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Digital Equipment Corp(DEC), Maynard, Massachusetts:
1968    Introduction to Programming
1970    PDP-8 Introduction to Programming
1970    PDP-8 Programming Languages
1971    PDP-8/e Small Computer Handbook
1974    Logic Handbook
1974    OS/8 Handbook
1975    PDP 11 Programming Card
1976    PDP8/e, PDP8/F, PDP8/M External Bus Options Maintenance Manual, Volume 3
1978    TECO Pocket Guide
1980    PDP-11 Keypad Editor Reference Card
1981    VT100 Programming Reference Card
1981    VT100 User Guide
1981      User Guide VT100 Terminal
1983      DCJ11 Microprocessor User's Guide, Preliminary
1985      MicroPDP-11/73-UA Upgrade
1985      PDP-11/73-UB Upgrade

Digital Scintigraphics, Inc. (DSI), Waltham, MA: 
1996    Ceraspect Hardware Reference Manual
1996    Ceraspect Software Reference Manual


E & M Instrument Co. Inc., Houston, TX:
Undated    Korotokoff Sound Microphone
Undated    Automatic Cuff Pump

Emulex, Costa Mesa, CA:
1985      Emulex PDP-11/LSI-11 Diagnostic Distribution Kit, Preliminary
1985      UDA50 Subsystem Reliability Program User's Manual, Preliminary

Endevco, San Juan Capistrano, CA: 
1982    Pressure Transducers
Undated          Instructions for the Application of Piezoelectric Transducers


Esterline-Angus Co., Inc., Indianapolis: 1953, Instructions for the Use of Esterline-Angus Model AW Graphic Instruments Including Connection Diagrams and Instrument Data Sheet

Excelan Inc., San Jose, CA:
1985      EXOS 203 Ethernet Front-End Processor for Q-bus Systems Manual
1986      EXOS 203 Intelligent Ethernet Controller for Q-bus Systems Manual

EXFO Life Sciences, Mississauga, Ontario:  (see also Burleigh Instruments)
2007    PCS-6000 Series Motorized Patch-Clamp Micromanipulator Quick Start
2007    PCS-6000 Series Motorized Patch-Clamp Micromanipulator Operating Manual


Frequency Devices Inc., Haverhill, MA: 1980, Model 901F, 8-Pole Tuneable Lowpass Butterworth Filter

Fujitsu, Tokyo, Japan:
1980      M2311K/M2312K Power Supply CE Manual
1980      M2311K/M2312K Rack Mount Kit Mounting Instructions
1983      M2311K/M2312K Power Supply CE Manual
1985      M23XXK Power Supply Unit B14L-5105-0178A CE Manual

F. W. Dwyer MfgCo., Inc., Michigan City, Indiana: 1966, Installation, Operation and Maintenance: Series 500 Precision Flowmeters


John Fluke Manufacturing Co., Seattle, WA:
1973    8000A Digital Multimeter
1982    8060A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD: 1980, “TIG Terminal Independent Graphics," George E. Toth

Jorway Corp., Westbury, NY: Undated, User’s Manual: Model 73A, 73A-1 SCSI BUS CAMAC Crate Controller