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Current Staff Former Directors Former Fellows Advisory Committee

The Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum Advisory Committee

The OHNM Advisory Committee meets formally annually in the early spring to discuss ways to keep the office vital and efficient in collecting and promoting NIH history.  Members include PhD-level historians and NIH scientists with a passion for history preservation.  A sub-committee to advise on instrument collections also exists.  Contact ONHM Curator Michele Lyons for more information.


  • Christopher Donohue, Ph.D. (NHGRI)
  • David Henderson, M.D. (CC)
  • Kenneth Jacobson, Ph.D. (NIDDK)
  • Susan Leitman, M.D. (CC-MRSP)
  • David Morens, M.D. (NIAID)
  • Mark Parascandola, Ph.D. (NCI)
  • Jeffrey Reznick, Ph.D. (NLM)
  • Alan Schechter, M.D. (NIDDK)
  • Chuck Selden, Ph.D. (CSR)
  • Gisela Storz, Ph.D. (NICHD)
  • Kathy Zoon, Ph.D. (NIAID)
  • Wei Yang, Ph.D. (NIDDK)

Ex Officio:

  • Michael Gottesman, M.D. (OIR)
  • Victoria Harden, Ph.D. (Founding Director, ONH)