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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Idea Scientific Co., Minneapolis, MN:
1992  Tut’s Tomb Gel Dryer Instructions
2000  Genie Blotter Instructions
Undated  Surf-Blot Instructions

IGEN Inc., Rockville, MD:
Undated Application Note 101: ORIGEN Two-Site Immunometric Sandwich Assay for Thyrotropin (TSH)
Undated Application Note 102: ORIGEN Two-Site Immunometric Sandwich Assay for Alpha-Fetal Protein (AFP)
Undated Application Note 103: ORIGEN Two-Site Immunometric Sandwich Assay for Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)
Undated Application Note 104: ORIGEN Immunometric Competitive Assay for Theophylline
Undated Application Note 105: ORIGEN Immunometric Competitive Assay for Digoxin

Imaging Research Inc.:  Undated, The Northern Light

IKA: Werke, Germany:  2003, IDA Vibrax VXR Basic

Ingersoll-Rand: 1979, Instruction and Use Manual for Electric Drills

Inotech Biosystems International Inc., Rockville, MD:  undated, Strip Cutter for Western Blot Membranes Instructions

Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Los Angeles Section: 1951, “Slide Memoranda,” H.S. Fischer and R. L. Bliss

Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas (IVIC), Caracas, Venezuela: 1965, Instructions for the Use of the Diamond Knives

Instrumentation Laboratory Inc., Watertown, MA: 1968, Operator’s Manual 113-S2 Micro pH/Blood Gas System

Instrumentation Specialities Co. (ISCO), Lincoln, Nebraska:
1965 Instruction Manual ISCO Model UA2 Ultraviolet Analyzer
1968 Instruction Manual Model 490 Power Supply
1968 Model 210 Density Gradient Electrophoresis Apparatus
1970 ISCOTables: Handbook of Data for Biological and Physical Scientists
1971  “Studies on Isoelectric Focusing in the Model 210 ISCO Density Gradient Electophoresis Column,” W.B. Allington and C.G.Aron, Applications Bulletin no. 4
1972 Instruction Manual Universal Flow Cell
1972 Instruction Manual: Model 950 Digital Integrator
1972 Instruction Manual: Model UA-4 Absorbance Monitor
1973 Instruction Manual: Model 328 Fraction Collector
1981 Instruction Manual Model 494 Electrophoresis Power Supply
Undated Instruction Manual Model 270 Fraction Collector

Integrated Separation Systems (ISS), Hyde Park, MA:  1980s, ISS Protein-Gold

International Rectifier Corp., El Segundo, CA: 1962, “ Solar Cell and Photocell Handbook,” by John Sasuga

Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA:
2002  Ni-NTA Resin for Purification of 6xHis-Tagged Proteins
2006  iBlot Dry Blotting System
2007  Quant-iT Protein Assay Kits
Undated  Linx Affinity Purification System, Version A

ISCO Inc., Lincoln, NE:
1983, Instruction Manual: Retriever II Fraction Collector
1992  The LPLC Handbook

Ivan Sorvall Inc., Norwalk, CT:
1960 Assembly and Operating Instructions: ‘Szent-Gyorgyi & Blum’ 8-Tube Continuous Flow
1961 Limiting Speeds for Servall Centrifuge Tubes System for the Type RC-2 Servall Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge
1967 Rotor Data for Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges,” Superspeed Rotor Bulletins
1968, Operating Instructions Micro-Macro Omni-Mixer Homogenizer
1968 Some Properties and Characteristics of Sorvall Centrifuge Tubes
Undated Relative Centrifugal Force Chart

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