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American Optical Corp. (AO), Buffalo, NY:
1950   Complete Equipment for Phase Microscopy
1950   Phase Microscope Price List
1974    Differential Interference Contrast by Incident Light (DICV) Microscopes
Undated           AO-Total Solids Meter: a Goldberg Refractometer


Analytab Products Inc. (API), New York: 1971, The API System

Analytik Jena:  2018, One Button Scientific Imaging

Andonian Associates, Inc., Waltham, MA: undated, PMC Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Housing for Photomultiplier Tubes


Cerro Corp., New York, NY: 1962, Glass to Glass and Glass to Metal Joints

C.F. Palmer, London: 1934, C.F. Palmer Research and Students Apparatus

CG Life Sciences, Vineland, NJ:
2014    New Life Science Products (Fall edition)
2014    Life Science Products
2014    Cell & Tissue Culture


Leeds & Northrup, Silver Spring, MD:
1953    Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Section ED of Catalog E
1956    Galvanometers, Dynamometers & DC Amplifiers, Catalog ED
1959    Self-Saturating Saturable Core Reactors
1960    Speedomax H
1966    L&N Thermocouple Extension Wires
1968    Electrical Instruments, Catalog A 
1969     Quiktip Thermocouple Connectors
1969     Speedomax W. Multi-Point Recorder with Cleertrend Printing
1969     Speedomax W/L 2-Pen Recorder
1969     Speedomax H, W and W’L Calibrated AZAR Recorders
1969     Millitemp Overheat Alarms with Power-Interrupt Protection
1969     L&N Thermocouple Wires
1969     Zero-Voltage-Firing Solid-State Power Package
1970     New Product Information
1970    Flexelect Point-Selection for Speedomax H and W Multi-Point Recorders
1970    Speedomax XL 680-Series Flat-Bed Laboratory Recorder
1970     Electromax III Universal Controller
1970     Solid-State Electromax Signaling Controller for use with Thermocouples
1971     Analog and Digital Meters
Undated    Speedomax XL Recorders

Leica, Switzerland:
2014 Leica Confocal Buyers Guide
2015     A Shift of Perspective: DMi8 Inverted Microscope
2017    Step Beyond Infinity: Leica M165 FC and M205 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscopes


Medi Tech, Watertown, MA:
1973    The Soft-Steerable Catheter System
1973    Prices
1973    Non-Operative Removal of Retained Biliary Stones
1973    Selective Bronchial Catheterization
1973    Selective Vascular Catheterization

Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN: 2022, Medtronic Melody TPV Therapy

Medwire Corp., Mount Vernon, NY:
1982    Sigmund Cohn Corp. Properties of Metals and Alloys
1983    Teflon Coated Wire for Use as Micro-Electrodes


Nuaire, Inc., Plymouth, MN: Undated, Biological Safety Cabinets, Incubators, Animal Research Products

Nuclear-Chicago Corp.:
1953   Nuclear Chicago Catalog M
1954   Nuclear Chicago Catalog N
1961    General Catalog
1971    1185 Series Automatic Gamma Counting Systems 
1972    Radioimmunoassay Competitive Protein Binding Data Systems 
Undated    Biospan Gamma Counting Systems 
Undated    Liquid Scintillation Systems
Undated    Automatic Gamma Counting Systems


Sartorius (Essen Bioscience): 2020, From Seeing to Analyzing

Sartorius-Werke, Gottigen, Germany: 1942, Sartorius Katalog (in German)

Savant (Division of ThermoQuest), Holbrook, NY:
1998    Instruments and Accessories
1999    SPD-Series Speed VAC ® Concentrators
1999    OFP-400 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
1999    Vial Cell Stoppering Shelf Unit-VC45
1999    GEP140 GelPump ™
1999    SPD131DDA Speedvac ® Concentrator
1999    PRO Rotor Kit
1999    Savant uSpeedfuge ® SFR13K
1999    Spin Freezer 96


Tektronics Inc.:
1972    Rapid-Scanning Spectrometry: Molecular Spectroscopic & Chemical Kinetic Applications
1973    Fast-Scan Spectrometry

1986 , See, Measure, Automate at the Touch of a Button with 2445A/2465A Family
2011   XYZs of Oscilloscopes
undated, Type 528 Television Waveform Monitor

Telios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA: undated, Human Collagen Type VII Monoclonal Antibodies


Thermo Scientific, Rockford, IL: 
2007    Tag You’re It. HisPur Colbalt Resin
2011    So Clean It Squeaks
2012     Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLC Systems
2013     Sorvall Legend and ST General Purpose Centrifuges
2013     ISQ Series Single Quadrupole GC-MS
2011    1300 Series A2 Biological Safety Cabinets
2011    Sorvall Legend X1 and XT Centrifuges
2012    Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge
2021    Solving Structures in a Flash: Scientific Breakthroughs with Cryogenic Electron Microscopy


Unitron Instrument Co., Newton Highlands, MA:
Undated    Microscopes: A Complete Range of Models and Accessories
1960s   Microscopes
1970s   Microscopes and Telescopes


UVP, Inc., San Gabriel, CA:
1986    Price List
Undated          UVM-57 Ultraviolet Lamp
Undated          Chromato-vue CC-60
Undated          UVP Transilluminator
Undated          Chromato-vue CC-15 System
Undated          C-70G Chromato-vue UV Illumination Cabinet
Undated          Black-Ray Automotive Leak Detection System
Undated          B-100A and B-100Y Inspection Lamps
Undated          Mineralight R-52G Professional Short Wave UV Lamp
Undated          Mineralight and Blak-Ray rechargeable Lamps
Undated          Mineralight UVG-47, UVG-48, Black-Ray ML-49
Undated          Four-watt Ultraviolet Lamps: Shortwave UVG-11, Multiband UVGL-15, Longwave UVL-21, Longwave UVL-23R, Multiband UVGL-25
Undated          Black-Ray Ultraviolet Intensity Meters for Monitoring UV Light Source Efficiency
Undated          UVX Radiometer
Undated          Readmittance Management
Undated          Blak-Ray Signature Verification System
Undated          Blak-Ray Fluorescent Tracer Products
Undated          Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Security Lamps
Undated          Blak-Ray Fluorescent Inks
Undated          Blak-Ray Protective Ultraviolet Eyewear
Undated          Memorase EPROM Erasing Systems

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Vacuubrand: 2000s, Vacuum Pumps Resource Guide

Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI):
1989    Price List
1992    Price List
1994    Cheminert
1994    Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with Direct Internal Connections
1994    Cheminert II Low Pressure Valves with External Tube Connections