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Dr. William Walter Oral History 1995

Download the PDF: Walter_William_Oral_History_1995 (PDF 199 kB)

This is an interview of Dr. William Walter, who played key roles in the grants-funded areas of the NCI, taken on April 21, 1995.  The interviewer is Dr. Carl G. Baker, former Director of the National Cancer Institute.


Baker:                            Bill, before we go a little further, would you give us a little bit of your background and where you went to school and so on?


Walter:                           Probably not. 

Baker:                            So, I was trying to make the point that if we had to have Cancer Control again, we should emphasize those areas where there was a shortage of control capabilities and hence special needs for more research, and it seemed to me that the                 rehabilitation area was a special one. I still think that's true.