Nirenberg Exhibit Map

Below are directions to each of the active exhibitions created by the Office of NIH History located on the NIH Campus.

Directions to NIH

Directions to the NIH Campus, as well as information about accessing the campus can be found on the NIH Website under Visitor Information.

Building 10 - Clinical Center

Directions to the Clinical Center can be found on the NIH Website in the Popular NIH Destinations section.

Navigating the Clinical Center

The NIH Clinical Center also provides a website and smartphone application, to assist in navigating while visiting the NIH Campus, called "Take Me There".

Location of the Nirenberg Exhibit at the NIH Clinical Center

This exhibit is located around the corner from the Lipsett Auditorium on the first floor of the NIH Clinical Center.  The map below displays a star at the location of the exhibit.

Map of the NIH Clinical Center First Floor, with highlighted location of the Nirenberg Exhibit