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American Optical (AO), Buffalo, NY: 
1954    The Effective Use and Care of Microscopes 
1967   Reference Manual AO Fluorolume Illuminator, Model 645
1968   Reference Manual Series 10 Microstar Advanced Laboratory Microscopes
1972   AO Vertical Illuminator for Incident Light Fluorescence Microscopy, Model 2070
1976   Instructions for Use and Care of the AO TS Meter (A Goldberg Refractometer)
Undated    Directions Spencer Senior Microscope Lamp no. 735
Undated    Photomicrographic Equipment Reference Manual
Undated    Instructions for AO Spencer Darkfield Illuminator
Undated    Spencer Phase Turret Condenser

Amersham International, England.:
1968    Review 8: Purity and Analysis of Labelled Compounds
1981    Review 17: Sample Preparation in Liquid Scintillation Counting
1984    Review 23: Radioisotope Detection by Fluorography and Intensifying Screens
1985    Membrane Transfer and Detection Methods
1985    Membrane Transfer and Detection Methods
2002    Hi Trap Affinity Columns
2002    Hoefer SE 600/SE 660 Standard Dual Cooled Gel Electrophoresis Units
2002    Recorder 111 and 112 User Manual
2003    TE 42 and TE 62 Transfer Electrophoresis Units and TE 50x Power Lid Manual
2003    Hoefer EPS 2A200 Power Supply Quick Reference
2004    EPS 2A200 Power Supply Manual