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Phenomenex, Torrance, CA: 1990, Chromatography

Philbrick/Nexus Research, Dedham, MA: undated, Transconductors

Philco Corp., Lansdale, PA: 1962, Light Emitting Diode GAE-402


Tocris Cookson Inc., Ellisville, MO: 
2004    Signal Transduction Product Guide
undated    Chemicals for Pharmacology and Neurochemistry

Tracor: 1970, An Unconventional Chromatograph for Trace Gas Analysis

Transducer Products, Torrington, CA:
1968    Lead Titanate—Zirconate Piezo Ceramics
1968    Piezo Barium Titanate Ceramics


TRW Equipment, Livonia, MI: 1970s, Electrodrilling is New

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UltavueUltivue: 2019/2020, Phenotyping: The Tumor Microenvironment with Multiplex Immunohistochemistry