NIH Stetten Museum Collection

The NIH Stetten Museum collection includes scientific and clinical instruments that were either used in ground-breaking research at the NIH, were invented at the NIH, or were commonly used in laboratories or clinics at the NIH. The collection also contains non-scientific artifacts that speak to life at NIH including clothing, artwork, models, and even toys. We are always adding to the collection, so keep checking back. 

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A photo of an antique microscope

Ernst Leitz Inc. Monocular Microscope, Accession number: 89.0001.121

Paper model of Building 1

Scale Model of NIH Building 1, Accession number 19.0012.001

Rolodex jammed with business cards

Dr. Alan Rabson's Zephyr American Corp. Rotary Rolodex Model 2254D, Accession number 15.0028.001