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Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Rainin Instrument Co., Inc., Boston:
1991EDP2 Instructions Undated Instructions for Pipetman Continuously Adjustable Digital Microliter Pipettes
Undated Pipetman

Radio Corporation of America (RCA) , Camden and Harrison, NJ:
1963 RCA Receiving Tube Manual
1981 Photomultipliers for Applied Spectroscopy
Undated Test Oscillator, A-C Operated, Type No. 167-A

Radiomatic Instruments & Chemical Co. Inc., Tampa, Florida:
1981 “Liquid Scintillation Counting of Tritium and Low Energy Gamma Emitters in Double-Labeled Samples,” in Technical Notes, Vol. 3, Part 1
1981 Chemiluminescence,” in Application Notes, Vol.1
1981 Radioactivity Detection by Liquid Scintillation Counting,” in Technical Notes, Vol. 1, Part 1,
1981 Solid Scintillators in High Pressure Liquid Radiochromatography,” in Technical Notes, Vol. 2, Part 1
1983 “Steroids,” in Application Notes, Vol.2
1984 Flo-One® Beta Radioactive Flow Detector Model IC Operation Manual
1984 Flo-One® Beta Radioactive Flow Detector Model IC Schematics
1988 Flo-One® Beta Radioactive Flow Detector, Model IC/CR Operation Manual
1988 Flo-One® Beta Radioactive Flow Detector Model CR Operation Manual
1990 The Beta Exchange,” Vol. 1, No. 1
Undated Products, Facilities and Services

Radiometer A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark:
1960s Instruction Manual: pH Meter 25b, 27b, 25SE (27SE)b
1960s Instruction Manual: Autoburette Type ABU11
1960s Instruction Manual: Autoburette Type ABU12b
1960s Instruction Manual: Titration Assembly Type TTA31
1960s Instruction Manual: Type SBR2c/ABU1b/TTA3 Titration Equipment
1960s Instruction Manual: Type SBR2c/SBU1/TTA3 Titration Equipment
1960s Instruction Manual: TTT11b Titrator
1960s Instruction Manual: Type VTS13 Circulation Thermostat
1960s Instruction Manual: Type E5021 Micro Electrode Unit
1960s Instruction Manual: Conductivity Meter Type CDM3c
1970s PHM64b Service Manual
Undated Maintenance of pH Meters
Undated Capillary Electrode, Type G297/G2
Undated Instruction Manual for PO2-Electrode, Type E5046, 2nd edition
Undated Instruction Manual: Type PHA927b Gas Monitor
Undated Instruction Manual: PCO2-Electrode, Type E5036 , 2nd edition
Undated Instruction Manual: Type AMT1a Astrup Micro Tonometer , 2nd edition
Undated Combined Electrode GK2421 C,
Undated PHM62 Standard pH Meter & PHM63 Digital pH Meter
Undated  Concentrated Phosphate Buffer
Undated  Instructions for pH Meter 22
Undated  Combined Electrodes Types GK2301 B or C, GK 2302 B or C, GK 2303 C
Undated   pH Meter Type PHM26c
Undated   Brief Operating Instructions for pH-Meter Type PHM26
Undated   Nomogram for pH Meter Type PHM26

Rainin Instrument Co., Woburn, MA:
1980s Precision Metering Pumps
Undated Gilson Pipetman

Raytheon Manufacturing Co., Waltham, MA:  1954, Instruction Manual Magnetostrictive Oscillator Model DF-101

Razel Scientific Instruments Inc., Stamford CT: Undated, Model A-99 Syringe Pump

Respironics Inc., Murrysville, PN: 1996, Monarch Mini Mask Instructions for Use

Revco, Asheville, NC: 
2001   Laboratory Refrigerators: Installation and Operation
2001   -20C Manual and -30C Automatic Defrost Freezers Installation and Operation
2001   Chest and Upright Freezers Installation and Operation

Rheodyne Inc., Cotati, California:
1979 Technical Notes 1
1979 Model 7000 Switching Pattern
1980 Operating Instructions for Type 50 Teflon Rotary Valves
1980 Technical Notes 3
1980 Operating Instructions for Model 7125 Syringe Loading Sample Injector
1981 Operating Instructions for Model 7010 Sample Injection Valve
1981 Operating Instructions for Model 5301 and 5302 Valves and Model 5300 Actuator
1982 Technical Notes 4
1982 Operating Instructions: Model 7010 Sample Injection Valve

Roger Gilmont Instruments, Inc., Great Neck, New York:
Undated Directions for Use–Vacuum Control

Rohm & Haas Co. Philadelphia: 1951, The Monomeric Acrylic Esters, 3rd edition

Rotron Manufacturing Co., Inc., Woodstock, New York:
Undated Installation Instructions: Whisper Fan

Rubicon Co., Philadelphia:
Undated “Semi-Precision Potentiometers,” by Philip M. Andress, Rubicon Notes, No. 1

Rustrak Instrument Co., Manchester, NH: 
Undated Miniaturized Automatic Chart Recorder

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