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The Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum holds many collections:  objects, images, and documents and books.  We have over 3,100 objects and thousands of photographs related to NIH history, and many ways to find them. 

To cite our office for use of an image or object, please use, "Courtesy of the Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum."  In our photograph collection, it is our policy to credit contributors directly after the image where it's been posted, along with an alternative text or description to give context.

Oral and Collected Histories

Search our collections of oral histories alphabetically, by NIH institute, and by some special topics such as AIDS.


The many sources for images of NIH history can be found here.

Search Our Database

Our database contains all of our museum objects, and many of our images and documents.

Trade Catalogs or Manuals

Our collections of trade catalogs and manuals, including technical bulletins, for 20th and 21st century scientific and medical instruments is one of the largest in the world.  

photo of the collections area