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Dr. Ronald Cannon Oral History 2003

Dr. Ronald Cannon
November 14, 2003


It’s Friday, November 14th, and I’m interviewing Dr. Ronald Cannon.


Sara Shostak:              Dr. Cannon, you know that I have a tape recorder on.


Cannon:                       Tg.AC a ras model and some P53 were the first to arrive.


Shostak:                      You said that the models came into the institute.  How did they come in?


It’s challenging because now you’re asking . . .  You know, it was challenging to tweak one little pathway and to study that pathway.  Now you’re saying, “Okay.  When we took the distributor off the car, I want to know how it affected everything.  When we disconnect the brake cable, what’s not working?  So let’s track down every little wire, but let’s do it in at one time point.”  So it’s a challenge. A huge challenge. 

Shostak:                      Just as a final question, are there significant parts of this story that I haven’t asked you about that you’d like to comment on?


                                                           END OF INTERVIEW