Todd Olszewski, Ph.D.

Todd OlszewskiDr. Todd Olszewski studies how biomedical scientists define scientific proof, causality, and consensus.  His book project, A Calculated Risk: Cholesterol, Scientific Uncertainty, and the Management of American Life, is a comprehensive account of how cholesterol became associated with heart disease and developed into a scientific, medical, and popular preoccupation.  His work shows that cholesterol’s popularity was the result of multiple modes of scientific explanation—pathological, biochemical, and epidemiological—as well as disputed evidence, professional tension and, occasionally, outright conflict.  His analysis of the social and scientific debates regarding cholesterol control explores the myriad ways in which the concept of risk has informed medical practice, health policy, and popular conceptions of health and illness.
As a Stetten Fellow with an affiliation with the Office of Medical Applications of Research (OMAR), Todd extends his interests to include the history of OMAR, which organizes and administers the Consensus Development Conference Program.  He is preparing an institutional history of OMAR in the context of translational research efforts at the NIH.

He received his Ph.D. in History from Yale University in May 2008.  He is currently assistant professor in Health Policy and Management at Providence College.

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