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Eastman Kodak:
1945 Materials for Spectrum Analysis 
1954    Prices Kodak Photographic Materials and Light Filters
1955    Half-Second Butyrate
1959    Organic Chemical Bulletin: Vol. 31, No. 2: Chemical Applications of NMR Spectroscopy
1959    8m Automatic Brownie Movie & Cine Cameras
1960    Iodak Ektron Detectors for the Infrared
1960s   Infrared Interference Filters
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-100
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-200
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-201
1961    Data Sheet: Infrared Lens IR-301
1961    Data Sheet: Irtran-1 Infrared Optical Material
1961    Price List Irtran-1 and Irtran-2
1961    Data Sheet: Irtran-2 Infrared Optical Material
1961    Data Sheet: Irtran-2 Lenses Price List
1961    Kodak Far Infrared Filters
1965    Kodak Materials for Pictorial Holograms
1969    Black-and-White Films in Rolls
1969    Kodak Color Dataguide: Exposing, Printing, Processing 
1973    Liquid Crystal Products
1973    Holographic Plate Type 120-02 & Holographic Film (ESTAR Base) S)-173
1973    Kodak Plates and Films for Scientific Photography
1974    Kodak Materials for Holography
1974    Prices for Kodak Products Useful in Holographic Applications
1975    Liquid Crystal Products
1976    Directory of Products & Services for Health Sciences HS-1
1979    Photographic Products
1983    Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1985    GSA Federal Supply Service
1985    Products for Special Biomedical-Imaging Applications
1986   Black-and-White Papers, Films, and Chemicals
1987    Scientific Imaging Products
1990    Laboratory Chemicals
1992    Optical Products
1994/5   Biological Research and Imaging Products
Undated          Kodak Optical Cements
Undated          Kodak Reports On…


New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc., New Brunswick, NJ: 
1961    Gyrotory Incubator-Shaker
1971    Shake and Incubate...Right on Your Bench
1971    Magnetically-Driven Fermentor: Magnaferm Bench-Top Fermentor
1996    Price List
2006    Selecting the Right Shaker for Your Laboratory
2000s    Innova ® The Driving Force in Digital Shakers
2000s    Classic Biological Shakers

New England Biolabs., Ipswich, MA: 2007-2008, Catalog and Technical Reference

New England Nuclear: 1981, Lipotropin Radioimmunoassay Kit

Nexus Research Laboratory, Inc., Canton, MA
1967  USL-1 & ESL-1 Ultra Stable All-Silicon, Solid-State Operational Amplifiers
Undated     4 outstanding operational amplifiers from Nexus…
Undated     …did you say an op amp for less than $10?:
Undated    Types SA-1, SD-1, SQ-1 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers 
Undated    ypes SA-2, SD-2, SQ-2 All-Silicon Solid-State Operational Amplifiers