Oral and Collected Histories

The Office of NIH History and Museum both conducts and collects oral histories from people associated with NIH history.  

Below is an alphabetical listing of oral histories conducted by the NIH History Office, an ongoing project to capture the voices of the people who helped to make the NIH the nation's premier biomedical and behavioral research institution.  You can also search these histories by institute.

In addition to these in-house oral histories, the NIH History Office has embarked on a legacy project to collect externally conducted oral, video, and written histories of our leading NIH scientists.  Please refer to our Eminent NIHers page for this complementary collection.

To request a transcript of an interview not yet posted, please contact the Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum at 301-496-6610 or email.  We welcome suggestions of additional sources of NIH oral histories not listed.  And please visit this site again, as this list continues to grow.  For a broader search of oral histories of biomedical researchers throughout the nation and world, refer to collections held by the National Library of Medicine, the Science History Institute, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the IEEE History Center.