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this is the Operating Instructions, and Technical Bulletins Collection of the National Institutes of Health DeWitt Stetten Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Note: This list contains manuals for instruments not in the NIH Stetten Museum’s collection. To see if the instrument you are looking for is in the Museum’s collection and has a manual, please Search Our Collections. If you would like a copy of a manual, please contact the Curator at



Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI), Houston, TX:
1991 Technical Note 201: Rotor Replacement
1992 Technical Note 207: Schematic Flow Diagram-2 Position Switching Valve

Variable Volumetrics Inc., Woburn, MA:
Undated, The VV Volumetrics Micropipettor

 Varian Associates or Instrument Division, Palo Alto, CA:
1959 “5 Years of NMR,” Varian Associates
1950s Technical Information Bulletin: Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy
 Vol. 1, Nos. 1-4, 1953-55.
 Vol. 2, No. 3, 1959.
 Vol. 3, No. 1, 1960.
1962 Technical Information Bulletin: NMR/EPR Spectroscopy,” Vol. III, No. 3
1973 Varian Instrument Applications,” Vol. 7, Nos. 2 and 3

Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA: 
Undated Agarose-WGA: Use & Regeneration

Veeco Instruments Inc., Plainview, NY:
Undated Operation and Maintenance: 1", 1 ½" , 2", 2 ½" Coaxial Traps

Ventron Corp., Beverly, Massachusetts:
1966 Sodium Hydride Dispersions, Bulletin No. 1-A
1966 Sodium Borohydride, Bulletin No. 2-A
1966 Lithium Aluminum Hydride, Bulletin No. 3-A
1966 Lithium Aluminum Deuteride, Bulletin 4-A
1966 Calcium Hydride, Bulletin 5-A
1966 Tetraethylammonium Borohydride, Tetramethylammonium Borohydride, Bulletin No. 7A
1966 Sodium Borodeuteride, Bulletin 8-A
1966 Hydritex-D, Bulletin 9-A
1966 Titanium Hydride Grade E, Bulletin 11-A
1966 Titanium Powder, Bulletin 12-A
1966 Zirconium Metal Powder, Bulletin 13-A
1966 Zirconium Hydride Grades C and R, Bulletin 14-A
1966 Thorium Crystal Bar, Bulletin No. 18-A
1966 Potassium Hydride Dispersion, Bulletin 23-A
1966 Lithium Borohydride
1966 Lithium Aluminum Tri-Tertiary Butoxy Hydride
1966 Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide, Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide
1966 Special Chemicals Products List
1966 Disiamylborane Tetrahydrofuran Solution, Bulletin 22-A
1967 Metal Specialties
late 1960s “Hydride Brazing,” by L.R. Frazier and V.A. Cammarota

Victor, Denton, TX:
1978 Operating Instructions for Oxygen Therapy Regulators
1970s Important Safety and Operating Instructions Regulators

Victor Comptometer Corp., Chicago, IL: 
ca. 1966 Digitmatic Instruction Manual Imperial Model

VirTis Co., Inc., Gardiner, NY:
Undated Operating Instructions for pH Control Module (Model 169136)

Visonic Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel: 
1996 DL-125C Programable 2-Channel Speech Dialer

VWR Scientific Inc., San Francisco, CA:
1981 Vortex Mixer Instruction Manual
Undated Constant Temperature Circulator Instruction Manual Model 1110
Undated Constant Temperature Ovens: Vacuum Ovens, Models 1410, 1430

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