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Taitec Instruments USA, Inc., San Jose, CA: 
Undated Micro Incubator M-36 Operation Manual

Techkor Instrumentation, Inc.:
1998 An Introduction to the Thermocouple

Techne Corp.:
1989 Operating Instructions HB-1 Hybridiser

Ted Pella Inc., Redding, CA:
Undated Pelco Technical Note

Tekelec Inc., Westlake Village, CA:
Undated Digitab TA 310 Series Voltage and Current Digital Panel Meters

Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, Oregon:
1962 Instruction Manual Type 2A63 Plug-in
1963 Instruction Manual Type 2B67 Time Base
1963  Instruction Manual Type RM565 Oscilloscope
1963  Instruction Manual Type 565 Oscilloscope
1963  Instruction Manual Type 3A74 Plug-in
1964  Instruction Manual Type 129 Power Supply Plug-in Unit
1965  Instruction Manual Type 3A8 Operational Amplifier Plug-in Unit
1966 Type 549 Storage Oscilloscope Service Instruction Manual
1967 Instruction Manual 502A/RM502A Oscilloscope
1967 Type 1A4 Plug-In Unit
1968  Instruction Manual 160 Series
1968  Instruction Manual Type 3A3 Dual-Trace Differential Amp
1968  Instruction Manual Type 3A9 Differential Amplifier
1968  Instruction Manual Type 528 Television Waveform Monitor
1968 Type 1A7A Differential Amplifier
1968 Tektronix Service Scope,” No. 48
1969 Instruction Manual Type 7A22 Differential Amplifier
1970 Instruction Manual 26G3 Pulse Generator
1970 Instruction Manual 2601 R2601 Mainframe
1970 Instruction Manual 26G1 Rate/Ramp Generator
1971 Instruction Manual: 603/604 Monitor and MOD 716M
1971 System Notes No. 2, 2600 Series Modular Instruments
1971 Instruction Manual 2620 Stimulus Isolator
1971 Instruction Manual 5A18N Dual-Trace Amplifier
1971 Instruction Manual 7A18/7A18N Dual Trace Amplifier
1971 Instruction Manual 26A2 Differential Amplifier
1971 Instruction Manual 5B12N Dual Time Base
1972 Instruction Manual Camera System C-50, C-51, C-52, C-53
1972 7613/R7613 Storage Oscilloscope Operator’s Manual
1972 7613/R7613 Storage Oscilloscope Service Manual
1972 Instruction Manual Power Module TM 503
1972 7B53A/7B53AN Dual Time Base Operator’s Manual
1972 7B53A/7B53AN Dual Time Base Service Manual
1973 Instruction Manual 7M13 Readout Unit
1973 214 Storage Oscilloscope Service Instruction Manual
1975 Instruction Manual 5A26 Dual Differential Amplifier
1975 Instruction Manual 5B44 Dual Time Base
1976 Instruction Manual 5113 Dual Beam Storage Oscilloscope
1978  Instruction Manual C-5B Camera with Options
1978 Instruction Manual AM 502 Differential Amplifier
Undated, Using Your type 535 or Type 545 Oscilloscope


Tenney Engineering, Inc., Union, NJ: 
Undated Operation of the Electrical Control Circuit

Texas Instruments Inc., Houston, TX:
1960 Servo/Riter Servo Potentiometric Recorder Operating Instruction Manual No. 153868-1

Techne Inc., Princeton, NJ: 
1976 Thermoregulators TE-7 & TU-14 Instructions

Thermolyne Corp., Dubuque, IA:
Undated Operating and Repair Instructions: Thermolyne Hot Plate, Model HP-A1915B
Undated Sybron/Thermolyne LT64X2 Operating Instructions and Parts List for Type 1900 Hot Plate

Thermo Spectronic, Cambridge, UK: 
2001 BioMate 5 User Manual

Thomas Industries, Inc., Sheboygan, Wisconsin:
1968 Operating Instructions and Parts List for Model 910-1 Air Filter and Regulator, Model 911 Air Pressure Regulator, Model 912-1 Oil and Moisture Filter
Undated Operating Instructions and Parts List for Model 910-1 Air Filter and Regulator

Thomas Scientific (see Arthur H. Thomas Co.)

Thornton Associates Inc., Waltham, MA:
Undated Series 800: Type 822 Analog, Type 832 Digital Indicator/Controller

Topaz Electronics Division, San Diego, CA:
1982 Installation Instructions: Line Noise Suppressing Ultra-Isolator

Torsion Balance Co., Clifton, New Jersey:
Undated Torbal Anaerobic Jar, Model AJ-3
Undated Instructions for Assembly GC2 Glove Cabinet and Frame

Tosoh Biosep:
2000s TSK-GEL ® HPLC Column Instruction Manual

Tracerlab Inc., Boston, MA: 
1956  SC-18A Superscaler
1965  Field Maintenance Timer and Register SC-18

Triplett Corp., Bluffton, OH: 
c. 1947: Instruction Manual Model 630 Volt-OHM-Mil-Ammeter
Undated: Instruction Manual Model 630 Type 3 Volt-OHM-Milliammeter

Tri-R Instruments, Inc., Rockville Centre, New York: Undated, Operating Instructions: Constant Temperature Block Heater, Models H-10 and H-20

Tronac Inc., Orem, Utah:
1971 Drawing: Schematic Model 30 Precision Temperature Control
1979 Drawing: Model 710/730 DSC Scan Controller
1979 Drawing: 750 DSC Interconnection Diag.
1979 Drawing: Schematic Diag. 720 Calibration & Monitoring Unit
1979 Drawing: Cooling Power Supply Circuit Diagram
Undated Model PTC-30 Temperature Controller
Undated Instrument Description: 710/730 Adiabatic/Isothermal Controller
Undated Initial Operation: 710/730 Adiabatic/Isothermal Controller
Undated Test Procedure: 710/730 Adiabatic/Isothermal Controller

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