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This page contains some resources about the NIH Clinical Center. For photographs, please search our collections.


The Federal Security Agency published an informational pamphlet for the National Institutes of Health in 1948. Eloise Cram Papers, Courtesy of the Special Collections of the National Agricultural Library.

Clinical Center Brochure

This brochure, published in the early 1950s, introduced the NIH Clinical Center to physicians and potential patients.

Journal of the American Hospital Association

Clinical Center director Dr. Jack Masur wrote an article published in the Journal of the American Hospital Association, November 1949 outlining the plans for the Clinical Center.

Clinical Center Brochure

This 1975 brochure states that the primary mission of the Clinical Center is "is to provide specialized forms of hospital care necessary for Institute studies."

NIH Record 1973

The NIH Record published the Clinical Center's 20th anniversary in the July 3, 1973 edition.

Clinical Center News 25th Anniversary

The Clinical Center celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1978, with a booklet describing its accomplishments and current research. Read the transcript of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Clinical Center by Dr. Mortimer Lipsett, July 6, 1978.

1953 Clinical Center Floor Plan

The 1953 floorplan illustrates the "bench to bedside" concept in the architectural design of the Clinical Center.

Oveta Culp Hobby Dedication Speech

Oveta Culp Hobby, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare delivered the dedication of the NIH Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health on Thursday, July 2, 1953.

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