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Becton, Dickinson (B-D):
1965    Unopette Disposable Blood Diluting Pipette 
1970    Biopette Automatic Pipettes
1997/1998         Labware Catalog
2001    Titanium PCR and RT-PCR Systems
2001    Titanium™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit, PowerScript ™ Reverse Transcriptase
2002    BD Sprint ™  Advantage ™ 96 Plate
2002    Mercury ™ Signal Transduction Products            
2010    BD FACSAria III
2013    BD FACSAria Fusion
2013    BD FACSJazz
2013    BD Influx
undated  Medical Grade Polyethylene Tubing
2020      Unlocking the Secrets of the Tumor Microenvironment for Cancer Therapeutics
CLONTECHniques     July   July 2001
                                 October   October 2001
                                  April 2002
                                  October 2002
                                   January January 2004
                                   April April 2004
                                   October October 2005

Behringwerke AG:  1968, Immunoelectrophoresis Equipment


Getty Machine and Mold Inc., Clifton, NJ:  1962, Piercing Tool, Molds, Slug Cut-off Machine, ASTM Test for compression

Gigahertz-Optik, Amesbury, MA: 2019, Not Just Another Spectrometer: BTS2048 Series UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer

Gilbert Boy Engineering: 1920s, Catalog


Isolab Inc.: 1980s, Research and Clinical Electrophoresis, Catalog E-100

Isoplexis: 2020, Beyond the Cell Cycle: p53 as an Immune System Modulator in Cancer

Ithaco: 1977, Catalog

ITW Devcon, Danvers, MA:
1990s   User’s Guide for Metal-Filled Epoxies
1990s   Flexane Urethane Compounds
1990s   Floor Savers
1990s   Zip Grip
1990s   Magic Bond
1990s   E-Z Pouch
1990s   User’s Guide for Flexane
1990s   various product data bulletins
1993    magicSorb


Minolta, Ramsey, NJ: 1988, MI3MS 1000: Minolta Integrated Information and Image Management System

Mirus: 2020, Package Delivery: The Art of Transfection

Mirus Bio:  2018, TransIT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System


M. W. Kellogg Co., Jersey City, NJ: 1953, Kel-F: Physical Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties

2020      Occupational Safety Solutions for Common Laboratory Applications
2020      Cross-Contamination and Occupational Exposure Control

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Nalgene, Rochester, NY: 2007, Labware


TRW Equipment, Livonia, MI: 1970s, Electrodrilling is New

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Ultavue: 2019/2020, Phenotyping: The Tumor Microenvironment with Multiplex Immunohistochemistry

Ultramet, Pacoima, CA: 
Undated     Problem Solving with Refractory Metals and Compounds
Undated     High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Products & Services Chemical Vapor Deposition