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Carl Zeiss:
1950s   Hand Spectroscope (Zeiss Winkel)
1965    Instruments for Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation
1968    Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast 
1973    Price List: Standard Microscope KK-M
1973    Price List: Phase Contrast and Interference Contrast Equipment
1977    Microscopes and Accessories
1979    Polarizing Microscopes 
1980    Invertoscope D Price List
2000   Axiovert 200: The New Standard in Inverted Microscopy 
2005   When Was the Last Time You Saw Something for the First Time?: FluoresScience
2005   AxioCam HS: Fast, Precise, Live
2005   LSM 5 DUO and LSM DuoScan Laser Scanning Microscope Workstations
2008   Biomedical MicroImaging Newsletter 
2009   MicroImaging Newsletter-September
2013   Newsletter for Life Sciences, #1
2017   Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7
2017   Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan
2017   3D Imaging Sytems 
Undated          EM 9 S-2 Electron Microscope
Undated          Microscope for Depth Measurement
Undated          Standard GFL Microscopes
Undated          Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast
Undated          Equipment for Reflected-Light Microscopy
Undated          EPI-Technoscope
Undated          Stereo-Microscope

Caroline Biological Supply Co., Elon College, NC: 1961/1962, The Carolina Order Manual for Biology and Chemistry Condensed from our 750-page Catalogue

Catalyst Research Corp., Baltimore, MD:
1975    Newsletter
1976    A History of the Development of the Lithium-Iodine Cell