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Johnson Service Co., Milwaukee, WI: 
1970    Fluidics: Start with the Fluid Amplifier
1970    Fluidic Gaging Controller Uses SIM’s for Precision Switching
1970    NOR Gate Logic Elements
1970    Manifold Card
1970    Fluidic/Electric Switches
1970    Circuit Accessories
1970    Introducing Johnson Fluidics
1970    Fluidic Gaging Controllers
1970    Prices
1971    Johnson Fluidic Position Transmitter
1971    Johnson FSP-102 Proximity Switch
1971    Fluidic/Electric Switches
1971    Johnson Diaphragm Amplifiers
1971    Introducing Johnson Fluidics
1971    Fluidic Gaging Controllers
1971    Johnson FPB-161 Summing Impact Modulator
1971    Start with the Fluid Amplifier
1971    NOR Gate Logic Elements
1971    Johnson FPB-161 Summing Impact Modulator
1971    Manifold Card
1971    Johnson Circuit Accessories
1971    Johnson FCV-20 Variable Restrictor
1971    Johnson FXS-Series Pulse Buttons
1971    FCD-400 Series Diodes
1971    FON-201 Three-Way Valve
1971    FDM-80 Test Point Indicator
1971    FCO-Series Orifice Restrictors
1971    Fluidic Position Transmitter
1971    FQR-Series Pressure Regulators
1971    FQR-Series Precision Pressure Regulators
1971    Price List

Jorway Corp., Westbury, NY: 1994, CAMAC Catalog & Price List

J.P. Stevens & Co., Inc., Easthampton, MA:  undated, hi-tuff Urethane Tubing, Film, Cord


Luxtron, Mountain View, CA:
1982    Model 1000B Biomedical Fluoroptic Thermometer
1982    Fluoroptic Thermometry: A New Tool for Medical Research

Lynx Real-Time Systems, Los Gatos, CA:
1992    In Real-Time You Never Get a 2nd Chance
1993    LynxOS
1993    LynxOS for the MVME-147 and MVME-167
1993    LynxOS for the 386/483-AT
1993    LynxOS for the MicroSPARC

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M2p-labe, Inc., Hauppauge, NY:
2016     BioLector 1: 48 Parallel Microbioreactors
2017     BioLector Pro: Microfluidic Bioprocess Control
2017     RoboLector: Automated Fermentation


1972    Catalog
1978    Catalog
1978    Price List
1978    Mettler GC301 Application Input Device
1978    PC440 and PC4400 Electronic Top-loading Precision Balances with DeltaRange
Undated    Balances 
Undated    Level-test and Mettler Level-matic.

Mettler-Toledo, Hightstown, NJ: 1995, The Best Company to Call for Service…

MG Industries, Malvern, PA: 1996, Specialty Gases and Equipment


Morganite Inc., Long Island City, NY: undated, Refractories

Motorola Inc., Phoenix, AZ: 1994, VME Module Selector Guide

Motorola Semiconductor Products Inc., Phoenix, AZ: undated MC1595 is the Industry’s First True Linear, 4-Quadrant Multiplier IC


Mullard, London:
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 50 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 52 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 54 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 55 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 56 AVP
1959    Photomultiplier Tube 150 AVP

Mupac Corp., Brockton, MA: 1989, Wire Wrap Systems: Packaging Systems (computer boards)

M. W. Kellogg Co., Jersey City, NJ: 1953, Kel-F: Physical Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties


Penta Laboratories, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA: undated, Reactanct Chart

Pentek Inc., Norwood, NJ: undated, Modular Sub-Systems for VMEbus & MultiBus

Perfection Mica Co. (Magnetic Shield Division), Bensenville, IL:
1957    Wrappable Magnetic Foil Shields Relays, Electronics, November
1957    Flexible Magnetic Shielding Foil Cuts Production Costs, Electronic Equipment, June
1975    A.C. Magnetic Field Evaluator Probe
1976    Co-Netic & Netic Magnetic Shielding Alloys
Undated          Data Sheet #128: S3-6 Netic Foil for Shielded Rooms and Enclosures
Undated          Data Sheet #129: Co-netic Magnetic Hum and Electrostatic Shielding
Undated          Data Sheet #132: Co-netic Tube Shield
Undated          List of literature available on magnetic shielding

1956 Price List: Infrared Instruments & Accessories, Optical & Electronic Building Blocks, Crystal Optics 
1960    Measurement of Photometric Accuracy in UV-VIS Spectrophotometry
1964    Atomic Absorption Newsletter no. 18: Detection Limits in Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
1964    The Analysis of a Temperature-Controlled Scanning Calorimeter (O’Neill)
1966    Atomic Absorption Newsletter 5(3), An Automated Procedure for the Determination of Trace Metals by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
1966    Atomic Absorption Newsletter, 5(3) Recent Developments in Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
1966    UV Spectroscopy  Newsletter #4: Perkin-Elmer Instruments for Polarimetry
1983    Model LCI-100 Laboratory Computing Integrator
1984    Catalog
1985    MasterLab System Laboratory Robotics
1987    LC-235 Diode Array Detection System
1989    PC Integrator (PE Nelson)
1990    DNA Thermal Cycler 480
1991    GeneAmp PCR System 9600
1991    AmpliTaq ® DNA Polymerase, Stoffel Fragment
1991    GeneAmp ® Thermostable rTth Reverse Transcriptase RNA PCR Kit
1994    Series 200 LC Pipes
1995    Guide to PCR Enzymes
1999    PCR Systems, Reagents & Consumables
2002     Perkin Elmer ScanArray Express
2015    Charting the tumor Microenvironment: Navigating Complex System Interplay
2016     Fast Forward: Accelerating CRISPR Research with Automated, High-throughput Screening
2016     Exploring Uncharted Interactions with Cell Signaling Pathway Analysis from Protein to Phenotype 
2017    In the Spotlight: Focus in on High-Content Analysis
Undated           Model 4000-A Spectrophotometer: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared
Undated           Model 4000-A Spectrophotometer: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared


Precision Scientific Co., Chicago, IL:
1960s    Shaker Baths, Dubnoff Shaking Incubator, Warburg Apparatus
1964     Freas Incubators, Ovens
1991     Product Guide
Undated     Freas Low Temperature Incubators
Undated     Sero-Utility Baths
Undated     Thelco Ovens and Incubators


Radiometric Instruments & Chemical Co.: 1984, Flo-One Series Info Packet

RadiSystems Corp., Beaverton, OR: undated, Embedded Computer Solutions Product Line Catalog, Vol. 1, No. 2

Rainin Instrument Co., Woburn, MA/ Oakland, CA: 
1998    Pipetting Solutions
2001    Pipetting Solutions
2013    Speed Your Workflow E4 XLS
2013    Rainin Focus:  XLS+ Multichannels
2014    USA Product Catalog
2016    USA Tip Catalog
2017     USA Product Catalog 
Undated       Gilson Pipetman Adjustable Digital Microliter Pipettes


Tektronics Inc.:
1972    Rapid-Scanning Spectrometry: Molecular Spectroscopic & Chemical Kinetic Applications
1973    Fast-Scan Spectrometry

Tektronix: 1986, See, Measure, Automate at the Touch of a Button with 2445A/2465A Family

Telios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA: undated, Human Collagen Type VII Monoclonal Antibodies