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References Overview

Bibliography on NIH History

A selection of citations to articles, books, and reports on NIH history.

Finding Historical Records at the National Institutes of Health (PDF 354 kB)

Written by Dr. David Cantor for the "Social History of Medicine" in 2015, this article gives a background of where one can find records about the NIH and at the NIH.  Clicking on the link above will download the article.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit digital library that provides free access to documents, multimedia presentations, and archived websites.  Annual reports, progress reports, and other useful documents (in PDF form) related to the various institutes and centers of the NIH are included.  The Medical Heritage Library has included all of the digitized NIH Almanacs.

NIH Intramural Award Winners

Lists of NIH-affiliated Nobel Laureates and Lasker Awardees.

NIH Organizational Charts, 1975 (PDF - 10.1MB)

Charts prepared by various NIH institutes and displayed during the first NIH alumni reunion, April 1975.

NIH Peer Review

A selected bibliography of publications on peer review, including citations on articles, reports and books about the administration of research at NIH, 1947-1997.

NIH Research Grants

A list of resources on past NIH and Public Health Service research grant and fellowship awards.

Other Resources

Links to other historical resources about the NIH.

Trade Catalogs

List of trade catalogs in the collection of the NIH Stetten Museum.


List of manuals, operating instructions, and technical bulletins in the collection.