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Carl Zeiss:
1950s Hand Spectroscope (Zeiss Winkel)
1965  Instruments for Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation
1968  Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast 
1973    Price List: Standard Microscope KK-M
1973    Price List: Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast Equipment
1977  Microscopes and Accessories
1979  Polarizing Microscopes 
1980  Invertoscope D Price List
2000 Axiovert 200: The New Standard in Inverted Microscopy 
2005 When Was the Last Time You Saw Something for the First Time?: FluoresScience
2005 AxioCam HS: Fast, Precise, Live
2005 LSM 5 DUO and LSM DuoScan Laser Scanning Microscope Workstations
2008 Biomedical MicroImaging Newsletter 
2009 MicroImaging Newsletter-September
2013 Newsletter for Life Sciences, #1
2017 Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7
2017 Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan
2017 3D Imaging Sytems 
Undated Undated          EM 9 S-2 Electron Microscope
Undated Undated          Microscope for Depth Measurement
Undated          Standard GFL Microscopes
Undated          Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast
Undated          Equipment for Reflected-Light Microscopy
Undated          EPI-Technoscope
Undated          Stereo-Microscope

Catalyst Research Corp., Baltimore, MD:
1975    Newsletter
1976    A History of the Development of the Lithium-Iodine Cell

Cathodeon Ltd., Cambridge, England: undated, Hollow Cathode Lamps for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

CBS Electronics, Lowell, MA:
1959    Bulletin E-337A-1: Krytron Trigger Tubes 7229, 7230, 7439, 7599, 7600, 7602
1959    Bulleting E-337A-2: Krytron Trigger Tubes 7440, 7441, 7595, 7596, 7597, 7598
1960    Photomultiplier Price List
1960    CL-1002 Photomultiplier
1960    7817 Photomultiplier
1961    New 5” Photomultiplier from CBS Laboratories

Cell Signaling Technology, Danvers, MA: 2006 
Flow 2006, Flow Cytometry and Intracellular Signaling

CENCO: Undated, Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

Cerac Inc., Milwaukee, WI:  1987, Rare Inorganic Chemicals

Ceramaseal Inc., New Lebanon Center, NY:
1960    Sapphire-To-Metal Seals
1960 Ceramaseal Sapphire to Metal Seals

Ceramics International Corp., Mahwah, NJ:
1964    High Temperature, High Reliability Sapphire-to-Metal Windows Off the Shelf
1964    Standard Sapphire Windows Available for Optical System
1964    Sapphire-to-Metal Windows for Critical Applications

Ceranco (see Rancocas Ceramics Co.)

Cerro Corp., New York, NY: 1962, Glass to Glass and Glass to Metal Joints

CG Life Sciences, Vineland, NJ:
CG Life Sciences, Vineland, NJ:
2014    New Life Science Products (Fall edition)
2014    Life Science Products
2014    Cell & Tissue Culture

Chatman Controls Corp., Chatham, NJ:
1958    Miniature and Subminiature Thermostats
1960    Announcing a New Series of Insulated Thermostats

Chemalloy Electronics Inc.:
Undated Improved Fluxless Aluminum Solder and Welding Rod
Undated Fluxless Aluminum Solder

Chemapec Inc., Hoboken, NJ:
1971  1971, Chemapec Pec Fermentor Systems


Chemical Rubber Co., Cleveland, OH:
1936, Catalog D of Chemical Laboratory Apparatus
1960s, CRC “Vari-Cal” Immersion Unit

Clairex Chemionics Corp., Tallmadge, OH: 1964, Photoconductive Cells1988, Natural and Conductive Latex Sheets

Chomerics, Inc., Cambridge, MA:  undated, Conductive Epoxy Guide

Clairex Corp., New York, New York:
1954    Introducing the Clairex Crystal Photocell Type CL-1
1959    Photocells for TV
1959    Using Photoconductive Cells
1960s   Clairex Photoconductive Cells: Series in Glass
1960    Photocells Open Up New Applications
1960    Progress Report on Light-Sensitive Cells
1962    Price List for Standard Photocells
1962    Clairex Photocells in Space!
1962    IRE Special Bulletin: Clairex Now Offers 5 Series
1963    Catalog: Photoconductive Cells
1964    Photoconductive Cells
Undated          Crystal Photocell Type CL-2
Undated          Clairex Crystal Photocell Type CL-3
Undated          EDN Design Data Photometry Nomograph

Clarke Power Products, Inc., Bowling Green, OH: undated, Plasma Cutters

Clausing, Kalamazoo, MIClausing, Kalamazoo, MI:
1969  Catalog
Undated, Machine Tools brochure

Clay Adams, New York, NY:
1966  Instruments for Micro-Dissection and Micro-Surgery, Experimental and Animal Surgery 
Undated Micropet Disposable Lambda Pipette
Undated          Ivalon Surgical Sponge

Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co.: 1949, Catalog

Clevite Corp., Cleveland, OH:
1962    Modern Piezoelectric Ceramics
Undated          Piezoelectricity Today
Undated          Piezoelectric High Voltage Generators

Clifton Standard Hydraulic Press Co., Clifton Standard Hydraulic Press Co., 1978, Series H 10-75 Ton Strain Rod Hydraulic Presses

Clinical Perfusion Associates, Inc., Timonium, MD:
1960s   Clinical Perfusion Associates Present…
1963    Perfusion Systems of the Highest Reliability and Performance

Clontech, Palo Alto: 
1999, Advantage ® PCR Enzyme Systems
2012  Living Colors Fluorescent Proteins

Cober Electronics Inc.:
Undated Undated    If You’re Thinking of Going Microwave
Undated Undated    Series SCCD Industrial Microwave Oven
Undated Undated    Microwave Generators for Industrial and Laboratory Heating Applications
Undated Undated    Microwave Rubber Processing Systems


Cole-Parmer, Chicago, IL:
1971 Micrometer 1971   Micrometer and Digital Dispensers
1984 Pump 1984   Pump Applications Guide
1998 Fittings
1987   Thermometry
1998   Fittings, Tubing, Valves
1998 Electrochemistry
2000 Catalog 
2001 Catalog
Undated 1998   Electrochemistry
2000   Catalog 
2001   Catalog
Undated    Plastic Ware Chemical Resistance Chart

Collaborative Research Inc., Bedford, MA:  1988, Basement Membrane Matrigel

The Colson Corporation, Elyria, OH:  
1960s   1960s, The Model 110 Automatic Blood Pressure Recorder


Commonwealth Technology Inc.:
1990 Differential Stopped-Flow Microcalorimeter, Model DSFC-100, (see 94.0022.012.00)
Undated Berger-Thibault Differential Thermal Titration Apparatus Model DTTA-100

Compact Technik:
1988    The Automat Basic Construction Kit 2000
1990    Retail Prices Automat Prototype Kits
1990s   Modeling with Mechanical Breadboards
1990s   Automat 3000 Construction Kit System

Composite Rotor, Inc., Mountain View, CA: 
Undated   Undated, Composite Rotors

Computer Boards, Inc., Mansfield, MA:
Undated    Compatible  Undated, Compatible I/O Series CIO-AD16/50k and /100k

Comstock Inc: 
1980s  1980s, Optical Heat-Pipes, Model HP-801, HP-802

Continental Lab Products, San Diego, CA: 
2000s Tools for Molecular Biology

Cooke Inc., Bloomington, IN:
Undated Needle & Catheter Reference Chart

Cordis Corp., Miami, FL: 
1992 Cordis Reflex Steerable Guidewires
1992 Cordis in Miami

Connecticut Instrument Corp. (CIC), Wilton, CT: 1961, Newsletter No. 14, Attenuated Total Relection --- A New Infrared Sampling Technique

Consolidated Astronautics, Hauppauge, NY: 1975, Product and Price List

Consolidated Electrodynamics Corp., (CEC), Pasadena, CA:
1956    Type 4-340 Dynamic Pressure Pickup
1956    Pressures

Consolidated Engineering Corp. (CEC), Pasadena, CA: 1952 ,The CEC Bi-Directional Stepping Switch and Digital Servo Motor

Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada, Montreal, Canada: 1952, the Metal Indium

Consolidated Reactive Metals, Inc., Mamaroneck, NY: 1960, Fine Wire

Continental Electric Co., Geneva, IL:
1946    Cetron Phototubes with Blue Sensitive Surface Type CE-60
1946    Cetron Phototubes with Red Sensitive Surface Type CD-58
1950s   Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells Technical Brochure
1950s   Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells Circuits
1951    Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells
1951    Cetron Lead Sulfide Cells Technical Information

Continental Lab Products, San Diego, CA: 2000s, Tools for Molecular Biology

Control Products Inc. (CPI), East Hanover, NJ:
1979    Snap-Stat Thermal Switches
1979    Switches, Temperature Controllers, Mounting Brackets
Undated          Type M-1 and M-2 Thermal Switches

Cooke Inc., Bloomington, IN: Undated, Needle & Catheter Reference Chart

Cooner Sales Co., Chatsworth, CA:
1973    Wires and Cables
Undated          Samples of CZ-1215-1, CZ-1174, and AS-632 wire

Cooperheat, Rahway, NJ: undated, Clandon Metascop On-the-spot Metal Identification

Cordis Corp., Miami, FL: 
1992 Cordis Reflex Steerable Guidewires
1992 Cordis in Miami

Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc., Buffalo, NY:1959, Research Trends, Vol.VII, 3

Corning, Acton, MA and Corning, NY:
1985 BNC Electrodes 
2000 Equipment & Scientific Instruments
2003 Life Sciences Research Tools
2005 Life Sciences Selection Guide
2012 Closed System Solutions
2013 Stem Cell Research
2013  Bottlemania!
2017    Break the 3D Barrier: Corning 3D Cell Culture
Undated, The Fleaker

Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY:
1948    Glass Color Filters
1948    Glass Color Filters
1950s   Vycor Industrial Glassware Bulletin No. B-91
1957    New Developments in Corning Fotoform Glass
1958    Product Information: Fused Silica #7940 Data Sheet
1958    Industrial Filters
1959    New Corning Lime and Pyrex Borosilicate Tubing and Rod
1959    Vycor Industrial Glassware Bulleting B-91 (different from below)
1960    Glass Color Filters Bulletin CF-1
1960    Supplement to Catalog: Neutral Density Filter
1960    Supplement to Catalog: A New Glass for Calibrating Spectrophotometers
1960    Glass Color Filter Price List
1962    Glass Color Filters Catalog
1963    Glass Color Filter Price List
1963    New Literature: Glass Color Filters
1965    Glass Color Filters Price List
1967    Porous Glass Adsorbent for Thin-Layer Chromatography
1967    Glass Color Filters Price List
1971    Vycor Brand Glass No. 7906, 7913 Prices
1971    Vycor: No. 7906: High Temperature Optical Glasses
1971    Vycor: No. 7913: High Temperature Optical Glasses
1971    Fused Silica, Code 7940 Prices
1971    Fused Silica No. 7940 High Temperature Optical Glasses
1971    ULE Titanium Silicate Code 7971 Prices
1972    ULE Titanium Silicate, Code 7971 High Temperature Optical Glasses
1972    Corning Basic Medical Fluidikit
1974    Machinable Glass-Ceramic Product Information Sheet
1970s   Macor Machinable Glass-Ceramic Machining Instructions
1975    Ad: Machinable Glass? You’ve Got to be Kidding!
1975    Macor Machinable Glass-Ceramic Product Information
1975    Machinable Glass-Ceramic Price
1982    Ad: New Fotoform +/- .0001 in. Precision!
1985    Fotoceram Precision Substrates Product Information
1986    Fotoform Fotoceram Precision Photosensitive Glass Materials
1990    Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramic Materials
1990    Pyrex Glass Code 7740
Undated          Glass in Electronics…Limited Only by Imagination
Undated          Machinable Glass-Ceramic
Undated          Machinable Glass-Ceramic Prices
Undated          Fotoform Fotoceram
Undated          Fotoform Fotoceram Products: Unique Photosensitive Glass Materials
Undated          Pyroceram Brand Low-Temperature Thermal Setting Cement Information
Undated          Pyroceram: Progress Report 1
Undated          Pyrex “Double-Tough” Glass Pipe and Fittings
Undated          Fixed Glass Capacitors
Undated          Medium-Power Transmitting Capacitors
Undated          Film Type Resistors Style N
Undated          High Power Resistors
Undated          E-C Resistors H-Style
Undated          Water-Cooled Resistors
Undated          Film Type Resistors Style S
Undated          Metallized Glass Inductances
Undated          Metallized Glass Rectifier Tubes
Undated          Fused Silica
Undated          Metallized Glass Instrument Windows
Undated          Fotoform and Fotoceram
Undated          Glass to Metal Seals
Undated          Attenuator Plates
Undated          Soldering Metal Caps on Ends of Metallized Glass Tubes
Undated          Midget Trimmer Capacitors Direct Traverse Type
Undated          Midget Rotary Trimmer Capacitors
Undated          Ultrasonic Delay Lines
Undated          Macor Machinable Glass-Ceramic Code 9658: Capabilities Bulletin
Undated          Glass….Color FiltersCorning, Acton, MA and Corning, NY:
1985 BNC Electrodes 
2000 Equipment & Scientific Instruments
2003 Life Sciences Research Tools
2005 Life Sciences Selection Guide
2012 Closed System Solutions
2013 Stem Cell Research
2013  Bottlemania!
Undated, The Fleaker

Corning Inc., Tewksbury, MA:
2017  2017, Break the 3D Barrier: Corning 3D Cell Culture

Coulbourn Instruments, Whitehall, PA:  2014, Behavioral Research

Coulter Electronics, Inc., Cranford, NJ:  
Undated   Undated, Preliminary Information on the Model 550 Clean Room Monitor

Crawford Fitting Co.: 
1977  1977, Sno-Trik Tube Fittings & Valves for High PressureCryo-Med, Washington, DC:  
1978 Price List

C.R. Bard Inc., Billerica, MA: 
1991 PET1991   PET: Performance Balloon Material
1991 Probe 1991   Probe III: Balloon-on-a-Wire Dilatation System with 2.5 cm Flex Tip
1991 Force 1991   Force 20, 30, 40: Balloon Dilatation Cathether with Pro/Pel Coating
1991 Silk 1991   Silk Guide Wire with Continu-Core Design
1991 Phantom 1991   Phantom Guide Wire with Gold Tip Control

Crucible Steel Company of America, Pittsburgh, PA:
1955    Ferrimag 1
1961    The Manufacture and Characteristics of Cast Alnico
1963    Permanent Magnet Alloys
1963    Magnetization and Demagnetization

Cryogenic Rare Gas, Hanahan, SC:  undated, Catalog 85, Cryogenic Rare Gas

Cryo-Med, Washington, DC:  1978, Price List

Curtin Matheson Scientific: 1973, Balance Selector Guide

Curtin Scientific Co., Rockville, MD:  Undated, Thelco Ovens and Incubators

Custom Scientific Instruments, Inc., Whippany, NJ: 1980, Fiber Breaking Machine, Model CS-2

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D-M-E Corp., Detroit, MI:  
1962 DME News