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Title: Michael M. Gottesman Papers
Creator: Gottesman, Michael M.
Dates: 1976-current (NIH dates)

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Dr. Michael Gottesman was appointed NIH deputy director for intramural research (DDIR) in November 1994. He had been acting DDIR for the previous year and was acting director of the National Center for Human Genome Research from 1992 to 1993. A well-known and respected basic cancer researcher who has focused on multidrug resistance in human cancer cells, Gottesman continued his role as chief of NCI’s Laboratory of Cell Biology.

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Dr. Michael Gottesman was appointed NIH deputy director for intramural research (DDIR) in November 1994. He had been acting DDIR for the previous year and was acting director of the National Center for Human Genome Research from 1992 to 1993. A well-known and respected basic cancer researcher who  focused on multidrug resistance in human cancer cells, Gottesman continued his role as chief of NCI’s Laboratory of Cell Biology.

As DDIR, Gottesman coordinated activities and facilitates cooperation among the 24 Institute- and Center-based Scientific Directors to achieve the scientific, training, and public health missions of the NIH Intramural Research Program. He provided guidance for the entire intramural program and reported to the NIH Director. Gottesman oversaw and ultimately approved the hiring of all NIH principal investigators, and he was the institutional official responsible for human subjects research protections, research integrity, technology transfer, and animal care and use at the NIH.

During his tenure as DDIR, Michael created the post-baccalaureate training program, the Graduate Partnerships Program (which permits graduate students to conduct thesis research at NIH); implemented loan repayment programs; institutionalized an intramural tenure track and new career tracks for clinical investigators; created the NIH Intramural Database (providing online information about all researchers and research at NIH); and spearheaded multiple other programs in the realm of diversity, equity, research integrity, and leadership.

Gottesman came to NIH in 1971 as a research associate in the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism, and Digestive Diseases (now NIDDK), where he worked for three years. He spent a year as an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and joined the permanent staff of NCI in 1976. He became chief of the molecular cell genetics section in the NCI Laboratory of Molecular Biology in 1980 and chief of the NCI’s Laboratory of Cell Biology in 1990.

Gottesman’s research interests ranged from how DNA is replicated in bacteria to how cancer cells elude chemotherapy. Collaborating with Dr. Ira Pastan, chief of NCI’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology, and others, he identified the human gene responsible for resistance of cancer cells to many of the most common anticancer drugs and showed that this gene encodes a protein that acts to pump anticancer drugs out of drug-resistant human cancers. This evidence supported the proposal, now widely accepted, that P-glycoprotein (P-gp), the product of the MDR1 gene, is an energy-dependent pump, ferrying toxins or drugs out of the cell. His later work defined the complexity of multidrug resistance in cancer.

Gottesman’s research earned him many awards. He was elected a fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1988, to the National Academy of Medicine (formerly called Institute of Medicine) in 2003, to the Association of American Physicians in 2006, to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2010, and to the National Academy of Sciences in 2018. He received the Public Health Service Commendation, Outstanding Service and Distinguished Service awards, the NIH Director’s award in 2002, and the HHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service in 2005.

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Consists of lectures, presentations, animal use in research, the NIH Clinical Center, human subjects, fetal tissue research, Saxitoxin B, and many other topics, brochures, and reports.

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Box 1 Lectures

General – NIH Lectureship Series 1990 K


Cultural Series; 1993 Bromley, D. Allan

Cultural Series; 1984 Rivlin, Alice M.

Dyer Series; 1991 Cooper, Max D.

Dyer Series; 1992 Marrack, Philippa C.

Dyer Series; 1995 Metzger, Henry

Dyer Series; 1996 Robbins, John B.

Mider Series; 1985 Korn, Edward D.

Mider Series; 1986 Gilbert, Martin F.

Mider Series; 1987 Dawid, Igor B.

Mider Series; 1991 Mishkin, Mortimer

Mider Series; 1992, Anderson, French W.

Mider Series; 1992 Blaese, Michael R.

Mider Series; 1992 Rosenberg, Steven A.

Mider Series; 1993 Rapoport, Judith L.

Mider Series; 1994 Roberts, Anita B.

Mider Series; 1994 Sporn, Michael B.

Mider Series; 1995 Wurtz, Michael H.

NIH Lectureship Series; 1984 Axel, Richard

NIH Lectureship Series; 1984 Bishop, Michael J.

NIH Lectureship Series; 1986 Leder, Philip

NIH Lectureship Series; 1990 Kunkel, Louis M.


Box 2 Lectures 

NIH Lectureship Series 1990 J – End of Lectures & Presentations

NIH Leadership Series; 1990 Nathans, Jeremy

NIH Leadership Series; 1991 Koshland, Daniel E.

NIH Leadership Series; 1991 Lee, Wen-Hwa

NIH Leadership Series; 1991 Weissman, Irving L.

NIH Leadership Series; 1992 Capecchi, Mario R.

NIH Leadership Series; 1992 Sharp, Philip A.

NIH Leadership Series; 1994 Donahoe, Patricia K.

NIH Leadership Series; 1994 Zoon, Kathryn C.

NIH Leadership Series; 1995 Blackburn, Elizabeth H.

NIH Leadership Series; 1995 Nuland, Sherwin B.

NIH Leadership Series; 1995 Shatz, Carla J.

NIH Leadership Series; 1996 Gell-Mann, Murray

Paul Ehrlich Series; 1992 Eigel, Manfred

Pittman Series; 1994 Dunbar, Bonnie S.

Clinical Research- Presentation

Class Reunion 1995- Presentation

ANDP (Association of Neuroscience Departments & Programs)- 1998- Presentation

ASCB. Scientific Meeting. 1999- Presentation


Box 3

Alphabetical by topic A – C

Animal Welfare 2 folders

Biomedical Research

Bitterroot Valley Ground Water Contamination

Board of Scientific Counselors

Briefing Speeches

Clinical Center Issues

Clinical Center Renovations

Clinical Center Reports

CBER Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research-FDA

Box 4

Alphabetical by topic D – M


Fetal Tissue Research

Foundation for NIH – FNIH

Human Subjects


Lasker Awards 2011

Legislation, Legal Guidelines



Moyer Reports

Box 5

Alphabetical by topic N – S

NIH 2 folders

NIH Security

Peer Review

Public Health Service Scientific Faculty Report 1984


Rosalind Marimont Case

Sharing of Cell Lines

Site Visits


Staff Scientists

Box 6

Alphabetical by topic T – W

Technological Transfer

Technology Transfer Policy

Technology Transfer Site Visit 2013

Town Meeting September 20, 1991

Women and Minorities

Working Conditions - NIH

Box 7

NIH Research Festival Brochures – Intramural Research Guides & Standards

DVD - Research Festival Keynote Address September 28, 2004

NIH Research Day Festival 1986-2007

Guide to Training and Mentoring

Guidelines for the Conduct of Research

Orientation Guidelines

Report NCI

Standards for Clinical Research

Standards for Patient Care at the NIH Clinical Center

Standards. NCHGR Intramural Organization and Principles

Standards. NCI Intramural Organization

Structural Biology

Summer Research Programs


Box 8 Reports 1969-1993

Intramural Research Reports 1969 – 1975

Intramural Research Reports 1976

Reports 1978 – 1988

Scientific Retreats 1993 (folder 1 of 2)

Scientific Retreats 1993 (folder 2 of 2)

Box 9 Scientific Retreats & Intramural Research Reports

Scientific Retreat 1993 Folder 1 or 2

Scientific Retreat 1993 Folder 2 of 2

Scientific Retreat 2001

Scientific Retreat 2005

Intramural Research Reports 1969-1975

Intramural Research Reports 1976

Intramural Research Reports 1978-2009

Box 10

Saxitoxin B - M


Biological Toxins

Cambell, J.E.

Chen, Philip S.



Correspondence 1976-1979

Correspondence 1980 –

FDA Purification


Gawley 1977

General 1975-1978

General 1979-1990

Bilchrist/Schantz FDA

Kishi, Yoshito

Mosher, Harry S.

Box 11

Saxitoxin P - T

Packaging and Purification

Radioactive Labeling 1975-1977

Radioactive Labeling 1979

Rapaport, Harry


Toxicology Study Section

Triturated Saxitoxin Log Sheet

Box 12

AAALAC American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care

AAALAC Animal Facilities Subcommittee

AAALAC Correspondence

AAALAC History

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1985

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1986

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1987

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1988

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1989

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1990

AAALAC Oversight Committee Minutes 1991

AAALAC Reports

AAALAC Task Force Committees and Subcommittees