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NIHAA Newsletters

The NIHAA Update was the newsletter of the NIH Alumni Association (NIHAA), which was established in 1989 after the NIH Centennial celebration. Forty issues were published from summer 1989 until spring 2007 when NIHAA officially dissolved. The Update served as a link among NIH alumni all over the world. It kept alumni apprised of important current research and scientific achievements, and informed them about happenings, personnel changes, honors received, retirements, and deaths at NIH. The Update also served as an informal record of changes in NIH’s physical and administrative structure over the years. In addition, it tracked alumni activities and reported appointments, honors, publications, personal developments, and obituaries. The NIHAA, with over 2,300 members during its existence, was a private, nonprofit organization – it received no financial aid from the federal government. Support for the NIHAA Update came from members’ dues, grants, contributions from various friends, groups, foundations and companies.

Please Note: Some issues are difficult to view. These will be replaced shortly. For questions or suggestions please contact