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Medicare Hospital Certification Program Interview: Dr. Norman Robbins

Download the PDF: Robbins_Norman_oral_history (196 kB)

GM: I'm Gordon Margolin. Today is April 5th, 2021 and I'm about to facilitate an oral history with Dr. Norman Robbins, one of the four individual faculty members from NIH who undertook the role of investigating some of the aspects of medical care of Black citizens in the South, back  in 1966. We're going to talk about all of Dr. Robbins’ experiences and I think you'll find them terribly interesting. This venture occurred just before the onset of the Medicare program and the federal government was very interested in making sure that everything was in place when the program went into effect. This history is being recorded on Zoom as we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the best we'll be able to do in case there are some difficulties with the recording.