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The increasing demand for the RMSF vaccine led the Montana State Board of Entomology to request funds from the state legislature for a new building. The State of Montana appropriated $60,000.

MARCH 23, 1927:  A special meeting of the Bitterroot Valley Chamber board was held March 23rd 1927 with the purpose that the Hamilton Chamber purchase block 19 Pine Grove addition and deliver it free to the board to become the site for the new laboratory.  The motion carried without opposition.  The Chamber wired the result to the board in Helena. 


Arthur LeRoy Kerlee and Spencer investigated the Weil-Felix reaction as a possible diagnostic test for RMSF.
A. L. Kerlee and R. R. Spencer. "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: A Preliminary Report on the Weil-Felix Reaction." Public Health Reports (1896-1970), Vol. 44, No. 4 (Jan. 25, 1929), 179-182.  Download the PDF. (399 kB)