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Dr. Paul O'Brien Oral History 2005

Download the PDF: OBrien_Paul_Oral_History_2005 (PDF 40 kB)


Paul O’Brien Interview
 Conducted by: Carl Kupfer
 May 16, 2005


Dr. Kupfer:     I have asked Dr. O’Brien to reminisce about the beginning of the Intramural Program that was referred to as the Ophthalmology Branch.  First of all Paul, I think it’s important to realize that the NINDB came into being in 1950 but no presence of ophthalmic research occurred until 1955.  And I’d like you to sort of think back to when you first arrived and what things were like in terms of space and funding and then what occurred during the period that you were there.  Let’s start of with the date that you arrived.


Dr. Kupfer:     Yeah.  Okay Paul, well I’m going to turn this off.

End of Interview