crystal Optics 
1983 Model LCI-100 Laboratory Computing Integrator
1984 Catalog
1985 MasterLab System Laboratory Robotics
1987 LC-235 Diode Array Detection System
1989 PC Integrator (PE Nelson)
1990 DNA Thermal Cycler 480
1991 GeneAmp PCR System 9600
1991 AmpliTaq ® DNA Polymerase, Stoffel Fragment
1991 GeneAmp ® Thermostable rTth Reverse Transcriptase RNA PCR Kit
1995 Guide to PCR Enzymes
1999 PCR Systems, Reagents & Consumables
2015 Charting the tumor Microenvironment: Navigating Complex System Interplay
2016  Fast Forward: Accelerating CRISPR Research with Automated, High-throughput Screening
2016  Exploring Uncharted Interactions with Cell Signaling Pathway Analysis from Protein to Phenotype 
Undated Model 4000-A Spectrophotometer: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared

PerSeptive Biosystems, Cambridge, MA:
1994  POROS Columns and Media Selection Guide
1996  POROS Columns and Media Selection Guide
Undated Residue Masses and Compositions for the 20 Common Amino Acids

PGC Scientifics, Gaithersburg, MD: 
1980 Zinger Micro-Dispenser
1999 Catalog

Pharmacia, Piscataway, NJ:
1985  FPLC BioCommunique Vol. 2, No. 1 
1985  FPLC BioCommunique Vol. 2, No. 2 
1985  Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Reference List
1985  HR Prepacked Columns MonoBeads, Mono Q, Mono S, Mono P Data File
1986  FPLC: Media and Column Guide
1987  Fast Desalting Column HR 10/10 Data File
Undated  Discover Nature with Superose

Pharmacia Fine Chemicals Inc., Piscataway, NJ:
1950s Gradient Formation with the Pharmacia Peristaltic Pump P-3
1965 Sephadex Columns, Dextran, and Ficoll Price List 
1966 Sephadex Solvent Resistant Column 
1970s This is a New P.A.G.E. (Pharmacia Gel Electrophoresis System)
1972  Gradient Mixer GM-1 
1975 Separation News: Gradient SDS 
1976 Separation News: New Products Guide
1976 Accessories: Pharmacia Gel Electrophoresis System
1976 Pharmacia Gradient Gels PAA 2/16
1977 3-Way Valve LV-3, 4-Way Valve LV-4
1978 Aqueous Columns and Accessories Spare Parts and Prices
1979 Poster: Gel Filtration Media
1980s FPLC Reference List
1980  Chromatography Columns C-column System
1981  CNBr-activated Sepharose 4B
1981  New Product Memo: Chromatographic C-Column System 
1982 Products for Chromatofocusing Price List
1982  New Group Specific Adsorbents 
1982  Superloops 10 ml, 50 ml Data File
1983  DEAE-Sepharose Fast Flow, CM-Sepharose Fast Flow: Designed for Large …
1983  Media for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
1984  HR Prepacked Columns Superose 6, Superose 12 Data File
Undated  RPC of Peptides, Polypeptides, and Proteins with the FPLC System
Undated  Hydrophobic Chromatography  for Hydrophilic Proteins
Undated  Save on Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Equipment
Undated   A New Way of Separating: Sephacryl S-1000
Undated   The Calibration Standards That Measure Up… 
Undated Sephadex Laboratory Columns & Accessories
Undated Sephadex LH-20 for Gel Filtration in Organic Solvents

Pharmacia LKB Biotechnology, Piscataway, NJ:
1980s PhastSytem ™ Electrophoresis System
1980s PhastImage ™ 
1980s PhasTransfer ™ Semi-dry Electrophoretic Transfer System
1980s PhastSystem ™ Fact Sheet
1989 Electrophoresis Price List
1991 Biotechnologist’s Guide to Standard Chromatography Media for Purification of Biomolecules

Pharma-Tech Research Corp. (PTR), Baltimore, MD: 
1980s Countercurrent Chromatography

1998 Mouse CD Chart

Phase-R Corp.
1984, Nitrogen Laser

Phenomenex, Torrance, CA: 
1990 Chromatography

1999 Fifty Years of Philips Electron Microscopy

Physics International
1978 Piezoelectricity Fast Response Valves

Pennwalt Corp.: Undated, KYNAR Piezo Film

Pfizer, New York:
1971 The Repeater: The Finest Sensitivity Disk Dispenser You’ll Ever Use

Picker International, Highland Heights, OH: 
1985, Buyer’s Guide Vol. 4

Picker Nuclear:
1968 The Liquimat 220 
Undated New Automatic Magnascanner 
Undated Liquid Scintillation Systems

Pierce Chemical Co.:
1976 Chromatography Aids
1977 Handbook and General Catalog
1977  Introduces a Crosslinking Reagent…
1980s Prepare Fragments: Immobilized Papain, Pepsin, Protein A
1980s  Protein Conjugation
1980s  Protein Solubilization
1980s  Ag/Ab Purification
1982  Technical Bulletin: Iodo-Beads
1982 Technical Bulletin: Immobilized Ligands for Affinity Chromatography
1982 Technical Bulletin: Double-Agents Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagents
1983 Technical Bulletin: Double-Agents Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagents
1983 Technical Bulletin: Carbonyldiimidazole Activated Supports
1984 Handbook and General Catalog
1986  BCA and BCA Protein Assay Reagent
1986  Monoclonal Antibody Purification Buffers
1986  SelectiSpher-10 HPLAC Columns
1986  BCA Protein Assay Reagent
1987 Sample Handling
1988 ImmunoPure ® Fluorescein-Labelled Antibodies
1989 ImmunoPure ® Antibodies
1989 Avidin-Biotin Reagents
1989  Cross-Linking Reagents 
1989  Attention Lowry Protein Assay Users!
1990 ImmunoTechnology Catalog & Handbook, Section D: Avidin-Biotin
1990 ImmunoTechnology Catalog & Handbook, Section E: Protein Modification 
199 1/2 Chromatography Catalot & Handbook
1993  Immunohistochemical Products
1994  Introducing a DAB of Innovation
1994  Introducing a Stable, Two-Component Metal Enhance DAB
1995  Protein Chemistry Products
1996  Assay Development Products
1997  Antibody Products
1997  Coated Microwell Plates
1997  Fusion Protein Products
1997  Best Sellers
1997  Buffers for Blots, ELISAS, and Immunohistochemistry
1997  Protein Chemistry Products
1997 Buffers for Blots, ELISAs, and Immunohistochemistry
1998 SuperSignal ® Western Blotting Substrates Handbook
1998  Protein Chemistry Products
1998  Assay Development Products
1998  Protein Detection Quantitation Products
1999  SuperSignal ELISA Chemiluminescent Detection Products
1999  Poster: EX-Link Biotinylation Reagent Selection Guide
1999  Nuclear Extracts
1999  B-Gal Reporter Assay: Mammalian
1999  B-Gal Reporter Assay: Yeast
1999  Fusion Protein Affinity Gel GST
1999  Protein Solubilization 
2000  Produce, Purify, Modify, Assay
2000  Strip time off your research with Restore Stripping Buffer
2000  DNA Extraction and Purification Reagents for Yeast
2000  QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Substrates for HRP
2000  GelCode Phosphorprotein Stain
2000  CellScreen Collagen I Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind NeutrAvidin High Binding Capacity (HBC) Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Streptavidin High Binding Capacity (HBC) Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind NeutrAvidin and Streptavidin Coated Plates
2000  ChoiceCoat Microplate-Coating Service
2000  ChoiceCoat Custom Plate-Coating Service
2000  Reacti-Bind Glutathione Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Anti-GST Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Anti-GFP Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Protein A and Protein G Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Protein L Coated Plates
2000  Reacti-Bind Maleic Anhydride Activated Plates/Maleimide Activated Plates
2001  CellScree Poly-D-Lysine and Poly-L-Lysine Coated Plates
2001  Double-Agents Cross-Linking Reagents Selection Guide
Undated  BCA Protein Assay Reagent
Undated  Don’t throw away your chance to help save our environment
Undated  SwellGel Technology by Walid Qorofleh and Suzan Lewis
1984 September 
1984 October 
1984 December 
1985 June 
1985 July 
1985 September 
1985 October 
1986 March 
1995 June/July 
1997 April Vol.1 (2)
1997 July Vol.1 (3)
1998 May/June Vol. 2 (2)
1998 Sept/October Vol. 2 (3)
2001 Vol. 5 (3)
2001 Vol. 5 (2)
2003 Vol. 7 (3) 
2005 Western Blotting Handbook & Troubleshooting Guide
2006 Krypton Protein ™ Stain
2006 Sulfo-NHS and Sulfo-NHS-LC Biotinylation Kits
Undated Protein Conjugation
Undated Solubilization
Undated ChromatoFlo MTS Miniature Tubing Systems

Piramoon Technologies [see FiberLite Inc.]

Plas-Labs, Lansing, MI:
1971 Rabbit Restrainers, Primate Chairs

Plaster Supply House, Chicago, IL:  
Undated, R-2 All Materials Spray Gun

Plastic Process Equipment Inc., Cleveland, OH:  
1985, Screw Tips and Screw & Barrel Repair

Plastics One, Inc., Roanoke, VA: 
2004, Pre-Clinical Research Components, Catalog E

1995 GSA Schedule Price List, Mod. No. 40 
1998 The Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera: Capture Millions
1998 ColorShot Digital Photo Printer
1999 The Polaroid DMC Ie, Digital Microscope Camera
2000 Polaroid Federal Supply Service Catalog
Undated MP-3 Multipurpose Land Camera

Popper & Sons, Inc. New Hyde Park, NY:
1983 Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Hospital Supplies, Scientific Specialties
1992 Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Hospital Supplies, Scientific Specialties

PRA International Inc.
1986 Nitromite LN 120 Subnanosecond Pulsed Nitrogen Laser 
Undated Laser Price List

Precision Aperture, Fort Wayne, IN:
1978, Now, Your One Source for Microprecision Holes

Precision Equipment Co., Chicago, IL:
Undated Conversion Factors: Reference Table for Engineers and Other Executives

Precision Plastics Inc:  2014 Multiwll Stage Top Enclosure

Precision Scientific Co., Chicago, IL:
1960s Shaker Baths, Dubnoff Shaking Incubator, Warburg Apparatus
1964  Freas Incubators, Ovens
Undated  Freas Low Temperature Incubators
Undated  Sero-Utility Baths
Undated  Thelco Ovens and Incubators

Precision Thermometer & Instrument Co., Southampton, PA: 
1960s Princo Catalog

Pro Scientific, Oxford, CT:
2018       Automated Homogenizers from PRO Scientific: DPS-20 Dual Homogenizing System

2018       Automated Homogenizers from PRO Scientific: Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer

2018       PRO25D Homogenizer

2018       Homogenizing Packages

Protein Simple:
2016 Proteomics Progress: Innovations in Protein Research
2017 Diagnosing Disease: Exploiting Biomarkers to Identify & Monitor Brain Dysfunction

Proteintech, Chicago, IL:
2014  Protocols Guide
2014  Antibodies for Cancer Research
2014  Antibodies for IHC and Pathology
2014  Antibodies for Stem Cell Research
2014  Antibodies for Kidney Research
2014  Antibodies for Cell Biology/Cell Death
2014  Immunofluorescence: Tricks and Tips for Immunostaining Cultured Cells
2014  A Beginner’s Guide to Immunohistochemistry
2014  Loading Control Antibodies for Western Blotting

ProtonOnSite: 2014 On-Site Gas Solutions

Pyles Industries, Inc., Detroit, MI:
Undated  Semco Sealant Gun for Applying Catalyst and Additive Materials
Undated  Electric Extruder Model 5006

Pyrometer Instrument Co., Bergenfield, NJ:  
1963 Pyro Surface Pyrometer
1964 Pyro Pyrometers Catalog

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Qbiogene: 2002, PreteoPLUS ™ Gel Electro-Elution and Dialysis System

Qiagen Inc., Santa Clarita, CA:  
1997 Ni-NTA Superflow
1997 Ni-NTA HisSorb Strips and Plates
2010  Pyrosequencing—the Synergy of Sequencing and Quantification
2011  AIAxcel Advanced System

Qiagen Inc., Valencia, CA:
Qiagen News:
February 2002
June 2002
2011 Product Guide Supplement
2016 QIAGEN QIAxpert

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Radcal Corp.:
1984 Radionuclide Calibrator Model 4050
1984 Radionuclide Manager Model 4045

1991 Flo-One/Beta Model GCR Radioactivity Detector for Gas Chromatography

1968 Catalog
1978 Meet the pH-Family
1978 Electrode Guide
1979 Titration Review
1980 Meter Family
1980 Meet the pH-Family
1981 Electrodes Price List
1981 Analytical Electrode Guide
1982 Titration Price List: Recording Systems
1982 Titration Price List: End Point Systems
1982 Titration Price List: Digital Systems
1982 Ion Scanning System Price List
1982 Conductivity Price List
1982 Analytical Electrode Guide Price List
1982 pH Meters Price List
1983 Meter Family
1983 Analytical Electrode Guide
1983 Ion 85 Ion Analyzer
1983 Price List
Undated Titration Assembly Type TTA31
Undated Titration Assembly Type TTA 3
Undated pH Meter 27

Radiometric Instruments & Chemical Co.: 1984, Flo-One Series Info Packet

Rainin Instrument Co., Woburn, MA/ Oakland, CA: 
1998 Pipetting Solutions
2001 Pipetting Solutions2013 Speed Your Workflow E4 XLS
2013 Rainin Focus:  XLS+ Multichannels
2014 USA Product Catalog
2016 USA Tip Catalog
2017  USA Product Catalog 
Undated Gilson Pipetman Adjustable Digital Microliter Pipettes

Raptor Photonics:  2014 CCD, EMCCD, SWIR, CMOS and sCMOS Cameras

Razel Scientific Instruments:
late 1970s Model A-99 Syringe Pump
Undated Model A Syringe Pump

The R.B. Woodward Collection
1986 Research Samples

Refrigeration for Science (RFS), Inc., Island Park, NY:  
1969 Catalog & Price List

Research Genetics, Inc., Huntsville, AL:
1996 Catalog: Accelerating Discovery
2001 Catalog: an Invitrogen Company

Research Organics
Undated M.B.S.
Undated CDAP: Monoclonal Coupler

Research Products International Corp., Mount Prospect, IL: 
1992, Liquid Scintillation Chemicals & Vials, Radiation Safety Products, Enzyme Substrates, Laboratory Equipment
2014  Biochemicals and Laboratory Accessories 
Undated Electrophoresis

Research Specialities Co.: Undated, 801 Chromatobox

Restek Corporation: 2000, Chromatography

Rheem Manufacturing Col, Asheville, NC:  1980s, …how to get the most out of-and into—you new freezer or refrigerator…

Rheodyne Inc.:
1980 Model 7163 Solenoid Valve Kits
1981 Model 7125 Syringe Loading Sample Injector
Undated Model 7010 Sample Injection Valve
Undated Accessories for Valves
Undated Type 70 HPLC Switching Valves 
Undated HPLC Accessories
Undated Model 7126 Automatic Sample Injector 
Undated Models 7410 & 7413 Sample Injection Valves
Undated Model 7066 Tandem Column Selector and Model 7067 Tandem Enrichment Injector

Richard H. Bird & Co., Inc., Waltham, MA:
1970s Data Sheet: Cup and Double-Cup Jewels and Assemblies
 Data Sheet: Sapphire Products and Insulators
 Data Sheet: Vee Jewels and Assemblies
 Data Sheet: Pins & Pivots
 Data Sheet: Ring Jewels, Endstones and Assemblies
 Data Sheet: Optical Sapphire Products
 Data Sheet: Materials, Properties and Selection Factors
 Data Sheet: Orifice Jewels and Assemblies

RMC, Tucson, AZ: Undated, Ultramicrotomes

Roboz Surgical Instrument Co. Inc., Gaithersburg, MD: 2000s, Surgical Instrument Catalog

Rockland Antibodies & Assays: 2017 Mastering Post-Translational Modifications

Roger Gilmont Instruments, Inc., Great Neck, NY:  Undated, Ultra Precision Micrometer Syringes and Burets

Rogers Corp.: 1987, Durimid 100 and 120 Thermoplastic Polyimide Preliminary Data Sheet

Rollei: Undated, Progress in Photography

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2017 Gibson Assembly Cloning Method

S. S. White, Philadelphia, PA: 
1965 General Dental Catalog

Sanborn Co., Waltham, MA:
1956 Viso-Scope Model 169A
1959 Model 150M Sanborn Poly-Viso
1960s Narrow Band Differential DC Amplifier
1960 Electrocardiographs Models 100 and 100M Viso-Cardiette
1960 Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1960 EEG/ECG Preamplifier Model 55
1960 Model 150-2700 High Gain Preamplifier
1960 Oscillographic Recording Systems, 350 and 350M Series
1960 Poly-Beam Recording System Model 550M
1961 Oscillographic Recording Systems, 150M Series
1961 150 Preamplifiers
1961 Prices–150M Series: Basic Assemblies, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961 Prices–350 Series: Basic Assemblies, Optional Units, Preamplifiers, Permapaper
1961 Prices–550M Systems: Basic Assembly, Preamps, Monitoring
1961 Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-1100AS
1961 DC Coupling Preamplifier Model 350-1300A
1961 Low Level Preamplifier Model 350-1500
1961 ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-1600
1961 Heart Sound Preamplifier Model 350-1700B
1961 Medical Carrier Preamplifier Model 350-3000
1961 ECG/General Purpose Preamplifier Model 350-3200
1961 Combination Systems: Direct Writing/Photographic Recording Systems

1969 EEL Model 140 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 
Undated Mettler High-Speed Top-Loading Balances 
Undated The Auto-Aquatrator and The Aquatrator

Savant (Division of ThermoQuest), Holbrook, NY:
1998 Instruments and Accessories
1999 SPD-Series Speed VAC ® Concentrators
1999 OFP-400 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
1999 Vial Cell Stoppering Shelf Unit-VC45
1999 GEP140 GelPump ™
1999 SPD131DDA Speedvac ® Concentrator
1999 PRO Rotor Kit
1999 Savant uSpeedfuge ® SFR13K
1999 Spin Freezer 96

Scanning Electron Microscopy/1976 Annual Meeting: Advertiser’s Brochure & Exhibition Information:
AMR Corp.
Bausch & Lomb
Bio-Rad Laboratories
The Bomar Co.
Cambridge Instruments
Coates & Welter
Carl Zeiss
C.W. French Division/EBTEC Corp.
Edwards High Vacuum, Inc.
Electron Microscope Supplies
ETEC Corp.
Fluorinated Lubricants Co.
Ernest F. Fullam, Inc.
GW Electronics Inc.
International Scientific Instruments, Inc. (ISI)
Kevex Corp.
Kimball Physics, Inc.
Ladd Research Industries, Inc.
LeMont Scientific
M.E. Taylor Engineering
Madison Engineering Co.
Microspec Corp.
Mid-America Microanalysis Lab, Inc.
Montedison USA, Inc.
Nuclear Equipment Corp.
Parr Instrument Co.
PhotoMetrics, Inc.
Philips Electronic Instruments
Plenum Publishing Corp.
Polaron Instruments Inc.
QBI International
SPI Supplies/Structure Probe, Inc.
Ted Pella Co.
VG Microscopes

Schleicher & Schuell, Dassel, Germany and Keene, NH:
1985 Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1986 Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber
1986 Sequences: The S&S Elutrap for the Isolation and Purification of Macromolecules
1989 Products for Filtration, Separation & Life Science Research
1999 Clean-Sep ™: Cartridges for Solid Phase Extraction
1999 Clean-Sep ™: SPE Method Development Kits
1999 Clean-Sep ™: SPE RPC Resins
1999 Membrane Butler: Dispenser and Sterile Membranes for Microbiological Analysis
1999 Better the Blot Catalog
1999 Consumer Price List
2004 Products & Protocols

Schott, Germany: 
1980s, Three Bright Examples Cold-Light Sources: KL 1500, 1500-T, 1500-2

Science Products Corp.:
1964 Science Products Corporation, Thermocouples
Undated Flexible Cable Thermopiles

Scientific Glass Apparatus Co.: 1952, Inter-Joint Glassware, Catalog J-52

Scientific Industries Inc., Springfield, MA: 1971, Parts List

Scientific Industries, Bohemia, NY:  2013 Catalog

Scientific Products (S/P), Evanston, IL:  1969, The Tek-Line

SCIMED Life Systems Inc., Maple Grove, MN: 1991 Trapper

Scott Electric, Greensburg, PA:  2009/10  Product Catalog

1978 Flat Surface Combination pH Electrode
1982 Bulletin 200B: Dependable Electrodes

Sethco Manufacturing Corp., Merrick, NY:  
1960  Specifications “Canned” Leakproof Centrifugal Transfer Pump
1961   “Full-View” Filter Chambers
1961   Miniature Filter Systems
Undated Sethco Filter Tubes

Shandon, England: 1998/99, Cytology Histology Catalog

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD: 2009, Rebel Against the Gel: MultiNA

Shur-Bend Mfg. Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN:
1971 Aluminum and Tin-plate Canes

Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO: 
1999 PCR
2011-2012   Products for Life Science Research
2016 sigma CRISPR

Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO:
1989 Sigma Announces Liquid Media
1989 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 2
1991 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 5
1992 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 9
1993 Stable Cell Labeling: Novel Linker Systems
1993 Sigma ImmuNotes ® No. 10

SLM/AMINCO: 1992, AMINCO-Bowman Series 2 Luminescence Spectrometer & Feature Notes

Small Parts Inc.:
1991 Catalog
2000 Catalog

Stoelting Co.: 
1974 Instrument Catalog

Solidyne:  Undated, Sealomatic High Frequency Sealing and Heating Equipment

Sono-tek Corp., Poughkeepsie, NY:  
1984  IR 100 Award Brochure
1984  Research & Development Ultrasonic Nozzles Take Pressure out of Atomizing Processes, Harvey L. Berger

Sorvall (see Ivan Sorvall, Inc.)

Southern London Electrical Equipment (SLEE): undated, Pearse/Slee Refrigerated Microtomes (Cryostats) Accessory Price List

Spectromagnetic Industries: 1961, Model PC 2500-2A Current Regulated Power Supply

1940 Fluorescence Accessories

SPEware, Baldwin Park, CA: 
2014  Cerex TouchPro 96 and 192

SPEX Industries: 1985, Handbook of Sample Preparation & Handling

Spring Valley Laboratories, Woodbine, MD: 2002, Custom Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibody Production, etc.

Starna Cells Inc., Atascadero, CA: 1998, Spectrophotometer Cells

Starrett: 1992, Catalog

StemCell Technologies: 2002, Catalog

Stoelting, Chicago, IL: 
1979 Experimental Biology & Physiology Instruments
 2004 Catalog

Stratagene, La Jolla, CA: 
2001 Strategies Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 1
2005 Strategies Vol. 18, No. 1

Streck Laboratories Inc.: Undated, Frigicator

Structure Probe: 1985, SPI Supplies for Electron Microscopy Supplies

Supelco, Inc.:
1978 Chromatography Supplies, Catalog 12
1983 Troubleshooting Guide
2005/6 Chromatography

Superior Electric Co.:
1967 Slo-Syn Catalog SS1265-3, Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls & Drives
1972 Slo-Slyn Synchronous/Stepping Motors, Controls, & Drives

Sutter Instrument Co., Novato, CA:
1991    Micropipette Pullers, Optical Filter Changers, Micromanipulators, etc.

Swagelok: 1977, Quick-Connects

SwissCo Instruments:
1961 Buchi Fantavapor-61, Tap Water Distiller 
1961 Lab Instruments for Determination of Melting Point, Boiling Point, Molecular Weight, Flow Point 
Undated Minivapor, Micro-distillation Apparatus for Conductance Water
Undated Steam Generator with Electrode Heating & Nitrogen Determining Apparatus
Undated Rotavapor, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Swiss Jewel Co., Philadelphia, PA:
1970s Synthetic Sapphire and Ruby Precision Jewel Bearings and Specialties
1970s Synthetic Sapphire Jewels

1983 Sybron Catalog
Undated NANOpure II Ultrapure Water Systems

Synthecon Inc., Houston, TX: mid-1990s, Rotary Cell Culture System

Synthegen, Houston, TX: 1999, Modified Oligonucleotides Catalog

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Tecan Group, Switzerland:
2006  Freedom EVO 75, State of the Art Compact Pipetting Robot
2008  Freedom EVO
2011  Direct Digital Titration
2013  Application Guide for Multimode Readers

Techcon Systems, Inc., Gardena, CA:  
1964  Micro Air Dispenser
1985  Air Operated Vertical Toggle Press
1985  Boosters & Nozzles
1985  Air Operated Horizontal Toggle Press

Technical Equipment Co., Danville, CA:
1955 Electron-O-Therm “Senior” Precision Temperature Controller

Testing Machines Inc., Mineloa, NY:  
1961 Testing Molds Price List

Texas Instruments, Inc., Houston, TX:  
1973 Scientific and Industrial Recorders
1973 Scientific and Industrial Recorders Chart Paper and Supplies
1973 Scientific and Industrial Recorders Bulletin 222E

Thermedics Inc.
Undated Tecoflex Medical Grade Aliphatic Polyurethanes

Thermoelectrics Unlimited
1978 Stir-Kool and Cold Plate

Thermolyne Corp., Dubuque, IA:  
1961 Price List & Operating Instructions Temco Hot Plate

1989 Temperature Standards Series S, AS, ES
1989 Precision Thermometer TS8901
1993 Thermometrics

Thermoplastic Equipment Corp., 1965, Extruder Catalog

Thermovac Industries Corp., Copiague, NY:  
Undated  Thermovac Model FU-17-125 Freezer
Undated  Automatic Frozen Tissue Pulverizer

Thermo Scientific, Rockford, IL: 
2007 Tag You’re It. HisPur Colbalt Resin
2011 So Clean It Squeaks
2012  Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLC Systems
2013  Sorvall Legend and ST General Purpose Centrifuges
2013  ISQ Series Single Quadrupole GC-MS
2011 1300 Series A2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Thermo Fisher Scientific:
2007 Restore ™ Plus Western Blot Stripping Buffer
2011  Sorvall Legend X1 and Legend XT Centrifuge Series
2011  Forma Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers
2012  Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge Series
2015  Life in the Lab, Issue 15, Fall 2015
2016  Life in the Lab, Issue 16, Winter 2016
2016  Life in the Lab, Issue 17, Spring 2016
2013  Sorvall ST 8 Centrifuge
2014  Life Technologies, Issue 10 Spring 
2014  Life Technologies, Issue 11 Fall
2015  Simply Stunning EVOS Imaging Systems
2015  E-Gel precast agarose gels
2017  NanoDrop One
2017  Unrivaled Molecular Biology Research Tools
2017  Applied Biosystems PCR Thermal Cyclers and Plastics
2017  No-Wash, No-Lyse Techniques: Simplifying Flow Cytometry

Thermo Orion: 2001, Catalog

Thomas Industries, Johnson City, TN:  1968, SprayIt Model 910-1 Air Filter and Regulator

Thomas Scientific (Arthur H. Thomas), Swedesboro, NJ:
1961 Catalog
1991 Catalog 
2000 Catalog 
2000 Winter Supplement
2003/2004 Catalog
2007 Great Deals!

2012 Catalog Life Sciences Products

Tobe Deutschmann Labs: 1961, Capacitor

Tocris Cookson Inc., Ellisville, MO: 
2004 Signal Transduction Product Guide

Transidyne General Corp., Ann Arbor, MI: 
Undated NeuroGraph N-3

Tri-R Instruments, Inc., Jamaica, NY:  
Undated Tissue Homogenizers

2017  Precision Weights
Undated Magnetic Stirrer-Hot Plates and Accessories 
Undated Class A Prescription Balance & Precision Laboratory Balance

Tronac Inc.
1978 351 Battery Calorimeter

TRW: Undated, Motor-Tach

TRW Equipment, Livonia, MI: 1970s, Electrodrilling is New

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USA Scientific, Ocala, FL:  
2017 Biotec Times, Summer 2017: CytoOne

Upchurch Scientific: 1998, Brochure

Upstate , Charlottesville, VA: 2005, Cell Signaling Solutions

Union Carbide:
Undated Korad Laser Systems
Undated Korad Dielectric Thin Film Coatings for Lasers

Unitek Corp., Monrovia, CA:  
1969    Price List
1969    Catalog Precision Resistance Welding

U.S. Peroxygen Corp., Richmond, CA:  1966, Organic Peroxides Catalog

Unknown manufacturer and date:  Bench Model Vacutrol

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Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI):
1989 Price List
1992 Price List
1994 Cheminert
1994 Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with Direct Internal Connections
1994 Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with External Tube Connections

Varian Analytical Instruments, Walnut Creek, CA: 
2001/2002 Chromatography & Spectroscopy Supplies

Varian Associates:
1961 Publications Index
1968 Aerograph, Berthold Radioactive Scanning Systems 
1968 Xenon Illuminator
1968 High Intensity Illumination System
1997 CD: 400/500 Cary Videos
No. 30, August 1991, Absorbance measurements for up to 12 cells 
Undated CP-MAS Solids NMR
Undated Standard Software NMR
Undated magNET: The NMR Network
Undated Radiation Division

Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA:  2017 Immunofluorescence Guide

Ventron: 1968, various chemicals

Venus Products, Kent, WA:  
Undated    Venus H.I.S. Central Resin System:  Hydraulic Injection Spray System
Undated    Portable Hydraulic Injection Spray System
Undated    Aluminum Rollers

VistaLab Technologies, Brewster, NY:  2014 Ovation BioNatural Pipettes

1973 AKES Automatic Kinetic Enzyme System

VWR International, Buffalo Grove, IL:
2002 Owl Separation System Electrophoresis Products
2003/4 Catalog
2003 Owl Separation Systems Product Catalog
2004 VWR ™ sympHony ™ Electrochemistry Meters, Electrodes & Solutions
2012 VWR Collection Laboratory Equipment
2013 Azure cSeries: A New Way to See the Light 
2014  AKTA start
2014  Columns for AKTA start
2014  LifeScience Magazine vol. 14, #32
2015  Elements, Vol. 6

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Wabash Metal Products, Inc., Wabash, IN:  
1981 Hydraulic Presses

Warner-Chilcott Laboratories, Morris Plains, NJ:  
1965 , Automatic Fraction Collector

1984 Millipore Catalog
1988 Guide to Sample Preparation: Solid Phase Extraction & Membrane Filtration
1993 486 Tunable Absorbance Detector
1999 Chromatography Columns & Supplies

Watson, Tokyo, Japan:
2014  PP Pipetting Reservoir
2014  Tubes
2014   8-Stick Marker for SDS-PAGE
2014   4-Grid Cell Counter
2014   Pipette Tips
2014   Standard Filter Tips
2014   Hyper Filter Tips
2014   Repetitive Pipette “Peggy”
2014   Nexty Miniature Fixed Volume Pipette
2014   Nexty Pipettes
2014   DispoPipette
2014   Preservation Plate PVP
2014   Microbial Preservation Plate
2014    Centrifuge Tube
2014    LeukoCatch II

Watts Regulator Co., Lawrence, MA: 
Undated Parts No. 188, 288, 288A Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breakers

W.M. Welch Scientific Co.
1925 Catalog E, Laboratory Apparatus

1930 Catalog B No. 2530
1968 Laboratory Apparatus

Wescan Instruments Inc.:
1985 Solving the Ion Analysis Puzzle
1985 Nitrogen Analysis Made Simple

Weston Instruments, Newark, NJ:
1958    Portable Instrument Transformers
1959    Low Cost Tubular Resistors
1959    Thermoelements & Copper OxideRectifiers
1959    Small Portable Instruments: Galvanometers
1959    AC Pocket Size Clamp Volt-Ammeter
1959    Electronic Milli-Volt/Ammeter Model 1477
1960    Light Measuring Instruments: Sightmeters and Illumination, Foot-Candle, Foot-Lambert Meters
1960    Midget Moisture Meter
1960    Moisture Meter for Grain
1960    Portable Electrolysis Instruments Models 622-430-1
1960    Portable DC Instruments Model 1 (Class 50)
1960    Vamistor: A Precision Metal Film Resisteor
1960    Weston Tubular Resistors
1960    Instrument Relays for Military and Commercial Applications
1960    Volume Level Indicators, Type 30
1960    Weston Panel Instrument Models 1761, 1762, 1766
1960    Thermal Converters Models 878, 868, 869
1960    A Simpler Approach to Instrument Calibration
1960    Dairy Thermometers
1960    4000 Series 3” Standard Industrial Thermometers
1960    4000 Series 5” Standard Industrial Thermometers
1960    4000 Series Navy Type Thermometers
1961    Portable Testing Instruments
1961    Industrial Analyzers: Circuit Tester, AC Industrial Analyzer, Volt-Ohm-Milliammeters, 
            Volt-Ohmmeter, Ohmmeter, Insulation Tester, Accessories
1961    Portable/Panel Multi-Range Instrument Models 911-912
1961    Modesl 594, 856, 9950 Selenium Photovoltaic Cells
1961    Selenium Photovoltaic Cell Model 9971-R5-PL
1961    Electrical Tachometers, Generators, Indicators, Recorders, Controllers, Lab Standards
1961    Panel Instruments Modern Smooth Front 201/301 Group
1961    Switchboard Instruments, Model 610 and 921 Groups, Fan Shaped Group
1961    Panel Instruments 641, 741, 861, 961 Groups
1961    Laboratory Standard Instruments: Voltmeters, Ammeters, Wattmeters, Shunts, Cells
1961    High Sensitivity Portable Instruments Model 622
1961    Service Test Equipment
1962    Selenium Photovoltaic Cells Models 596, 857, 859, 9971
1963    AC & DC Portable Instruments Models 931, 432, 433, 455
1964    Portable Standards, Light Beam Type:  Wattmeters, Ammeters, Voltmeters
1964    Integrating Digital Voltmeter Model 1420
1969    Stock Panel Meters/Portable Instruments
1970    Portable Standards
1971    Panel Instruments Voltmeters, Microammeters, Milliameters, Ammeters
1972    Model 4440 Digital Multimeter
1972    Now!  “Drop-Proofed” VOMS
1974    Model 461 Current Transformer
1974    AC/DC Portable Instruments
1974    Model 6000 Autoranging Digital Multimeter
1975    Model 4445 RS DMM AC/DC Multimeter
1976    Model 6000 Autoranging Digital Multimeter
1977    AC/DC Portable Instruments
1977    Model 327 Current Transformer
1977    2460 Series Line Powered Digital Panel Meters
1977    Model 4440 Digital Multimeter
1977    “Drop-Proofed” VOM Model 660
1977    AC Pocket Size Clamp Volt-Ammeter
1977?  “Weston Introduces the first….mini-multimeter”

Whale Scientific Inc.
1969 Ion Exchange Column

Whatman, Hillsboro, OR: 
1997 Lab Instrumentation & Equipment Master Catalog

S. S. White, Philadelphia, PA: 
1965 General Dental Catalog

Wheaton Instruments: 
1987 Centrifuge

Wilbur B. Driver Co.:
Undated Alloy Handbook

William Ainsworth & Sons
1968 Analytical, Electronic, and Controlled Atmosphere Balances

Williams Scientific Co.
1985 Topaka Floor Slip Tester

Wilmad Glass Co. Inc.:
1985 Infrared Products Catalog 853
1988 Infrared Products

Wilson Diagnostics, Inc., Glenwood, I:
1971 To Identify Enteric Bacteria...Isolation to Identification in Just 7 Hours

W.L. Gore & Assoc. Inc.
1977 Gore-Tex Vascular Grafts

Worthington Biochemical Corp.
1967 Ribonuclease T1 
1970 Advanced Analytical Services in Characterization of Proteins
2017 Tissue Dissociation Guide, 12th edition
2017-2018 Enzyme & Biochemical Catalog

W-P Instruments, Hamden, CT:  
1970s  Glass Microelectrode Accessories
1970s  Model BB-1 Breakaway Box
1970s  Scope Raster/Stepper Model 140
1970s  Differential AC Preamplifier Model DAM-5A
1970s  Micro-Probe System Options
1970s  Window Discriminator Model 120
1970s  Glass Microelectrode Accessories: Holders
1974  Price List

W. & R. Balston, Ltd., England:  
1960s New Whatman Gamma-12 High Performance In-line Filter  Unit

Write Right Co.
Undated Catalog

Wyatt Technology, Santa Barbara, CA:
2007  DAWN Heleos II
2012  DyanPro Plate Reader II

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Yankee Photo Products, Inc., Gardena, CA:  1968, Darkroom Accessories

Yellow Springs Instrument Co. (YSI): Undated, Short Form Catalog

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Zeiss (see Carl Zeiss)

Zenbio: 2017, Get in the Game: Primary Cell thawing Made Easy!

ZiaTech Corp.:
1982 ZT 7805 Development Monitor
1983 ZT 7805 Single Board GPIB Computer

Undated Tubing

Zymark Corp.
1985 Zymate Laboratory Automation System for Sample Preparation
1985 Laboratory Robotics for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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