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M2p-labe, Inc., Hauppauge, NY:
2016  BioLector 1: 48 Parallel Microbioreactors
2017  BioLector Pro: Microfluidic Bioprocess Control
2017  RoboLector: Automated Fermentation

Madden Brass Products Co., Aurora, IL:  Undated, Madden Dispensing valve

Manostat Corp.: Undated, Manostat Tubing

Marlow Industries, Inc.: Undated, Guide to Thermoelectric Heat Pumps

Maryland Metrics, Baltimore, MD: 1984, Metric Fasteners and Industrial Supplies

Master Appliance Co., Racine, WI:
1969 Air Heater Blower, Compressed Air Flameless Heat Torch, Heat Gun
1975 Heat Gun Parts Price List
1978 Master Heat Gun
1979 Varitemp Heat Gun
Undated “Flameless Heat Gun Attachments”
Undated “Parts Price List” 1969

Master Machine Tools, Inc.: 1973, Price List

Materials Electronic Products Corp. (MELCOR):
Undated Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics
Undated Solid State Cooling with Thermoelectrics: Performance Charts
Undated Thermoelectric Module

Matrix Technologies, Hudson, NH:
Undated Ready to Walk Away from Your Pipetting?
Undated Pipettors, Automation, Disposables

McCrone Accessories & Components: 1982, Microscopy Off the Shelf

McMillan Electronics Corp.:
1993 Gas and Liquid Flow Sensors
Undated Model 1200A NO/NO2/NOx Meter

Meaker Co., Nutley, NJ:  1973, Rectifier Equipment

Mech-Tronics Nuclear, Melrose Park, IL: 1994, General Catalog

Mediatech, Inc., Herndon, VA: no date, Cellgro ®

Medical Connection Inc., Columbia, MD: Undated, Medical Products Catalog

Medical-Electronics Development Co., Great Neck, NY:
1955 “Infraton” Sphygmograph Systems Price List
1955 “Visoton”: A Complete Portable Objective Blood Pressure Instrument & “Aire-scape”: A Linear Pressure Release Valve

Mercodia, Uppsala, Sweden: 
2015 When Accuracy Matters Product Catalog: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity

Metaloglass, Inc., Boston, MA: 
Undated Compact Fraction Collectors
Undated Compact Distillation Head

Metro Scientific, Inc., Farmingdale, NY:  Undated, Dissecting Instruments

1972 Catalog
1978 Catalog
1978 Price List
1978 Mettler GC301 Application Input Device
1978 PC440 and PC4400 Electronic Top-loading Precision Balances with DeltaRange
Undated Balances
Undated Level-test and Mettler Level-matic.

MG Industries, Malvern, PA: 1996, Specialty Gases and Equipment

MG Scientific, Pleasant Prairie, WI: 2002, Laboratory Solutions

Microelectrodes Inc.:
1978 A New Technology for pH and Ions
1982 Smallest pH and Ion Electrodes

Micromass, Manchester, England:
1999 LC TOF MS Life Science Workstation
1999 Q-Tof ™ Mass Spectrometry

Micro Networks Corp.:
Undated MN5280 16 Bit A/D Converter
Undated MN5280, MN5282 Dual-in-Line 16-Bit A/D Converters

Millipore, Bedford, MA:
1966 Swinnex Disposable Filter Units
1967 Bulletin SQS-1 A Modular System for the Production of Super-Quality Water, the Super-Q System
1970  Application Notes-136, A Membrane Filter Technique for Detecting…
1975  Mill-RO Systems for Laboratory Grade Water
1994  MultiScreen Methods: Receptor Binding Assays
1994  MultiScreen Methods: Guidlines for Bioassays on MultiScreen Filter Plates
1995  MultiScreen Methods: Attachment-Dependent Cell Growth and Cell Proliferation
1995  MultiScreen Methods: Use of MultiScreen Plates in ELISA/FELISA Techniques
1995  MultiScreen Opaque Filter Plates Data Sheet
1995  MultiScreen Filtration System Ordering Information
1995  MultiScreen Methods: Applications and References
1996  Tech Note Protocols for Coating MultiScreen Glass Fiber Filter Plates
1996  MultiScreen Methods: Cell-Based Receptor Binding Assays
1997 Membrane Devices for Sterile Filtration
2001 Catalog
2001 Millex ® Filter Units with Millipore Express Membrane
2003 Amicon ® Ultra Centrifugal Filter Devices
2017 Milli-Q IQ 7000 Purification System

Mill-Max, Oyster Bay, NY: Undated, Catalog 12 Design Guide to IC Sockets and Interconnect Components

Miltenyi Biotec, Auburn, CA: 2002, Magnetic Cell Sorting, Advanced Flow Cytometry, Separations for Molecular Biology

Minco Products Inc.: 1982, HK913 Heater Kit

Minolta, Ramsey, NJ: 1988, MI3MS 1000: Minolta Integrated Information and Image Management System

MJ Research, Inc., Waltham, MA: 1999, Products for Molecular Biology

Modern Plastics Magazine:  1966, Market Report

Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA:
1999  MAXline 5: Verify Small-Volume Dispenser Performance with PathCheck Sensor
2000  Spectramax Plus 384: UV/VIS Microplate Spectrophotometer with PathCheck Sensor
2000  MAXline 1: Test Liquid Handling Systems with PathCheck Sensor
2000  MAXline 2: PathCheck Sensor: A Powerful New Tool for Microplate Analysis

Molecular Dynamics:
1995 Fluorescence Imaging Applications Guide
1995 FluorImager SI
1995 Vistra Fluorescence Reagents

Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR:
2001 BioProbes 38
2002 Handbook of Fluorescent Probes and Research Products
2002 Fluorescence Microplate Assays
2002 Alexa Fluor Dyes
2000s Tools and Accessories for Fluorescence Microscopy

Mountanos Sea Waves Energy Inc., Mount Rainer, MD: 1970s, Sea Waves Energy

MP Biomedicals. Solon, OH: 
2013 FastPrep System and Kits
2017 Molecular biology FastPrep

M-R Plastics & Coatings, Inc., Maryland Heights, MO:  Undated, Mistaflex Dark Gray Urethane Elastomers

MRA Corp.: Undated, Electrophoresis Equipment

MSA Research Corp.: 1969, Price Lists

MSD Isotopes: Montreal, Canada
Undated MSD Isotopes Catalog

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