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Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, New York:
1931 Photomicrography: An Introduction to Photography with the Microscope
1963 Effective Lecture Slides
1965 Kodak Super Speed Direct Positive Paper
1965 Improved TRI-X Reversal Film Type 7278, 16mm
1968 Kodak Direct Positive Panchromatic Film, 35mm
1969 Kodak Color Dataguide
1969 Kodak Black-and-White Films in Rolls
1970 Kodak Direct Positive Film Developing Outfit
1970s Projection Distance Tables & Lamp Data for Slide and Motion Picture Projectors
1980  Photography Through the Microscope
Undated  Kodak Colorsnap 35, Model 2

E-C Apparatus Corp., St. Petersburg, FL: 1982, EC600 Constant Power Supply

Eberbach Corp., Ann Arbor, MI: 1977, Power-Stir

Edax Laboratories, Prairie View, IL: 1975, The EDAX EDITor, Vol. 5, No. 4, Oct. 1975

Edison Storage Battery Co., Orange, NJ: 1916, The Edison Alkaline Storage Battery

EG&G Inc.
1971 Delay Line Amplifier Model 460
1973 Timers-Counters Models 773 & 773H
1975 Timer Model 719
1977 2-kV Bias Voltage Supply Model A
1981 Modular System Bin Model A
1981 Ratemeter Model 661
1981 Position-Sensitive Detector Analyzer
1982 Timing Single-Channel Analyzer Model 551
1982 Quad Fast Amplifier Model 535
1982 Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier Model 533
1983 Timing Amplifier Model 574
1984 Single Channel Analyzer Model 550
1984 Power Supply Model 495
1985 Time-to-Amplitude Converter Model 567
1985 Time-to-Amplitude Converter Model 566
1985 High Voltage Power Supply Model 556
1986 Amplifier Model 575A
1986 Quad Timing Filter Amplifier Model 863
1986 Dual Spectroscopy Amplifier Model 855
1987 Fast Timing Amplifier Model FTA820
1988 NIM Bin Power Supply Model 4200D
1988 Modular System Bin Model 4001C
1989 Power Supply Model 4200A
1989 Modular System Bin Model C
1989 Quad Constant-Fraction Discriminator Model 935
1990 Linear Gate and Stretcher Model 542

EG&G., Germany: 1965, Application Notes: SD-100 Photodiode

EG&G ORTEC, Oak Ridge, TN:
1960s Model 113 Scintillation Preamplifier
1960s Model 1421H Preamplifier
1960s Model 408A Biased Amplifier
1960s Model 414A Fast Coincidence
1960s Model 418A Universal Coincidence
1960s Model 425A Delay
1960s Model 426 Linear Gate
1960s Model 427A Delay Amplifier
1960s Model 444 Gated Biased Amplifier
1960s Model 449 Log/Lin Ratemeter
1960s Model 460 Delay Line Amplifier
1960s Model 464 Position-Sensitive Detector Analyzer
1960s Model 478 2-kV Bias Voltage Supply
1960s Model 495 Power Supply
1960s Model 533 Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier
1960s Model 535 Quad Fast Amplifier
1960s Model 542 Linear Gate and Stretcher
1960s Model 550 Single Channel Analyzer
1960s Model 551 Timing Single-Channel Analyzer
1960s Model 556 High Voltage Power Supply
1960s Model 566 Time-to-Amplitude Converter (TAC)
1960s Model 567 Time-to-Amplitude Converter/Single-Channel Analyzer
1960s Model 574 Timing Amplifier
1960s Model 575A Amplifier
1960s Model 583 Constant Fraction Differential Discriminator
1960s Model 661 Ratemeter
1960s Model 719 Timer
1960s Models 773 and 773H Timer-Counters
1960s Model FTA820 Fast Timing Amplifier
1960s Model 855 Dual Spectroscopy Amplifier
1960s Model 863 Quad Timing Filter Amplifier
1960s Model 935 Quad Constant-Fraction 200-MHz Discriminator
1960s Model 4001A Modular System Bin
1960s Model 4001C Modular System Bin
1960s Model 4002A Power Supply
1960s Model 4002D 160-W NIM Bin Power Supply
1971 Model 433A Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier

EICO, Flushing, NY: 
1967 1020 Transistorized Power & Bias Supply

EIMAC, Division of Varian, San Carlos, CA: late 1960s, Xenon Short-Arc Illuminators: Characteristics and Operation

Eldex Laboratories Inc., San Carlos, CA: 1980s, Precision Metering Pumps

Electro Products Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, IL: Undated, Instructions for Model N and NF Filtered DC Power Supply

Electro-Technic Products, Chicago, Illinois:
Undated Instructions for Models BD-10, BD-20 & BD-30 High Frequency Generators
Undated Operating Instructions for Models BD-10-A, BD-10-AS, BD-20, BD-30-A, BD-40-A, BD-50 High Frequency Generators

Electronic Instruments Limited, Surrey, England:
1959 pH Measuring Unit Model C33B Operating Notes
1961 Operating Instructions: Model 33B Vibron Electrometer

Electronic & Mechanical Instrument Co. (E&M), Houston, Texas:
All Undated:
E & M Physiograph Instruction Manual
Crystal Pulse Pick-Up
Photoelectric Pulse Pick-Up
Pneumatic Pulse Transducer
Heart Sound Microphone
Korotkoff Sound Microphone
Drop Counter
Pressure Transducer, Bourdon Type
Impedance Pneumograph
Bellows Pneumograph
Blood Flow Assembly
Thermistor Bridge
D.C. Preamplifier
Hi-Gain Preamplifier
Carrier Preamplifier
Cardiac Preamplifier
GSR Preamplifier
Respirator, Model V100KG
Respirator, V5KG
Automatic Cuff Pump
Channel Amplifier
Impedance Rheograph
Small Animal Study Unit
Acoustic Monitors
Stimulator Attachments
Pressure Transducer, Linear-Core Model P-1000
Isotonic Myograph

Electronics for Life Sciences (ELS), Rockville, MD: 
1970s Instruction Manual for the ELSPS-1 Power Supply
1970s Instruction Manual for the ELS CCS-3 Nano Ampere Stimulator
1970s Instruction Manual for the CCS-1A Constant Current Source
1970s Instruction Manual for the ELSDP-1A Digital Programmer

E & M Instrument Co. Inc., Houston, TX:
Undated Korotokoff Sound Microphone
Undated Automatic Cuff Pump

Endevco, San Juan Capistrano, CA: 1982, Pressure Transducers

Engelhard Hanovia, Inc., Newark, NJ:  1968, Technical Manual 150 Watt Power System

Enlode Inc., Orange Park, FL: 1981, User’s Manual: 200-1 Realtime Clock/Programmable Interrupt Generator (200-1 Realtime Clock Card, 200-2 Display, 200-3 Cable Assembly)

Enraf Nonius, Delft: 1980, Operating Instructions: Diffractis 601, X-Ray Diffraction Safety Generator, Water Cooled, Individually Controlled Safety Shutters

Entran Devices, Inc., Fairfield, NJ: 
1983 Pressure Transducer Instruction & Selection Manual

Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany:  2002, Centrifuge 5702/Centrifuge 5702 R Manual

Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar, Germany: 1949, Directions for Using the Ortholux Microscope with Built-in Illuminating System
1966 Instructions Laborlux with Field Diaphragm Microscope
1967 The Microscope and its Application
1967 Leitz Micromanipulator
1969 Lamp Housing 250
1970  Dialux Instructions
1970  Discussion Attachment Instructions
1972  Transformers Instructions
Undated   To Choose a Microscope

E.R. Squibb & Sons, Princeton, NJ: 1979, Minitec: Technitium Tc 99m Generator

Esterline-Angus Co., Inc., Indianapolis: 1953, Instructions for the Use of Esterline-Angus Model AW Graphic Instruments Including Connection Diagrams and Instrument Data Sheet

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