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Oliver Instrument Co.: 1990; Drill Pointers, Point Thinners, & Point Checking Gages

Olympus America Corp., Melville, NY:
1999      Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
2000      A New Objective and a New TIRFM Illuminator

Olympus Optical Co., Melville, NY:
1990s    System Microscope CH, CH/40/CH30
1990s    Inverted Microscope CK2, CK2-BI/C2-TR
1990s    Inverted System Microscope IX, IX70/IX50
1990s    LB Objectives
1990s    Biological Microscopes
1990s    System Microscope BX, BX50/BX40
1993    CK2 Inverted Microscopes Specification Sheet


Warner-Chilcott Laboratories, Morris Plains, NJ:  1965 , Automatic Fraction Collector

Warner Instrument Corp., Hamden, CT:
1990s    Tissue Slice Stimulation & Superfusion Chamber System
1990s    Bilayer Chambers & Bilayer Cuvettes
1990s    OC-725 Oocyte Clamp
1990s    The Chamber Catalog
1990s    Series 20 Perfusion/Recording Chambers
1990s    Heater Controllers TC-324 & TX-344
1990s    TC-324 & TC-344 Specifications
1990s    Perfusion Chambers & Systems for Electrophysiology and Biophysics
1994      Micorelectrode Accessories: Clark Capillaries, Warner Microelectrode Holders, etc.
1994      Research Instrument Catalog
1995      Product Update: Neuroscience Issue
1995      Price List
1996      Price List

1984    Millipore Catalog
1988    Guide to Sample Preparation: Solid Phase Extraction & Membrane Filtration
1993    486 Tunable Absorbance Detector
1999    Chromatography Columns & Supplies